Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 852

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“is Ailan Dean!”

“Ailan Dean is coming.”

“The legendary seal of the gods …”

Suha Goddess Duel Earn, many breaths extraordinary brothers notice flying Alan and the Others, all Vision Freezes, some eager, some reverence, and eyes are dignified.

With the attention of these Great Character, many students are also not sensitive, and when they see the figures of the Dean of Aila, they will send a trick.

“Ailan Dean !!”

“is our Ailan University!”

With the excitement, more and more students turned around, and the wonderful battle in the laundering area is not.

Even the students of the Amir ACADEMY is hard to see the teacher of the gods, this is the legendary figure!


“Didn’t Expect, the adults of the dean.”

In the

, some of the people’s eyes are afraid, but they have a bit of hot, and STARRY SKY is not the target, but the road, Star Lord and Sealing God Boundary are their pursuit. !

Opi Pei Tong, full of infinite years, Feng Shen is the most desired goal in her heart, she didn’t talk about anyone, because in the INNATE Talent she showed, I want to become a god. It is an extremely difficult thing, it is a luxury!

Say it, it will be tauntful.

But if she said that her goal is the star main entrance, people will not think so, because she has hope!

But … is just a star, this is not what she wants.

The Patriarch of the Leifa family is a star main Powerhouse. Although she is a member of the Leifa family, but it has been tired of such a life, the star is not her pursuit.


Suddenly, there is a horror next to it.

Ophiit is not looking for turning, but he sees the Miyi’s horror around it, and it seems to doubt what is wrong with your eyes.

“How?” Ofite doubtfully, seeing this reaction of Ailan, some disrespectful.

“The one around the Dean … It seems to be very familiar, is he not boss su?” Mia smashed the eyes, and at first doubt that he was wrong. Later, she felt familiar, then, she finally saw, each other It is the BOSS, color and height of the store, the breath, the same!

even the expression is exactly the same as her memory.

Impossible has such a similar person?

Soon, she thought of Su Ping’s identity, cultivating Grandmaster!

This is the training master, which is the star, Powerhouse, has a relaxation, is he is invited by Academy to cultivate PET beast as a cultivation of Grandmaster.

Mi Ya’s mind flashes this thought, suddenly somewhat exciting, she has seen Su Ping’s cultivation capacity, said that she has seen the fastest and most exaggerated training master, according to normal If the situation is, the identity and financial resources like her are not distributed, even if the training grand master, please don’t move!

“What boss Su?” Ophiit was confused.

Mia Came Back to His Senses, Excitedly Said: “Ophite Elder Sister, you look at the black hair, he is the cultivation of grandmaster, which is to cultivate Grandmaster, that is, he reminds us of Immortal Mansion Things, Didn’t Expect he was invited to be invited to this, Very Good, Dean must be invited to people in these royal lists, you are blessed! “

Ophiite stunned, moving, immediately saw Su Ping around Ilan, and … is her?

She suddenly looks like a look, and the Sundy God?

The first one of the emperor is the first one? !

“He is what you said to cultivate Grandmaster? It looks very young.” Ofte’s eyes were recovered from the Sundy God, and the fingers were slightly tight, and Mia said around Mia said.

Mia excitedly: “Yes, Boss SU should be adjusted to have an appearance, but in any case, Boss SU is cultivating Grandmaster!”

Ophite eye gains, Nodded and Said: “That is.”

cultivation of Grandmaster’s identity is enough to make us a normal STARRY SKY Realm, she doesn’t dare.

just … this Star Moon God is coming back?

She didn’t graduate early?

Ophiite is slightly flashing, and can’t help with Looked Towards. When hundreds of years of Huang List alternate, most of them are the first male student to compete for the list, but no matter who, they have not shaken this. Girl’s record!

a woman in a group!

This is also the goal of her pursuit!


“Ailan Dean!”

“Yu vital blood has seen the dean of Ai’an, the name of the legend of the long-term” … “

ONE ANOTHER figure flying out, came to the premiere of Ailand, most of which were the star main Powerhouse, and the average Starry Sky Realm … is not qualified to come.

