Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 878


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With a bang, Su Ping popped the bottle of wine, unceremoniously, and poured a glass for both of them.

“It’s so fragrant!”

Kleishabai drank it in one sip, with endless aftertaste, and his face was intoxicated.

Ibetta Luna next to her was looking towards Su Ping. When she saw Su Ping’s satisfaction, the smile on her face became more charming.

Their three people occupies the mountain as king here, eats and drinks, and enjoys fine wine. This scene was broadcast live across the galaxy, which immediately stunned the countless people who watched them.

This is a survival battle, these three guys, even if they accumulate enough ID cards, they should hide cautiously!

“Do they think this is stable?”

“You are too courageous, look, someone is passing towards them on the east side, they can’t detect it!”

“There are also people on the west side, and they will run into them soon.”

The audience can jump to the screen to see the entire battle on Void Continent, grasping the “God Vision”, and immediately see that the Su Ping three are about to fall into crisis, and they still don’t know it, they are still talking, laughing, eating and drinking. People are frightened to see.

“en? “

At the top of the mountain, Su Ping, who was eating meat and drinking, suddenly eyebrow raised, looked towards the west, and saw a dozen silhouettes galloping in. Two of them seemed to be injured. The entire group smelled of blood-reeking qi. Obviously experienced battle before.

“There are enemies!”

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna stopped quickly, pulled out their weapons, and looked towards the west warily.

At this time, the people on the west side also saw Su Ping and the others. One of them seemed to recognize Su Ping and immediately raised his hand. Everyone’s speed dropped sharply and stopped far.

“That guy is the champion of the hot list!”

“Didn’t expect to meet a tough guy here, boss, what should I do?”

“There are only three of them, if we really want to fight, we may not be afraid!”

“Look at them, they actually set up a banquet here, shouted out eating, who are the other two guys, they are dying?”

“It’s too arrogant. Sure enough, the rules of this survival battle are right. The guy with no strength is just that’s all, dare to be so high-profile here, I don’t know how to write the dead word!”

More than a dozen people are calmly looking at Su Ping and the others. Some are jealous, but some have sharp eyes and want to fight.

The young man in the middle frowned. After thinking for a moment, he shook his head and said: “Forget it, the survival battle has just begun. These guys dare to eat and drink here. They must have some trump cards. Identity card, not worth it!”


“Even if you win, there are only three identity cards, not enough to stuff your teeth.”

Seeing this, other people quickly weighed in, and soon agreed with the young man’s statement.

Rather than gnawing on these three hard bones, it is better to find a soft persimmon. At any rate, he is a boxing champion on the hot list. No one has seen his real strength in the previous games, this kind of identity card in the hands of hard bones. No need to grab it.

After discussion, a dozen people, led by the youth, turned and left, and flew in other directions.

This scene fell in the eyes of the audience in front of the media, and countless people were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect this entire group, obviously the number of people was dominant, and they actually chose to give in!


Soon, those boxing champions who were previously attracted by Su Ping’s performance suddenly burst into excitement and cheers.

This is the deterrence of the champion!

Not long after, a group of people flew over to the east. They also saw Su Ping and recognized him.

After all, they are the top ten people on the hot list. Almost all contestants know the top faces of the hot list and regard them as strong enemies.

“It’s the champion!”

“It’s so arrogant, I actually put wine and eat Hah here!”

“Did they have accumulated enough ID cards?”

“It is estimated that it is, otherwise, if you see us, you will definitely take the initiative, putting it that way, the three of them have at least 30 identity cards…”


“Whether he is the champion or not, we are crowded, all of them are Destiny Realm, I don’t believe how big the gap can be!”

Soon, the thirty-member group on the east blatantly killed Su Ping.

Su Ping brows slightly raise, swallow a bite of juicy dragon meat in his mouth, and say: “It’s a bit troublesome.”

Kleishabeth and Ibetta Luna also saw the group of people on the east side, and stood up nervously. At this moment, they heard Su Ping say the word “trouble”, and their hearts sank, and their faces were slightly ugly. , Sure enough, was it too careless?

“You stay here, don’t let the dust in.” Su Ping said to Kleishabeth.

Claesabeth, who was about to ask if he could escape, was stunned, and said in error: “I, am I here to stay?”

With this situation, let him stay here to guard the wine and meat?

“I will come as soon as I go.” Su Ping said.

