“Don’t be surprised, as the owner of Gene Shrine, I can’t let everyone know that I am going to participate in the battle of Gene Monument? It’s not difficult for me to get a Doppelgänger,” God said with a smile.

Hansen suddenly understood that the relationship between Gene Shrine and Gene monument is like the ruling party and the opposition party. Now the owner of Gene Shrine is the authentic president. It is obviously inappropriate for a president to go to another internal party election. of.

“Is the crape myrtle is your name?” Hansen asked.

God shook his head: “No, I was originally called Lager, but no one knows my name nothing more.”

“I said Zibo Big Bro, what do you mean? Why did you pull me into Gene Shrine at this time?” Hansen really didn’t have much thoughts and talked about Ziwei.

Ziwei said: “Your strength is not enough to defeat that person. At least before you can completely control your body, don’t fight with him.”

“If I don’t fight, it will be Bao’er when I go to war,” Hansen said.

“So your time is running out, let’s start now.” Ziwei said.

“What do you mean?” Hansen also guessed a few points, but he did not know what to do with Ziwei.

Ziwei pointed out that the jade wall said: “You can know why the Empire Great Universe existence of God temple without clan’s lantern, and the Great Geneverse has clan’s lantern but no existence of God temple?”

“I just want to ask.” Hansen asked.

“Energy conversion is Yin-Yang alternate, said vulgar one point, you eat into the cake, it is impossible to pull the cake out.” Ziwei smiled out.

Hansen dumbstruck looked at Ziwei, it is hard to believe that people like Ziwei, unexpectedly will say such things.

“Cough, this is what I said when I was in the world, a very interesting person said, although the words are a bit rough, but it makes a lot of sense.” Ziwei lightly coughed and continued: “The life of two Universes The same is true of reincarnation, so the life of two universes is divided into Yin-Yang. Although this Yin-Yang is relative, there is no distinction between genie and yang, but if you want to distinguish, which universe do you think? More like a hell?”

Hansen considered it for a moment: “Great Geneverse is more like hell?”

“Why do you think so?” Ziwei engrossing looked at Han Sen.

“Because there is no pure human being in the Great Geneverse,” Hansen said.

“You are right to say that, the Great Geneverse is indeed more like the underworld, but not because there is no human being there, but because the life there is closer to the essence.” Ziwei said.

“Essence?” Hansen does not understand the meaning of Ziwei.

Ziwei did not explain: “There is no time to explain it to you slowly. In short, you can understand that life is covered with a human skin at the time of Empire Great Universe, and when it comes to Great Geneverse, it takes off the human skin. “”

Said, Ziwei refers to the jade wall and said: “This jade wall records all the gene type families that become the superior clan. Of course, it not only records the name of the superior clan, but also records the growth of those superior clan genes. Evolution process, the name of this jade wall is called the wall of Evolution.”

“You brought me, wouldn’t you just want to tell me this?” Hansen said, looking at the wall of Evolution.

“Your body Evolution is a little different from other Universe’s other creatures, which makes you lose your way and can only come out with a new truth. No one can give you pointers, only you can move forward in the wilderness. But this Face Evolution, but it can give you one point of help, or it can make you know yourself more clearly.” Ziwei said, palm pressed on the wall of Evolution.

Suddenly I saw that many of the texts on the wall of Evolution were lit up, exuding their unique charm.

Originally, each word is ordinary, but now those words seem to be flesh and blood, have their own unique temperament, just look at it, it is impossible to forget, as if that is not a text, but a living Creature is average.

When Hansen looked at the word, he saw an angel with a white wing. When he looked at the Buddha, he saw a solemn Buddha.

Every word represents the charm of a race. It is not a real person, but a miniature gene of a race.

When Hansen was watching, he saw a text on the wall of Evolution shining like a sun.

Hansen recognizes that the word is heaven, referring to Heaven Clan, and Heaven Clan is a branch of super superior clan, looks very similar to humans, but has the unique temperament of Heaven Clan.

In that beautiful, Hansen seems to see a Heaven Clan man coming out of the wall of Evolution. The man is somewhat like the Heaven-Suppressing Palace Lord, and some are like Yu Shanxin, and some are like Gu Zhu.

This man body combines all the advantages of Heaven Clan, powerful, sinister, persistent, fearless, and his body has all Heaven Clan innate skills that Hansen knows and doesn’t know.

And the breath of his body, unexpectedly let Han Sen have the feeling of facing the expert.

Ziwei continued: “The wall of Evolution can evolve a race’s final Evolution shape. Although it is only a corollary, not a real existence, all creatures will follow this trajectory Evolution, unless there is a bizarre accident. Otherwise, the result of this race’s final Evolution is the same.”

“Is this what Heaven Clan looks like after becoming a Universe class?” Hansen asked, looking at the Heaven Clan man who was calculated by the Evolution wall.

“No, no, since ancient times, there have been tens of thousands of races of superior clan, but no matter how calculate, no race can be a universe. Even though the races are different, the potential is different, and the final height can be different. But the most outstanding race in the ancient times, only to reach the level of the chaos, is still half a step away from the Universe level.”

Ziwei glanced at the word and said: “Heaven Clan’s innate skills and potential are very good. If they can maximize their potential, after generations of Heaven Clan’s endless years of evolution, they will be able to reach this step. Even if I am not much worse than now, of course, the current Heaven Clan is still far to that extent, which is only a hypothesis.”

“Do you want the Evolution wall to calculate my evolution direction?” Hansen said as he looked at the Evolution wall.

Ziwei smiled and shook his head: “In fact, I have tried it. The result is that it cannot be calculated. Your direction of Gene Evolution has deviated from the evolution track of the general creature. The stability of the Evolution wall is useless to your body.”

“What do you mean?” Hansen don’t understand Ziwei wants to have the matter.

“The wall of Evolution is useless to you, but the future possibilities of these races that it has calculated will be still somewhat useful for you. You will slowly realize it. Remember not let me wait too long.” Sen smiled and then Hansen felt a flower in front of him, and the body was sucked into the wall of Evolution.

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