Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 853

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“Sorry, only nine places left, you have elected, but you can stand out with your innate talent, you can give it out from the sea, to advance to the selection competition, nothing, come on!”

This Teacher immediately immediately comforted.

This youth is stunned, I can’t help but say: “Isn’t it said that there is a quota, I have worked hard, I just walked, Battle Companion was hurt, you actually told me, no place?”

Other nine people are also puzzled, ten places, actually inexplicable one?

The fifth student of the ninth of the ninth, revealing the color of sympathy, secretly celebrating, but you will be able to rush to ninth, otherwise it is a brush.

“Coro, this is the matter.” Yuan, a sturdy star is coming, and the sigh said.

“patriarch, this …” You can’t help for or understand, but more is a depressed anger, he feels like being played.

“The quota has just been passed away, only blames us to luck.” This patriarch said solemnly, the best genius in the family is eliminated, his heart is not a taste, the same angry, but he is after all It is Head of a CLAN, in this Amir ACADEMY, he still didn’t have this courage.

Even if the fire is large, you can only bear it.

Who is it to be a god?

“Just picking away?”

Other nine people heard this, it is also a horrified, who is so big, can get the quota directly from the dean, know that they come over, there is a star main building.

“Who?” Coro’s eyes suppressed anger, looking up four, quickly saw the Star Moon God from Ailand, and his eyes immediately locked in Su Ping.

Cause No, Su Ping’s CultiVation Base is too eye-catching, a Destiny Realm stands by a group of Starry Sky and Star Lord.

“Is him?”

Corocco bites his teeth, there are some anger in the eyes.

This place is not so big to him. It is like TEACHER saying that he still has a retreat, you can stand out from the sea.

but … he doesn’t like the feeling of failure!

Through childhood, what he wants, there should be everything, and you can also eat from his bowl!

“must not be troubled!”

魁 patriarch frowning, although he can understand Collo’s mood, the youth can go to the Xunyue God, from the dean of Ailand to the quota, the background is nest, not necessary to sin.

“I want to challenge you!”

Coro can’t stand it, directly from it, Patriarch Complexion Slightly Changed around, and quickly pressed him, Coldly Shouted: “Don’t make trouble!”

“I have been selected, to my hands, why gave him, I want to take our family, I don’t accept it!” Corro gnashing Teeth, said that she pressed her own patriarch.

burly patriarch face is black, some headache, this Little Brat Innate Talent is strong, but the emotional business is really low!

People can get this place directly, don’t say strengthenth, is that background, is we can afford?

Sure enough, the family has been cultivated, protects too good, do not know the outside human life and the immensity of Heaven and Earth!

He is secretly decided, waiting to go back to MUST education, focusing on his cognition, Overwhelming Majority’s genius is being killed by his own arrogance!

I heard Collo, the eyes of others turned to the other side, noted the Su Ping around Ilan.

is around the Dean of Ailand, and only Su Ping is Destiny Realm, and others are Starry Sky, or a gold medal teacher in Star main.


Other nine people get the quota, also in the migraine, and some people look at the look, glanced at it, it seems unimped.

“He wants to challenge Boss Su?”

Under the stage, Mia saw that things suddenly occurred, and the face was wrong.

How to talk to BOSS SU?

Is it the BOSS SU to get that place?

Ophiitt around her is also confused, she just war, at this moment, there is some wolf, but I have already replaced a set of black golden combats, lined with the front of the body, such as the elite Lithe and Graceful exquisite .


The Singy Moon God next to Su Ping, I can’t help but laugh at this scene.

“Several Academic Advisor next to

You can’t help but know that it is clear that the place is indeed, just, this youth is what you bring, now people challenge, how do you have What is the mood to laugh?

To know that although this is tenth, the gap with the previous few people is not big, of course, in addition to the few monsters inside.

“Sure enough, you are young!”

“actually challenges the brother, he is afraid that he didn’t listen to the name of the brother.”