In fact, he doesn’t want to move, after all, the identity cards have been accumulated enough, and then collect more identity cards, and there is no extra reward, on the contrary, he has to waste his hands.

But since the trouble has come, it can only be solved.


Purgatory Candle Dragon beast rushed out of the vortex beside Su Ping and roared out first.

One after another ruled power suddenly appeared on its body, forming a huge shield and golden scales, covering it.

The defensive application of this hand rule comes from Er Gou who stepped out behind vortex.

Its silhouette follow closely from behind, rushing out together.

Su Ping summoned the Dragon Beast, the white-scaled Hankong Thunder, merged with it, and then killed it directly.

After condensing the 1st Tristar star chart, the star force far surpasses in Su Ping’s Destiny Realm, based on the force field induction brought by the star force, Su Ping can judge the approximate level of these people.

It can be said that the sum of the star forces in these thirty people is less than him alone.

This is the terrifying transformation brought about by the Three Gods Star Chart!


Su Ping stepped out in one step, and the void vibrated. His feet smashed the void directly and entered the deep fourth space. The surroundings immediately came one after another space chaotic blades, but these chaotic blades seemed to be subjected to special forces. Guiding, as it approached Su Ping, he suddenly slid away around his body.

For a moment in the fourth dimension, Su Ping came to the group of people.

Breaking out of the space, the sword in his hand condensed by a mixture of rules and star force suddenly slashed out.

bang! !

sword qi swept across, the light between Heaven and Earth seemed to be swallowed in an instant, the surging rule force surged out, splitting and merging the space, and thunder-fire, hurricane, destruction and holy light appeared in the surrounding space , There are twenty rules in this sword!

One sword strikes out, shocked!

The group of people was just about to challenge, and they were shocked when they saw Su Ping appearing like a ghost-like instantaneously. When they were about to resist, they saw Su Ping drawing his sword.

This guy, known as the boxing champion, actually uses a sword?

When that sword was cut out, the eight people who were at the brunt of death instantly felt Death Aura assaults the senses. The hairs all over their bodies were erected like a reverse scale in an instant, and the blood and bone marrow in their bodies were frozen, like It’s freezing to the extreme, whether it’s cold or hot.


The sword light passed, the void broke, and the fourth space was revealed. In the fourth space, there is also the power to broadcast the images inside to the outside world.

I saw the wandering space power flying by in the fourth space, all shattered, and the place torn by that sword formed a short dark road, empty.

The dozen or so silhouettes on both sides of sword qi disappeared. They were not obliterated, but were turned away in an instant, leaving only a dozen identity cards in place, shaking in the air.


“What, what the hell?!”

The remaining dozen people were all shocked. The pupil shrinks to the extreme, almost splitting apart. With just one sword, there is the power to kill a dozen people in an instant? !

One sword can kill a dozen geniuses in seconds, these are all peak genius who have accumulated ten victories!

Throwing away, they are all the targets of countless forces. They will become Starry Sky in the future, and they are expected to become the star owner of oversee a area!


Ibetta Luna, who was brace oneself following Su Ping, was stunned by the horrible sight in front of her. She was stunned on the spot and forgot what to say.

Is the enemy’s Illusion Technique attack?

She was a little confused, suspecting that her spirit had been invaded.

In the outside world, hundreds of millions of viewers who watched the live broadcast were silent in this brief moment.

They know that Su Ping is very strong. They used to solve their opponents with one punch. They didn’t even use weapons. They only managed to win ten victories with the lost mysterious fist technique.

But didn’t expect, Su Ping’s power created by the sword at this moment is even more terrifying!

Could it be said that this is the true ability of Su Ping? !

“en? “

Above Void Continent, Hai Tuo’s eyes moved slightly and turned to a certain area. When he saw the situation inside, his eyes were a little surprised, “This sword is a bit delicate!”

“Indeed, although there are still many flaws in the integration of rules, but with Destiny Realm’s cultivation base, it can comprehend so many rules and complete this degree of integration, which can be called first-class!”

Next to him, the quiet nether shadow also narrowed his eyes, his expression became more serious, and he stared at that place.

Although they didn’t pay attention to this place before, they are conferred gods. The divine sense covers a very wide area, and their thoughts can turn thousands in an instant. When Su Ping broke out, they were alarmed by Su Ping.

nether shadow didn’t expect, I sometimes missed my eyes.

However, it doesn’t count as if he misses his eyes, it can only be said that this little devil’s head is hidden too deeply.

Compared with this sword, the previous fist technique is obviously a deputy.

