Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 851

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The space in this decline is a deep space collapsed!

is dark, dangerous, this is the deep third space!

Destiny Realm has cautiously, where you will fall, to the Starry Sky Realm can be in the longitudinal, and the deep fourth space is dangerous to Starry Sky Realm!

The most weird is that this space is incompatible with the world around it, just like a shady outline in In The Sky.

In the entire Armir Academy, there is a qualified and courage to enter the Suha Goddess duel farm. This is a very strong performance, only those Well-KNown Figure in Academy, in this courage and ability.

Usually the students, even the qualifications that step into this decisor are not eligible, and they are hanged in an instant!

At this moment, in this third space duel field, TWO figures are killing, and the side is their Battle Companion, all kinds of types, Dragon Beast is more necessary.

Dragon Beast is not only popular, or a very comprehensive PET beast, strong compatibility, itself deals with MYRIAD’s elements, it is very good, it is very good, and it is almost immune to deterrent skills. And the Dragon Beast of the bloodline Rare has mastered powerful deterrent skills.

In addition, a higher Dragon Beast is a collective blow to the group of enemy PET Beast.

is this advantage that the Dragon Beast is always the first choice for Battle PET MASTER.

and discuss the ultrasound, or the evil Demon Attribute Battle Company! Some evil Demon Attribute is an auxiliary type, and some are extremely explosive, and it is extremely limited to spinning, and the explosion is strong, even if Dragon Beast will be held by One Strike Certain Kill!

In addition to these two categories, the remaining is the most quantity element Battle Companion, Myriad, but most of them are assisted as auxiliary pets.

The duel in this third space is almost Evenly Matched.

I can see the advantages and disadvantages of both Part beast, one is three dragon pets, two evil Demon Attribute Battle Companion, and the left is the elemental PET beast.

The formation of the attack is also the three-headed Dragon Beast as a sharp knife, two Demon Attribute Beast PET, one is interference, can affix fear, spiritual interference, the other like Ghost Shadow, Appear and disappear unpredictably, It is a strong Assassin Pet Beast.

and the remaining four Battle Companion, exert a variety of elements, shields, and group skills, dazzling elements fluctuate like beautiful oil painting, and dyeing the battlefield is extremely gorgeous.

The lineup of the other side is two Dragon Beast, three devil pets, and three elements pets and a battle.

Battle Pet Beast is the most common, most common Pet Beast, except for speed and strength, there is no other advantage, simply, Skin Is Rough, Flesh is Thick, but unexpected, This battle is a Dragon Beast at this moment, and there is no fear of Dragon Roar deterrence, and the scales are hard to scare, comparable to the dragon pet!

“I have long heard that Gill has the head of Pet Beast, is a head variant, extremely special, Didn’t Expect is true!”

“It’s too exaggerated, and a battle of PET beast can just be hard!”

“This battle is Pet Beast is not produced by a Dragon Beast?”

“Dragon Beast: We don’t have a good time!”

“Battle Pet Beast: How do you see how I forth!”

The students who watch the battle outside the duel field are very amazed. Although there is a sentence between Battle Pet Master, there is no weakest Battle Companion, only waste Battle PET MASTER.

but … this is good, who is really a fool who is a fool.

Different races of Battle Companion, which is very weak, otherwise they come to Academy, what is it? Is it just attack skills?

Benefits, Stregth is not big, and the RC is rare. After all, it is usually the kind of one of the people, and it is usually the brain and the people who can enhance the people of Cannot Afford To Offend. Brain dismissal, how much can I be in the world?

So general battle, Strength will not be too much, this time is the characteristics of Battle Companion, its own secret, Pet beast’s match!

This is their compulsory class.

Some element pets, with another element pet, can even crush the same order Dragon Beast, this is the characteristic bonus!

“Guier’s Dragon Beast is very weird!”

Field, Ophiite glances in the eyes of Rays of Light, seeing the weird, such as the two Dragon Beast, do not take routine, not a balanced development, but the ultimate meat!

One is an inflammation, one is Wind element, how to look at the dragon pet, the skills of the two Dragon Beast masters, all the defensive types, and some of themselves are highly resistant, occasionally Attack sweep, or like there is no hawward.

and truly Terrifying, it is the three Demon Attribute Beast PET, which is all assassin!

Walking outside the war, relying on Dragon Beast with the battle of PET Beast, waiting for an opportunity to attack, give the opponent extremely pressure.

One of the elements of PET beast has been attracted by these three wretched Demon Attribute Beast Pets, and there is a certain kill!

three devil Pet Beast, attacking a piece of element, which is definitely the development of Shameless!

“How do I feel that Gil Senior will win?” Next, Mia looked at the changing duel farm and could not help.

There is no obvious advantage in this moment, but she has the intuition of a woman.

Ophiite Slightly Nodded, “Have Win Hope, the training master found by Gil, should be Grand Master level, do some targeted training and adjustment of his Battle Companion, and Gil’s performance is also good. It seems that he usually hides a lot of strength. “

When two people talk, the situation on the duel field suddenly changes.

