Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 659


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This scene falls in the Battle pet master group behind, deeply frozen in their pupils.


The figure standing in the dusty air, like the Invincible Wargod, gave them a feeling of being unable to break through and cross.

After a brief silence, the screaming howl erupted and spread throughout the nearby battlefield.

The building-like flesh palm was broken, blood was gushing, and the other strange limbs of the King beast covered the broken flesh arm, wailing and screaming, and at the same time calling other King beast companions nearby.

This howling reckless, like a deep-sea ancient whale, made many Battle pet masters notice the situation here.


In the distance, Blade Venerable, who was about to rush for reinforcements, suddenly froze.

Looking at the back sharp like a long spear, he was a little stunned. The familiar breath… is he here? !

In an instant, an unspeakable enthusiasm rose in the mind and blocked his chest. He gritted his teeth slightly and clenched his fists.


King beast, whose palm was severed, resisted the pain and screamed at Su Ping.

This is the damn human!

From Su Ping, it felt threatened, but it is not the one here, it has companions!

As soon as the roar fell, suddenly, a louder and more vigorous roar came from the base behind Su Ping. This is dragon roar, howling the world, full of ferocious anger!

Skyrim became crimson.

The silhouette of a fire-like meteorite whizzed in quickly, and the sound of the violent wind scorched the air, and the sonic boom followed its silhouette.

This flight speed has exceeded the speed of sound several times!

This is a Dragon Beast, full of purgatory flames, dragon glaring, and swallowing the sky in an imposing manner. Although its body is only several dozen meters smaller than some King beasts, it exudes a domineering imposing manner that is astonishing. Rolling in like waves, coercing the audience!

This dragon roar completely overwhelmed the angry roar of King beast and suppressed it!

There is a Demonic beast yelling at Su Ping, how can it bear it? !

With the advent of the Dragon Beast, the King beast who roared at Su Ping couldn’t help retreating. The dragon Beast’s roar was so ancient that its consciousness trembled.

“Demonic beast?”

“No, it seems to be whose pet beast, outside is our line of defense, impossible there is a King beast coming from there…”

The many Battle pet masters on this battlefield were all shocked by this dragon roar.

Although the deterrence of this dragon roar is not to face them, it makes their scalp numb when listening, just like facing an extremely terrifying Dragon Beast, which will be swallowed and shredded at any time!

Seeing the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast rushing over, Su Ping immediately sent an order to kill him!

Before the situation was critical, he took the lead in sprinting over in a flash, but the King beast in front of him is just that’s all of Vast Sea realm, not worth his shot.

Feeling Su Ping’s killing intent, Purgatory Candle Dragon beast raised up to the sky and issued a dragon roar, and the dragon Qi released all over his body. The scorching flame rushed high and enveloped its body, instantly becoming the most eye-catching presence on the battlefield .

next moment, it suddenly opened its mouth, and a lava-like pillar of fire burst out suddenly.


The pillar of fire traversed the void and instantly arrived in front of the King beast.

The King beast reacted very quickly. Surprised and angry raised one after another rock wall in front of him. This is King grade’s crystal cold steel wall skill. The defensive power is quite strong. It is an important forbidden area in some A-level base cities. , They are all arranged with this skill, and they can’t be penetrated by conventional missiles for one hour!

But at this moment, with a bang, the few crystal cold steel walls just erected, they were blasted to pieces by the Purgatory Rock Pillar!

The solid crystal wall collapsed and shattered, and the hit area was instantly melted, and the rock pillar penetrated, like a flame of Iron Fist, violently hitting the body of the King beast.

Si si sounded, and hot white smoke emerged. The King beast’s body was smashed into a molten hole. The bones appeared inside, the flesh and blood fell off, and the flesh and skin nearby were also scalded red by the high temperature, and the blood was boiling.

The screams of pain made many Battle pet masters dumbfounded and excited.

Too strong!

This kind of King beast is actually crushed, and it will be seriously injured by the first encounter!

roar! roar!

In the distance, three roars suddenly sounded, followed by a huge earthquake on the ground, and three huge King beasts rushed over and blocked the injured King beast.

They glare like a tiger watching his prey, glaring at Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, in addition to anger, they are also somewhat dreaded.

The breath of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast gives them a very different feeling. They can feel that the Dragon Beast’s cultivation base is not high, and it seems not as good as them, but the terrifying Dragon Qi on the other side is like It is a very dangerous existence.

“Here again!”

“These King beasts are really organized and collective…”

“Damn it!”

Nearby, many Battle pet masters saw this scene with pale faces, full of unwillingness and anger.

If these King beasts are scattered and fight alone, they still have a chance, because they are united!

But these King beasts are not scattered, so their only advantage will be lost.

“Boss Su!”

Blade Venerable’s silhouette flew up quickly and came to Su Ping in a blink of an eye. He glanced at Su Ping’s profile first, his eyes were complicated and grateful, and he whispered: “many thanks Boss Su!”

Afterwards, he raised his head to look at the three King beasts coming in front of him, his eyes sharpened, and said: “We are together.”

Su Ping expression calmly, said: “No need.”


Blade Venerable, who was about to exert force, took a halt and looked at him suspiciously.

Next moment, a faint electric current appeared in the air, and a dense mass of destruction aura appeared behind them.

Blade Venerable’s back is cold for an instant.

Cold sweat rages!

It’s like a rocket propeller, it will spray on him immediately, melting his body.

Blade Venerable has a trace of fear in his eyes. Turning his head and looking around, he heard a long whistle dragon roar!

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is roaring!

