Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 806


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Ryan O’Neal is considered an old man in the Star Sea League. Because he is in charge of Rhea planet, he is very sociable, and he is usually lively in the Star Sea group chat.

At this moment, I met some people who usually chat in the group and greeted them very well.

Many people have seen Su Ping and Raine O’Neal come so close, although they perceive that Su Ping’s cultivation base is only the Void Cave realm, they also regard it as the Starry Sky realm Early-Stage like Raine O’Neal.

It’s just that Su Ping’s cultivation base “hiding” ability is so strong that they all took a slightly higher look.

I noticed Su Ping, not only those Starry Sky Early-Stage who often talked to Ren O’Neal, some other Starry Sky realm midterms, including the late Starry Sky realm, I saw Su Ping’s cultivation base is just Void Cave When realm, there are also some surprises.

It’s not because Su Ping’s cultivation base is too low, but because I can’t see the details of Su Ping’s cultivation base!

This concealment method is somewhat profound!

Many old people in the Starry Sky realm in the middle and late stages of the alliance looked towards Su Ping with serious gazes, and even the Ren O’Neill who was following Su Ping made them look a little higher.

Some Starry Sky realm midterms feel that Su Ping may be the midterm Starry Sky realm.

Some of the late Starry Sky realm players feel that Su Ping may be the late Starry Sky realm.

After all, they couldn’t see the details of Su Ping. They didn’t dare to make judgments easily. It was very impolite to ask others’ cultivation realm directly, and no one would really answer.

It’s like a group of people gathering. You ask others what their salary is. Isn’t this slapstick? Who will tell you the truth?

Through making friends, Su Ping discovered that the Starry Sky realm in the Star Sea alliance also faintly divided the group.

The ones I knew well with Raine O’Neal were mostly Starry Sky realm Early-Stage.

And those Starry Sky realm mid-stage, stand together and chat with each other.

As for the four late Starry Sky realm, two of them are sitting together chatting, and the other two are sitting separately, next to the Starry Sky realm mid-stage and Early-Stage who are going to greet.

Sure enough, classes exist everywhere.

But this is also normal. You are a Starry Sky realm Early-Stage, and you are in the mid-stage, and you are not at the same level as your battle strength. People are looking for you to have a relationship with you, it is not necessary at all.

Unless you have some scarce resources, it is worth making friends with.

“Brother Zeus, this is the new brother who has joined the alliance. I heard that he was defeated by Heavenly Immortal. This name is really domineering. If Alliance Leader knew it, he would definitely like it very much.”

While he was getting acquainted with Ren O’Neal, a middle age person suddenly came over, laughed and authentic.

Ryan O’Neill and the two people next to him named’Demon Venerable’ and’Six Dao Xian Zun’ were shocked when they saw this middle age person, and they hurriedly saluted, saying: “Giant Spirit God senior.”

The opponent is in the middle stage of Starry Sky realm, an old man from the Star Sea Alliance, and is older than them.

Su Ping hearing this, also slightly nodded, is regarded as a greeting.

“Brother Zeus, I don’t know if there are any super-spirit divine fruit in your place. When will I get two more divine fruits. I will exchange hidden treasure with you, or take you to Sector Cultivation, how about? “The middle age person named Giant Spirit God lightly said with a smile. He glanced at Su Ping slightly, and then he didn’t take the initiative to say anything to Su Ping.

What if you can’t see the details of your cultivation base?

Just because you mix with this Zeus, it is absolutely impossible to be the late Starry Sky realm.

Nine out of ten, it can only be Early-Stage or mid-term.

If they are of the same rank, he doesn’t care. If you can make friends, you don’t need to fawn too much.

Cultivation to the powerhouse of Starry Sky realm, all have their own arrogance, unless they are not as skilled as others, it is difficult to please people.

“Super Spirit divine fruit?”

Su Ping’s eyes narrowed.

Ryan O’Neill is hearing this, his face is slightly embarrassed, and he coughs lightly: “Senior, this super-spirit divine fruit is also a rare thing. The result of the millennium is also a consumable. If I eat one, I will lose one. Up.”

Giant Spirit God raised his eyebrows slightly, lightly said with a smile: “Then you find a way to get me some, I will naturally have corresponding benefits for you.”

“Junior must do his best.” Ren O’Neal said hastily, with a sincere expression on his face.

But in fact, he has it in his hand, but, as he said, this is a consumable and a rare item. How can it be given to you casually?

As for the benefit exchange?

