“Qin Xiu has the gene of Resetting Spiritual God? Which Resetting Spiritual God’s gene?” Hansen smiled a glimpse.

He knows that there are two Resetting Grade Spiritual Gods, one is the relative of Bao’er, and the other is the head of the shrine in front of him.

Qin Xiu If there is a gene with Resetting Spiritual God, it is impossible to be the inheritance in front of it. It seems that there is only one possibility.

However, this speculation surprised Hansen. If Qin Xiu really had the gene of the last shrine, what does this mean? Hansen feels that his brain as if is not enough.

“The chaos did not tell you the origin of Qin Xiu?” The owner of shrine is slightly surprised.

“She only told me that Qin Xiu is the ancestor, that is, the inaction,” Hansen said.

“This is true, but the ancestors themselves are one…” Speaking of this, the Lord of Shrine did not continue to say it, but he looked at Hansen slyly: “Since the chaos has not told you, I am not good.” mouth.”

Hansen suddenly had a black line, and he hated to have a foot on the face of the shrine Lord.

“Are you coming here to have the matter? Isn’t it just to see how I am depressed?” Hansen glared at the owner of shrine, not angry.

“How do we say that we are also involved to be friends, how can I be so ruthless?” The owner of shrine is still smiling like this: “I came here to find you, just want to know, Bao’er now how about it Once? Qin Xiu took the last step and took control of the gene monument, that is the large disaster of the company, and then only rely on Bao’er.”

“Qin Xiu, what do he want to do the matter?” Hansen really couldn’t figure out what Qin Xiu wanted to do.

The owner of shrine sighed softly: “I am not an insect in his stomach. I don’t know what he is thinking, but from what he has done, I am afraid he wants Resetting Great Universe.”

“Resetting Great Universe? What good is this for him?” Hansen is even more puzzled.

The last shrine owner, in order to Resetting Great Universe, even lost himself, except to prevent the chaos from going outside, it seems and nothing benefits.

The owner of shrine said: “Ordinary’s Resetting Great Universe is actually just returning the Great Universe to the source. It is similar to the Resetting of the Gene monument. It does not really reverse the space and time. But Qin Xiu has the Gene Primary Body war armor. Coupled with Resetting ability, and the strength of the gene monument, it may be able to cause the Great Universe to reverse the space and time and return to the moment Qin Xiu wants.”

Hansen in the heart suddenly jumped and seemed to understand that Qin Xiu wanted to say the matter: “Qin Xiu wouldn’t want to reverse the universe. Directly let Great Universe return to the era before Wan died?”

“Maybe, Qin Xiu’s feelings for Waner are unquestionable, that is to give him all the feelings. But in addition to the feelings of Waner, as Qin Xiu of the ancestor era, there is a great hate, I It’s not certain, he wants Reversion Universe to reverse when,” said the owner of Shrine.

“If Qin Xiu really reverses space and time, the result will be about it?” Hansen asked.

Shrine’s Lord is slightly moving his head: “I don’t know, no one has ever done it. There is no such possibility in theory, because space and time are linear, as long as they exist, they will leave traces, and it is impossible to return completely to the past. The resetting ability of our Resetting Grade Spiritual God is just to return the Great Universe to the source, not the reversal of space and time by the company.”

Paused , the owner of shrine went on to say: “If it is really successful, there are two possibilities in theory. One possibility is that all the space and time imprints are erased after the Resetting time point. Everything that happens after that. It won’t exist.”

Hansen is interested in the possibilities of Second. The first possibility is normal and he can think of it himself.

“Second is a bit more likely, because reversing space and time violates karma law. Under the basic rule, this kind of violation is not allowed, so those who violate the karma law will be obliterated. Said the Lord of shrine.

Hansen didn’t understand it at all. After repeatedly chewing it a few times, he was shocked by a cold sweat.

When the owner of shrine sees Han Sen’s expression, he knows that he understands what he meant. This is to say seriously: “It’s about the same as you think. If there is a Second situation, basically the universe is equal to the end, everything will be cleared. Zero, including you and me.”

“Since you know, why don’t you stop Qin Xiu?” Hansen asked the owner of shrine.

“Do you think I don’t want to stop it? But I am God, the master of Gene Shrine. All I can do is to allow inside in Rule, but Qin Xiu can do it, but in Rule outside, I say you understand. ?? The main source of shrine is bitter.

“Is there really no other way?” Hansen frowned.

“Yes, take the last step, detach from Rule outside and beat Qin Xiu so that he can’t Resetting Great Universe.” Shrine’s owner looked at Hansen seriously.

“I don’t want Bao’er to take on that big responsibility.” Hansen shook his head.

“I didn’t say Bao’er, I mean you.” The words of the head of shrine made Han Sen slightly stunned.

“You are not saying that only Bao’er can fight Qin Xiu?” Hansen looked at the owner of shrine.

“In theory, this is true. From the gene point of view, there is only Bao’er in the battle with Qin Xiu. There is no such a noble gene in the world.”

Hansen knows that the Lord of shrine is bound to have the following, and he waits quietly to listen.

The master of shrine really went on to say: “But there will always be accidents, maybe you will be the accident.”

“I have most of the opportunities?” Hansen asked the owner of shrine.

“So far, I haven’t seen the opportunity yet.” The answer to the Lord of shrine made Han Sen full of black lines.

The owner of shrine smiled and patted Han Sen’s shoulder and said, “If you can see the opportunity, how can you call it an accident? Try it, maybe there will be a chance of one billion to hit the Great Luck?” If you fail, it will have no effect on me. It is you who are dead and not me.”

Hansen was speechless for a while, and he felt that the Lord of Shrine came to be sincere to him.

“Okay, I should go.” The owner of shrine turned and was about to leave.

“You won’t wait to see the results?” Hansen did not believe that the Lord of Shrine was the kind of failure to give his own destiny to someone else’s fellow.

“I? I have to try my luck, maybe I can hit Great Luck?” The Lord of Shrine didn’t look back, just said with a smile, but people have disappeared into the void.

Hansen was surprised at the heart, the words of the owner of shrine said that it was easy, but Hansen felt a sense of ominous sense.

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