Super Island Lord Chapter 645

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Zhang Heng looked at the policeman and the two women who came over. There was no unexpected expression on their faces, they were calm. People are all face-to-face, sometimes I lose face, I just want to find it back, such is human nature things, even more how, judging from the tone of the woman and the clothes she wears, she doesn’t look like an ordinary person !

“This is not a criminal dispute. There is no need to bring handcuffs? They all live in this city. It’s not good for anyone to look up without looking up, and it’s not good for anyone to tear their face, right?” Zhang Heng grinned at the police officer laughed. Turned around and said with a smile to the waiter: “The clothes that my son tried just now are packed for me. Of course, it is best to find someone to help me send it to the parking lot below!”

Wang Chao is frowned, he can climb to the position he is today, and he is definitely not a second-hand. The other party has a calm look. Seeing that he is bringing people over, he knows the background of the other party without the slightest panic. It is definitely not that simple. After thinking about it, not at all must copy Zhang Heng.

After all, as the other party said, even if you hit someone, you don’t need to be handcuffed as long as it is not a minor or severe injury, that is, a civil dispute. For an ordinary person, copying it back means copying it back, but if the background of the other person is really not simple, this is nothing to trouble yourself!

“Crap him!” The woman named Sister Ying shouted arrogantly from the side Unable to bear. The lemon who was with her pulled her from behind, and there were still many people around watching!

People in China are very keen to watch the excitement, and my surname cannot be changed for a while!

Zhang Heng turned his head and looked at her eyes, then suddenly grinned and said, “The palm fan didn’t hurt just now. Isn’t it enough for you to remember your last name?”

I don’t know why, Sister Ying suddenly felt chilly behind her back, the feeling of squeezing her bladder and urinating again, and she immediately came out, but she forcibly held it back!

“You, you are a threat. Everyone has heard it. He has already admitted that he hit me.” Sister Ying did not dare to look at Zhang Heng’s eyes, but her mouth was not at ease. In any case, she felt quite aggrieved in her heart when she was beaten by someone today. This tone was meant to be released anyway!

“Sister Ying, wait for me to talk to the police station!” Wang Chao winked at the other party secretly and said softly.

After finishing swiping the card, Zhang Heng hugged Little Brat and smiled and said, “Why don’t this matter today? This woman only slapped it, which is a minor one. If it makes a big mess, I don’t care about it later. what!”

Wang Chao looked at Zhang Heng’s eyes, then turned to look at the woman named Ying, this young man made him somewhat hesitating, no one would trouble himself for nothing, and things that had nothing to do with him. Who is not willing to do more than to do less? There is nothing too special about the relationship between him and this Ying sister, that is, they are familiar with each other. He often goes to each other’s bar to drink, eat for nothing, so-called cannibalism. , Take the manpower short, just like this.

“Just forget it? Huh, you think it’s beautiful, is my slap so white?” Sister Ying glared at Zhang Heng and exclaimed, now she still feels a hot pain on her face!

Zhang Heng shrugged, smiled and didn’t say anything, took out his mobile phone and called Zhao Xue. He is now a full-time dad. For this kind of’showing face’ thing, let our wife take care of it!

“Husband, what’s the matter? I’m in a meeting!” Zhao Xue didn’t avoid anyone. After answering the phone, he turned his chair around. Behind her is the huge conference room, at least 30 senior management of several companies. Tell her to answer the phone. There is no way, who calls them the company’**oss’, and Feiyi Group is not a listed company. Even if there is a board of directors, it is basically the same.

“Let’s open it up later. My son called someone to beat him. Now they call the police and take me and my son to the police station for interrogation. Please hurry up and find someone to rescue us!” “Zhang Heng deliberately said with a pitiful smell in his voice.

Zhao Xue was stunned. The first thing he felt was that this man was fooling himself again. As far as his ability to fuck, not to mention the police, even the super special police might not be able to stick to him when he went out. Watching your son get beaten? rolled the eyes, and said angrily: “I’m in a meeting, I don’t want to play with you here, please play with your son, be good!”

Second couple!

Zhang Heng smiled bitterly and said: “I really didn’t make you funny, let the police tell you if you don’t believe me.” Lifts the head, and gave the phone to the policeman who took the lead, said with a smile: “Take the address of your police station and the current situation. , Simply tell my wife, she will come to redeem us with a lawyer and money later!”

When Wang Chao listened to the other party’s words, there was a feeling in his heart that he wanted to laugh bitterly, redeeming him? I am the Bureau Chief, not a kidnapper!

After thinking about picking up the mobile phone, expressionless, acting like an official business, said: “Hello, I am the leader of the Lunan District Police Station. Now your family members are suspected of deliberately injuring others. They will be brought back to the police to assist in the investigation. If If you have time, please come here as soon as possible!”

I didn’t wait for the person on the other end of the phone to speak, so I hung up the phone first. If you have any questions, please go back to the police station and talk!

