Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 855

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“Thanks, this is a small thing.” The Sundy Moon smiled, but it was quite proud, but it was a little curious, said: “Are you used for Cultivation?”

She is very curious, in her opinion, Su Ping meets this Battle Stregth with Destiny Realm, should already be limited, can it be rising? Unless it is CultiVation Base Breakthrough.

“Well, Body Refinement.”

su ping nodded, there is no concealment, after all, the other party has helped a lot, and there is no malicious.

“so what’s how it is …” Sooon God suddenly, the more surprised eyes, Su Ping actually wants the Cultivation to the ultimate? On Star Force, she feels that Su Ping has reached the limit. The Body Star force is like the sea, compared with some Starry Sky Realm, but the Star Force is pure, the coagulation is extremely high.

Now, SU ping still wants to reach the limit?

She is slightly moving, secretly remembering these materials that Su Ping entrusted, with her channel, which can investigate which Body Refinement secrets are required.

Although she is not malicious, she is very curious about Su Ping CultiVation. Body Refining Technique.

“This seems that your Battle Stregth has rising rooms, oh …” The Sundy God feels, I don’t know what to say, Su Ping is already a monster in the enchanting, and then improved? This seems to be the first to go.

Su Ping Slightly Nodded, he wants to fantasy Divine Tablet Secret Realm, now the CultiVation material of Golden Crow God Devil Body Third Layer is only a flavor.

Is he can look forward to 4th Layer Cultivation material?

To know, Golden Crow God Devil Body refines to Second Layer, which is already incarnation small Golden Crow, comparable to Golden Crow Infant!

Third Layer, it is Equivalent to youth Golden Crow, Fleshy Body reaches the god intensity of Starry Sky Realm.

In the same order, God is definitely a pyramid peak that sweeps all organisms, which is invincible, and the Cultivation System established in today’s human beings, Starry Sky Realm is estimated to hurt him half a minute.

Unless the star is designed, it is possible to cause trauma to him with another level of faith.

4th Layer Golden Crow God Devil Body … This is comparable to the star main situation!

with the Body of Golden Crow Small Universe, with the power of Fleshy Body, it is enough for support and kill many star!

Su ping, more you want to move, on the way, he thinks about three, or choose the material that will be needed in 4th Layer Golden Crow God DEVIL BODY, also said with the Star Moon God.

Ask for someone.

Su ping does not worry that the latter knows these material formulas, steals its Cultivation, because the material is only the auxiliary of Cultivation, only he has the CultiVation heart method of Golden Crow God DEVIL BODY, did not follow the form of a regular Cultivation, even Taking these materials all taking hundreds of times, they are all in vain, but will cause damage to the body.

As for these materials, in particular his CultiVation Technique?

Su ping is more unhappy, after all, from system, this is an ancient magic CultiVation Technique that has been lost. In today’s federal database, it may not be recorded.

Even if there is, it is also the level of the most cree of the crop!

After all, this Golden Crow God Body Cultivation to the last Seventh Layer, but beyond the existence of Paragon Kids!

“Do you still need these materials?” The Sushoon God heard the Su Ping and reported a string, some of the gods, but thought that Su Ping said that it was Body Refinement, she quickly relieved, eyes, some expectations and Surprise, Dao:

“You can rest assured, I will give it to me, I really want to see which step can you get in this universe genius, I will stop in front of Sector, in the general competition, you are more than me ‘Slightly stronger’ then lost, it is expected to hit the top ten in the contest! “

SMALL World, Star Sea is a horror, and the Didn’t Expect Sushoon God can sprinkle to Sector before the year, enter the general competition of the full universe!

Unfortunately, their own Cultivation, not paying attention to this.

No wonder, the Sundy Moon has become the stair star, and it is true that every star giant has existed.

“I will help the sky and look for it.”

“I greeten with my trading medicine, let them pay attention.”

“If you get these materials, Body Refinement is further more exaggerated than now? Top ten hopes before the impact champion!”

Star Sea is all out of sound.

