Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 654


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Su Ping made a sound and walked over.

When they heard the sound, everyone looked back. When they saw Su Ping, many people had respect in their eyes. Some people whispered: “Boss Su is out, this is all right.”

“It depends on what Boss Su said.”

“en. ”

When Su Ping approached, the crowd was quiet and gave Su Ping a way.

“Boss Su.”

Several Qin Family elders greeted him. Behind them, the patriarchs of Liu and Zhou were both present. Liu Tianzong looked at Su Ping with complicated eyes.

At the beginning, Su Ping competed with their Liu Family for the status of the pet beast store. They used some means to corrupt the reputation of the Su Ping store. Now think about it… he admires himself a little bit.

That should be the bravest time in his life.

Fortunately, Su Ping doesn’t care about the predecessors. It only takes half a Liu Family to give up. Otherwise, with Su Ping Legendary-level battle strength, if you really want to do it, you don’t need to do it yourself, just one sentence can make them Liu Family thoroughly Annihilation, even the offspring seeds are difficult to preserve!

After all, Legendary is heaven on Earth!

Even if I survived, there is no day to go.

“Whatever I’m talking about, I look frowning.” Su Ping looked at them in a circle.

Liu Tianzong came back to his senses, smiled bitterly, and said: “Reporting back to Boss Su, we are discussing the relocation. The list of defense lines on the peak tower has been announced this morning, but we Dragon river, not at all is included in the Star Whale Defense Line. They want us to relocate the Dragon river and join the nearby Shuang Dragon City……”

Su Ping startled, raised his eyebrows and said: “You are not mistaken? Don’t we have the Legendary Old Qin in the Dragon river? Let the base city where Legendary was born to move?”

Relocation is not a simple refuge.

With the current tension, if the Dragon river people go to the empty building, they will inevitably become the den of the Demonic beast. If they want to come back, they won’t be able to.

Each base city has its own customs and cultures. Once relocated, these things may disappear.

What’s more, Su Ping knows his situation, he is impossible to move.

His shop is here.

Moreover, he doesn’t want to leave the Dragon river either. Although this is only a B-level base city, although the slum area where he lives is very dilapidated, every building and every dilapidated wall here, including the air slightly The damp air was carved into his blood.

This is hometown, maybe shabby, but very beautiful.

Liu Tianzong smiled bitterly, and said: “Although Lord Qin is a Legendary, he did not join the establishment of the Pagoda. I heard that the Legendary in the Pagoda is also divided into factions, which is very complicated. It is suitable to be included in the line of defense, it will lengthen the line of defense and expose the gap. This reason is indeed so reasonable, but if Lord Qin is in charge, it can be completely avoided. It is just an excuse they found that’s all…

Su Ping frowned and said: “What did Old Qin say?”

“My Old Master has gone to the headquarters established by the Star Whale Defense Line, and has not yet returned.” An old Qin Family sighed.

“Old Xie is also in constant contact over there, is trusting relations everywhere, wants to be recommended, put us in the list of defense lines, if the Star Whale defense line does not pull us, based on our location in the Dragon river, Other lines of defense are more impossible to take us, and that will burden them too much.”

Zhou Family patriarch also spoke, and sighed: “I thought Lord Qin and Boss Su were in charge. Our Dragon river must be a member of the line of defense, but they actually divided us into the list of relocation bases. It’s almost…”


He wanted to swear, but when he first heard the news, he had already scolded and vented.

Now I’m just anxious, trying to find a way to recover, and send the Dragon river back into the defense.

Otherwise, when the animal tide comes, the Dragon river will either relocate or face the animal tide alone.

The relocation is the most hurtful for these Great families. Their family business is in the Dragon river. Once they leave, all their inherent assets will be in vain!

The real estate business and some entertainment industries are all obsolete, and only some cash and movable resources can be taken away.

But…In any Great Family, inherent assets are the bulk!

How much cash and some movable resources are really in your hands?

Su Ping’s face was gloomy, and he had heard Old Qin talk about it before.

Geographical location and so on, he didn’t understand, he didn’t pay attention to it.

But he believes that Old Qin’s vision is that unless the Dragon river’s position is extremely biased, it is inevitable to be included in the defense base.

“Is there a map? Let me see.” Su Ping said.

After hearing Su Ping’s words, an old Qin Family clan said: “Yes, Boss Su, please.”

Everyone gave way. There is a sand table in the lobby of the attic. The Qin Family porcelain and some rare pet beast feathers and egg shells that were originally exhibited in this hall are all removed, leaving only this huge sand table and the wall. There is also a map of the Asian continent and a global map.