“I feel the prestimacy of the newspaper and the famous brother, I am enough to let him scare the skin soft.”

“Do you want to gaming?”


“The gambling of the sky is a three seconds to solve the battle, or ten seconds.”

“This … The insult is too big, I press three seconds!”

“I also press three seconds!”

“Sailing Sky Brother is so low, I don’t have to go full, I think it is still a hand,”

“You can’t look down on the sky, there is no one second, deal with such a class, I will wish to defeat the brother for a second male!”


SMALL World in the Song Moon God, Star Sea Custang Discuss Spiritedly, is not easy.

Su ping is outside Small World, but he can’t hear their conversations, but he sees the Songyi God next to it, it is more exaggerated, and the foreigner is the same.

Is there such a good laugh?

su ping is somewhat speechless.

“Do you dare to fight, gamble!” Yuan, the Coro challenge has been issued, see Su Ping is indifferent, suddenly there is a despised feeling, more angry.


Su ping feels that you are biting, you have not figured out, how can you determine the quota I take? Ok, although you are intuitive, it is indeed me …

“If you challenge, it is not necessary?” Su Ping helplessly said.

I heard the Su Ping, everyone is a glimpse, including those students outside the duel farm, also wrong, Didn’t Expect under this invested public, Su Ping received challenge, actually so emperor … retreat ?

Several gold medademic advisor, frequently focused on the LOOKED TOWARDS Su Ping, this is the Songyi God brought, actually so timid?

For the sex of the Songyan, don’t say that others look for her challenge, just look at her, she is looking for people!

In this year in academy, who doesn’t know that she is a small magic of the fight, hitting the north from the south of Academy, force all the genius, no one is not satisfied!

The unknown youth, the sex is completely different from the stars, this is?

“Are you afraid?” Coro Yi, couldn’t help but laugh, said: “If you can resist, what is the use of this place? Do you want to pull a face? It’s better to give it. I. “

Next to

, the burly patriarch didn’t stop him, and did not expect Su Ping to retreat. See Coro is so screaming, the heart is sighing, ready to go back to give him ideological education, now there is already said that it is also said to Undless, if you can go to that place, it is better.


has not waited for SU ping to talk, next to Siyue God, who has just laughed, a small face, a Said with a sneer: “If you have something, what Terrifying, do not accept you Challenge, you are not worthy! “

“Who is this company?”

“She, she seems to be the Songyoh!”

“Several Decades Create the Star Moon God recorded by the Crown List? No, wait, I just checked, it seems to be her!”

“She actually came back, she actually had Small World, she is the star mainland?”

“No, I have long graduated. I heard that she just graduated, she became Starry Sky Realm, which is shorted from STARRY SKY Realm to Star Lord ?!”

“It’s so arrogant, I don’t accept the actually said that people don’t match. If the Coro is very strong, Battle Stregth is completely comparable to some Starry Sky Realm Early-stage.”

“I heard that this emperor’s little magic was arrogant, and there was a lot of rumors.”

All around is shocked by the Cultivation Base of Sundy God, a student who graduated Several Decades from them, actually became a star master, which was like a classmate who came out of the college, a few years later Like the waist into the society, it is simply fantasy story!


Na Lu heard the excitement of all arrone, the face changed, plus the Small World Projection of the Star Moon God, and the star is the star giant. He is shocking, even if it is hit, Don’t Dare Provoke This monster, even if they patriarch, it is estimated that each other has a lower three!

is the main community, but people are enchanting!

“hiding behind the woman, what Ability!” Collo bit his teeth, did not dare to eat the star moon, I had to go to Su Ping.

Su ping Some speechless, feeling that this is a cultivation fool, 头, don’t do a loss to win, I don’t know many things in this world, but I don’t necessarily have to win the loss, and the so-called strength, not Simple strongth, even if you ability is stronger than others, but others are bigger than you, you still have to sing.

“then come.” Su Ping didn’t say more.

while speaking, his figure has been stepped out, and it is straight to the front of Coro.

