Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 735


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Seeing that there is a business coming to the door, Su Ping put away his worries. At this moment, Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong are still learning Federal Language outside. He stepped up to receive and said: “Welcome, what do you need?”

“Do you have any medicine here that can make Thunder Element Demonic beast fall asleep?” asked the tan-haired young man, looking around the Su Ping store.


Su Ping has weird eyes, what do you want to do to Demonic beast?

“Are you trying to capture the Demonic beast? If this is the case, our shop can lease a powerful battle companion to assist you. If you directly defeat the Demonic beast, it will also have the effect of sleeping…” Su Ping introduced, doing business, What is important is flexibility.

There is no medicine for slumber, isn’t there a way to slumber?

Sleep physically, isn’t the effect even better!

“Sure enough…” Another purple-haired youth shook his head, disappointed, and wanted to turn around and leave.

The tan-haired youth is also a little regretful. He was about to leave. Seeing Su Ping’s confident look, he suddenly asked, “lease pet beast? What level of pet beast can be leased to?”

“It depends on what level of pet beast you need. If you want to capture the Thunder Element Demonic beast, the cultivation base is under Destiny Realm, and the pet beast of our lease can do it for you.” Su Ping said.

He didn’t directly report to the cultivation base.

After all, Little Skeleton and Er Gou’s cultivation base is only Rank-9, and Su Ping perceives that their cultivation base is already Vast Sea realm. If they hear that they can only rent Rank-9 battle companion, estimated to turn around and leave.

“Can it be done under Destiny Realm?”

Beside, the young man with purple hair who was about to leave the shop, hearing this, stopped and turned slightly surprised and looked towards Su Ping.

The tan-haired young man was also taken aback and asked quickly: “You mean, can you lease Destiny Realm’s battle companion?”

Lease and sale are two different things. Some pet beast stores can sell Destiny Realm battle companion, but not lease. After all, Destiny Realm battle companion is quite Peak’s battle companion, and it’s often shop protecting treasure. Lease out If you are wrongly commanded, you will lose a lot!

Even if they are not killed in battle, some people will use the lease’s battle companion to make the best use of it. After the lease’s battle companion is recovered, there will be some internal injuries that have a greater impact or mental illness, which is not only incurable , Some are difficult to detect!

On the entire Rhea planet, the stores that can lease Destiny Realm-level battle companions are almost all inter-star chain stores, and there are only a few stores. Only the senior members of those stores and customers with good reputation can lease out. , Other people don’t even think about it.

The two didn’t expect, in a small shop on the side of the road, they actually said that they could lease such an advanced battle companion.

“It’s not Destiny Realm, but it can handle Destiny Realm.” Su Ping said.

On this Rhea planet that just moved, he is not yet familiar with the surrounding environment, nor with these two customers. If he wants to lease, he will only lease Little Skeleton or Er Gou. With their life-saving ability, even Encountering Destiny Realm Demonic beast, there is also hope to escape.

Especially Little Skeleton, even under the attack of Starry Sky realm Demonic beast, it may not be easily killed.

After all, even if you are in danger and can’t run the Demonic beast, can you still run the two in front of you?

As for they will use contracts to threaten them and force them…that does not exist at all. For Su Ping lease pet beast, the temporary contract purchased from the system is used. This temporary contract token will not release the contract fire Once the customer forces the battle companion from his lease to fight, the battle companion can be backlash-free at any time!

“Not Destiny Realm?”

When the two heard Su Ping’s words, they were all taken aback. The excitement in their eyes suddenly extinguished. The frowns saying of the purple-haired youth: “The Demonic beast we want to capture is Dragon Beast, the best It is possible to catch the late stage of the Void Cave realm. This is the strongest Dragon Beast born from our Rhea planet. Are you sure that the battle companion from your lease can handle it?”

“As long as you lure a single animal, it’s basically no problem.” Su Ping said with a slight smile.

Both of them were taken aback, didn’t expect Su Ping so crazy!

As long as it is single, there is no problem?

It means that if he fights alone, his lease’s battle companion can defeat Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast?

“Really, what kind of pet beast, we would like to see.” The purple-haired youth raised his eyebrows, a little unhappy.

Han Konglei Dragon Beast is the pet beast of Leyaxing’s “special product” and the pride of Leyaxing people. Hearing Su Ping’s words at the moment, he was quite dissatisfied.

Su Ping hearing this, when Little Skeleton was called out from the pet beast room.

Seeing Little Skeleton staggering out, the two in the hall were a little stunned, and immediately looked at each other in blank dismay, the purple-haired youth couldn’t help saying: “The lease battle companion you said, that’s it. Low rank skeleton species?!”

He was a little angry, feeling being teased by Su Ping.

Su Ping was about to introduce them. When he heard this question, his face was cold. Others questioned him, but he was never allowed to question his battle companion, especially the Little Skeleton who was fighting with him.

