Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 734


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Su Ping asked Joanna to help arrange a vicious cultivation dangerous place, so she took many battle companions there.

This dangerous place is also one of the top ten dangerous places of Demi-God’s Fallen grounds. Even some of the God Generals of Starry Sky realm will not come here easily.

The environment here is extremely dangerous. Most of the Divine Race Demonic beasts that survive here are Destiny Realm. Among them, there are many Starry Sky realm. Only some powerhouses in the Lord God realm dare to come here for cultivation, or borrow The natural environment here forges the Divine Race hidden treasure.

As for Joanna’s divine spring, Su Ping did not consider it.

Although those divine springs have amazing effects, if you soak Mia’s battle companions, you can directly make them complete ordinary cultivation, and the battle strength will increase sharply.

But divine spring is extremely precious. Even if Su Ping is soaked by itself, Joanna will feel heartache. These divine spring equivalent to concentrated divine force, like the thousand-year star force blocked by Nie Huofeng using Divine Formation, are already energy creamy, some The God General of Starry Sky realm does not have such a good supply of cultivation resources.

Soon, Su Ping came to this dangerous place with strong dark elements.

Here is the murky heavens dark earth, the sky is densely covered with dark clouds, and there are faint black mists roaring inside, which are the evil Demon attribute Demonic beasts of this place. Deep inside, there is also the faint roar of the Dragon Beast of the undead.

God General, who sent Su Ping here for Joanna, saw the Moluo forbidden area in front of him, and his eyes were a little dignified, and said to Su Ping: “Mr. Su, you are careful along the way.”

“en. ”

Su Ping waved his hand to say goodbye, let him wait here to be picked up, and then led many battle companions flying in.

Among these battle companions, those of Mia obviously resisted entering. The environment in front of them made them frightened, and intuitively told them that they would die if they entered!

But Su Ping gave them orders through the contract, making them hard to resist. They just wailed and violent in their hearts, and their loyalty to Su Ping plummeted.

“What a rich undead energy, Little Skeleton, do you like this place?” Su Ping sat on the shoulders of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, galloping freely over this forbidden ground, lightly said with a smile to the Little Skeleton beside him.

Little Skeleton looked around and liked Su Ping nodded very much.

“It looks like a prey is coming.”

Su Ping smiled, and suddenly his brows moved slightly. Didn’t expect something happened so soon, and the person who came was not kind, the breath was…Starry Sky realm!

“I will solve it, just to test my current ability.”

Su Ping did not allow Little Skeleton and other pet beasts to take action. Since stepping into Legendary, he hasn’t used it to the fullest, digging out the ultimate of his current battle strength.

Before competing with the Lord of Abyss, he slashed with a sword, which did not allow him to maximize his current battle strength.

Moreover this time, Su Ping did not intend to fit together, but completely relied on his own abilities and combat skills!

Little Skeleton and Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, they are a little confused, while the pet beasts of Mia on the other side understand the meaning of Su Ping, and they are all a little happy. They don’t like Su Ping at all, so they can hide from behind to watch the battle. The happiest.

As for whether Su Ping will be killed or not, they don’t care. Such a stupid master brought them to such a dangerous place and died!

Huh! !

Suddenly, the light between Heaven and Earth disappeared for an instant, and then a silhouette covered in black mist galloped over. This silhouette has curved magic horns on top of its head and is burly. The lower body looks like a giant cow, but the upper body But it is the majestic human body, the complexion is like deep bronze.

“Demi-God? Asian goddess?”

This demon saw Su Ping and felt the extremely surging divine force from Su Ping’s within the body, but Su Ping’s body was a human body, and his eyes gradually became scarlet.

“How dare you step into this place, it just happened to let me have a full meal!”

It shot suddenly, surging rapidly in the space around Su Ping, squeezing towards him.

Su Ping’s divine light flashed in his eyes, and there was a thunderbolt blooming in an instant. At this moment, he no longer suppressed the breath of within the body, and his energy came out wildly. The surging divine force and star force were intertwined, and he realized that The rules of Thunder Dao and the rules of annihilation converge in both of his hands, one purple and one black, shaking the space with ripples.

“Rule Power? How is it possible!!!”

Seeing the rules of Su Ping’s condensed hands appearing, the horned devil’s eyes tightened, and an astonished expression appeared in his eyes.

It feels that Su Ping’s cultivation base is extremely low-level, and it can kill it with a single look, but it didn’t expect that such a low-level life actually mastered Rule Power!

And two more!