The three Demon Attribute Beast PET is surrounded by the Appear and disappear unpredictably’s Appear and disappear unpredictably, and it is necessary to kill. This Demon Attribute Beast PET suddenly disappeared and called.

and the three Demon Attribute Beast PETs are also very fast, instantly kill, while the other party is reduced, quickly kill the three Dragon Beast, repeat it, and instantaneous disintegration.

“Gill won.”

Among the crowd, some people have a SAID with a slight smile.

is less than ten seconds, the result has been divided, and only two dragon pets will win.


“Gil Senior !!”

“The battle is invincible !!”

The population broke out, this Jill is a four-year student, which is about to graduate, and it is quite reputation in his school.

With the two people returned, someone will play the duel soon.

This second duel is more intense, not only the competition of Battle Companion, the ability to show itself, and it shocked many students.

“actually touchs the rules !!”

“It’s a foul, that guy has two Starry Sky Realm Dragon Beast !!”

“Which luxury is this, I am, the status is reduced.”

“wrong, is minus two!”

“never seen, these two I heard that people are coming to Academy, people who want the genius war quota.”

With the smashing of deep space, the third space of the duel field faintly torn signs, which makes the field to boil, many people want to see, how the fourth space is, I heard There is a space that contains rule power, the strang is extremely Terrifying, even if the Dragon Beast will be killed in an instant!

“These guys …” Ophiyt looked at the eyes, and the eyes were a little dignified.

Next, Mia has a few discolored, shocked, and then she worried about the Ophite around Looked Towards, this time she did not want to compete, she has already registered the seafood of the universe, ready When I experience, but she knew that the Ophi Elder Sister around him was a genius in the family and the genius in Academy!

Even on the battlefield of the universe genius, it can release the high-profile Rays of Light.

, this is not known where to come out, the force, the power, has been eligible to impact Academy’s royal list, can threaten Ophiite.

In a burst of scream, the battle quickly divided out the winning and losing, both parties with Starry Sky Battle Companion, showing rule strength to fight, so many students can see both shock and silence.

At the scene, even if it is the bottom, it is a genius outside, and the genius has a proud heart.

proud people will only compare with Powerhouse, will not look for psychological comfort from the weak.

The two strange batts at this moment have so deep feelings, There Is Heaven Beyond The Heaven.

Among the population, many A Crane in a flock of chickens figure, all silent, flashing.

“is a bit, but in this way, I also dare to come to the ACADEMY to ask a quota?” Somewhere, a white long-haired youth Lightly Said with a smile, he is handsome, temperament, like a god, though The lips and my face have a smile, but there is a kind of orniented in the eye.

Next next to the Youth Said with a smile: “It’s very good, you are all the monsters like you, I haven’t reached Starry Sky Realm, I have mastered the five rules, It’s simply metamorphosis! “

The snow youth is quiet: “Who said it is five, recently accidentally comprehensed one, next if there is a chance, let you look.”

“I knock!”

I can’t help but blindly, blame: “Don’t care? Rely on relying on it! How can I take a monster like you, I don’t match!”

“You match.” Snow haired said seriously.

Orange Cat Youth: “…”

On the duel field, suddenly flew out a figure, a Golden Robe, the head wearing a battle, the feeling of the ancient emperor, he stood in the third space, star force, will be hidden The dark stream is easy to resist.

“under YUWEN Feng, listening to the genius of the emperor, I want to challenge, who dares to come to a battle?”

This youth is calm, Indifferently SAID.

Many students are suddenly boiling, discuss spiritedly.

“This guy is awkward, dare to challenge the emperor!”

“Where is the guy, never heard, but I feel that he is a bit.”

“yuwen feng? I seem to have heard a Yu Wen Family, I heard that Ancient Family, occupying three planet, with the emperor.”

“is another rush, TSK TSK, I feel that we will fight in advance.”


In the discussion sound, suddenly, stepped out, such as the arrow injected into the deep space of the duel field.

This is a burly youth. He tiger the dragon, his eyes are full of gods, full of muscles, tearing up at its feet, from inside a lion, roaring, full of qi slaughter .

is the ninth of this year! “

“TSK TSK, one is the ninth ninth, then Yuwen Family is to be broken!”

“yuwen feng: I am refunding now?”

“Blood Lion King: Ready to tremble, mortal!”

The students outside the field are stunned, and some people have already slammed the priests of the Blood and give them to help.

“is your same class …” Outside, Mia Startled, Sudden Looked Towards around Ofte.

The corner of the Ophiite is a curved curness. “This guy is always in a hurry, I want to see if he progressed.”

In the cheers of a burst, a war has been burst on the duel field, while at the same time, the distance is moving in the distance, Neither Fast Nor Slow, is the dean Ailan and Su Ping and the Others .

“That is the Goddess Duel.”

“It seems that people have arrived, these guys can’t stand it.”

Siyue God with Su Ping and Star Sea INTRODUCED, and the Academic Advisor next to Ailand, but can’t help SAID with a slight smile.