Super Island Lord Chapter 644

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“Do you dare to hit me!” The woman named Sister Ying sat down on the floor, holding her reddish face in her hands, and glared at the man who was doing her own hands. .

Zhang Heng has almost never beaten a woman, this time it is an exception. I ignored her, walked over and picked Little Brat from the ground, and asked nervously, “Son, are you okay? Where did you fall? Does it hurt?”

“Huh?” Xiao Tianbao screamed, staring, as if to ask, what happened. He has never encountered this kind of “accident” before. Don’t everyone like them very much? However, Little Brat was blinded, but he didn’t mean to cry!

Let alone being pushed down by someone, it is just being kicked. Maybe it will not feel too much!

Lemon also didn’t expect, the little child’s father would directly hit someone, and she opened her mouth, she didn’t know what to do!

“I hit someone, I hit someone…” The woman sitting on the ground suddenly yelled!

He shivered the Little Brat he was holding in Zhang Heng’s arms, turned his head and looked at her with big eyes. In his young mind, he still can’t understand why these things are, but it’s certain. Leave him a very deep memory, even, will accompany him for life!

“If you want to die, just call it!” Zhang Heng turned his head and looked at the woman’s eyes on the ground coldly. A cold and gloomy breath made the other’s voice stop abruptly.

“Sorry, first of all, let me apologize to you for my friend. For whatever reason, it’s not right for her to push the child. But, you can’t just be an adult?” Lemon bit his lip and stood up. , At this time, there are already crowds watching the excitement. Some distance away, pointing fingers to 3 people!

Someone has already taken out their mobile phones and started shooting videos!

“A’Dai, what happened here, I don’t want any video information to be spread!” Zhang Heng whispered a command to A’Dai. Human flesh searched for too terrifying. Zhang Heng didn’t want outsiders to break him and his family. calm life.

Zhang Heng also heard what the sister named Ying said just now. Nodded and expressionless, he said: “I am the child’s father. If you change your son and get pushed down, what’s your mood? If you don’t slap her, you can still accompany your face. You apologize? Your clothes, I can accompany you. Isn’t it just a few thousand Yuan things, as if you are so high-end.” Zhang Heng reached into his arms, took out the checkbook from the emerald ring in his hand, and signed it. I received a check for 1000 yuan and threw it on the ground. I gave the woman on the ground indifferently, turned and walked forward with his son in his arms!

There are too many people in the mall, even if Zhang Heng is angry, he can’t kill people.

“Yeah!” Xiao Tianbao turned his head and looked at the two women behind him, moved towards the woman with thin legs in jeans and called twice! I don’t know if I’m saying goodbye or cursing.

Zhang Heng was all amused. My own son is really a real treasure. He was pushed around and he didn’t even cry. He was struggling and wanted to run on the ground by himself!

“Don’t hit someone else this time!” Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head, and put him on the floor. Little Brat turned his head and wanted to run back, but was pulled by Zhang Heng!

He raised his head and stared at Zhang Heng with big eyes, then turned his head and walked straight ahead!

Sister Ying sat on the ground and came back to his senses for a while, but by this time Zhang Heng had already taken her son away.

“This little cuckold kid dared to beat the old lady. I have not finished with him today.” The foul-mouthed man got up and wanted to pick up the bag that had fallen 2 meters away, but he just stood up and sat down with a soft foot. go back!

Watching the crowd in the distance, someone suddenly shouted, “Look, that woman is peeing her pants!”

Did you pee your pants?

Many people were unable to bear for a moment, and wondered what was going on, why did they pee their pants? The woman named Sister Ying wore not jeans, but a black high-end ol suit. When she knelt and asked to get up from the mall floor, there was obviously a wet mark on the back of her butt, and people with sharp eyes could see it. There is a small pool of water on the floor.

“What’s the matter? Why is this woman peeing her pants after being slapped? Husband, don’t you think this is strange!” A woman’s voice asked the man next to her. The woman named Sister Ying is also good-looking. She has the temperament of a business elite, and she feels like a white-collar worker. The woman standing next to her, no matter her body or appearance, is very Well, a woman is a special kind of animal. Even if her friend is beautiful, she will be jealous. Even if she doesn’t say it, she will have that emotion in her heart. Now it’s hard to catch the opportunity for the other party to make a fool of herself. How can she miss it? Too!

The man slung beside her answered even more absolutely.