“Let’s go!” Wang Chao returned the phone to Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng laughed and said softly: “Don’t be nervous, today’s things have nothing to do with you, don’t worry. I am a person who doesn’t like to make trouble, and usually things make me trouble!”

Don’t like to make trouble? Wang Chao rolled the eyes in his heart and said that he didn’t like to cause troubles. You still slapped people’s faces. Is this trouble causing you?

Zhao Xue froze for a moment with the phone, and then rolled the eyes, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and muttered to himself: “Isn’t it just letting you watch your son for a few days? It made me messy. “But the other party made the phone call, she can’t leave it alone, Zhang Heng alone, let him go fooling around, the point is that there is still a son here!

“Let’s stop here for today’s meeting. I have some urgent things to deal with. By the way, Xiao Li, you called the company’s legal counsel and asked them to go to the Lunan District Bureau. Some things need them. !” Zhao Xue stood up from the chair after saying that, waved his hand to indicate that everyone could end the meeting.

Sales director Zhang Qi, his face turned dark when he saw Zhao Xue walking out of the conference room. He was planning a series of romantic actions in secret. He wanted to get this rich beauty woman in hand, as long as he got married with her. I really don’t have to worry for the rest of my life. But 1000 counts 10000 counts didn’t expect, the other party actually already has a master! This is like saying that the grass boat borrows arrows, the boat is there, the grass is there, the east wind is also there, and Cao ** ran away!

“Huh?” Little Brat looked at the beautiful girl and stomped again in Zhang Heng’s arms.

Zhang Heng smiled bitterly and shook his head. His son seemed to be a little concerned about this beauty, but is the difference in age a bit too big? When you are 20 years old, no, when she is 13 years old, she is in her 30s, and now she is not a young girl, and she became a charming child at that time!

Yunhai City Lunan District Police Station!

Just when Zhang Heng got out of the police car with his son, the lawyer team of Feiyi Group was already standing in a row, waiting for orders with serious faces!

“My fellow Li Dahai, the legal counsel of Tian City Law Firm High-Grade, now I have taken over the case of my client. Bureau Chief Wang can ask me directly if he has anything!” A thin middle age in his early 40s person, walked over directly. Tian City Law Firm and this well-known lawyer named Li Dahai are both celebrities in the legal world.

Wang Chao was stunned. He thought that the other party would have some background, but he didn’t expect that the other party’s background would be so hard that they hadn’t come back yet, so their lawyer came to the door and waited. Fortunately, domestic laws are not as popular as those in the West, and there are some loopholes that can be exploited.

“Tian City Law Firm?” The woman named Ying Jie was also a little dumbfounded. She had been in the legal profession for several years, and of course she would not be too unfamiliar with Tian City Law Firm. Let’s describe it this way. If you compare the law world to If it is martial arts, then the Tian City law firm is Shaolin Wudang of Yunhai City. The well-deserved Mount Tai Beidou. It is difficult for people without a certain identity and financial power to invite the other party to go!

As for this man named Li Dahai, the official Sect Master of Tian City Law Firm! Why did he come in person today?

“You, hello!” Wang Chao smiled bitterly and shook hands with the other party.

Li Dahai calmly said: “Now, please let the Wang Bureau Chief tell me the specific details of this case!”

weng! The sound of the engine…from far to near!


A beautiful drift, a fiery-red limited edition’Feiyi Show off’ parked exactly in the parking space. The door of the car was suspended, and Zhao Xue, dressed in a sexy outfit, got out of the car!

“Yeah!” Little Brat in Zhang Heng’s arms screamed happily when he saw the mother coming.

Zhao Xue ignored anyone, walked straight to Zhang Heng’s side, hugged Little Brat, kissed his little face, smiled and said, “My dear son, do you miss mother?”

“Yeah!” Little Brat 2 hugged Zhao Xue’s neck and yelled twice happily. No doubt, Little Brat is selling cuteness!

Mother ?

Everyone, including Li Dahai of Tian City Law Firm, only felt their heads rumbling, a little veiled and turned. The queen of the’Feiyi’ group, the heir of the Xuelong Group, is worth 1000 to 100000000 million. If this little child is her son, then, isn’t this Little Brat the legendary ‘child’?

Thinking of this, Li Dahai woke up sober. He originally thought that he had made a fuss about this matter. Now it seems that if this matter is not done well, maybe he and his Tian will be in the future. City law firm, there is no need to mix up the piece of land in Yunhai City!

“I didn’t know what I said on the phone. You said our son was beaten?” Zhao Xue asked, turning his head to look at Zhang Heng.

The woman named Sister Ying shivered on her 2 legs, Unable to Bear, a damp liquid, and Unable to Bear flowed down the roots, muttering to herself: “Queen Feiyi, Queen Feiyi , No, how could she be, how could she be the mother of a little child, no…”

Zhao Xue’s popularity in Yunhai City and even the whole country is much higher than Zhang Heng’s. He is the’Queen of Feiyi’ who has made headlines in major weekly magazines! (To be continued.)

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