Su Ping bursts out the strongest battle strength, compresses Rule Power onto the Asura Divine Sword in his hand, and kills the horned demon.

He used his original sword technique to kill the Lord of Abyss once again.

Thunder Prison, Void Tribulation Sword!

In an instant, in the sky Wandao lightning gallops, sword energy is vertical and horizontal, like a prison under Heavenly Tribulation!

The horrified look appeared in the horned demon’s eyes, and it now suspects that Su Ping is deliberately disguising the cultivation base to paralyze it.

These Divine Races are really sinister!

It yelled in its heart, and didn’t care about hiding it, and broke out to fight.

As the two were fighting together, the surrounding space shattered every inch, and the turbulent atmosphere also attracted the attention of many creatures in this forbidden area and gathered quietly.

“ga ga, there are actually two stunned young men in the life and death battle!”

“The breath seems to be the guardian bull demon, who did it provoke?”

“Kill it, kill it, it’s best to both sides suffer, let me sit back and take the fisherman!”

Many creatures are paying attention in secret, and some are laughing and joking.

Behind, several of Mia’s battle companions saw the divine might divine Su Ping at the moment, they were all trembling with fright. Is this their owner? It’s as scary as Demon God!


Su Ping roared and used it to his heart’s content. At this moment, he burned his life, urging the Golden Crow god Devil Body to the extreme, and the scars of fiery lava appeared on his body.

The dark Divine Physique that he inspired during the Golden Crow trial is also revealed at this moment. There are many dark energy near the condense, which are intertwined with golden light and magic light, which looks extremely terrifying.

With a boom, Su Ping tore through the void with a sword, and directly cut the second space open. The sword energy was submerged in the third space, and then torn out, it instantly penetrated into the head of the horned demon. The speed is faster than the flash!

Blinking is the second space speed, it is difficult for the creatures under Starry Sky to react, but in front of the life of Starry Sky realm, their perception is strong, spreading all the time, there are objects in the second space around, which can instantly Catch to evade or fight back.

But Su Ping’s sword energy at this moment pierced directly from the third dimension, beyond the horns of the demon’s perception, and with a squeaking sound, it slashed across its cheek, tearing a wound.

This bullhorn demon is also extremely fierce, with rich combat experience, and has not been directly stunned by Su Ping!

“Without a fit, the strength is really weak, but…it can still fight!”

Su Ping exploded with binocular divine light. The countless star forces in his cells within the body burst. Coupled with the increase of divine force, he suddenly stepped out and displayed the medium rank Spirit Awakening record skill he just learned.

Super acceleration!

With a swish, Su Ping’s silhouette rushed out in an instant, while everything around him slowed down rapidly, as if stagnant. Su Ping only saw the bullhorn demon’s eyes widening as far as possible, revealing an incredible color, but The body has also become extremely slow.


He penetrated the second space and sprinted at the fastest speed.

With a bang, and when he rushed out again, Su Ping had already come to the bullhorn demon and swept out with a sword.

The horned devil’s eyes were round, and the next moment suddenly filled his body with a strong black energy. Su Ping’s sword energy was cut out and plunged into the black energy, with a pop, blood blooming.

And the surrounding world, in the eyes of Su Ping, also restored the original Time Flow Speed, I saw the black mist on the head of the horned demon, like a boiling, drowning his head, now it is rolling endlessly, the black mist disperses , The horns of the devil’s neck cracked a huge scar, and it was about to be cut off.

The sacred fire in the wound keeps burning, and one after another thunderbolt flashes in the crackle.

“This fuck…”

The horned demon was holding his neck and was a little frightened. Without a word, it suddenly became misty all over, and its body directly escaped into the third space. In a blink of an eye, it fled from Su Ping’s eyes.

Su Ping wants to catch up, but feels that a group of black Rule Power surrounds him like a net, which binds his body, making it difficult to break free for a while.

Moreover, this black fog net has an eroding effect, constantly corroding the energy he emits.

When Su Ping cut the black fog net and broke free from it, the horned demon had escaped.

When Su Ping saw this, he had no choice but to converge his energy. As his state calmed down, the stamina from the previous overdraft surged up immediately, unable to help spurt a mouthful of blood, look pale.

His appearance is getting old rapidly, his hair is like withered, the divine light on his complexion disappears, he is no longer as white as glaze, and he becomes old like a withered tree bark.

“Overdraw your life and work hard to fight the Starry Sky realm, but you can’t kill it…” Su Ping leaned on the body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, extremely weak. This is what he is now. battle strength.

