Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 738


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“Han Konglei Dragon Beast?”

Su Ping saw it from a distance and recognized it at a glance.

This is the characteristic Star pet of Leia Planet, the Dragon Beast of Starry Sky realm bloodline.

However, the Dragon Beast that can stimulate all the potential and grow into the Starry Sky realm is nothing in the world.

Nevertheless, the bloodline of its Starry Sky realm is still eye-catching, and its adulthood has the cultivation base of Void Cave realm, and it is a well-known figure in the Thunder Element battle companion of the same level, which is enough to attract countless battles. pet master loves.

“Destiny Realm’s…”

Su Ping looked at the Dragon Beast, who roared out of the dark clouds, and flew up in a blink of an eye. Su Ping also sensed the opponent’s cultivation base at this moment, and his eyes showed some interest.

He didn’t stay anymore and quickly shot.

With a bang, a punch to suppress the void, shattering the squeezed space around, fist strength is like a rushing thunder, under his vast star force at the moment, hōng lóng lóng pushes it directly to this vast sky thunder In front of Dragon Beast.


Han Konglei Dragon Beast was a little surprised. He didn’t expect his attack to be easily dismantled. Feeling this reckless fist, it was shocked, and also aroused the anger and cruelty within the body, and roared fiercely. , The whole body aroused thousands of thunderbolt, turned the body around into a thunder hell, and shot one after another thunderball from it.

boom~ boom~ Bang… in midair is the thunderbolt roar, the golden fist burst under the bombing of one after another thunderball, setting off a chaotic energy storm.


Su Ping’s silhouette suddenly rushed out of the energy storm, took Shura Divine Sword, crushed the void, and directly killed the Dragon Beast!

Han Konglei Dragon Beast’s purple dragon eyes shrank sharply, revealing an astonished expression. Didn’t expect Su Ping to rush directly from the violent energy storm. The tearing energy inside, even if it’s You will be injured if you break in, but Su Ping is unscathed at the moment!

With a whistling sound, Su Ping stepped into the second space, the silhouette flickered, and the super acceleration suddenly broke out. The next moment instantly appeared in front of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast’s head.

The sound of zi zi’s thunderbolt appeared, and around the body of the Dragon Beast, there was an invisible virtual thunder magnetic field. This was its defensive skill. At this moment, Su Ping stepped in and his whole body was entangled by the virtual thunder.

But his Thunder Element resistance is under Heavenly Tribulation, and when he realizes Thunder Dao “hong”, he has been promoted to special class. At this moment, even though he is surrounded by thunder and lightning, he is not injured at all. The energy pointed straight at the head of the Dragon Beast like a thorny back.

Strong killing intent, seems to pierce its skull.


Feeling the horrible murderous aura in front of its head, the energy and skills that Han Kong Thunder Dragon Beast was about to stimulate, it stagnated for an instant, its eyes locked tight, and it looked at this human in horror.

It was defeated in less than half a minute before and after!


Su Ping released the Pet identification technique obtained from the system at this moment, and in an instant, the simple information of the Dragon Beast in front of him appeared in his mind.

battle strength, 58!

cultivation base, Destiny Realm!

aptitude ……Upper-middle rank!

…So bad!

Su Ping made an evaluation in his heart, a little regretful, didn’t expect this Destiny Realm’s Dragon Beast, aptitude did not even reach the Upper-Low grade.

Not interested, Su Ping put away the killing intent and Shura Divine Sword, returned to the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, and rode it forward.

And the Dragon Beast, after Su Ping took the sword, the purple dragon eyes trembling in his eyes, finally woke up, seeing the silhouette of Su Ping leaving, it was a little stunned, this human… actually… Didn’t kill it?

How is it possible!

It just knew clearly that this human being has the ability to kill it!

Just let it go?

And… didn’t catch it?

It was a little shocked and at a loss, and stayed there.

On the other side, Su Ping has already flown away. He follows a straight line on the map and flies towards the central area of ​​Thunder Island.

“It would be great if we can directly identify remotely.” Su Ping regrets that, in this way, he can save money and quickly screen and screen.

Although the authentication technique given by system is good, it has distance and cultivation base restrictions. Unless the cultivation base is lower than his Demonic beast, it can be remotely authenticated, and the cultivation base is equal to or higher than him. The distance is limited and can only be identified at close range.

In addition, the battle companion he can currently identify is only Destiny Realm. If he encounters the Demonic beast of Starry Sky realm, the information he can identify is extremely limited.

A few minutes later, Su Ping encountered several Demonic beasts, all of which were King grade.