Dean of Ailan Laughed, said: “How is it, is it?”

“Reporting Back To Dean, is selection, a total of ten places, the top ten of this year is available, the current five in the top five are no challenges, essentially return to the ACADEMY.” The gold medademic advisor said respectfully.

Other All Influnce people are a slight change, indecent no one challenges the genius of the top five in the throne, and the genius has a background, put it down, people who will be behind, and … I want to start it. It is not easy, this is the Ranking List of the emperor, leaning on the name of the name, and the name of the name.

It is the super genius selected from hundreds of millions of super genius!

dozens planet may not be able to pull a draw, how rare!

“So, you have to compete for four places behind it?” Ai Lan’s head, and everyone around Looked Towards.

“Four places?” A star main old man is slightly confused: “Isn’t it five?”

Allan Dean smile, said:. “Originally the ten places, places now have to give the guy, and the remaining nine, you redistribution bar”

Everyone Looked Towards SU Ping around him, suddenly stunned.

Some people can book directly from this dean in the mouth?

What identity?

They can not be too blatant perception, but slightly veiled exploration, found Su Ping is indeed under the Starry Sky, but Destiny Realm of cultivation base.

“The quota is what I asked by the dean.” The Xunyue God suddenly stopped, and the SU ping was blocked. “Everyone is the person who is eye-catching Heavenspan, even if it is wrong It is better to register the team again, anyway, it is better to talk to your talents in the sea. “

Seeing the Songyi God, many people are a glimpse, and those who have frowning, obviously don’t know, but more people are pleading, they are all wrong.

In the several decades before the famous Amir Academy of genius, actually already is the Xing Zhu?

This fuck … What is long?

Behind it is behind the god family … Think of this, many people are discouraged, and they are boring.

To exercise it, how do you let Junior go to auditions around you exercise?

Isn’t that waste time!

genius of how precious time, which now need to learn from those who refuse the audition, the meaningless!

Several people who don’t know the Sundy God, Slightly Frowned, but seeing the dean of Ai’an smiles, and I have neverned the anger, let the Dean of the Ailan are placed, and there is no need for the background. .

At this time, the burst of bursts came.

is very fast, the previous battle has fallen out.

Dean Ailan looked at it, including Said With a smile: “Let’s take a look at these Child growth.”

Everyone has no objection, followed behind him.

Just think of ten places, being taken away by white, many people look, and Expressions All are not good.

With the visit of Ailan Dean and The Others, the students on the square are more boiling, and on the duel farm, the Academic Advisor of the duel will continue to be responsible.

“I am coming!”

In the

of the crowd, a student rushed out, directly into the finale field, showing the arrogance.

is Golden Dragon Fighter! “

“is Blackrant !!”

“The emperor is sixth, he came to him, he wants to come to Yang Wei!”

“Let the guys who come to grab the quota look good, what kind of monsters rise from our academy, what kind of monsters are !!”

The next piece of cheers.

and somewhere in the field, standing more than a dozen people, four or five have been discolored, frowning.

The remaining seven or eight people are calm.

“Hehe, I will come.” One of the exquisite lithe and graceful women, Indifferently Said, she is wearing Dame’s armor, pulling breast enhancement and hips are very round, waist sword, with her Investing the market, on the Summon space under his feet, a single Horned Dragon beast rushing out, it is his mount.

“is a Knight Wang Family!”

“This I heard that the Knight Wang Family family has been secretly cultivated in the Secret Realm of the family, did not join any Academy, Battle Stregth Deep and Unmeasure!

“HMPH, in front of Golden Dragon”, is a slag! “

Country of the field shouted with the name of the Golden Dragon, the morale is like a rainbow.

and the Dame in the field is light.

With a drink, the battle begins, the two sides immediately run Summon’s respective Battle Companion, violent.

is shocking that these two have mastered the rules!

