Looking at the direction of the Lord of the shrine, after a while, Han Sen only shook his head and smiled: “It is useless to think so much, just do what you can.”

Hansen continues to search for the Broken Beast, and wants to raise the break-up gene to 100% as soon as possible, and see what changes will happen to his Super God Spirit Body.

After killing several broken beasts in succession, Hansen originally thought that his destructive gene should reach one hundred, but the result made him somewhat confused.

When his break-up gene reached ninety-nine, he swallowed two broken genes, but did not increase the break-up gene.

“Is it because the breaking rate of those broken beasts is not high, or is it that the last one point breaks the gene and needs more accumulation?” Hansen did not know, he could only continue to search for Hunt and Kill.

Also devour a few broken-off genes, the result is still the same, there is no longer bound to break the gene.

Hansen is already thinking about whether to give up the Hunt and Kill first, but when he and Hunt and Kill a broken beast, devour broke the gene, unexpectedly heard the familiar voice.

“Breakthrough gene +1.”

Hansen is in the heart. He hasn’t waited for him to have Second thoughts, but he heard another voice.

“Evolution conditions are met… Super God Spirit Body Evolution…”

The next second, Han Sen’s Super God Spirit Body automatically starts, and instantly turns into a spirit body status.

But this time the Super God Spirit Body is a bit different. In addition to the Super God Spirit Body outside, the four gene techniques he originally practiced are also working smoothly.

Hansen can feel that the strength of the four gene techniques is rapidly transformed, not only the rate of breakage increases, but even his body is affected.

And this effect is spreading throughout the Super God Spirit Body.

The previous Super God Spirit Body is self-contained and will not be affected by other strength fusions or other strengths.

But this time, the Super God Spirit Body seems to be infected, and the pure spirit body status, unexpectedly changed.

Bloodline Source God Scripture The blood of the Super God Spirit Body is becoming more and more natural, no longer the void body of void.

Ice Muscle Jade Bone’s strengths are everywhere, and gradually the Ice Jade’s flesh is born.

As far as the mysterious Paradise Scripture’s strength is concerned, every inch of the spirit body seems to be in Transformation, and the strength of Genealogy makes the spirit body closer and closer to the flesh.

Hansen only felt the whole body numb and itchy, just like the wound is growing new meat, the feeling does not hurt, but it makes him very uncomfortable, there is a feeling that you want to reach out and grab.

However, Hansen is very clear, this time must not be grasped by hand, otherwise it will shattering the body’s Evolution, can only be forced to endure.

Under the whole body, there are countless insects crawling. The pure physical body produces a trace of flesh fascia, and the bone is more and more visible.

If someone sees Hansen’s current appearance, he will be shocked. Now Hansen is half-human and half-spirited, seemingly incomparable, like the Evil Spirit from hell.

Time One minute and a second, the physical body that was originally spiritualized under the Super God Spirit Body has completely recovered the normal human shape and looks no different from the ordinary person.

However, Hansen himself felt that he is still Super God Spirit Body status and has not left the status.

And compared with before, Han Sen feels more relaxed. Before using Super God Spirit Body, it will impose a great burden on the body. Now, there is no such feeling at all. As if his body should be like the general. .

When the Body Evolution was completed, Han Sen’s body relaxed, and it seemed that the body was different, but it seemed to be no different.

I quickly looked at my information.

Hansen: Super God Physique (none).

Life essence : 3246 years.

Hansen suddenly stopped. The humans from Sanctuary had Super God Physique. Before that, his Super God Physique was the Super God Spirit Body. After the Evolution, Super God Physique became nothing.

Hansen tried to use his own strength and found that the fleshly body could not be transformed Super God Spirit Body.

“How can this be the case? The more Evolution goes back?” Hansen’s face was puzzled.

Hansen tried to run his own gene technique again, and soon the facial expression became even more ugly.

He feels that his body as if has really become a general body, seemingly incomparably late, unexpectedly feels that strength does not flow in the body.

“What’s the matter?” Hansen was shocked. He ran several kinds of gene techniques in succession. The result was the same. No matter what gene technique he used, the body didn’t have a point feeling. It was like this body is a stone that is not wanted.

Hansen had to run back to the base of Sky Garden. He didn’t run fast. As if it really became a mortal, not much faster than the average person.

However, he didn’t seem to feel tired when he ran. He ran back to the base all the way. His face was not suffocating and he didn’t breathe. One point was tired.

“Mr. Bai, you help me look, what is my body?” Hansen found Mr. Bai.

Mr. Bai carefully looked at Han Sen’s eyes and said something strange: “When you look at your weather, there is no problem with your body. What happened to you?”

“My body doesn’t feel the existence of strength.” Hansen told Mr. Bai in detail about his situation.

Mr. Bai let Han Sen lie down, scrutinize Han Sen’s body, and then tell Han Sen very sure that his body is all right and there are no problems.

“Since there is no problem, why can’t I feel the existence of strength?” Hansen was very depressed.

Now he is as if is a magician who can’t feel the fluctuation of the elements. There is no way to use any strength beyond natural. This feeling is very bad.

Mr. Bai thought about it, then said to Han Sen: “let me think about it, wait for me to give you the answer. You should go to Han Yu Fei and let her give you a detailed physical examination. ”

Hansen had no choice but to go to Han Yu Fei again. Han Yu Fei listened to Han Sen’s narrative and Mr. Bai’s judgment. He suddenly threw his eyes and took Hansen to run in the lab.

Han Sen’s heart twitched and felt a little bad. Looking at Han Yu Fei’s expression, there seemed to be a feeling of slicing him several years.

“I still don’t check it first…” Hansen turned and wanted to go.

“Don’t be afraid, I will be very gentle with you.” Han Yu Fei put on the white gloves for the lab, and grabbed Hansen with a smile and pulled him into the lab.

If it is normal, Han Sen can go away with a thought. Han Yu Fei can’t catch him, but today he can’t feel the existence of strength. It is no different from mortal. There is no ability to escape. directly by Han Yu Fei Pulled into the lab.

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