“Don’t underestimate it, it can easily solve you two.” Su Ping said with a cold face.

When the purple-haired youth heard Su Ping’s words, he was suddenly angry and laughed, and said: “Is that right? I would like to come to learn, what kind of skeleton can easily solve the two of us, even if it’s the Evil King Skeleton. This can be done, your skeleton is not the Evil King Skeleton, right!”


Su Ping’s eyes are narrowed slightly, and the cold light appears slightly.


Little Skeleton, which was still shaking just now, suddenly received Su Ping’s thoughts. In an instant, its body stood up straight and entered a state of combat. In that instant, an imposing manner burst out of its body, which immediately made the hall The temperature has plummeted.


The tan-haired young man next to him was trying to persuade his companions, there is no need to argue with the boss, and the matter is over after leaving, but before he can say anything, he suddenly sees the skeleton species standing upright, suddenly startled, and immediately his pupils shrink slightly. , Felt an extremely strong terrifying baleful qi that made his scalp numb!


bang bang bang!

The white light flashed suddenly, and then, several star shields that were erected urgently beside the tan hair, suddenly shattered.

next moment, a cold finger touched the center of the purple-haired youth’s brows. The fingers were snow-white and without flesh and blood, but sharp bone nails protruded from them.

The young man with purple hair was about to continue his sarcasm, the expression on his face suddenly solidified, his eyes shrank to the extreme, and he stared at the skeleton species floating in front of him in shock.


Su Ping heard what the two said and didn’t say anything, just passed it to Little Skeleton, and ran away if the situation was wrong. The first priority is to save his own life, and the second is to save the customer’s life.

Little Skeleton nodded, which means you understand.

For Little Skeleton, Su Ping is more at ease. Although it looks dull, it’s not stupid in battle.

Although there is a temporary contract, it will generate a certain degree of loyalty to the lease customers, but the loyalty of the temporary contract is barely qualified, which can only guarantee that the pet beast will not attack the other party, and the other party has really done something excessive If you say backlash is backlash, you don’t have to bear contract punishment.

“many thanks Boss.” Seeing Su Ping’s promise, the tan-haired young man showed a smile on his face and quickly thanked him. At the same time, he said: “We are wild star explorers. My name is Abbott. He is Alger. I take the liberty, I hope Boss doesn’t mind.”

“It’s okay.”

Su Ping said, a somewhat surprised look appeared in his eyes, and related information popped out of his mind, which was obtained during the previous map scan.

The Wild Star Explorer is a very popular profession in the Federation. It specializes in exploring some desolate planets, or exploring the primordial planet, and will also take on some missions to capture rare Demonic beasts. In general, it is a group of Interstellars. The adventurers in the Federation have their silhouettes everywhere.

“Sorry.” The purple-haired young man named Alger next to him also said to Su Ping.

Su Ping saw no grievances on his face, slightly nodded, and accepted the apology.

“Take care of it.” Su Ping said.

Abbott glanced at the Little Skeleton at Su Ping’s feet, slightly nodded, “We will.”

Su Ping didn’t say anything. He completed the lease procedure with them, collected the money, took out the temporary contract symbol and gave it to Abbott, saying: “Inject your star force, and then paste it on its head.”

“This seems to be a little different from the lease isolation contract lock we used before…” Abbott said curiously: “Is it a new model from the Federation?”

Su Ping did not answer.

He didn’t ask any more, according to Su Ping’s method, after injecting star force, he completed the temporary contract with Little Skeleton.


As soon as the contract was completed, Abbott was stunned.

His eyes widened and he looked at Little Skeleton incredulously.

Alger’s eyes tightened, and he immediately said, “What?”

Abbott was stunned for three full seconds before reacting. He looked at Su Ping in astonishment and said: “Old, Boss, its cultivation base… is just the apprentice Rank-9?”

“What?” Alger next to him was a little surprised, as if he didn’t hear clearly.

Su Ping nodded and said: “I hope you treat me well.”

Abbot was a little dumbfounded, muttered: “How is it possible, Apprentice Rank-9’s Demonic beast, just, just…”

He was a little dazed, they had just been deterred by an apprentice Rank-9’s Demonic beast, so cold and sweaty! ?

It’s incredible!

Alger, who was next to him, was stunned when he heard what he said. He looked at Little Skeleton like a ghost. He had already sensed Little Skeleton’s cultivation base, but thought it was a disguise, at first thought it was a disguise. After Little Skeleton showed that terrifying power, he felt that the disguise was low.

As a result, now… Is this actually the true cultivation base of this skeleton species? !

I was almost killed by an apprentice Rank-9 skeleton species just now! ?

Alger is a little dazed. He is a barren star explorer with rich combat experience. He can step into this line. His battle strength is definitely higher than the medium rank in the same rank. As a result, his cultivation base is lower than himself. The battle companion kills in seconds, which is incredible!

Looking at the shocked faces of the two, Su Ping was slightly frowned, but he became a little worried.

