“The heart of the ancestors was high, aura is proud, and one heart wanted to fleshly body out of that step, which created Genealogy.” Laughter said: “Unfortunately, Genealogy in the end is just a hypothesis, not able to achieve No one can practice, including the ancestors themselves.”

“With the help of the gene primary body war armor, haven’t I already practiced Genealogy?” Hansen asked doubtfully.

I shook my head and said: “gene Primary Body contains the gene sequence of Universe myriad things. I use the strength of gene primary body to make your body barely meet the requirements of Genealogy, but that is only the minimum requirement for nothing. Genealogy genuine The pursuit is to break through the last step of its own gene, this one point is not to say that you are now, and there is no way to have a primary primary body war armor.

“Okay, time is not much, we must help the Bao’er fusion Super God Gene seed as soon as possible, and you need your help.” The chaotic finger said Han Sen’s chest said: “The Super God Gene semi-finished product in your body, for Bao’er will be helpful.”

“You mean the Promise?” Hansen took a glimpse of it and then understood what it meant.

“That’s not the Promise, it’s the Super God Gene semi-finished product that I and Bao’er used to combine the genes of our two people to suppress the ancestral use of the Super God Gene semi-finished products. Because there are too many defects, there is no possibility of continuing Evolution, but the Super God Gene seed Evolution used to help Bao’er still has some effect.”

“You said that the Promise is used to suppress the ancestors? But as far as I know, the Promise is the inaction of the ancestors…” Hansen said.

“You said that the inaction of the ancestors should be one of the life after the reincarnation of the ancestors, and it is still the one that got rid of the suppression of the Promise. If I guessed it correctly, after the reincarnation of the Taoist ancestors, it should be Qin Xiu today.” Affirmatively said.

Hansen has been surrounded to be able to figure out that the original ancestors, inaction and Qin Xiu are actually one person.

It is also a bit funny to think about it. Qin Xiu is actually an inaction, but now Qin State is the only empire that does not respect the Inaction Dao Palace and does not worship the inaction.

There was no mood and Hansen explained too much, and began to teach Bao’er how to use the Super God Gene seed, which is the Gourd reed vine.

In fact, only Bao’er can use that Gourd reed vine, and her gene is used to cultivate the growth of Gourd reed vine. Gourd reed vine also promotes Bao’er’s Gene Evolution.

The two can be said to complement each other and need each other.

Cao Hansen recovering strength as soon as possible, and then taught him a way to control the Promise egg, let Han Sen try to control the Promise egg, and after Hansen can control the Promise egg, you can use the Promise egg as Bao’er Supplement strength.

Just trying to control the Promise is not an easy task. Although the Promise can only be used to make a Super God Gene failure, its strength is very close to that step.

Hansen tried many times before he was able to control one point. He guided the strength of the Promise egg every day to baptize Bao’er, which enabled Bao’er and Gourd reed vine to have a faster Evolution.

After the thirty-third day of the war, Qin Xiu did not appear again. The war between the chaos and Spiritual God began. The battlefield for thirty-three days, the battle of the world of constant existence of God and the Spiritual God. The position of the master.

In today’s thirty-three days, there are already twenty eighthh layers in the day, in which the chaos will account for one-third, the Spiritual God account for less than one-third, and the other third is Occupied by some powerful creatures.

The Great Geneverse and the Empire Great Universe are also in chaos, and all kinds of broken beasts are rampant, but this has prompted a lot of experts to be born.

Especially in the Sky Garden, there are already many humans, Variant Spirit and variant creatures. Even in such a chaotic environment, humans still firmly occupy the dominant position of Sky Garden.

Hansen came to Sky Garden and killed a broken beast and swallowed a broken gene into his belly.

“Breakthrough gene +1.”

Han Sen’s breaking the gene has reached 97 points. Recently, Hunt and Kill has broken the world and it has been very difficult. Devaour has broken the gene and can increase one point.

But even so, because there are too many broken beasts, Han Sen’s broken gene is almost ready to reach full value.

Recently, Qin Xiu has no big moves, so after Hansen baptized Bao’er every day, he will enter the Great Geneverse Hunt and Kill. Although it is said that only Bao’er can fight Qin Xiu, Hansen It is not so thought that if it is possible, he is not willing to let Bao’er take risks, nor will he put both hope and responsibility on a child’s body.

“Genealogy, Ice Muscle Jade Bone, Mysterious Paradise Scripture, Bloodline Source God Scripture…” Hansen had spent the rest of his life in his mind.

“gene Primary Body war armor has the strength of the universe source, the myriad things gene sequence is in it, no matter how strong my strength is, still in the universe based inside, there is no way to break the gene primary body war armor, but how can Let my strength go beyond Rule outside?” Hansen pondered this question.

Hansen also knows that this is definitely not an easy task. The strength of the Promise is not as strong as that of Rule outside. It is just a failure.

Qin Xiu is so strong, and I can’t get out of that step. I can only use the strength of the Gene Primary Body war armor to attack that step.

Bao’er has an excellent inheritance of God and the predecessor of the Gene Shrine, but still has to communicate with the Super God Gene seed to make it possible to get out of that step.

“Don’t you say that there really is no way to rely on yourself to get out of that step?” Hansen muttered to himself.

“When I was with the body of Wan, I really felt the bottleneck of that step. Although there is no Waner now, my own strength may not be able to go that step.” Hansen is not an easy person to give up, even though A lot of people told him that only Bao’er could get out of that step, but Hansen didn’t want to give up, and he didn’t want to wait for Bao’er to solve the trouble.

When Hansen was thinking about it, he saw a silhouette coming slowly, and it was the Lord God of Gene Shrine.

“It looks like you are very upset.” God smiled and looked at Hansen.

“Thank you for saving us.” Hansen knew that the last time they had participated in the Battle of Goddess, it must be related to this one.

God shook his head and said: “I am not trying to save you, but to protect myself. If Qin Xiu kills Bao’er, then no one in this universe can contend with him.”

“Include you?” Hansen asked God.

God carefully said: “Yes, including me.”

“Qin Xiu is really so strong? Isn’t the strength of Resetting Grade all right?” Hansen frowned.

Of course, the chaos will be so powerful, or it will be suppressed by Resetting’s strength. Why can’t you use this trick to deal with Qin Xiu? This makes Han Sen very confused.

“Don’t you tell me that Qin Xiu itself has the gene of Resetting Spiritual God?” God’s words made Hansen in the heart again.

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