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3120.第3099章 突生异变

3120 Chapter 3099 Sudden Change

    第3099章 突生异变

Chapter 3099 Sudden Change


“You can come, it is already the most for me.” A good gift.” Feng Yinyin patted Han Sen’s back, said softly, apparently not wanting Hansen to be embarrassed.


Hansen apologized to Fengyin, saying: “I am sorry, I didn’t know that today is your birthday before I came.”


Everyone listens to Hansen, the face The smile became more and more fun, and the woman even snorted and said: “Who does not know that every year, everyone is celebrating birthday with music?”


Hansen ignored her and found a gene egg. Sent to the Fengyin sound: “So there is no way to prepare the gift box now, only to give it to you.”


“I like it very much.” Fengyin sound does not know that it is muted octave The eggs, just do not want Hansen to be embarrassed, so they directly received the past, with a smile to Hansen said.


“That is…mutated octopus eggs…” Feng Feifei on the side was surprised.


She looked at the Internet several times and always wanted to buy the Fengyin sound. It was quite familiar to the muted worm eggs. At this time, I saw the gene egg in the hands of Fengyin, and immediately recognized Come out.


“Really? Is it really muted?” Everyone has some unbelievable look at the gene egg in the hands of Fengyin. I don’t believe that there is such a clever thing, when it comes to muted Hansui really sent one.


“Fifi, don’t you admit it?” Situ Ya did not recognize the appearance of the mutated octagonal worm, and looked very skeptical to Feng Feifei.


Feng Feifei also carefully looked at the gene egg in Feng Yinyin’s hand. Suddenly looked like a think to Hansen. “Han Young Master, you just said that your online shop is called “Small shop?”


“Yes.” Hansen nodded.


After being confirmed, Feng Feifei’s eyes became strange: “You are the owner of a small shop. So, this is the muted octopus that you sold in your store. “”


“Yes.” Hansen nodded again.


A singer at the table was also surprised: “I remembered that it was a small shop. No wonder I felt a bit familiar. I also saw it on the Internet, muted octopus eggs. The price is 9.9 million, one point can not be less, I have a friend who bids 3 million, the store has not sold, the original owner of the store is Han Young Master, you?”


< p> Everyone listened to her saying this, I know that this one should be muted. The octagonal egg is no doubt. Looking at Han Sen’s eyes is a little weird.


Situ ya in the heart, and hate, and some do not want to believe, they smiled and said to Fengyin: “This rare gene type, not as good as the sound now hatches, let us I have a long experience.”


Fengyin sounded to Hansen, and Hansen smiled at her.


Fengyin sounds this and laughs, then activates his own Spiritual God bloodline and hatches the muted octopus eggs.


When a beautiful silver white octopus appears on the phoenix tone palm, it seems like a butterfly flying, Situ ya in the heart of the jealous heart is more prosperous.


“I have come to work step by step, I don’t know how many sins I have suffered, what I have never had, but she has it at her fingertips. Why?” Situ ya in the Heart hate, the smile on the face is more and more brilliant.


With the muted octopus as a gift, other people’s gifts are also brilliant, but they are not as eye-catching as the mutated octagonal insects.


Feng Feifei in the heart Many doubts about what Han Sen’s did, such a precious gift is unexpectedly given to Fengyin, she does not know what Hansen has saved.


It’s not like to say that Hansen is doing this to please her, but after all, Feng Feifei bought the body of the mutated octagonal worm from Hansen, and Hansen did not sell it to her. Offended the public uncle.


Now directly to the Fengyin sound muted the octagonal egg, obviously not for her Feng Feifei.


“How did the sound become a friend with him?” Feng Feifei wanted to ask, but it was not convenient at the party.


After this, many people have become interested in Han Sen’s shop and asked about the rare gene egg in Hansen.


The humans of Empire Great Universe are too dependent on the strength of the gene type. Anyone who can get a rare gene egg, anyone cares about one such friend.


Unfortunately, Han Sen’s answer made them a little disappointed. He only said that he only operated a small shop, selling some low-level gene eggs. The muted eggs have been placed to be the treasure of the town store. Other rarer gene eggs.


Those who are not very convinced, can easily send out the muted eggs, they do not believe Han Sen’s shop will be so simple, one by one secretly remember the name of a small shop, ready to go back to see a Look.


“Small aunt…how are you…” The banquet is going on, but the phoenix sounds suddenly pointed to Feng Feifei and screamed.


Everyone turned their heads and looked at Feng Feifei. After seeing the face of Feng Feifei, they were all shocked. I saw Fengfeifei’s eyes unexpectedly flowing and bleeding.


blood-red tears drip down the cheeks, with the beautiful face of Feng Feifei, there is a kind of terrifying beauty.


“I…what’s wrong with me…” Feng Feifei had some doubts. She seemed to be ignorant. She quickly took out a small mirror from the bag and looked at the mirror. She suddenly saw it. The two lines of blood and tears, in the heart suddenly shocked.


Almost without any hesitation, Feng Feifei directly summoned the Phoenix body fusion, the whole body of the fairy, surrounded by the Phoenix wings, showing the gorgeous divine light.


Feng Feifei knows that she must be in the strength of the gene type, but she does not know what the gene type is. She can only protect the body with the strength of the Phoenix, and hope can prevent the body from getting worse. .


But soon Feng Feifei found that it was useless. She had already reached the Adult Form’s God Grade Phoenix, and the unexpectedly one point effect was not.


At this point, she is not only bleeding in her eyes, but even bleeding in her mouth and nose, it looks like a ghost, even if it is the fairy of Phoenix, plus Her beautiful face can’t offset the terrifying.


“Feng everyone is flustered, I will help you.” A refined young man at the main table, the body is domineering, with a body fusion of the giant spirit, the body emits a holy light, and plays a The Holy Divine light falls on the Fengfeifei body and wants to help her suppress the body’s strange strength.


But obviously and nothing effect, Feng Feifei’s “both eyes” have become blood-red, and the mind seems to have a problem. Suddenly screams in the sky, the terrifying sound waves under the Phoenix blessing, directly The entire banquet hall was shattered.


The many aristocrates and nobles reactions in the hall are not slow, and they have resisted the terrifying tremolo with gene type body fusion, but many people are still screaming to the ground, one Seven sputum oozing.


Hansen reached out and pulled the phoenix sound behind him. The body scarlet rose and blocked the terrifying sound.


The original gorgeous banquet hall was almost turned into a garbage dump in an instant.


I really want to take a break for a break, and I haven’t let go of it for too long.


(End of this chapter)

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