In addition to Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, there are many other Demonic beasts on this Thunder Continent, but Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is the master of this place, that’s all, but with the annual hunting, the number seems not at all Su Ping imagined that many.


In half an hour.

Under a dark cloud of low pressure, the silhouette of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast galloped past.

Su Ping sat on its shoulders and could already see Thunder Dragon Mountain in the distance.

This Thunder Dragon Mountain is like a Heavenspan volcano. It is extremely huge. Its peak seems to penetrate into the dark clouds. In fact, it is true. Some of the more pure bloodline Dragon Beasts live on the top of the mountain. Surrounded by clouds, for Dragon Beast, which feeds on thunderbolt, it is an excellent environment for cultivation while lying down.

In this half-hour full speed drive, Su Ping killed a lot of Demonic beasts along the way. Among them, he also encountered seven or eight Dragon Beasts. One of them could not tell good from bad. After being defeated and released by Su Ping , Still rushed to take revenge, beheaded directly by him.

It’s a pity for Su Ping that the Dragon Beast and aptitude evaluations of the Dragon Beast encountered along the way are hovering in Low-Low grade and Upper-middle rank, and there is not even an Upper-Low grade aptitude.

Beyond Leilong Mountain, there is a vast Leimu forest.

This forest is purple. It is a plant called Thunderbolt. It can withstand the bombing of ordinary Thunderbolt and conduct electricity. It is also a favorite pet food of some ordinary Thunder Element pet beasts. Among them, Thousand-year Thunderwood can be sold. Quite a good price.

Of course, if you pay the ten million landing fee to come here to collect thunderwoods, it is still not worth the loss. After all, the risk factor of collecting thunderwoods and hunting the dragon beasts is about the same, it is better to go Hunt the beast.

There are many Thunder Element Demonic beasts inhabiting this thunderwood forest. There are also some Thunder Element Demonic beasts who like to live here.

The forest is lush and the trees are towering. Some thunderwood trees are several hundred meters high, among which there are giant trees that are thousands of meters high. The core thunderwood of this giant tree has been around for thousands of years. It is used to make some Thunder Element. Important material for hidden treasure.

However, such giant thunderwood trees are often occupied by some powerful Demonic beasts as nests.

As soon as Su Ping approached, he sensed a lot of Demonic beast aura, lurking everywhere in this forest, he let Purgatory Candle Dragon beast restraining aura, this place is already close to the lair of Dragon Beast, once a war breaks out , It is easy to cause the Dragon Beast of Hankong Thunder to pop out. It is very likely that there is also the Dragon King of Starry Sky realm!


Su Ping let the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast fly into the forest, and then take it back into the summon space. Its body is too huge to hide.

Su Ping called out the Little Skeleton, let it follow him, and if it was a critical moment, he could quickly fit and get out.

After Little Skeleton came out, Su Ping used the misty breath technique to converge the breath to almost closed. Even if Destiny Realm’s Demonic beast was standing near him, it would be difficult to perceive him!

In the forest, Su Ping enters the second space and shuttles quickly.

Occasionally, I was alarmed by some Demonic beasts lurking in the forest, and then used super acceleration. In a short time, they flashed away quickly again.

sou! sou!

Su Ping is like a tiny ghost, moving fast in this thunderwood forest with towering ancient trees.

After continuously advancing on Baili, Su Ping suddenly felt that there was a familiar energy fluctuation on the left. He carefully sensed it and suddenly realized that it was a bit like divine energy!

Su Ping is a little surprised. Divine energy is the energy that is only available in the world of the gods. There is also here?

He immediately restrained aura and lurked in quietly.

Soon, Su Ping came to a big tree, looked through a purple leaf of four five meters in front of him, and saw an extremely strong ancient thunderwood tree in a clearing in front of him. This ancient tree The whole leaves are mixed with a few golden leaves, golden-bright and dazzling, exuding divine splendor.

At the root of the ancient tree, there is a hole in the ground. At the moment, seven dragon beasts are lying outside the hole, surrounding the ancient tree.

Su Ping perceives carefully and finds that every Dragon Beast is a Destiny Realm cultivation base!

Seven Hankong Thunder Dragons, guard this ancient tree!

“This thunderwood tree seems to have mutated, and it is actually mixed with divine aura…” Su Ping was a little surprised. Looking at the size of this ancient thunderwood tree, it is estimated to be tens of thousands of years, extremely huge, one or two The height of kilometers is like a giant peak!

While Su Ping was thinking about whether to take the old tree away, suddenly a small beast jumped out of the hole under the old tree. It was said to be a small beast, which was more than ten meters high.

This little beast is also Dragon Beast, but Su Ping is surprised that its scales are actually white, it is a dragon Beast with white scales!