Seeing everyone is happy, Su Ping is also quite happy, just a small little in the heart, I really want to get the 4th Layer Body Refinement material, but not just ten times before the finals, SU ping feel You can take your eyes first!

After all, Su Ping feels that there should be no Destiny Realm, can Battle Stregth exaggerate to easily kill the Star Lord?

This is a thing that transcends frequently!

Of course, in the eyes of the average person, it is an exaggerated metamorphosis in the extent of Su Ping.


Time flies.

3 days to turn over.

Xunyue God with Su Ping and Star Sea, playing in Pula Tianshi, and also read some other sea election, although it is a sea selection, but the city has established a lot of stage. It is quite fierce than spelling, but the election in the sea, the level is not uniform, and some is just normal Destiny Realm level.

Some understand the rules, which have exceeded the category of HEAVENSPAN.

in the Ailan Manor.

Everyone is again set, and the other nine people are all in, and they are ready to go.

Su Ping also accompanied by the Sushoon God, his arrival attracted many people’s attention, nine people were impressed with Su Ping, and they looked quite downs.

Although Su Ping only has a punch, there are many people present, they have not grasp the punch of Su Ping, let alone Su Ping also have other topic.

“Now it is ready, departure.”

Dean Ailan saw everyone, watching, did not stay in anyone, playing inStructed.

A gold medademic advisor is listed, led Su Ping and the Others to the Milometers on the manor, here moored a comb Spaceeship, there is a laser engraving of Silver Giant Sword.

“This is the love boat of Ailan, all areas within Spaceeship, you can ask the shipper, there is nothing wrong, can’t fract over the spaceship,” Gold ACADEMIC ADVISOR has warned everyone to everyone .

Everyone is Nodded.

cracking a joke, this is the spaceship of the gods, who dares to do it in it?

“You can rest assured, I will help you pay attention to inquiring, wait for the chance, I will go to Secret Realm, I should have a way.” Xunyue God stands outside Spaceeship Waving Said with a smile.

su ping nodded.

In Small World, Star Sea is also unwaver … At least it is very disgraced.

“CULTIVATION material?”

The other nine people heard the words of the Songyoh, from the inside, all the eyes were gotting, can’t help but read the Su Ping.

This guy has not yet arrived?

CultiVation material means what is it?

but obviously, it will never be the CultiVation material of Breakthrough Realm. After all, the quota is in the hand, and it is necessary to kill the sector, in the universe, how can I not help it? This time Breakthrough.

Once Breakthrough is lost.

In the last genius war, there is no more genius in battle, too want to win, and temporarily break Bottleneck, promoted to Starry Sky Realm.

but … won the battle, but lost the game behind.

Once Breakthrough to Starry Sky Realm, you will lose the qualifications behind them and automatically defeat!

is very fast, everyone has a fish into spaceship.

This spaceship surface looks great, but the internal space is extremely vast, like an exhoom!

This is the strength of the gods, which has been developed to the Space Rule, which has been able to affect local world!

Soon, spaceship takes off, directly tearing the void, jumping into the universe.

and SU ping and the Others in SpaceShip, not feeling the bumps of spaceship, just see the scene outside Spaceeship, converted from Michelle Planet to the dark vast, starry universe, know that it has left Planet .

Everyone didn’t care, under the leadership of the gold medademic advisor, come to the seating area, play around Spaceeshi, I want to see how beautiful the seat of the gods.

“is really extravagant.”

Su ping turns around, some feelings, the space in this spaceship is too large, the light is the so-called seating area, there are forests, lakes, and various equipment that can be played, and a large number of service staff .

is completely Divine Immortal life, can be a emperor!

Su ping is casually looked at it, he didn’t continue to turn more, find a place, asked a specific time to serve his ordered, arrived at the destination.

I know that after two days, Su Ping is slightly surprised, and it takes two-day sailing in the spaceship of the gods.

Su ping Suddenly thinks of Fairy Maiden Bi and the Others on Lea Planet, the heart is toned, Fairy MAIDEN BI induces his own breath, not in Michelle Planet, will not push the Lea Planet to catch up, always chase What SECRET Realm?

