Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 662


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sou! sou!

In the King beast War Zone, Su Ping is full of bones, walking through the King beast like Death God.

With his current battle strength, hunt these Vast Sea realm King beast with no difficulty.

When he was still the seventh-order cultivation base, he was already able to compete with Destiny Realm’s Paramita when he was fit. Although that Paramita may not have tried his best, Su Ping at that time had already punched the Void Cave realm. The power of Legendary.

Now that the cultivation base has reached the Rank-9 limit, the Golden Crow god Devil Body has reached the Second Layer, and with the cultivation of the Sun Star in Primal Chaos Heaven, Su Ping’s perception of the skill is far from the original.

Quickly throw a thousand catties!

With weak energy, you can kill King beast!

Su Ping was easy to do when slaying the Starburst Dragon earlier.

In the beginning, let alone this powerful Void Cave realm Dragon Beast, even the fragile Void Cave realm Legendary requires him to use his greatest strength.

“If you dare to step out of Abyss, I will kill you back!”

Su Ping’s eyes are cold.

One day, he will let these Demonic beasts know that the place of human activity is a restricted zone!


With the continuous slaughter of Su Ping, the King beasts gathered here were all shocked, especially when the Starblaze Burst Dragon was killed in seconds, they had already spawned the idea of ​​escape.

Looking at Su Ping reaping wildly and constantly killing, the King beast who was standing at the back has turned and flees, and the fighting intent has been lost.

In contrast, the other War Zones of mankind are full of cheers.

Once upon a time, this situation was reversed.

Humans are retreating steadily in front of Demonic beasts and can only parry. Meeting King beasts is like a mouse seeing a cat.

But now, these incredible King beasts will run away when they are afraid!

“I know, I know…”

In the distance, Blade Venerable assisted the pet corps to stop the Monster Beast Group headed by the Rank-9 limit. When he saw Su Ping’s record in the distance, he was flushed with excitement and his whole body was boiling.

He knew that Su Ping’s battle strength was beyond his imagination!

Even the Void Cave realm is not so strong!

He still remembers that when he walked into the Su Ping shop with the old man, he was almost shot and killed by the blond woman in the Su Ping store!

In the end, you can only teleport and escape!

Su Ping’s background and battle strength are always a mystery, he can’t see through.

“Dragon river should be the safest place. Lao Nie is really confused and short-sighted…” Blade Venerable gritted his teeth secretly sighed.

Without Lao Nie, Dragon river would be included in the Star Whale defense line. When this Dragon Whale base was attacked immediately, Dragon river would be able to send reinforcements.

Don’t talk about the Su Ping in front of you, even if the beautiful blonde woman in the Su Ping shop is brought over, it will be enough to sweep!

In that case, why sacrifice so much like now?

The collapsed buildings and corpses are still trampled under the iron hoof of the Demonic beast, which is heartbreaking!

Blade Venerable feels that when this battle is over, he must report the incident to the Peak Master no matter what, even if he is hated by a Void Cave realm Legendary!


bang! bang!

The crackling sound kept sounding, accompanied by the sound of collapse, and the ground was shaking.

The King beast was directly beheaded under Su Ping’s body, without resistance!

Defensive skills, fleshy body resistance, bloodline inheritance skills!

No matter how to parry, under Su Ping’s Iron Fist, it won’t work.

Some King beasts were stubbornly resisting, and Su Ping punched them through their bodies, bursting into holes of several dozen meters in diameter, horrible to see, shocking everyone.

In less than 3 minutes, the King beast War Zone has fallen!

Yes, since the Dragon Whale Base City disaster broke out, the most difficult and difficult King beast War Zone, at this moment, in just a few minutes, has been smashed to death, and there are building-like King beasts everywhere. Some are as long as several hundred meters, like a collapsed Roshan, already dead.

“Is there another King beast area? It seems to be the Abyss channel…”

Su Ping stopped in midair. On the ground under his feet, on the black soil mixed with broken steel bars and crushed cement, the corpses of King beasts were lying all over the place.

Under the background of these huge King beast corpses, Su Ping’s back looks sharp, tall and mysterious.

The King beast War Zone here has been resolved. Through induction, Su Ping discovered that there is another King beast area besides Baili. There are a large number of King beasts gathered there, but there is no legendary atmosphere.

And at this moment, the King beast there is coming here.

Closed his eyes for a moment, Su Ping figured out the location of the overwhelming majority King beast. With a move of his mind, two vortexes appeared beside him, and the purple green cricket python and the blue armored Starry Sky Abyss bug emerged.