This sudden transient, Niro is not in, the burly patriarch next to him is also slightly. It is obviously not expected to be so arrogant, and they dare to go directly to the near-fight.

“Be good!” Coro was angry, and the Star force broke out, but when he wants toook out Battle Companion, Su Ping’s figure is like a phantom, from his Ten Zhang once again flash, directly appearing in his before.

this Time is not transient, because Coro has blocked the space of the wealthy, although Su Ping has the ability to tear, but he is too lazy to waste the strength.


raise his hand, Su Ping’s movements are like a residue, and it is on the mouth of Corro, and the body is straight downward.

, the whole duel farm is a shock, the ground is broken, but Next Moment, from the inside, there is a strong star force and roar, and only the stone is rushing from the dust, around the air Sweight, so soon, I will stand to Very Quiet standing in the air, SU ping, and the eyes become red.

“en?” Su Ping Slightly frowned, he already show mercy, I haven’t realized the gap?

In the nine people on the duel field, there are three people who have faced face, frowned, and their eyes stare at Su Ping.

The remaining six people are dying, some shocking, Didn’t Expect Su ping so caasually presses the Coro, the means is simple to use Battle Companion’s power!


Ke Luo again, SUMMON out of Dragon Beast, he saw that there was no Battle Companion around Su Ping, and his heart was furious, and he didn’t call himself to bare Battle Companion, roaring directly.

su ping lifted his hand, in an instant, five fingers broke out the dazzling Golden Light.

This Golden Light is like a stellar sun, scatters a blazing Energy, with the SU Ping’s boxing, seems to be held in the palm of the whole sun, Rays of Light shrinks, a heartless odd I feel out.


Su ping, the golden’s boxing is like the ancient deep vacuum, and the SU ping is swayed, and go forward.

When Coldon, the Coldon, like a cold water, smashing, and a kind of have one’s hair standard on End feeling, the eyes are the hot fist, only two words in his mind Invincible! Invincible!

His anger has already been thrown in Beyond The Topmost Clouds, staying in place, only instinctively raising hands, defense.

The god fist passed from Collo’s side, run through the deciduous field in the rear, there is no sound, but in the sky seems to have a sense of oscillating, passing through the space layer, even if it is In the world of 1st floor, you can feel the slight tremor of space!


ACADEMIC ADVISOR around Ilan, discolored from the face, can affected the shallow space Power from the deep space? What is a violent this!

If you fall in the first space, it is estimated that half an academy is smashed into the ruins!

“In that punch, it seems that there is an attribution of the rules of the fire …”

ALL INFLUENCE, who came to ask for a quota, is a horror, a Destiny Realm actually mastered the trified rules? And so confident, CultiVation multi-rule system?

10 rules, if you can complete Full Mastery, just find the opportunity, even hope to enter the star main entrance!

What monster is this! ?

this fist, no sound, but let this place Absolute Silence.

countless students outside the duel field, is not ordinary battle pet master, the eyes are keen, although I can’t see the SU Ping, how many rules are contained, but I can feel the horror of that punch!

It seems that it seems to be suppressed and smashed with all the fists, which makes people like the ants, can’t resist.

“boss su …?”

Older, Mia has stayed, Mouth Opened Wide, somewhat stupid.

This is really what she knows is the Boss Su.

Suddenly, she thought that Su Ping hit the Three Starry Sky Realm in the store, and suddenly.

Su ping, you can repeate Starry Sky Realm … This is not said that his CultiVation Base has never hidden?

, Mia seems to remember that when Su Ping defeated the Starry Sky Realm, his CultiVation Base was just a look of Void Cave Realm …

Thinking here, Micria has a feeling of cockpinet, the scalp, and she turned around to Looked Towards, the Genius, which is the most eye-catching figure, which is also to make her feel The horrible genius, but compared with this BOSS Su … it seems to only be ORDINARY PERSON?