The other party didn’t have the benefits he needed. Once he spoke, it was revealed that he still had this thing. The other party pushed aside and exchanged secondary things. He refused, but offended others.

“Well, be sure to pay attention to it.” Giant Spirit God said in a deep meaning.

Ryan O’Neal repeatedly nodded.

Su Ping stood aside and didn’t say anything. If it weren’t for him in Rhea planet, he thought what Raine O’Neill was saying was true.

After Giant Spirit God left, Ren O’Neill turned his head and glanced at Su Ping, and the two of them exchanged their gazes, everything is silent.

Next, Ren O’Neal took Su Ping to continue to be familiar with each other, meeting with allies of Starry Sky realm Early-Stage.

Ryan O’Neill didn’t introduce Su Ping’s identity as a grandmaster. He didn’t take the initiative to introduce Su Ping when he saw Su Ping. He was relaxed in his heart.

The fewer people who know Su Ping’s identity, the better for him.

Otherwise, everyone will come to curry favor, including those of the later Starry Sky realm, who will be tempted, and it will be even more difficult for him to have a good relationship with Su Ping.

When everyone was chatting, it didn’t take long for someone to count and the number of people was almost there.

Only the Alliance Leader and Vice Alliance Lord have yet to show up.

After waiting for a few more minutes, two figures appeared in the Shenghui Palace. It was the silhouette of the Alliance Leader and the Vice Alliance Lord. They exuded an unabashedly powerful aura, with a feeling of transcendence. It feels like standing in a deep space, visible but hard to touch, so close, yet worlds apart.

“Are the big guys playing last?”

Su Ping saw the Alliance Leader and the Vice Alliance Lord who came last, and the corners of his mouth curled slightly.

The appearance of the Alliance Leader is fully revealed at this moment. He is exquisite and elegant. He looks only sixteen-seventeen-year-old, with a girlish look, and his cheeks are slightly egg-shaped, quite cute.

However, the other party’s face is cold, like Guanghan Fairy, showing the feeling of not eating fireworks.

Beside her is a burly middle age person with a wide face, and has several points of weather-beaten vicissitudes in his eyes, but his face is a person with a firm personality.

“Are everyone here, um, sure enough.”

The girl stood on the steps above the palace, looking around the audience, her soft and arrogant voice said, “Since everyone is here, let’s just talk about business. The Immortal Mansion over there is about to open. Now, according to the information I got, three Sealing God Boundary powerhouses have already appeared to share the Immortal Mansion!”

“Sealing God Boundary powerhouse?”

“Three? This…”

“Sure enough, the rumors are not rumors. Has it really attracted the arrival of Sealing God Boundary powerhouse? This Immortal Mansion is really super S-Rank Secret Realm, tsk tsk…”

“So, don’t we come for nothing?”

As the girl said, there was a sensation in the palace, and everyone was discussing spiritedly.

The powerhouse of the Sealing God Boundary, this is a great character with a face in the Federation, and it is the dean level of the Five Great Academy!

Such a character, it is difficult for them to see at a glance, and is more than a million times more honorable than a king on a planet!

“Don’t worry, this Void Immortal Mansion is extremely vast. The three Sealing God Boundary powerhouses will only go to the depths of Immortal Mansion to find the strongest Immortal Treasure inside.”

The girl sat on the first seat of the palace with grace and grace, and her slender calf was naturally raised on Erlang’s leg…

“Those in the middle and outer areas, these Sealing God Boundary powerhouses are simply not worth looking at, we can then fight for it!”

The girl whispered: “For being able to enter the Immortal Mansion so quickly, we have to thank these three predecessors of Sealing God Boundary, who broke the barrier of Immortal Mansion so that we can enter. If we see these three then Senior Sealing God Boundary, everyone should do well, thank you very much.”

“That is that.”

“Sealing God Boundary powerhouse, the universe is invincible!”

“Sealing God Boundary powerhouse is the dream of our cultivators!”

“It is worthy of being the Sir Alliance Lord. It is so good to know so much.”

“Alliance Leader is the genius of the second only to Sealing God Boundary powerhouse, and the future will become a sealed god!”

There is a promise in the hall. Those who disdain to communicate with Starry Sky realm Early-Stage people like Su Ping and Rain O’Neal are all flattering at the moment.

And Raine O’Neal and the others, also praised one by one, saying each one is more exaggerated.

Su Ping has a weird face. If he didn’t know that this was a group of Starry Sky realm guys, he would have doubted whether he had joined a success school.

“Low-key, you can’t expose my identity at will.” The young girl was frowned, but there were open smiles in her eyes. It was obviously very useful to hear, and she was very happy.

