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3121.第3100章 救人

3121 Chapter 3100 Saving People

    第3100章 救人

Chapter 3100 Saving People


Feng Feifei is one of the three major songs, and his strength is amazing, even though All are high-ranking people, and many people are hurt by her sound waves.


Even though someone uses the strength of the gene type to try to help her, it is useless. Her body’s 澎湃 音 sound is like a tide, and there is a Phoenix fairy charm. The external force can’t be close. .


This was originally her strength, but now it has become her desperate power.


The terrifying strength makes many experts unable to get close, making her unscrupulous.


Feng Feifei did not have an attacker. After a scream, unexpectedly stretched out the hands of the divine light bright, facing his face and inserting it.


If this is inserted, it is not just her eyes, I am afraid that the entire face will be destroyed.


“Don’t be aunt…” Feng Yinyin cried and yelled, trying to rush to Feng Feifei.


Hansen in the heart sighs, the figure flashes, and the moment comes to Feng Feifei behind him, a hand like a strong hoop around her body, giving her arms to her Blocked, so that she can’t help herself.


figure flashed, Hansen took Feng Feifei into the inside of a room in the side hall, then closed the door and said to the Fengyin sound running outside the door: “Little sound, guarding Door, don’t let anyone come in.”


Fengyin sounds don’t know why, in the heart is extremely trusting to Hansen, listening to Han Sen’s words, staying outside the door, blocking those who want to rush Going into many aristocrat experts.


The family members around Feng Feifei came over and were stopped by Fengyin. They also listened to the order and kept the door.


Inside the room, Hansen put Feng Feifei on the table and made her unable to move. Simultaneously another hand untied her chest to reveal reddish skin.


I saw only in the position of her heart, unexpectedly there is a shadow of dark azure, like a lotus flower, is emitting terrible fierceness, like a flower of death on her skin Blooming below.


Hansen palm above Blood Qi is pervasive, one hand pressed the shadow above, the nail pierced the skin, and the bones of the Bloody Demon Spirit were injected into it.


As the strength of Bloody Demon Spirit infiltrates into the blood, from the shadow, unexpectedly oozes out the silk bronze thread, just like a hair.


Those bronze silks were drilled out of her skin, with a trace of blood, the pain of the heart, and suddenly let Feng Feifei scream.


“Xiaoyin, Hansen’s origin is unknown, how can he let him alone with your little sister, let us go in.” Situ ya in the heart anxious.


She is naturally not worried about the safety of Feng Feifei, but she is afraid that Feng Feifei will not die. If Hansen really has the ability to shattering the squad, she is not willing to see it.


Now she is eager to get in, naturally is hope shattering Han Sen’s action, she does not have a one point accident, Feng Feifei must die.


Since Hansen doesn’t want people to go in, maybe the process of treatment can’t be disturbed. If she breaks in, she might be able to make Hansen fail.


“No, you can’t go in, San Mu, he is saving the little girl.” Feng Yinyin was very determined to stand in front of the door, his hands open and press the door frame, no one is allowed to approach.


“Little voice, you don’t know that the human heart is sinister. The Hansen’s origin is unknown. Maybe he is secretly hurting your little girl. Let’s go into the look soon, otherwise he will harm your little girl, then it’s too late. “Situ Yafeng Fengyin insisted on stopping, and said: “If he really wants to save people, why not save in our face, there must be awkwardness. We just go in and have a look, if he is really Save Feifei, we will not hinder him.”


Everyone feels reasonable, and they persuaded Fengyin, but Fengyin can’t hear anything, just keep it in front of the door. No one is willing to put it in.


“Ahh!” At this moment, the sound of Feng Feifei came out of the room, and the voice was a bit strange, one after another.


Feng Feifei is still in the state with the Phoenix body fusion. The sound is originally graceful and gentle. At this time, although it is screaming, it does not sound like that kind of scream, but more like It is uncomfortable.


The continuous call of among, the facial expression of the outside listened to some changes, some people with impure thoughts, some strange pictures appeared in their minds.


Where do they know that the bronze silk in the flesh, like the hair, is drilled out of the skin, making Feng Feifei painful, itchy and numb, and the sound of the call is naturally not pure pain. Calling, so it will be so strange.


“No, the bastard is afraid of insulting Fifi, we are going in.” Situ Ya knows that there is no such thing, but deliberately said so.


Among these guests, many young aristocrats are the pursuers of Feng Feifei, so they can’t stand it, even if the Fengyin sound is blocked.


Sure enough, I heard that Situ Ya said that many men are slightly changing facial expressions, and then listening to the painful screams, let them imagine.


“Miss sound, please let us in, otherwise if the person is evil to Miss Fifi, do you not harm your little girl?” A man walked to the front of Fengyin.


The man’s identity is extremely noble, and Situ Ya sees him talking, suddenly in the heart.


“San Mu will not harm Xiaogu.” Feng Yinyin said with certainty, she was innocent, and she believed that Hansen had no little bit shake.


“Small sounds she doesn’t understand things, but we can’t sit and watch Fifi being hurt by the wicked, and rushing in together.” Situ Ya said and went to the door.


Feng Feifei’s family wants to stop her. Situ Ya immediately said: “Small voice is not sensible, are you not sensible? We are all good at Fifi, if you are not at ease, you will go in together. “


A lot of family members are also hesitant. Once Han Sen’s history is indeed a problem, the voice coming from the room is really confusing.


While the family members hesitated, Situ rushed over and hugged the phoenix sound in front of the door and said to everyone: “Let everyone go in, never let the thief “Fifi.”


The Gui Young Master also said: “Go into the look together, you can’t let Feng everyone suffer a feel wrong. If he is really saving the Phoenix, maybe we can help one or two.” /p>


Those family members in the heart are also skeptical that Hansen is doing something to Feng Feifei in the end. At this time, I don’t know if it should stop, not to mention the value of the young Master, and the noble young. Master and several distinguished people have already walked to the front door with Situ Ya.


Fengyin in the end is too young to be able to escape from Situ Ya, can only scream: “You let me go, don’t let you in… Uncle Liu… you are in what the Matter… Stop them…”


“Small voice, we are also good for your little girl.” Situ Ya, for your good expression, palm can’t wait to push the door.


After pushing it for no push, knowing that the room is locked, Situ Ya is coldly snorted: “If he is nothing, he wants to lock the door.”


Situ Ya condenses strength and wants to force the door to open.


She used all her strength and wanted to be shocked.


(End of this chapter)

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