Super Island Lord Chapter 647

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“Go away!” Angrily, Wang Chuxia unable to bear pushed away Zhang Heng’s hand, raised his head and stared at him fiercely. The words in the front are okay, but in the back, they really treat her as a woman who can’t live without a man. ? “What the hell are you here for? I don’t want to see you, you go out now, get out!”

Zhang Heng just wanted to make a joke, didn’t expect the other party’s reaction would be so big. He has no shortage, how can he really get out, hugged her, and frivolous said: “Go away, but you can’t come back. Are you willing?”

“Let go of me?” Wang Chuxia struggled vigorously for two times, and said angrily: “You are not the only man on Earth, I won’t find another man, bar, Momo, prestige, you feel me Are there any men missing?”

“The point is, would you do that?” Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head, and said, “You won’t, because you are not born like that.”

“I am, I am, I have to be a **, if I were not a prodigal woman, how could I be fucked by you. I am a **woman, from the inside out, to the depth in the depth All of one’s soul has gone to in the bones, you made a fuck, what’s so good about you, you are an idiot, bastard!” Wang Chuxia cried out loudly.

Zhang Heng can feel it now. Why did Huang Yutian say that the beauty captain is going to be a nun? During this period of time, there are some things that can only be held in my heart, and there is no one who can touch my heart. I can only think about it, and I am going crazy. In this state of mind, it would be nice not to fly the plane down.

“Who said you got fucked? Who said you got fucked? Who said you got fucked?” Zhang Heng yelled and asked in a voice louder than hers, and the sound shook the room!

Wang Chuxia’s body shuddered by the sudden screaming. She was there, staring dumbfounded at Zhang Heng, his brain was a little bit overwhelmed!

Women, especially women who are caught in emotion, have their judgment, perception, and right and wrong abilities all plummeted by a few 100 points, or maybe there will be such a stupid woman as a pig!

“From the first time I saw you, there was a feeling of liking you in my heart. At that time, you were wearing the captain’s uniform, not to mention being more heroic.”

“Do you like me or want to fuck me?” Wang Chuxia leaned against Zhang Heng’s arms and asked in a low voice. She didn’t really want to provoke this man to get angry, but some emotions are often uncontrollable!

“I like it!” Zhang Heng said affirmatively.

Wang Chuxia curled her lips and didn’t believe it in her heart. However, following Zhang Heng’s words, she began to sink into memories, recalling the soberness of the two people’s first meeting!

At that time, Zhang Heng was the Hero, the hero who fought bravely with gunmen and returned home. In fact, not only men, but also women deep in one’s heart also have a kind of Hero complex, worship, but some people can hide it. Okay, and some people will express this emotion. The little stewardess Huang Yutian belongs to the kind of girl who is fascinated by’Hero’. Moreover, she dares to love and hate, and can express her inner feelings without concealment. .

Wang Chuxia will not, she will only hide her feelings in her heart, passively, waiting for others to’attack’ her, she is passively accepting!

“Since you like me, why are you still with Huang Yutian?” Wang Chuxia actually wanted to ask this for a long time.

Zhang Heng smiled bitterly and shrugged and said, “Is it good that she took the initiative to soak? I am a man, and I am still a better one. A man of color is weak in resistance to that aspect. You have never heard of it. Women are separated from each other, women chase men’s interlayer yarn? It may be difficult for men to pick up girls. If a woman wants to really give up the spirit of being dead, there are not many men who can’t go, especially those who still bring has several points of a beautiful woman!”

Wang Chuxia cast his eyes irritably, and muttered: “What you said is so popular!”

“Are you still angry?” Zhang Heng hugged her, stuck out his tongue and kissed her ear, and asked in a low voice.

“Didn’t I tell you to fuck off!” Wang Chuxia was itchy by the bad man, and hid from the side. Then she remembered that she shouldn’t be angry, shouldn’t she be very angry? Why was he yelling at him? Was your voice shocked? This is not the case, the resentment qi in my heart seems to be lowered a lot!

Zhang Heng smiled and took a picture of her sex, and said: “If I really’get out of it,’ you might just shoot yourself and cry here now!”

“I will cry for you?” Wang Chuxia asked angrily. Feeling a little uncomfortable to be touched by those two-color/color hands, and a woman who has enjoyed the joy of fish and water, is like opening the door to the “bliss world”. Often when you think of that kind of thing, you have a feeling of wanting , **!

“I don’t see my lover more often, but the lover is here. I was scolded by you before I sat hot. Can you not cry? Being a woman shouldn’t make a man angry, don’t you know? Good women, especially A smart woman, she will never do that. A man can tolerate a woman playing her surname and lose her temper, but there is a line that cannot be crossed. It is to find other men. Men are animals with extremely strong possessions. After crossing that line, I really can’t look back!” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

“I didn’t say that you are my love man. Don’t pretend to be oneself infallible with the big tail wolf here!” Wang Chuxia snorted and muttered. After thinking about it, he explained that it was impossible to bear: “You really think I am that. Are you a woman that anyone can go on? I didn’t say that to stimulate you!”

“Okay, I was irritated by you, my heart is broken, don’t believe you touch it!” Zhang Heng frivolous reached into her pajamas.

Wang Chuxia breathed a little, blushed and moved twice, pinched the hand with two legs, and whispered: “Your heart is broken, why are you touching me? My heart is not broken!”

“Your heart is not broken, but you are wet!” Zhang Heng replied with a wicked smile.

“It’s not serious… Yes, can you stop making trouble, I, I want to talk to you again.” Wang Chuxia panted and said, “Every time I come, besides doing this, I just do this. I feel ashamed of myself. , Very fucking. I really want to sever all contact with you, and then find a clean place to spend my life alone!”

“So, you thought about going to be a nun?” Zhang Heng raised his hand and slapped her face.

Pop, the meat sound is crispy!

Wang Chuxia’Ah’ yelled, then turned to look at Zhang Heng, and asked, “You, how did you know that I wanted to get out of the world?” “You are stupid, do you really want to be a nun? After Hong Chen said that it was easy, can you do it in your heart? Now… after becoming a nun, you can only use carrots and cabbage, and you can’t account for the’mull and fishy’!” (To be continued.)

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