Super Dragon Slaughtering System Chapter 337

“Might to experiment with martial skills!”

Ning Qi’s face was gloomy, and the damn Dragon Race was indeed a group of cruel and inhumane lizards!

“I was able to escape from this place. It was also a fluke. When I was chasing down the true murderer of the town, I was found by Jing Wuming’s men. It was a Peak Battle Ancestor, but it was not in the Human Ranking. After some hard work, I Only by virtue of the terrain, escaped, cough cough … “

Shentu Yuanba said back and coughed up a few more blood.

“Master, don’t talk anymore, take good care of yourself. Since return to Rising Cloud Sect, the other party should not chase him again.”

Ning Qi said.

Shentu Yuanba sighed, face showed a hint of loneliness, eyes suddenly stopped on Ning Qi, extremely earnestly said: “disciple, you must cultivating well, live, now the existence of the older generation has basically become Dragon Whether the slavery of Race can overthrow Dragon Race and kill Dragon Race in the future depends on your new generation. Perhaps one thousand years later, you will be a new Battle Emperor. At least, you can keep your family free! “

“Master you …” Ning Qi face slightly changed, and then said seriously: “Master, rest assured, at least Purple Thorn Dragon Race, I will kill them one day sooner or later, and take revenge for you Master, I believe this day will not be long . “

“Having a heart.”

Shentu Yuanba face showed a hint of comforting color.

“Master, this Great Competition is over. I didn’t advance to inner disciple.”

Ning Qi said.

“Is it because of Elder Nu Tao?”

Shentu Yuanba’s eyes moved slightly, asked in a low voice.

“En, but do n’t worry, you ’re not promoted. It ’s no different to me. Maybe it ’s better to be an outer disciple, at least free and not bound by Elder in the case. I heard that True Disciple is wherever you want to go. I have to report to Azure Clothed Elder. I can’t live like that. “

Ning Qi said.

“Since you think so, I support you, Master.”

Shentu Yuanba nodded.

Due to the serious injury of Shentu Yuanba, Ning Qi stayed at Rising Cloud Sect for more than ten days. When he got better, he went to Mission Hall to take a long timeline task, and then hit Duan Yingjun and the others. With a hello, he left Rising Cloud Sect.

“First go back to Qin Tang Empire to see if they are okay. Conveniently, those falcons that I don’t look good to, give them a good tap, and then go out to earn Dragon Slayer Coins and challenge the experts on the Dragon Ranking to complete the advanced mission.”

After Ning Qi arranged his schedule, he released Little Purple, sat on the back of Little Purple, and flew in the direction of Qin Tang Empire like lightning.


Five Poison Divine Church.

A woman with a bucket hat stood at the door of the mountain in the dust, hiding a pair of blank eyes under the bucket hat.

“Hey, who are you, if you want to worship, you have missed time, leave quickly, otherwise don’t blame me! You are welcome!”

The two youths guarding the gate of the mountain stepped forward and scolded the woman with a bucket.

“Isn’t this Rising Cloud Sect?”

A cold voice came from under the bucket.

“Well? Is it a woman? Lady, this is the Five Poison Divine Church, you are going the wrong way.”

“Don’t talk nonsense to her. Maybe it’s the hawk sent by Nine Province Empire. Give her seize to Elder for disposal!”

In words, the youth rushed directly towards the Douyu woman, with a black light in his hands.

This is the gatekeeper martial skill of Five Poison Divine Church, Five Poison Palm.

Douyu woman frowns lightly and shoots out with one palm, “Five Poison Divine Palm!”

The youth screamed, flew out, his face rose with a black mist, and his eyes showed a look of dismay, and he was poisoned!

Why the palm technique of the other person is so similar to himself!

“who are you!”

The janitor disciple, who hasn’t been doing anything, hastily and vigilantly looks towards the Douyu woman.

At this moment, a shadow of heaven suddenly fell.