Last time at Primal Chaos Heaven, Su Ping took care of the purple cricket python by the way. Its inflammation resistance is already at the top level. If you go to Primal Chaos Heaven to practice for a while, Able to reach top class.

Special resistance, enough to be immune to inflammation skills below Destiny Realm.

Of course, King Beast grade skills rarely have pure energy skills. In general inflammation skills, Thunder Element or space power will be mixed to increase destructive power or hit rate.

But in general, the battle strength of the purple cricket python at this moment is too big a problem to deal with the King beast around Vast Sea realm.

In addition to the increase in resistance, its physique is also changing. Although the cultivation base is still the top Rank-6, the battle strength is comparable to the Vast Sea realm king, and the aptitude is close to the medium rank!

“Go, kill whatever.”

Su Ping passed on to them.

As long as it is not surrounded by King beasts, the Violet Crimson Python will not have any major problems, and the little blue beetle, this is the Starry Sky alien insect race that Demi-God’s Fallen grounds have a headache. It has special abilities and can eat Divine Physique , Pull out Divine Crystal, the body has the effect of refining energy.

Su Ping tried, if you let it eat Demonic beast, it can also pull out some weird things.

Of course, there is worm poop.

Xiaoqing’s life-saving ability is not weak, and he is good at disguising. Su Ping is relieved to let them exercise.

Following Su Ping’s order, both Xiaoqing and Violet Python left in joy and entered the Monster Beast Group below.

And Su Ping looked at the direction of the group of King beasts who had rushed in, and rushed directly over.

Eight 10 li, 6 10 li, 30 li!

In a blink of an eye, one after another skill hiding the sky and covering the earth flew over, and those King beasts also sensed Su Ping’s unconcealed breath, all of which were furious.

Looking at this densely packed King beast skill, the other War Zone people are all nervous.

If these skills hit the ground, they would be enough to destroy half of this dragon whale base city!

This is definitely a 10,000-ton nuclear bomb technology. If it is the area of ​​a C-level base city, it is estimated that it will be raze to the ground in an instant. The people living in it will not even have time to react. It will only feel that the day is bright, and it is still colorful aurora.

boom~ boom~ boom~! !

Dozens of King beast skills, all of them burst at the moment they met Su Ping.

The original shape of the skill was broken, leaving only chaotic energy. The violent raging in midair stirred the void to collapse. On the edge of the skill explosion, one after another void crack appeared.

This rift is full of destruction aura, and Vast Sea realm Legendary is involved in it, and it will be crushed and will never come back!

In the skill center, there is a collapsed void vortex.

These King beasts obviously consider the possibility of Su Ping’s teleportation. Many skills are released, and the energy field driven by them will completely block the space and become extremely fragile, making Void Cave realm Legendary unable to teleport. It is extremely easy to make mistakes and get involved in a deeper spatial countercurrent.

“Damn it!”

“Nothing will happen, right?”

“These King beasts are so sophisticated, knowing that they are strong, they are united!”

“I knew that these King beast attacks were premeditated. They were simply monolithic and organized!”

“When the dragon whales are captured, they will destroy our other bases one by one, and then they will meet with other defense lines, then it will be a big trouble!!”

Many people are anxious seeing this scene.

Some of the Tilted ranks also saw that the situation was extremely tense. Once the dragon whale fell, it would affect the whole body and affect other directions, causing the other two major defense lines in the subcontinent to collapse.

By then, the Asian continent will be completely occupied.



In the bursting energy smoke, a sharp cone suddenly appeared. The smoke was sharpened and then torn apart. A golden light shimmering silhouette came out from it!

The golden light outside of the silhouette, shrouded like astral qi, constantly erupting, without any injuries!

This scene fell in the eyes of everyone in the distance, their eyes widened in disbelief, and then there was ecstasy!


Su Ping actually resisted!

Faced with the bombardment of so many King beasts, I can stand firm. Even the 7 Rank-8 Battle pet master can see that Su Ping’s battle strength is far above these King beasts!


Hope to hold on!

Everyone looked at that silhouette nervously and expectantly. At this moment, Su Ping gathered all eyes and hopes.


In the King beast group, a roar of surprised and angry erupted.

Some King beasts also noticed this horrible scene. They were shocked and horrified. They could even stop this. This guy is the monster!

Many King beasts have already begun to retreat, but at the moment the arrow is on the string and they have to be sent. The herd still rushes towards Su Ping. At the same time, the second wave skill bombing is brewing again.

Not the first time, but the second time?