After the little beast rushed out of the hole, he seemed a little cheerful, and quickly climbed along the tree pole.

The seven-headed Dragon Beast lying on his stomach was all disturbed. They all looked up, but didn’t stop it.

At this time, there was a vibrating sound from the hole, and a huge snake head came out from inside, which was a white scale python.

The python turned his head to see the little beast climbing the tree pole, and quickly swam up, rolled the little beast down with its body, and let it fall on its huge python body.

The physique of this white scale python is less than four five hundred meters long. The little beast is in front of it, and it doesn’t even have enough teeth.

The white scale python curled up the little beast, but a pair of snake eyes showed a loving look, and he wanted to bring his body back to the cave.


Su Ping’s pupils suddenly contracted slightly, revealing a look of shock in his eyes.

He just saw this peculiar white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, suddenly have a thought, and released an appraisal technique for it, and the news he got was actually…medium rank!

The aptitude of this white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast is a medium rank! !

Su Ping was a little shocked.

Its cultivation base is only Rank-9 limit, but its battle strength has 12 points!

Know that the battle strength of Rank-9 limit is usually 9.9, and there are countless invisible decimals after 9.9. When Su Ping cultivated the first battle companion with a battle strength of breaking ten, he did his best. .

The wild white-scaled Dragon Beast in front of me has battle strength comparable to ordinary Vast Sea realm King beast!

“travel far and wide looking for something…” Su Ping came back to his senses, and couldn’t help being ecstatic. He thought he would have to rush to the Thunder Dragon Mountain before he could find a Han with a medium rank aptitude. Sky Thunder Dragon Beast, it is very likely that even the Dragon King of the Dragon Beast clan must be captured to complete the task.

After all, the Dragon King who can grow into Starry Sky realm, how can this aptitude be considered a medium rank?

As a result, I encountered one cub in this thunderwood forest, which was still a juvenile!


As soon as the little beast was about to return to the cave, Su Ping’s silhouette quickly rushed out.

As soon as his silhouette appeared, the seven Dragon Beasts around the giant tree quickly stood up from their prone state and stared at the place where Su Ping appeared.

And the white scale python was also taken aback, the love in his eyes quickly converged, becoming cold and cruel, engulfing the little beast into his snake body, watching Su Ping vigilantly.

“It’s human!”

“The damn hunters!”

“It’s just a Vast Sea realm, solve him, don’t make too much noise!”

Seven Han Kong Thunder Dragon Beast saw the appearance of Su Ping, they were a little angry.

In the past few years, countless humans have come here to hunt them, making them extremely hate humans.

Su Ping did not intend to tell these Demonic beasts any reason, this world is like this, weak are prey to the strong, these vast sky thunder Dragon Beast are kept in captivity on this big continent, for countless people to explore and hunt here Compared to human beings, they are a small group of people! On Earth, human beings are weak, so they are almost wiped out!

This is the Universe Principle!

Iron blood, cold!

“Hand over it and spare you not to die!” Su Ping pointed at the Hankong Thunder Dragon small beast entwined with white scale python, coldly said.

His words are transmitted to their minds through divine sense.

“Don’t think about it!” The White Python python was the same, with a weak but angry voice, and suddenly opened the snake’s mouth, roaring, showing sharp fangs.


Beside, the eyes of another Dragon Beast became cold. In an instant, the space around Su Ping squeezed. The space control of this Destiny Realm alone was enough to crush the Su Ping of Vast Sea realm. .

But at the next moment, Su Ping shattered the squeezed space with a random punch.

He exploded with a powerful aura, within the body divine energy exploded, a black hair flew up, his palm fell into the Shura Divine Sword, his eyes were stern.

“Since the courting death, don’t blame me.” Su Ping coldly snorted, suddenly shot, at this moment in the state of merging with Little Skeleton, plus super acceleration, with a bang, he instantly came to that shot Hankong Lei In front of Dragon Beast, he stepped on fiercely.

With a bang, the Dragon Beast didn’t have time to react. The head slammed like a hammer, fiercely hit the ground, the neck bone broke, and the scalp was bloody!

This sudden impact and loud noise caused the other six Han Kong Thunder Dragon Beasts to react. They were a little shocked. They sensed that Su Ping’s cultivation base was obviously just a Vast Sea realm. How could it be so strong?

Let’s not talk about the punch that broke the space squeeze, just this shot, they didn’t react!

The white scale python also has sudden changes in its pupils, revealing the color of surprised and angry. As a mother beast, it has a hunch that this human being is not to be trifled with, extremely terrifying!