If it is combined with Little Skeleton and Er Gou, he doesn’t have to overdraft himself, and he can easily kill the bullhorn demon just now.

In general, his current battle strength should be of Middle-Upper grade in the Starry Sky realm.

This result makes Su Ping fairly satisfied.

“I previously absorbed the star force of a thousand-year blockade, and my cultivation base still failed to reach the Void Cave realm. It stands to reason that with my mastery of the space mystery, to reach the Void Cave realm with no difficulty, I feel that bottleneck, Right in front of you, you can break open at any time…”

Su Ping closed his eyes slightly, and now he can step into the Void Cave realm if he wants to.

But Su Ping is a little reluctant to step out easily.

He feels that he can accumulate some more heritage, not rich enough.

“If I can comprehend the Space Rule and break the bottleneck of the Void Cave realm with the Space Rule, my battle strength should be stronger. Then I can improve the annihilation rules. Even if I encounter the Starry Sky realm Peak powerhouse, I should be able to Confrontation…” Su Ping thought to himself, not knowing how terrifying his thoughts were.


At this moment, there is one after another silhouette galloping in the distance, many of them are Destiny Realm demons.

Inside, there is also a demon’s breath in Starry Sky realm.

Su Ping’s weak eyes turned slightly, knowing that those who wanted to pick up the bargain were coming.

“It’s time to work, you guys go.”

Su Ping took a sigh of relief, once again extremely compressed the cells within the body, squeezed out the star force from it, let himself sit in the sky, and let the Purgatory Dragon beast and Mia’s battle companions take action.

With a boom, the space beside Su Ping suddenly shattered, and a dark sharp touch protruded from it, piercing Su Ping’s head through.

“ga ga…” A cruel sneer sounded.

But soon, the laughter stopped abruptly. Su Ping, who had just been torn apart, was suddenly resurrected on the spot, and his state was restored to his youthful appearance, with a strong and profound aura.


The demon of the sneak attack was shocked, with an incredible face.


Su Ping stood there and gave coldly.

I was still considering whether to take advantage of Su Ping’s weak backlash’s several Mia’s battle companions. Seeing Su Ping recovering at this moment, they were all at a loss and dazed, shivering under Su Ping’s shout He rushed towards the demonic beast around him.

Su Ping unleashes one after another killing intent skill for them to stimulate their fighting intent.


Time flies, and it’s 2nd day in a blink of an eye.

“hmph hmph hmph…”

On the street, Mia in a brown dress came from the street, humming a small song with a very low volume in her mouth. She was happy and relaxed. Soon, she saw a sign in the street:

Rogue pet beast shop.

She grinned slightly and walked over.

When she came to the store, she saw a plump purple-haired mouse under the two sculptures at the entrance of the store. The mouse was lying lazily on its stomach, but when she came over, she raised her head and looked at her. He glanced at it, but after reading it, it seemed that there was a lack of interest, obviously not interested in her, and continued to lie on his stomach, squinting to sleep.

She hadn’t seen this species of rat, and seeing it within the body cultivation base was low, she only glanced at it, and then paid no attention.

Walking into the store, Mia saw Su Ping in the lobby at a glance, her eyes lit up slightly, and she said, “Boss, I’m here.”

Su Ping turned his head and looked around and saw Mia, nodded and said: “You are here, pet beast has been cultivated for you.”

“Really?” Although expected, Mia couldn’t help being surprised when Su Ping was so calm.

Su Ping didn’t say much, and asked Joanna to bring out Mia’s battle companion.

The door of the pet beast room opened with a shriek, and then Joanna, a blonde with a unique temperament, walked in front, followed by a smaller battle companion behind her.

These battle companions are dragon walks, tiger steps, and sharp claws. They fall silent and have sharp eyes. Although they are not big, they exude a fierce atmosphere.

As soon as Mia saw these battle companions, she felt that the vague contract power in her mind became clear, and she found a familiar feeling from them.

The appearance of these battle companions at the moment reminded her of the appearance of Su Ping who brought Xiao Bai out yesterday.

Sure enough, they are very similar!

Mia felt that the heartbeat was speeding up a bit, and said: “Boss, it, are they all cultivated?”

“Well, you can go to the Testing room to test.” Su Ping said, leading the way and accompany her to try.

Mia endured her excitement, stepped forward to touch her battle companion, and then went to the Testing room with Su Ping.

Su Ping didn’t say much, and ordered the battle companion at her feet to show their strengths.