Its wings tremble, and flames rise all over its body. Beyond the flames, lightning flashes on its wings and the purple scales on its body.

On its roaring mouth, a chaotic sphere of flames and thunderbolt gathered slowly and emerged.

The terrifying destruction aura radiates from this sphere.


Purgatory Candle Dragon beast roared suddenly and threw it out.

This chaotic energy sphere draws a pitch-black orbit, splits the space by friction, and shoots directly at the king beasts.

These King beasts already felt the danger when the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was accumulating skills, and they all became vigilant. Before the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was released, each of them had released their defense skills.

Dark soul devours evil guard!

Thor’s Blessing!

Pray for Ksitigarbha!

Three different types of King grade defensive skills appeared one after another. At the same time, in the air behind the three king beasts, energy was violent, and one after another offensive skills condensed out, trying to block and interrupt the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast. Skills.

One after another invisible giant blade shot out in the air, but it was shattered within ten meters of the body of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

Beside the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, there is an invisible dragon gang!

This is the defensive skill of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, which can prevent the skill it releases from being interrupted.


Several attacking skills rushed out and hit the turbid energy ball of thunder-fire. In an instant, the energy exploded, like a nuclear bomb detonated in mid-air, and the vented energy shook the earth, flying sand running stone.

But the thunder-fire energy ball of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast did not smash. Instead, it crushed the attack skills and directly hit the three defense skills.

In an instant, the ground shook again, and there were broken rocks and some scrapped cars all over, all being lifted off, like a volcanic eruption, coming from the front.

Many Battle pet masters who have not reached the Tilted rank are fighting on the ground. At this moment, the ground is shaking, making them trembling in fear, as if the entire base is about to turn over.

This is the battle of King Beast grade!

heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, destroying heaven extinguishing earth!

A King beast, if you want to destroy it, you can easily destroy a base beyond recognition!

Not to mention that several King beasts are fighting, and the destructive power caused by it is too great!

bang bang bang!

The three defensive skills shattered one after another, the thunder-fire energy ball burst, and a huge mushroom cloud rose on the ground, rumbling.

Several King beasts were all shaken off, bleeding from the whole body and severely injured.

Seeing this scene, Blade Venerable has a terrified look in his eyes. When he first met Su Ping, he saw Su Ping’s Dragon Beast. At that time, this Dragon Beast was only Tier 7 and used as a watchdog.

But now, within a few months, the Dragon Beast’s cultivation base has skyrocketed, not to mention its battle strength has grown like a rocket. This is definitely the battle strength of Void Cave realm!

No wonder Su Ping would be willing to sell him the King beast.

Compared with the King beast sold by Su Ping, this King beast is the real rare favorite!

When the aftermath of the explosion subsided, the other Battle pet masters could see the situation clearly and couldn’t help being sucked in a cold breath. There were four King beasts in total, and they were injured in one breath!

What monster is this Dragon Beast? !

After the shock, the battle pet master group, which had been demoralized, broke out in an imposing manner again, full of fighting intent and hope.


“With my fierce Thunderhorn Tiger, guard this sixth Grand Dao!”

Some Battle pet master regiments encountered the guerrilla Demonic beast next to them, and immediately confronted them and rushed forward.

There is the Huanghuang dragon prestige released by Purgatory Candle Dragon beast. Many Demonic beasts are afraid to rush to kill. Some retreat from here and choose to break through other lines of defense.

Su Ping glanced at the battlefield situation, browsed slightly wrinkle, and said: “How many Legendaries have died?”

Su Ping said.

He meditated in his heart, and the summon vortex appeared beside him, and the cold and lonely breath leaked out from it, like some kind of terrifying creature peeping from it.

When the goose bumps appeared on Blade Venerable, a small and plain short silhouette stepped out of it, and it was Little Skeleton.


Su Ping lightly said with a smile.

Blade Venerable’s pupils dilated, looking at the Little Skeleton in disbelief.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he couldn’t believe that it was this Little Skeleton that made him feel the intense Death Aura just now.

At the beginning, he also taught this Little Skeleton Blade Technique!

In a blink of an eye now, he feels that he will be killed at any time in front of this Little Skeleton.

This is his fighting instinct!

Little Skeleton glanced at Blade Venerable, and quickly moved away. Obviously, there was no impression. A black mist appeared on its body and it slowly merged with Su Ping.

Bone covered, sin-ridden!

The violent energy poured into the body, and Su Ping’s eyes also faintly glowed with scarlet rays of light, looking at the vibrating battlefield ahead, he flashed out.



One after another The flashing space vibrated out, and Su Ping stepped out of it, and one step was ten thousand meters!

Several steps in a row, Su Ping appeared in front of a King beast who kept destroying buildings. In front of the King beast was a high-level battle pet master. There were hundreds of people. At this moment, use the auxiliary Battle pet inside. The star chain released by the master links the star force resonance together, lays down defenses, and fights against this King beast.

Every collision and attack has placed a great burden on these hundreds of soldiers. Many people have coughed up blood and their faces are pale.


Just as the King beast launched an assault and was about to trample on the energy defensive shell on the petting regiment again, suddenly, a silhouette flashed.

The air stopped for an instant.

Then—with a bang, the flashing silhouette disappeared again in a blink of an eye. The iron hoof raised by the King beast had not yet been stepped on, but the body crashed down and burst open at its head.

hong long!!

The huge body of 100 meters above collapsed like a skyscraper, and the collapsed residential building nearby was even more dilapidated.

All the people in the petting regiment were all sluggish.

Second kill? !