Little Skeleton is undoubtedly the top grade god pet under his cultivation.

Although in the eyes of system, this increase in battle strength is only high grade, but in the eyes of others, it is definitely a top grade favorite!

These two guys won’t be scheming, want to break the contract and abduct Little Skeleton away…

Thinking about it, I glanced at Little Skeleton. Soon, Su Ping saw the very shallow red glow in Little Skeleton’s eye sockets. The heart was the same for an instant, and his heart suddenly relaxed.

Although there is temporary contract coverage, his contractual connection with Little Skeleton is still there.

In other words, Little Skeleton still knows who is its real owner.

This is the difference between the ancient Spirit Beast contract and the Star pet contract, which is too powerful.

“Remember to send it back on time, otherwise you will be compensated at three times the rent for overtime.” Su Ping told the two.

When they heard Su Ping’s words, the two woke up and were shocked. Their lease time was only one day. Now they are in the lease. Every minute, every second, this is money!

“Boss, let’s go first.” The two hurriedly bid farewell to Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded.

Looking at Little Skeleton being taken into the pet beast space by Abbott, Su Ping suddenly had a weird thought in his mind. The battle companions in Abbott’s pet beast space… will not be bullied by Little Skeleton, right? ?

“I can still feel…it is really strong.” Su Ping can vaguely sense the position of Little Skeleton, right next to Abbott, and can’t help but sigh inwardly.

After the two left, Su Ping thought of Haidi. This guy was still locked in his shop. He hadn’t thought about how to punish her before, but now he seems to have eyebrows.

Wait to train her and stay in the store in the future as a lease favor.

If you sell it directly, if she meets a good host, it will be too cheap for her.

Just as Su Ping thought so, the voice of system suddenly appeared in his mind:

“It is detected that there is no pet beast of the planet’s best variety in the host store. Please be sure to catch the planet’s best variety of Demonic beast within 24 hours and tame it into a pet beast.”

“Task: Collect the best Star pets in the business area.”

“Task description: It is detected that the best bloodline star pet in this business area is’Han Kong Lei Dragon Beast’, please be sure to catch a’Han Kong Lei Dragon Beast’ with a medium rank of aptitude and include it in our store pet beast picture book.”

“Task time limit: 24 hours.”

“Task reward: “pet beast aptitude book”.”

Su Ping was stunned.

Hunting the Dragon Beast?

Isn’t this the same as what the two of you just did, including the Mia who left the shop before, who came to Rhea planet also seems to be for the Dragon Beast.

Wait, what is the “pet beast aptitude book”, this is the first time I heard such a prize.

“The pet beast aptitude book can directly improve the pet beast aptitude!” Su Ping’s voice sounded in time for the voyeurism, and said lightly.

Su Ping’s eyes popped out.

Promote aptitude directly?

So if it is High grade aptitude, can it also be improved? What level of aptitude is it if you upgrade? ! !

“High grade, it’s a special class!” System said indifferently: “Above the special class, it is the aptitude list of the Chaos Heavens. Those who can be included in the list are already regarded as the eternal evildoers who can stay in the heavens.

Su Ping’s pupils contracted slightly, and breathing stopped a bit.

The Chaos Heavens aptitude list?

Don’t even think about it and know how difficult it is to enter this list.

After all, even aptitude reaching the top class is already extremely difficult!

Even Little Skeleton’s battle companion with such a top grade battle strength span is only High grade in the system evaluation, and the special grade… is even harder to imagine!

As for entering the aptitude ranking… that is absolutely a super dazzling existence that leads an era!

Shocked for a moment, Su Ping gradually recovered his mind, thinking of the requirements of this task, he couldn’t help but feel bitter again.

Want to catch the wild medium rank aptitude Dragon Beast? Is this difficulty a bit ugly? !

Know that even if he was asked to cultivate the aptitude of the battle companion to the medium rank, it would already take a lot of effort.

Like the previous battle companions of Mia, even the demonic beast she cherished, aptitude is only Middle-Low grade. Although the cultivation base is in the middle of the Void Cave realm, the battle strength is close to Destiny Realm. .

Almost all other battle companions are Upper-Low grade, or Upper-middle rank.

Such an evaluation is rare on Earth!

But with Namia as a member of the Leyfa family, the professional training battle companion in her hands is just such an aptitude evaluation, let alone the Demonic beast caught directly in the wild.

It has not been cultivated, the natural medium rank aptitude, this is too high!

“Don’t talk about it, give me a task that can’t be accomplished…” Su Ping whined to the system in his heart.

system said indifferently: “This system will not give you tasks that absolutely cannot be completed, unless…you don’t work hard!”


Listening to it, Su Ping’s eyes lit up, so the system detected that there is a wild medium rank aptitude Dragon Beast on this Leia planet? If this is the case, then even if he turns this Rhea planet over, he will find it out!

Things that can be done with hard work, isn’t this EZ?