“Our Dragon river is here.” said a Qin Family elder.

Su Ping looked over, and immediately saw a place separated by a curved mountain range. It was a model of a base city with a small flag inserted and the word Dragon river on it.

“Boss Su, we…”

Some Qin Family elders wanted to introduce Su Ping, Su Ping raised his hand and observed it personally.

See Su Ping watching carefully, everyone around is very quiet, no one is talking.

On this sand table, Su Ping saw the geographical locations of the base cities, the dragon thorn forest on the back of the Dragon river and the mountain range of North Greater China.

More than a dozen base cities are built around here, and the locations are located, but twelve of them are located next to the mountain range of the northern greater mountain range. Among them is the Dragon river, but the Dragon river is a bit deeper, and the greater the mountain range from the north The range is closer, in this case, on the other side, Baili is a little farther away from the Dragonthorn Forest.

However, looking at the entire map, this distance is not a big deal, and the distance of Baili does not constitute a gap.

If you really want to say that it is a gap, the Dragon river is behind the gap. What should be worried about is the Dragon river.

“Can I contact Old Xie?”

Su Ping’s face is calm, unable to see any thoughts.

Liu Tianzong shook his head and said: “Old Xie’s current communicator is basically on the phone. If you want to find him, you can only go to the city government.”

Su Ping slightly nodded, “I will go there.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Looking at the back of Su Ping’s departure, everyone looked at each other, and someone whispered: “Boss Su is going to the mayor, do you want to go there in person?”

“Please? Boss Su was the one who shot out from the tower. Do you think Boss Su will ask the other person for this?”

“But there obviously knows that Boss Su is in our Dragon river, but they don’t agree. Isn’t this deliberately embarrassing Boss Su, even if he speaks, the other party may not agree.”

“It’s hard to say, maybe the other party deliberately embarrassed Boss Su and just waited for Boss Su to beg them.”

“It is a special time now. Boss Su can’t do anything. He really wounded or killed other Legendary and became inhuman. After all, the enemy is now, how can human beings fight inwardly?”

“Why can’t we do it? It’s not that we want to fight in the first place, it’s the other party deliberately making things difficult for us, saying that the geographical location will open the gap, what kind of stuff, really we are all fools, this kind of thing fools the ordinary The people are pretty much the same.”

“The behavior of the peak tower is really hard to understand. You said that we have two Legendaries sitting in the Dragon river, and they actually let us move. How did this mentally retarded decision come up?”

“It was deliberate, for no other reason. It must be that Boss Su offended people at the beginning, and they deliberately took the opportunity to engage us.”

“It’s no wonder that Boss Su wanted to reverse the peak tower. I thought that the Legendary powerhouse was indifferent to fame and fortune, and has been detached from the world. The result… seems to be no different from us.”

“Shhh, you can’t talk nonsense about this, we are not qualified to comment yet, if it is spread…”

Everyone looked at each other, all aggrieved and angry, but no one dared to say anything.


Su Ping dares to hit the peak tower, that is Su Ping’s ruthlessness and ability!

They are neither Legendary nor Legendary born in the family. These words really spread to the ears of the peak, to destroy them with no difficulty.

This is the sorrow of the weak.

I was so angry, but I didn’t even dare to curse, I could only vent secretly behind my back.


City government.

Su Ping is smooth all the way. People who work in the city government basically know Su Ping. They see his photos, and salute him respectfully when they see him from afar, stopping to watch him.

When Su Ping found Old Xie, Old Xie was chatting by the office window.

“Old plan, we have been in friendship for so many years, I just have one sentence, you can hand it to me, and when the catastrophe is over, I will come to visit myself.”

“Old plan, you also know the situation of our Dragon river. Our Dragon river is not a third-rate base city. Although it is not Grade A, we have Legendary in charge!”

“Old plan! Old plan!”


The communication is hung up.

Su Ping saw this, pushed the door completely open, and walked in.

Hearing the movement, Old Xie turned her head in surprise, and suddenly saw Su Ping, she couldn’t help but froze, and then said with a bitter smile: “Boss Su, how long have you been here.”

“Just arrived.” Su Ping expression calmly said: “I have understood the situation of our Dragon river. Is anyone deliberately embarrassed?”

After seeing the sand table, Su Ping knew that the other party’s argument for not allowing Dragon river to join the line of defense was totally unreasonable.

With the conditions and battle strength of the Dragon river, there is no reason not to be taken seriously!