After all, it is S-Rank Secret Realm, and there is a seal of the gods. It is estimated that there will be something else to visit.

Su ping Now takes out the leader’s star order, contact the Star Moon God, etc. After the connection, let her help to go to the Lea Planet, explain the Fairy MAIDEN BI in his store, let him want to be on the meter Planet, you are innocent.

The Star Moon God promised, hangs up the communication.

In less than 10 minutes, the communication of the Sundy Moon has passed, some is awkward: “Rey Planet has gone, listening to the space station said, it seems that tearing the void disappeared.”


Su ping almost vomiting blood, really, Fairy MAIDEN BI induced himself on this spaceship, ran again again.

A girl is so persistent with the ball, SU ping, I don’t know what to say, I’m somewhat moving.


su ping sigh, only give up, as long as the Paragon looks, the Fairy MAIDEN BI may not be empty.

and, she can only be in the store, generally sealing the gods to find the door, and it is estimated that I have served first SYSTEM.


“Take the liberty to bother, hello.”

When Su Ping is rest, it suddenly fits. This is a woman who is exquisite, is the woman who has previously put Divine Might’s Knight Wang Family family.


Su ping is slightly surprised, but it is also the same replied.

“My name is Ibetalina.” This girl is flashing, like countless STARLIGHT contained in Pupil Light, extremely clear and beautiful, is unable to see, she Red lips, White Teeth, Lightly Said with a Smile: “Knight Wang Family, I want to make friends with you.”

Su ping is inseparable, it turned out to come.

is indeed, the same genius, if it does not compete with each other, this is indeed a very strong person.

After all, these geniuses will have to rise in the future, becoming the future of Powerhouse!

“My name is Su Ping, the Su Ping, the sake of the grass, the chest is not flat,” Su Ping does not mind, smiles in Introduces).


The girl’s Subconsciously is low, but it quickly lifted it, and the face was quite confident.

“From Earth, um, it is the origin star in your mouth.” Su Ping smiled: “You can go to my Planet to play, there is a good scenery.”


Ibeta La is stunned, and the eyes are obviously revealed.

Can you have such a enchanting there?

Her eyes are slightly suspicious, not doubting Su Ping, but doubting news that they have heard, is it unscrupulous media.


At this time, another body is flying, this is a young young youth, which is the first man who is a Beta La, defeating the genus student, and discusses the scene of the scene for Academy.

he arranges in the throne!


Snow youth and notice Ibeta La, the two eyes, the faint shit, but the expression is very calm.

Snow Youth Head, LOOKED TOWARDS Su Ping, gently smiles, said: “In the lower Cr Leishabai, those guys in Academy like to call me the silver lord, I want to make a friend with the departure.”

The genius speaks, all the same.

Su ping slightly mob, turn Said with a smile: “My name is the flat.”

of Calm and Tranquil

Ibetalina: “?”

You just didn’t say this!

“Brother Su’s name is very good, Brother SU is too powerful, I thought I made Six Paths rules, it is already strong enough, Didn’t Expect is in front of Brother Su, it is also a big cut “Claisia ​​signs.

When he comes out, the Ibetalina next to him is watching, SIX PATHS rules? What is the depth? It seems that this is a enchanting guy!

“Well, yeah.” Su Ping very honest Nodded.

Claisia: “…”

Ibeta La, Ibea, and suddenly can’t help but say that it is a bit weird in genius life. Is this not calculated?

Claisia ​​is a bit speechless, I will be modest, you answer so seriously, I know very embarrassing?

His heart is secretly decided, tonight on Spaceeship, no matter what, you have to quickly understand one!

Anyway, there is still time, in the magic Divine Tablet Secret Realm, he believes that he can catch up with Su Ping.

After all, the more the limit, the increase is slower, and the Su Ping is compared to the SU Ping, he has great improvement space!

At this time, suddenly, another body is flying.

When seeing this figure, Cleishabai and Ibeta Laina are surprised, and the pupil is slightly contracted.