Obviously, Su Ping did not intend to stand stupidly on the spot and be beaten. After his silhouette stepped out of the energy turbulence, he stepped directly out and moved out several ten thousand meters.

Flashes several times in succession, and the group of King beasts is already visible.

The skills of hiding the sky and covering the earth bombed again, Su Ping raised his hand and punched out, a huge golden shadow burst out, collided with the skills, space shocked, and cracked one after another gap.

In the chaotic energy, Su Ping burst out of the sky and stepped on the head of a king beast covered in thick armor at the forefront.

With a bang, this King beast sprinted all the way, the impact force was enough to destroy a mountain. At this moment, Su Ping’s foot trampled and the mutual force collided, its head suddenly burst open!

The blood splattered, and the lower body of the King beast lost the control of his brain, imbalanced and rushed forward, and immediately rolled to the ground, pushing out several hundred meters continuously, pushing all the rocks on the ground to the front of the corpse, sweeping a whole area .

Su Ping’s body trembles, unloads the impact, and disappears instantly, and then reappears in front of the other King beast. With a stroke of the hand, the dark Asura Blade draws out, and several dozen meters long, suddenly cut down. , All the several protections on the King beast’s body were chopped up, the scales on the body surface were torn apart, and the blood surged.

Su Ping enters the King beast group, the silhouette is not visible, but it causes huge damage.

The group of King beasts suddenly became chaotic. Many of them were not good at melee combat. With the suppression of battle strength, they were unable to resist under the attack of Su Ping appear and disappear unpredictably. They were quickly beheaded and severely injured.


Inside, a Demonic beast resembling a giant tree roars. Its upper body is a canopy-like structure, but it is a flesh and blood body, and its lower body is surrounded by countless touches. There is one after another space trap around its body. Su Ping rashly If it flashes to its side, it will trigger these traps and send Su Ping into the dangerous chaotic airspace.

Su Ping saw at a glance that this King beast was the leader, his face was indifferent, his palm turned out the Asura Divine Sword, and suddenly cut it away with a sword.

Asura Broken Sword!

This sword poured into his powerful star force within the body, countless Star Jade in the cell were spinning rapidly, and the killing intent sharp Asura sword energy galloped out.

A King beast tried to use skills to resist, destroying the sword energy in advance, but was easily cut off by the sword energy, and then press forward.

The space traps around King beast in the crown of the giant tree were all shattered. The sword energy Tearing Space of several dozen meters disappeared in a flash.

With a thud, a deep scar was cut out on the torso of King beast, the crown of the giant tree. The wound was black flames, which was the Asura magic fire.

The rhizome of King beast, the crown of the giant tree, plunges into the ground, sucking, like blood from the ground, sucked and transported to the body by the rhizome, its wounds are growing and want to heal, but the new flesh and blood is being asura The demon fire burned, the wound became bigger and bigger, blood and pus flowed.

Su Ping didn’t delay, and entered the herd with a sword.

pu! pu! pu!

One sword and one sword energy swept across. The group of King beasts that had been lined up suddenly became chaotic. In an instant, seven or eight King beasts fell down. Some of them were strong in life force, dying, and still had a breath, and some were straightforward. Killed on the spot.

Seeing the King beast group, the entire battlefield is full of absolute silence.

So shocking!

One person faced many King beasts, but completely suppressed these vicious Abyss King beasts!

The most important thing is that they did not see Su Ping relying on the power of the pet, but fighting in a fit posture, without the assistance of the pet.

What level of Legendary is this?

Some Battle pet masters who don’t know much about Legendary can’t help but fall into confusion. Obviously, Legendary is different, and the difference is huge!

Su Ping in front of me is undoubtedly the top Legendary level!

At least, the most powerful Legendary they have ever seen!

No one knows that Su Ping at this moment is just a Tilted rank. Even Blade Venerable thinks that Su Ping has entered the realm of Legendary. As for the sense of breath? Who knows if Su Ping is in disguise.

Battle strength is the most intuitive manifestation, and the breath is tricky!

When everyone didn’t react, the King beast group had already collapsed. This is the most difficult group, the King beast group connected from the Abyss channel, dead, dead, wounded, and fleeing!

Su Ping didn’t catch up. First, he repaired all the wounds one by one, including the giant tree crown King beast. Although it was a Void Cave realm, it was a blow to Su Ping.


Su Ping’s power has completely crushed these King beasts.

The fact is true. He doesn’t know the battle strength of Su Ping pinnacle now, but he feels that he might be beckoned with Starry Sky.

After all, his Void Sword Technique, which contains Rule Power, is already a Starry Sky-level power!