Super Island Lord Chapter 642

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“You make dinner!” Zhao Xue ignored him, picked up his son panting with rage and walked toward the bedroom! At exactly this time, Chun Xiang that girl opened the door and entered, looked at Zhang Heng who was sitting on the sofa, blinked, and chuckled softly and said, “What are you doing badly? Sister Xue that caused such a big fire? “

Zhang Heng smiled wryly and shook his head, and walked towards the kitchen with the vegetables! I have to cook it myself for dinner. “Do you want me to help?” Zhao Xue asked with a smile, but his sincerity was not obvious.

“No need to!”

After entering the kitchen, Zhang Heng frowned. Zhao Xue’s words reminded him that he was just thinking about going, but what should I do when he comes back?

Not surprisingly, the gate of time and space hidden in the underground pyramid has existed for at least 1000 over 10,000 years. For such a long time, no one on Earth has found it, and it can be explained. But if the gate of time is On the opposite side, it is really the fragment that belongs to the ancient Greek mythology world, as A’Dai speculated. Will those races belonging to the’god’ not find the time and space gate of the’crossing’?

“A’Dai!” Zhang Heng called out A’Dai!

A’Dai appeared on the screen with a straight face, frowned and looked at Zhang Heng and said, “Boss, A’Dai has heard what the hostess said just now!”

Zhang Heng nodded and asked, “According to your calculations, in the ruins that Xiao Wu discovered, what is the surname of the’Gate of Time and Space’?”

“For the time-space gate of surname quality, the surname may be very large, and the specific data needs to be sent to reach a specific conclusion after sending someone over.” A’Dai shook the head, she did not think about this issue at first, only analyzed it. The other party’s world, what surname belongs to, and other issues.

“As you said, the opposite of the gate of time and space is the fragment of the ancient Greek mythology world. People living in the era of Nako, or Spiritual Gods, are all Great Experts. If we rashly send someone over, it is very likely. It’s easy for the opposing party to discover the “gate of time and space” that the opposing team wears, and thus invade the current Earth. If the characters in ancient Greek mythology come to Earth, even if they are thinking of peace, Earth will become chaotic. Right?” Zhang Heng asked with a wry smile.

A’Dai shrugged his shoulders, nodded. However, Zhang Heng wrinkled his brows again, and said with a helpless smile: “If it’s really like what Boss inferred, then there might have been races in the time and space fragments on Earth, invading Earth, not just God, maybe there are fairies, ghosts, alien creatures, etc.!”

Zhang Heng thought for a while, shook his head and smiled bitterly and said, “Yes, but now at least in the eyes of the ordinary person, Earth is still very peaceful, to live together in harmony, isn’t it!”


“Blocking off that area, let’s ignore the gate of time and space for now, and I’ll be talking for a while!” Zhang Heng considered it and returned to his smile. Even if you want to go on an expedition, you will have to deal with the things on Earth for the time being. Zhao Xue is right. He is already a dad now. Even if he doesn’t think about it for himself, he still has to think about it for his family.

I made dinner and asked Zhao Xue and his son to go out for dinner, but Zhang Heng didn’t have a good face. Zhang Heng is not angry either, Zhao Xue is not doing this for himself and his family!

“Okay, okay, I listened to my wife, staying at home obediently and honestly, can’t you go nowhere? I’ll be my full-time dad in peace at home. I do everything else. Leave it behind for the time being, don’t care.” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

“Really? It’s not as good as it sounds right now. Looking back and find some time to sneak away, right? I can talk about my ugliness first. If you run away by yourself and call me understood, we will get divorced. I will find a good man again. Bring your son to marry, wait till you get back, and it’s hard to say whether your son’s last name is surnamed Zhang!” Zhao Xue still didn’t believe what Zhang Heng said and gave him a vicious shot!

Zhang Heng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and continuously guaranteed that he would never sneak away. Zhao Xue’s face was better now, and he was eating with Xiao Tianbao. Little Brat looked at Zhang Heng’s body with big eyes, and he didn’t know what he was thinking about!

“Our little Tianbao is indeed different from other children’s children. How long have you been born now, you have your own ideas, and you know what to remember!” Zhang Heng smiled and remembered Little Brat about KFC, and Zhao Xue and others In the future, Zhao Xue and Little Chun Xiang are also very surprised.

Zhao Xue smiled proudly and said: “Don’t look at who it is, dignified. My Zhao Xue’s son can be the same as the common child? My son is a genius with a more developed brain than Einstein, son , You have to grow up quickly, and wait for your mother to find you some beautiful wives in the future.” He hugged Little Brat and kissed him on the face.

“Hey!” Little Brat didn’t know if he understood it or was itchy by Zhao Xue’s kiss, so he couldn’t stop laughing.

Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head. With such a mother, the sons who will be cultivated in the future are also impossible to be dedicated and focused!

After eating, Little Brat was taken away by Chun Xiang, saying that he would sleep with Xiao Tianbao in his arms at night. Dafei eagerly’s also followed, the veritable henchman followed!