“It seems that this guy is not a student of the old boxer.”

“The old boxer will never allow his students to be distracted. If you let him know about other sword techniques or Blade Techniques of his student’s cultivation, it is estimated that he will be choked to death on the spot.”

“Among this group of people didn’t expect, there is such an interesting Little Brat. This aptitude, if dropped into the Golden Sector, is estimated to be in the forefront.”

Both Hai Tuo and nether shadow are full of praise for Su Ping’s performance.

With Destiny Realm’s cultivation base, you can complete this step. If you cultivate well in the future, you will become a powerhouse in the star realm. It is very likely that if you get some chances, you will have some luck in yourself, and you will have a glimmer of hope for the Conferred God. !

Beside them, the magic hunting god has a calm expression, browses slightly wrinkle, and secretly sighed in his heart. After all, it still can’t contain it. The light of Little Brat is too shining, even if only a small part of its power is exposed , It is enough to cause a lot of attention.

Hearing Hai Tuo’s compliment with nether shadow, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. If these two guys knew, the ability of Little Brat could be much more than that. I don’t know if he would immediately rush in and collect it, regardless of his face. only?

“No, I have to find a way to promise him more benefits. By the way, I heard that he was collecting some cultivation materials…” The magic hunter’s eyes flashed, and he had an idea in his heart.

At the same time.

In Void Continent, Su Ping’s sword technique was cut, and he immediately stepped out again, swinging his sword towards the person next to him.

He was silhouetted extremely fast, surrounded by rules one after another, approaching a young man in a tough and brutal way, rules against rules, directly crushing and destroying the opponent’s rules, and then the sword shines like a rainbow, and the head is cut off.

The young man’s eyes shrank, and even the battle companion was too late for summon, and at this moment he felt that even the summon battle companion was meaningless. With this kind of terrifying oppression, he felt that he was not facing the Destiny Realm of the same order, but Starry. The old monster of Sky realm Peak!


The silhouette of the young man disappeared, leaving only an identity card in place.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, before thinking about it, turned around and changed to another target.

Others have come back to his senses at this moment, and their hearts are broken. Anyone who sees Su Ping’s sword transfer more than a dozen people away, leaving only the horrible scene of the identity card, will feel terrified.

But they are peak genius after all. Except for battle strength, all aspects of training are not bad. At this moment, some people roared: “Can’t retreat, join forces to kill!!”

The other people’s brains are tight and they all wake up. If they retreat at this time, it will only be worse, they can only fight!

They can only hope that Su Ping’s previous sword is a big move and cannot be used anymore.

But soon they were desperate. Su Ping waved his sword again, like a limbid autumn water, like a golden flame, like a Divine Lightning splitting heaven and earth apart, and the sword light instantly shone on the Baili sky.

The sword light passed by, and another eight people were transferred away, leaving only the identity cards.

At this time, Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and Er Gou have already pounced, Su Ping followed them to kill with swords.


The mentality of the remaining few people collapsed, and they ran around in a panic. They did not choose the same direction, but went their separate ways.

Su Ping’s face was indifferent, and he stepped into the fourth space like a stroll in the courtyard. The space in the fourth space is deeper. It only spans tens of meters inside. When he steps out, he has appeared in the third place. The space flew out in front of the youth of several hundred meters.

Seeing Su Ping breaking through deep space, the young man showed despair on his face and begged: “I am willing to submit to you. In the next game, I will kill the enemy for you, help you charge, please go around me… …”

“No need.”

Su Ping directly refused, and then swept across with a sword.

The silhouette of the youth disappeared, leaving only a shaky identity card in place.

Su Ping took out the identity card from the third space, and then continued to hunt down.

Soon, the remaining people were solved one after another.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, Er Gou, and Ibetta Luna were constrained, but none of them escaped.

The previous small group was destroyed within five minutes before and after, without one left, Su Ping waved his palm, and the identity cards on the spot gathered together, a total of 32 pieces.

Su Ping glanced, and slammed to the foot of the mountain.

“Go, go back to drink.”

Su Ping greeted and put away Er Gou and Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

Ibetta Luna was stunned, a little stunned, looking at the identity cards inserted like nails at the foot of the mountain, and then at Su Ping, she couldn’t help asking: “Isn’t these identity cards either?”

“Aren’t we enough?”


Ibetta Luna didn’t know what to say for a while, it was enough, but with enough ID cards, wouldn’t it show her power better?