“Perhaps they are born with a tendency to be abused. Some people’s physique is different from ordinary people. These people tend to do things in a common posture. When you are in love, you can’t get a high dynasty, only when you are strongly stimulated by external forces. For example, if you use a whip to slap her, put wax on her body, or tie her up, you will get exceptional satisfaction!”

Sister Ying was trembling with anger as she listened to what the other party said. She is not mentally ill, so how could she have a tendency to be abused!

“Oh, the husband, you mean that this woman was slapped orgasmed by the child father just now. Is it mad?” The female audience deliberately pulled the long tone, with a face of sudden realization, and called and asked.

“I infer that if it is correct, it should be!”

“Hey, this woman is really silver… Dang!”

Sister Ying was almost mad when she was pointed fingers by the people around her. These people are really hateful. She is the weak and the target of violence. Not only do they don’t care about themselves, why are they still hit a person when he’s down? “You, you will all get retribution!”

“Husband, is that woman going crazy? Let’s go, she won’t even let go of a small beanie that is so big, she may bite us when she gets up soon.” The woman who just strayed from her was around Amidst the crowd booing, the man dragged the man to retreat quickly! !

Lemon blushed and squatted down. She didn’t know how to comfort Sister Ying. Just now, she started beating the child, and many onlookers around saw it. If you want to talk about the weak, she will definitely not be a person worthy of sympathy. What made her even more puzzled was how did Sister Ying pee? There are that many people taking pictures with their mobile phones around, this person can be regarded as a big loss, is it possible that she is really like the man who left just now, is an abused physique?

Even Sister Ying didn’t know how she was urinary incontinence!

“I’m not going, give me my cell phone, I want to call, I want someone to clean up that man, dare to beat me, I tell him to die, bastard, my old lady is endless with him today.” Sister Ying whimpered. Yelled yelled, not at all, not at all. I didn’t leave in such a dingy manner. Instead, I chose to call someone to get back today’s’changzi’. In short, you can’t take this slap for nothing. If you don’t blackmail the other party selling the kidney, she will not be called Sister Ying today!

The woman named Ying Sister indeed has several points of energy in Yunhai City. She opened a not-so-small bar in the city center. Common is very arrogant and despotic, and her language is harsh. This is directly related to her unfortunate marriage. . Her ex-husband chose to divorce her because she couldn’t give birth to a child, and fell into the arms of Xiao3, so she especially hated children!

This is also the main reason why this happened today!

“Hey, Wang Chao? I’m your sister Ying. I asked someone to call someone in the mall. You don’t care about it. If you don’t care about it, I will just call the people in my bar to watch the scene. That bitch is raised. Yeah, he did it first. I still have a slap print on my face. You go out to the police and catch him back, and when you get to the police station, you will kill me and clean him up. If something goes wrong, I will take care of it. I will call my cousin soon and ask him to contact the leader of the city bureau!” After getting her mobile phone, Sister Ying called her friend at the nearby police station.

First of all, she is a victim, and she doesn’t want the other person’s life. She has to return her slap, not only to return it, but also the other party to pay a monetary price for what she did. The slap of oneself must not be slapped for nothing, at least he must pay 1,000,000. If the price is less, he will talk face to face!

As for the pissing on pants, I changed other women, and I longed to find a place to sew them and leave the mall as quickly as possible. But she didn’t, she would pee her pants. What’s the worst thing about this? Her own incontinence is legal, and she can ask for more spiritual compensation.

What a shame these days, it’s true that you can get the money in your hands. Not only Zhang Heng, but the couple just now, she also hated her. After a while, she asked Wang Chao, who was called the Public Security Bureau, to look up the two people and sue them for libel. By the way, this is sister Ying. Before opening a bar, she was a lawyer!

Zhang Heng was watching a few beauty shopping guides trying on clothes for Little Brat, the police, the Chief-In-Charge of the mall, and the two women just now came to the door, making him frowned. Originally, this matter was going to pass, and his son was not injured, and he was unwilling to care about anything, but the other party didn’t want him to be happy!

“Is that the lady you hit just now? Courage is not small, ah, you dare to beat people brazenly, you still don’t understand the law. Now people are telling you to hurt you on purpose, come with us!” A 3 15 The -16-year-old middle-aged policeman looked at Zhang Heng and said coldly, holding a pair of handcuffs in his hand. He looked like he wanted to copy Zhang Heng back!

“You mean intentional injury is intentional injury? I don’t understand the law, surely you understand? Don’t speak so loudly. I have a bad heart. Don’t scare me with handcuffs here. Maybe I will let the lawyer complain to you when I turn around. “(To be continued.)

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