Lying on **, wearing only 4 corner **, holding Fengshen Technology’s latest tablet in my hand. The tablet computer that Zhang Heng is playing with is only 4 inches thick and 6 inches thick. It has a metal back shell, a special capacitive touch screen, a central processor with six cores, 9.9g of memory, and is equipped with a front 6w camera and a rear 64w camera. Standby The duration is seventy two hours, absolutely 800% kill all similar products on the market today.

This tablet is named, c13!

This year, Fengshen Technology’s flagship product has a market price (from 88 onwards, which is absolutely civilian consumption. After being put on the market, the company expects that it will have a huge impact on the tablet computer market and the mobile phone communication market, and at the same time. High configuration, it is possible to reach the point of one person!

However, it hasn’t been listed yet, and Fengshen Company has set a specific listing time on July 7. It is sold simultaneously globally, but in the company’s warehouse, there are already 12 million in inventory. Obviously, the senior management of Fengshen Technology Company is confident in c200000000!

Fengshen Technology Company has completely separated from Dream Technology. Now the CEO of the company is a lady named Kang Rong, who does not belong to any faction on Zhang Family’s Island, and is completely supported by A’Dai. of. Zhang Heng not at all intervened and remained silent.

A’Dai’s information to Zhang Heng, Kang Rong, female, (years old, MIT Business Management Dr., master’s degree in finance, 4 years old, 15 years old admitted to MIT with honors, juvenile genius, beautiful Chinese!

When Ms. Kang Rong was in charge of Fengshen Technology Company, the operating company was listed on Wall Street, and the company’s market value is now stable at around 400100000000 USD.

The company’s product, idiv587 smart phone as a system, high-end communication product “Fengshen v587” mobile phone, global sales exceeded 60 Million units.

This year, we plan to enter the tablet computer industry, with the c13 as the flagship model. Ready for global sale!

Fengshen Technology has 69 global strategic partners, owns 3 factories, 2 R&D centers, and 3400 employees worldwide!

Since taking charge of Fengshen Technology Company, Kang Rong has joined Zhang Family’s Island. As Fengshen Technology is a member of Zhang Family’s Island management committee, Helmsman can directly become a member of Zhang Family’s Island Committee. However, on the surface, Kang Rong is the first batch of special technological talents that Zhang Family’s Island has absorbed this year.

Although Zhang Heng has seen Ms. Kang Rong’s photo, he has not seen herself. A’Dai has always wanted to recommend Zhang Heng, but for various reasons or accidents, it was delayed!

In fact, Zhang Heng also understands the meaning of A’Dai. It is nothing more than to train Kang Rong as her spokesperson in reality. A’Dai can be unimpeded in the world, but there are still big constraints in the real world. You need someone who can do things for yourself, confidant!

In this regard, A’Dai learned from the people on Zhang Family’s Island!

Zhao Xue walked in around the bath towel after taking a shower, crawling, leaning against Zhang Heng’s arms, and asked in a low voice curiously: “What are you looking at?”

Zhang Heng laughed, and showed her the tablet computer in his hand. Two white-and-white women were playing a pan-intestine battle on the screen. It is the world-famous actress Mingbu, sitting on the male actor, able to move unhindered and galloping. The famous island country’art’ movie!

Zhao Xue cursed with a smile and crossed his eyes, and said, “You, what’s so good about this, that many women are not enough for you to see? Why do you men have such a virtue!”

“Family name!” Zhang Heng laughed. After turning off the movie on the tablet, he threw it on the corner of the bed, hugged Zhao Xue and buried his head in her neck, and kissed him. It’s time to pay the’public food’ again! I don’t know when it started. The two people have become very regular in this regard. When Zhang Heng is around, he basically has 2 times in 3 days and rest a day!

After being caught by Zhang Heng a little bit, Zhao Xue became interested. The two kissed for a while, Zhao Xue rolled over and rode on Zhang Heng, hugging his neck, and whispered “husband, don’t you go, okay?” Zhao Xue I know Zhang Heng better than anyone. If Zhang Heng wants to go, she can’t stop it. Now it doesn’t work to be coquettish and coquettish. The only effective way is the warmth offensive. Although some of his qualities are not very good, he is still a man who cares for the family, he won’t even want his wife and son!

Zhang Heng was stunned, then smiled and patted her sex twice, and said, “I won’t say anything, I won’t go for the time being. I’m also afraid that after coming back, my son will not be surnamed Zhang.”

“Can you not go there in the future?” Zhao Xue lifts the head, looking at him with big bright and intelligent eyes, and whispered: “I’m really afraid that something will happen to you. You are my backbone and spiritual support now. I will rely on you for the rest of my life with my son!”

“I understand!” Zhang Heng kissed her and said with a smile: “Your husband’s ability, others don’t know, don’t you know? In this world, how many people can hurt me!”

“But I’m still afraid!” Zhao Xue muttered! (To be continued.)

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