Mia stood aside, seeing some new skills released by her battle companion, she was a little shocked, and her elf-like cheeks were flushed with excitement.

In the middle of the experiment, she thought of something, took out her own testing equipment, and tested each of the battle companions in the experiment.

Soon, all the data detected on the instrument shocked Mia, and the effects were all similar to yesterday’s Xiaobai.

In just one day, all of her battle companions have improved so much, which almost doubled her overall battle strength!

Too strong!

She feels like a dream. With the skills and abilities that these battle companions have just shown, she feels that the next monthly exam will be just a small thing for her.

And you can even… pursue and challenge the champion in the monthly exam!

If she can become the champion of the second-year monthly exam… she feels a little hot after thinking about it. Such results will definitely be passed on in the family, and will even be paid attention to by patriarch, her grandfather!

Soon, all battle companions are tested.

Su Ping said to Mia: “How about it, are you still satisfied?”

Mia came back to his senses, her head was nodded like a chicken pecking rice: “Satisfied, satisfied, very satisfied, Boss, you are really amazing!”

Su Ping chuckled and said: “If you still want to cultivate, you can continue to find me.”

Mia was nodded again and again, and immediately said with a smile: “I will, but I plan to go to Thunder Dragon Continent these two days. I came to Rhea planet to capture Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast and fill my battle companion lineup. It’s just that Boss, you helped me nurture them so strong, I can just go to the Thunder Dragon Continent for trials.”

At this moment, she trusts Su Ping quite a bit, so she didn’t deliberately conceal it, so she said her schedule.

In front of others, she would never expose her whereabouts easily.

Su Ping finished listening, but there was no response, nodded and said: “Then I wish you good luck.”

Speaking of Thunder Dragon, Su Ping suddenly thought of the Rayzer divine fruit in the system store in the store this week. It is a divine fruit that can help him understand the rules of Thunder Element!

The price is very expensive, 8600Wenergy!

He earned a lot of energy in the Earth catastrophe before, and spent a lot of it, leaving more than 50 million, and now he has earned 10 million energy from Mia in front of him, which is not too bad. More than 26 million!

But this week is running out, only two days are left!

Refresh it if it passes.

Su Ping has some regrets, but in the last two days, he still intends to fight for it.

Although he has now mastered a Thunder Element rule, who would have too many rules? What’s more, the Thunder Element rules are large, and there are many rules in it, and he only masters one of them. In the future, if he wants to prove the words of the Taoist God, he must master the complete Grand Dao!

To master the complete Grand Dao, you must comprehend all the rules of a certain department thoroughly, or comprehend one of the rules to the extreme, make it perfect, independent, and become a single Grand Dao!

If you can borrow this Lei Ze divine fruit comprehend to come up with the second Thunder Element rule, Su Ping will go one step further from mastering Grand Dao, and the power of the two Thunder Element rules will be even stronger!

No matter what, Su Ping doesn’t want to miss this Reze divine fruit.

To earn 2600W in two days, Su Ping can’t help but feel a headache. Where can I find this bully…Bah, bah, how about looking for customers who are here to pick up cheap?


Mia received her pet beast and said goodbye to Su Ping and left.

Su Ping sat in the store, thinking about the money-making plan, and felt that after thinking about it, he would go to Demi-God’s Fallen grounds again and ask Joanna to help arrest pet beast and sell it the fastest.

It’s just that he can sign a pet beast with a contract. Normally, it is a Void Cave realm. If he risked his death at any time, he could barely sign a short contract with Destiny Realm Early-Stage.

If it is a Void Cave realm, the Rhea planet, which is unfamiliar in this place, may not be able to sell quickly.

After all, the pet beast store here will also sell King grade Demonic beast, like the street store, there are also Void Cave realm battle companions for sale, and Destiny Realm pet beast as shop protecting treasure.

“It’s so hard to make money. Do you have to go back to the days when you handed out flyers?” Su Ping couldn’t help lamenting. It was too difficult to make 2600W in two days.

Just as Su Ping was lamenting, suddenly there were footsteps coming to the door.

“Just ask at this store, maybe there is.” said one of the voices, also in Federal.

Su Ping looked up and saw two young people walking into the store, one with tan hair and the other with purple hair. The face of the purple-haired youth was also like a Rhea, and the tan-haired youth, Obviously like other planet people.

“Anyone, are you the owner?”

The two entered the store, scanned around, and asked the tan-haired youth when they saw Su Ping sitting on the sofa.