Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 656


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“This store has always been run by your mother, and passed to you by your mother.”

Su Yuanshan shook his head and said: “When your mother passed it to you, it was just an ordinary shop, but now…the number of Tilted powerhouses coming in and out here are countless.”

Su Ping smiled and didn’t explain much.

“I read the news that animal tides are appearing everywhere, and many base cities are already relocating. Have you considered moving and leaving?” Su Yuanshan asked.

Su Ping shook his head and said: “I will not leave the Dragon river.”

Su Yuanshan glanced at him twice and said: “Then are you confident to hold on? This time is not a joke. It may be more difficult than the Paramita Demonic beast you encountered before.”

Su Ping looked at him in surprise, “How do you know?”

“On the news.”

“Is the current news reported in such detail…” Su Ping was a little speechless, said with a bitter smile: “Anyway, the soldiers will stop you, wait until you can’t stop it.”

Su Yuanshan glanced at him deeply, and said nothing.

“Dad, I’m busy first, you go back first.”

“en. ”

Waiting for his father to leave, Su Ping closed the door, called the system store, and found the high-rank trap ring inside.

Refresh several times in a row, the chance of appearance of the trap ring is still relatively high, refresh five times, three of which have trap rings.

Take the four high-level traps you bought, Su Ping called Joanna, and entered Demi-God’s Fallen grounds again.

“I need four Void Cave realm King beasts.” Su Ping said directly to Joanna.

“Are you going to catch it and sell it?”

“That’s right.”

“Okay, it is not difficult to find four Void Cave realm King beasts in ten days.” Joanna said nothing, and agreed.

Su Ping glanced at her, Joanna’s existence helped him solve a lot of troubles, and it was a great help to him.

“When this animal boom is over, you should be able to be rated as an excellent employee, and then take you to Immemorial Divine World.” Su Ping said.

Joanna was taken aback, turned her head and looked at him steadily, “Are you serious?”

“en. ”

Su Ping is definitely nodded.

Joanna bit her lip slightly, took a deep breath, and said: “That’s it, it’s a deal!”

Su Ping laughed, did not answer.

“Do you want to shame?”


“Then why don’t you say?”

“What I say is a promise. If my words will be overturned by me, then my promise will also be overturned by me, meaningless.”

Joanna looked at him for a while, and said nothing.

Order the Heavenly God next to him to summon two God Generals, and when the God General arrives, Joanna orders the arrest of the Void Cave realm beast.

After God General left, Joanna began to teach Su Ping Five Elements the prison Divine Formation.

One speaks and the other listens.

Joanna spoke very patiently, and at the same time asked Heavenly God to carry a lot of Divine Formation materials for Su Ping to practice.

These materials are not cheap, but Joanna’s family has a big business. After all, the deity is of Order God level, with deep background and can withstand the consumption of Su Ping.

Ten days passed in a blink of an eye.

God General arrested four Void Cave realm monsters on the 3rd day, imprisoned them in the cage of Rule Power, and threw them in front of Su Ping.

Su Ping asked God General to beat the four Void Cave realm beasts to death, dying, and then use the advanced trap ring to capture them. The success rate was greatly improved. Only one of the four failed, and three were captured.

These divine beasts grow on Demi-God’s Fallen grounds, which are somewhat different from Demonic beasts. Within the body, there is a natural divine force, and there are crystal nuclei that store divine breath, cultivation speed and perception, which are far more than ordinary Demonic beast Powerful, in addition there are one or two magical skills, the formidable power is great, or the magic is endless.

Su Ping was quite satisfied with the three Void Cave realm beasts captured, and was a little reluctant to sell it.

After all, the aptitude of these three mythical beasts is far stronger than the Void Cave realm Demonic beast on Earth. They are considered to be Overlord level at the same level. They are sold to others.

“Unfortunately, I can’t sign the Void Cave realm King beast right now.” Su Ping secretly sighed in his heart.

In the past ten days, his little Five Elements prison Divine Formation has also been mastered. After success, he spent his spare time on the cultivation on the mountain, but I don’t know whether he has experienced too much Heavenly Tribulation before For some reason, it is obvious that the star force within the body has reached saturation, but it has never been able to take that step.

“The so-called opportunity, isn’t it Heavenly Tribulation?” Su Ping was a little confused.

He can’t sense when his Heavenly Tribulation will come, which means he is away from Legendary and there is a section of the road.

But when he rubbed against other people’s Heavenly Tribulation, he could clearly feel that Heavenly Tribulation was born in the sky. That beautiful and magnificent feeling shocked the soul, and now his cultivation base is Rank-9 Limit, this feeling is not.

Even if he asks Joanna to find someone to come over for Transcending Tribulation and continue to rub Heavenly Tribulation, the feeling in this respect is gone.

It’s like experiencing too much and becoming numb.

“Am I… immune to Heavenly Tribulation’s induction?”

Su Ping is a little worried, rubbing too much, he has no feeling for Heavenly Tribulation, even if he chops on his body, it doesn’t hurt.

Actually, now his fleshy body is already the Golden Crow god Devil Body 2nd floor, and the fleshy body alone is comparable to Destiny Realm. The damage to his fleshy body by this Heavenly Tribulation has been minimal.

“I can’t break through without feeling Heavenly Tribulation?” Su Ping asked Joanna. He wanted to borrow someone else’s Heavenly Tribulation to break through.

Anyway, it’s Heavenly Tribulation. Whose hack was not hacked?

“Of course.”

Joanna looked at Su Ping weirdly, “If you can break through Heavenly Tribulation, then not only will you be able to use Legendary Heavenly Tribulation, but also Starry Sky-level ones, even if I have the ability to resurrect like you. , Even the Primal Chaos Tribulation of Supreme Lord can rub, then there are too many powerhouses in this world.”

Su Ping reluctantly, “You said that aptitude like me can’t sense Heavenly Tribulation. It stands to reason that when the cultivation base arrives, breakthrough is a matter of eating and drinking, a piece of cake.”

“Who knows, maybe you are still a little bit short.” Joanna shrugged.

Su Ping is also speechless.

Forget it.

Wait where water flows, a canal is formed.

I asked Joanna to ask for a copy of the Divine Formation for Five Elements prison, Su Ping took her back with her, and when she returned to the shop, another day passed.


Su Ping sensed the release, and suddenly found that in the pavilion on the opposite side of the street, there was a Titled breath or two, which was completely incomparable with before. He was heart shivered with cold and immediately pushed out the door.

“Is there a wave of beasts coming?” Su Ping asked immediately.

The two Qin Family old men in the small building were pointing fingers in front of the sand table. They were surprised when they heard Su Ping’s words. When they saw Su Ping, they hurriedly saluted, and one of them hurriedly said: “Boss Su, I heard that you were retreating in the store. You don’t know that the animal tide really broke out, but not on our Dragon river, but on the star whale defense line.”

“Star Whale Line of Defense?”

“Yes, a wave of beasts broke out in the Dragon Whale Base City in the morning. A terrifying battle took place in the base city. I heard that hundreds of Titans have fallen in it, and even Legendary has fallen two!” An old man said.

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