Although it is Destiny Realm, it has mastered the strong rule power, in the third space, no death, their Battle Companion also has four or five STARRY SKY Realm, Battle Stregth is extremely strong!

This is a final battle of STARRY SKY Realm!

“This is in our academy, the first ten monsters in the emperor …” Under the platform, Mia saw dazzling, 怔怔 怔怔 语 语.

Ophiit is frown, and the look is extremely lighter.

It is worth mentioning that she is also in the Huang List, and is the seventh!

This is already extremely PEAK, and countless people look up!

Even her ranking on the Huang List has affected their Leifa family, the stars in the Siervantian line!

This potential makes a lot of power to borders with their families!

But in front of you, this war is too fierce, and Ophiuder suddenly felt, this is not a quota battle, but the choice of Silvar!

To know, from the selection of the big star, the number of people who eliminate the number of people, is there a hundred billion? !

After a few minutes, as a burst of sensation, the third space was torn, and the two killed the fourth space of the duel farm, where the battle lasted for half a minute.

It is unexpectedly that the win is actually the Dame!

The Golden Dragon fighter of the throne of the throne … is fighting, a Golden Armor is smashed, Battle Companion is seriously injured, dying!

Looking at the value of the valiant and formidable looking, the original cheering student suddenly dumb, the scene is quiet.

Many Academic Advisor Looked Towards Ailan, is a bit embarrassed. After all, it is in the PATRIARCH field, which is actually bullied by outsiders, it is too ugly.

Dean Ailan is a smile, uncomfortable, he is already Sealing God Boundary, these things will not let him have any waves in their hearts, his eyes and patterns, can’t.

“HMPH, it is useless.”

In the crowd, the snow, youth Coldly Snorted, the figure flashed, flew out from the crowd, came to the duel farm.

With his appearance, the scene is once again enthusiastic.

“The third silver lord!”

“is the king of silver, my favorite Ahhh!”

“Mom, I have fallen, so handsome!”

“I wet !!”

Many female students have screaming. If they are genius, the king of silver is the enchanting in genius, the third monster of the emperor!

See the third appearance of the Immortal List, the star of All Influence is a slight change in his face, slightly ugly.

Outside the field, there are two or three people who are still wrinkled in the field of PEACEFUL.

“Who will fight with me?”

Snow Youth Stand in the duel space, she relieved, overlooking the audience, like the world.

is Destiny Realm, but this enchanting has already showed the future of the future!

With his words, countless students LOOKED TOWARDS Outsider’s outsider, some silence for a while, actually no one came to the stage.

“HMPH, no one?” Snow haired alert.

under the stage, the few frowning figure is still silent.

After a moment, no one is playing, and the Academic Advisor next to it has to let the snow youth will step down, and he wins.

The previous Golden Dragon fighter was defeated. At this moment, the king of silver appeared, and everyone, it is also to give Academy back face.

Next, there is a genius debut outside the front of the Huang List and compete for each other.

Some of the Outsider compete for.

With a battle, there is not long, ten places have finally determined.

In the top five of the front five, only the ranked 5th is squeezed, and the remaining top four are guaranteed.

The fifth person is squeezed to ninth, and it almost didn’t get the quota qualification.

is behind those Outsider, including that Dame.

Ten people!

Ophiite also played, but helpless defeat, defeating his Outsider Battle Stregth, extremely confident, Cultivation is a multi-rule system, has mastered four rules, playing Offittly Unprepad.

At this time, the Academic Advisor, which is about to keep the quota, suddenly receives an idea. After listening to it, he stunned, turned to see the Dean of the Ailan, his eyes fell by him, immediately pay attention To the Singyoon God, it can’t help but stay, Didn’t Expect this year’s super-enchanting in the name of Michelle Planet, actually returned.

This ACADEMIC ADVISOR restrained surprises when the quota announced.

“You are nine, will get the quota of the hospital, directly advanced to the Silver Star system for the universe genius!”

When a young youth on the left side of ten people, he couldn’t help for the gold medademic advisor, “Teacher, do you have a wrong, I?”