Xie Jinshui stopped talking, shook his head and said: “I don’t know, Old Qin has already gone there, he is Legendary anyway, if he comes forward, there should be a little bit of face, depending on whether he can Bring back good news.”

“This Star Whale Defense Line is managed by the Peak Tower, right? There are a total of several Legendary garrisons, who is the leader inside?” Su Ping asked.

Legendary of the peak tower he had a holiday with, he could think of one.

The old man who competed with him for the Dragon Platform Mountain secret realm.

If he is the leader this time, Su Ping will never be soft.

Although Su Ping’s expression is calm, Xie Jinshui is in charge of the large base city and knows a lot of people. At a glance, he can see the killing intent in Su Ping’s eyes. His complexion slightly changed, and he quickly said: “Boss Su, there should If you have a misunderstanding, don’t be impulsive. Now is a special period. If you do something with the tower, it is equal to standing opposite to all mankind. They are righteous! Since ancient times, backed by justice, they will never fail!”

“It’s not that justice is everlasting, but that it survives. Naturally justice is justice.”

Su Ping coldly snorted and said: “I won’t do it, don’t worry, they are scum, but the people below are innocent. No matter how bad they are, they have to fight and guard those base cities. This is their value .”

Xie Jinshui relaxed and said: “It’s fine for you to say so, I believe you can do what you say.”

“I will, you don’t need to restrain me with words.”

“No, Boss Su, you think too much.” Xie Jinshui waved his hand again and again, just about to say something. Suddenly the communication rang in his hand, he picked it up and looked happy, and said: “It’s Old Qin, he should I’m back.”

Quickly pick up the communication.


The three gloomy words came out from the communicator, and immediately took away Xie Jinshui’s face full of surprises and expectations.

Su Ping heard it too, and his eyes narrowed.

Xie Jinshui’s eyes were a little dazed, and he was stunned for a moment. He didn’t know that the communication was hung up there. After a while, he reacted and saw that the communication had been hung up. He thought for a while and barely squeezed out With a slight smile, he raised his head to Su Ping and said: “Boss Su, you go back first, I will find someone. I still have some old classmates, and my wife’s natal family is also related, I will contact you again…”

Su Ping looked at his barely grinning face, and calmly said: “No, you don’t need to find someone anymore. Since the defense line doesn’t want us, we will defend ourselves.”

Xie Jinshui startled, hurriedly said: “This beast tide is not trivial. I heard that Abyss has a big problem, and it will break out sooner or later. According to some ancient top-secret information recorded by our base city, the demonic beast suppressed in Abyss is far from Wasteland is comparable, extremely cruel, and there are a lot of King beasts, even hundreds of them!”

“You can even get rid of it.” Su Ping said: “There may be thousands of them, but if we distribute them all over the world, we will only have one or two hundred in the Asian continent. We have to deal with the Dragon river, only dozens. Only at most.”


Xie Jinshui was sluggish, and the communicator in his hand almost slipped off.

When he heard the words behind Su Ping, the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely, his face turned pale, and he said: “Dozens? It’s up to us…”

There was despair in his eyes.

Dozens of King beasts, what is the concept?

Enough to turn the Dragon river upside down!

Although there are two Legendary guards, Su Ping and Qin Duhuang, the area of ​​the Dragon river is not small. It can guard the east, how can it guard the west? If Demonic beast separates attacks, no matter how strong Su Ping is, Avatar will be weak!

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” Su Ping said calmly, seeing his trembling body.

I am here!

The three words, like a heart-toning agent, were injected into Xie Jinshui’s body.

His eyes regained some brightness, he looked at Su Ping, and said bitterly: “Boss Su, I don’t know how strong you are, but I know you must be better than Void Cave Realm Legendary, but dozens King beast…Can we really hold it?”

“During this time, I will open a store for business, and by the way, I will ask a few friends to help. I have seen it in the sand table of Qin Family. The walls of our base city can be guarded by myself, and Old Qin can be guarded. On the other hand, my battle pet will help guard the rest.” Su Ping said.

“But after all…”

“It’s up to now, it can only be like this, do it!” Su Ping interrupted Xie Jinshui’s words.

Xie Jinshui was stunned, looking at Su Ping’s determined gaze, and suddenly felt infected. He took a deep breath, the weakness in his eyes disappeared, gritted his teeth and said: “Yes, just do it!”

“I can’t ask for anyone anyway, these bastards, I know it’s useless to ask, I also ask for enough!!”

“It is better to rely on others than to rely on yourself, that is, motherfucker!!!”

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