When they saw each other, face show a horrible color, even the fellow who was seriously injured by the fighting woman, turned over, kneeling and said: “pay respects to Cult Master.”

“Cult Master ?”

Douyu’s brows frowned slightly.

There was a hint of jealousy in his eyes.

Hua Yeyu puts his forehead, and then looks towards the Douyu woman, but she does not see any action, Douyu seems to be blown away by Gale, revealing a beautiful cold glamour.

“What’s your name.”

Hua Yeyu indifferently said.

“Li Mochou.”

Li Mochou indifferently said.

The expressions of the two are surprisingly similar.

“Will you worship me as a teacher?”

There was a smile on the corner of Hua Yeyu’s mouth.

The two gatekeepers’ disciple hearing this, face show a look of shock, and look envious of Li Mochou.

“Can it get stronger?”

Li Mochou said.

“Strong and strong.”

Hua Yeyu nodded.

“Okay, I worship you as a teacher.”

Li Mochou said.

The two talked very concisely and said almost no nonsense.

“From today, you are the Goddess of Five Poison Divine Church.”

Hua Yeyu slightly smiled.


Little Purple flew for about ten days. Ning Qi saw it was a bit tired, so he let it rest for a while. Ning Qi took the opportunity to release Little White Horse, Little Fresh Meat, and Little Gold.

Little Purple, Little White Horse, and Little Gold, when they saw the white and tender Little Fresh Meat, they immediately surrounded it.

Little Fresh Meat was startled and facing Ning Qi screamed.

“Don’t be afraid, they are all your big brothers. This is the Little Purple big brother. It is the big brother. The status is only under me. This is Little White Horse and the second brother. This is Little Gold and Third Brother. Yours. Fourth Brother ca n’t see it for now, but I ’ll introduce it to you later. You remember, you ’re in fifth place. Everyone will be a brother in the future.

Ning Qi said with a smile.

Little Fresh Meat seemingly understand but not understand the nodded, and then touched the little gold with the elephant’s nose kindly, Little Gold narrowed his eyes comfortably, which made Little Fresh Meat’s courage bigger, it touched with the elephant’s nose Little White Horse, Little White Horse responded with a snort.

Then, when it was about to touch Little Purple with its proboscis, it was stopped by Little Purple waving its wings, and Little Purple’s grim eyes glanced at Little Fresh Meat.

As if to say, don’t touch your noble feathers with your nose-drenched fellow. rhqg

Little Fresh Meat was rejected by Little Purple and was aggrieved.

Ning Qi said with a smile: “Okay, you still have a Sixth Brother, I will summon it out, you all know it, but Sixth Brother is a bit different, and you must forgive me.”

After talking, Little Six suddenly appeared in front of the beast.

“Oh, you guys are my cute little brothers. Meet me. My name is Ancestral Dragon. I will be your boss in the future.”

Little Six cast his innate talent divine ability soar into the clouds and mount the mists.

One look at Little Purple and Little White Horse face to face, and then look at Little Gold. The three extremely savage pounces on Little Six were a beating. Little Fresh Meat saw this and immediately joined the fight.

“Oh! Stop it!”


“Okay, I’m Little Six, your Sixth Brother, don’t hit me! I fuck! Hit me again!”

In the end, Ning Qi came forward to stop the tragedy.

Little Six hangs on Ning Qi’s neck, like a scarf, with a lingering horror of fear remaining on his face, said in a low voice: “My big brothers, a bit cruel.”

“Let you be cocky, that’s the end of be cocky.”

Ning Qi chuckled.

Then he took out some Spirit Raising Pills and fed them to Little Five. Little Six looked disdainful and threw them one by one, like eating peanut rice.

“Such a low-level Spirit Raising Pill, how can I feed me, oh …”

“Don’t eat it.”

Ning Qi reached out.

Little Six sneered again immediately: “I have a taste, have a taste!”

Just then, Little Gold suddenly stood up, raised her ears, and pointed in one direction to zhi zhi bark!

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