Su Ping was a little speechless when he saw such obvious joy.

Sure enough, there was a raging soldier and a raging nest.

This strange atmosphere was brought out by the Alliance Leader himself.

These Starry Sky realm guys, including people like Raine O’Neal, have long been refined, so they will tout and talk about these brainless flattery.

Beside the girl, the burly Vice Alliance Lord looked indifferent and stood quietly without any words.

“When I go to the Immortal Mansion of the Void, everyone listen to my orders, don’t act at will. The things you get will be handed over to me, and I will distribute them. I will reward those who perform meritoriously. I will never Treat everyone badly!”

The girl said indifferently.

Everyone agreed.

“Alliance Leader, it seems to have started over there.”

At this moment, the Vice Alliance Lord next to him suddenly whispered.

The girl wanted to say a few more words. When she heard this, she raised her eyebrows slightly, and then she was nodded solemnly, but she made this solemn expression on her face, which made people feel cute.

“Okay, then let’s go first and talk about it there.”

The girl stood up and clapped.

The expressions of everyone below are different, are you going to the Immortal Mansion soon?

The boss of the Sealing God Boundary opened up Immortal Mansion to find the Supreme Treasure in depth. Although the Sealing God Boundary powerhouse is not admirable, it is the Supreme Treasure for them!

“Brother Zeus, what is our Alliance Leader’s name and how do we call it?” Su Ping looked at the girl and whispered to Ren O’Neill beside him.

Ryan O’Neill looked admired, showing admiration, and said: “The name of the Alliance Leader, don’t be scared when you say it. The name is Nine Heavenly God female, the full name is’Mastering Virtuous Evil and Six Roads of Samsara Was born in Nine Heavens and Nine Earths, the goddess of the extraordinary gods!”


Su Ping: “…”

You really scared me.

“Be quiet, talking about the reputation of the Alliance Leader here is disrespectful to the Alliance Leader!” Next to him, the middle age person, the slightly fat face and body of the Six Dao Immortal Venerable, said powerfully.

The voice is not concealed, let alone the Starry Sky realm present, even the Vast Sea realm can hear it clearly.

After all, the palace is so big, as long as it is not deliberately hidden, it is easy to hear.

Sure enough, Su Ping immediately noticed that the girl in the upper position glanced at them. When he saw Liudao Xianzun’s pious and awe-inspiring look, although his cheeks were still cold and indifferent, his eyes were obvious Showing a somewhat satisfied color.

Su Ping: “…”

“Go with me!”

The girl didn’t seem to have any plans to pursue it. As if she hadn’t heard it, she raised her hand and suddenly collapsed beside her, showing a Dao Void vortex.

Vortex is the fourth space!

I cut through several spaces with my hand. Is this the power of the Star Master Realm?

Everyone under the steps was amazed. Those few Starry Sky realm’s eyes condensed in the later stage, showing a bit of surprise.

The girl noticed everyone’s reaction, her eyes were quite satisfied, her expression still cold, and she turned around and stepped into the vortex first.

“All keep up.”

Beside, the Vice Alliance Lord indifferently said, his voice was as cold as a stone.

Under his gaze, several Starry Sky realm took the lead to walk out in the later stage, and stepped into the vortex without hesitation.

Then others followed.

In the end, it was the turn of Su Ping and Raine O’Neal, Starry Sky realm Early-Stage.

“This is the fourth space. If we go in by ourselves, we might die in it.”

“This is the mighty power of Sir Alliance Lord.” Someone next to him was emotional and still acting.

I have to say that although this girl is in second grade, her power is really terrifying.

Soon, Su Ping and Ren O’Neal also stepped into this vortex.

There is a force supporting it on the inner wall of vortex, turning it into a void tunnel, for everyone to resist the chaotic space in the fourth space.

This corridor is not long, and it didn’t take long to leave vortex.

On the other side of vortex, there is the universe Starry Sky.

There is a vacuum area around, where strong cosmic rays swept in. If you change to an ordinary person, you will quickly suffocate and die here, and your body will be ulcerated by radiation.

However, apart from Su Ping, all the people present are Starry Sky realm. Fleshy body can easily ignore cosmic rays, and can pass the energy inside the cell without oxygen, making it self-sufficient.

With the power of rules, you can create a small space for yourself to talk.

But no one can speak. It’s easier to communicate with the stars without opening your mouth.

Su Ping is not the Starry Sky realm, but his fleshy body is not weaker than the Starry Sky realm. It has no effect at the moment, floating in the Starry Sky.