Su Ping turned around, looked towards the white scale python, and wanted to make another move. Suddenly, he moved his brows and looked upward.

hōng lóng lóng ~~!

In the huge canopy above his head, thousands of thunderbolts burst out suddenly, slamming at him.

These thunderbolts are full of destructive power, like a chain of thunder locks, penetrating the space.

Su Ping narrowed his eyes slightly, but didn’t avoid it. Instead, he opened his hands suddenly, and a huge vortex appeared in the palm of his hand. One after another thunderbolt rushed forward, and Su Ping went into that vortex, and Su Ping spread out. Thunderbolt, the breath of his within the body has been faintly strengthened again!

Seeing this scene, the other Dragon Beasts are staring wide-eyed. Like them, this human being can absorb thunderbolt and feed on thunderbolt? !

This is the ability of Thunder Element Demonic beast. Is this guy a human or a monster? !

Su Ping let go, feeling a little relieved.

Absorbing thunderbolt…He has mastered it a long time ago, after all, he has experienced that many trials in the world, and his physique has long been inferior to any Demonic beast of the same level.

At this moment, a huge shadow whizzed over from the sky above the head. It was a Dragon Beast with a bigger physique, and the breath exuding from it was actually Destiny Realm Peak!

This Dragon Beast is full of thunderbolt madness, roaring deafeningly, glaring at Su Ping:

“Damn human beings, die for me!!!”

Opening his mouth again roared out a pillar of thunder, and slammed his head at Su Ping.

Su Ping lifts the head, the expression is calm. He feels that the surrounding in the sky is growing thunderbolt, and the surrounding area is covered by this Thunder Force field. It is difficult for him to flash.

But he didn’t intend to evade either. He suddenly took out his sword, and the rules of annihilation penetrated. With a loud noise, the sword energy was vertical and horizontal. The thunder pillar of several hundred meters burst suddenly and was divided into two!

The sword energy whizzed and hit directly on the chest of the Dragon Beast, causing its dragon eyes to shrink.

next moment, an armor of thunder appeared on his body, resisting the sword energy, but the armor was also broken.

The Dragon Beast is a little surprised and angry. Its towering body falls in front of the white python like a huge mountain, and protects it behind him.

“You’re here…” White scale python saw this burly giant Dragon Beast, and a soft color appeared in his eyes.

sou! sou! sou!

Behind the Dragon Beast, there are three dragons of Dragon Beast galloping in, and quickly fall by its side.

“My father wants to use you and Lin’er to worship the dragon ancestor, you go!” The burly Thunder Dragon Beast said lowly to the white scale python behind him without looking back.

His voice is heavy and contains great emotion.

White scale python was startled, tears suddenly flowed from his pupils, “I, where are we going…”

This entire Thunder Continent is the territory and territory of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast. Where can they escape?

Moreover, there are hunters like this human being everywhere now!

There is no way to escape!

The burly Dragon Beast gritted its teeth, with sadness in its eyes. It slowly turned its head, and its eyes were extremely affectionate, full of human rays of light, “Go to the Swamp of Frost, where we are detested. Place, they won’t go there easily…”

“What about you…”

“I want to stay, otherwise my father will never give up!” This Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast gritted his teeth and looked at the small beasts curled up in its snake body, looking at it with a pair of eyes wide open, frightened But the hesitating and dazed eyes, there was rare tenderness in the eyes, and said: “Lin’er, you must be strong, live well, take care of your mother!”

The little beast was stunned and looked at its father blankly.


The Dragon Beast turned his head and roared.


Su Ping heard that the Dragon Beast was roaring in front of him, but the roar was full of sadness and anger.

Su Ping has fought countless demonic beasts in the cultivation of the world. Although he does not understand the beast language of the Dragon Beast clan, he can hear the emotions in that voice.

He was slightly frowned and said: “I hunt your child, not kill it. After nurturing it, I can send it back to see you at any time.”

What he said was divine sense sound transmission.

“Go, damn human, liar!” The burly Thunder Dragon Beast also roared sound transmission.

Seeing that it didn’t believe it, Su Ping sighed in his heart and didn’t say any more. Just as he was about to make a move, just at this moment, in midair was swept over by a great pressure, and then, seven or eight Dragon Beast’s silhouette emerges, galloping towards this place.

“Hurry up!”

The burly Thunder Dragon Beast roared.

The two Dragon Beasts beside him suddenly set off, curled up the white python and the little beast, and fled to another part of the forest.

“Reinforcements? Want to run?”

Su Ping saw the Dragon Beast above, and found that they all belonged to Destiny Realm, and the white scale python on the other side wanted to take the opportunity to escape, so he immediately ignored the others and hurried after it.