Super Island Lord Chapter 648

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“I like radish and cabbage, can’t it?” Wang Chuxia blanked his eyes irritably. Hearing this man’s words, she had an urge to kick him. .I want to escape into the red dust, who forced it, isn’t it him? If it wasn’t for this man who broke into her life suddenly and disrupted her order, chances are she would be looking for a boyfriend now, and she would be getting married and having children!

“It can be, but I don’t want it!” Zhang Heng frivolous hugged her and shook his head.

Wang Chuxia turned her head, looked at him and asked, “Do I have a half-cent relationship with you? Do you want it? It’s your business!”

“Don’t get angry at every turn, okay? If you always do this, your face is easy to wrinkle.” Zhang Heng knows that people have a resentment qi in their hearts. No matter what they say or do, Zhang Heng is not angry, smiles, and pretends The principle of unraveling the knot in her heart is true.

Fiercely’s fist was like hitting cotton. It made her feel mad, but she couldn’t get up. She wanted to get angry, angry, and didn’t know where to go.

“Isn’t it better to have wrinkles? It’s saved by some bastard thinking about tossing!” Wang Chuxia blushed when he tossed those two words!

Zhang Heng laughed ambiguously, took his hand out of her roots, **** her chest through her pajamas, and whispered: “When it’s time to toss, you still have to toss, don’t say you have wrinkles. It’s true that after reaching the age of 7 and 80, I became an old woman, wouldn’t I still be my woman!”

“Who is your woman, I am not!” Wang Chuxia leaned against Zhang Heng’s arms, turned his head and didn’t look at him regardless of his spoiled hands, coldly snorted replied.

“I said you are, you are, you have to be, do you think you can escape my palm in this life?” Zhang Heng asked with a smile.

Wang Chuxia stopped speaking. She really thought about it. When she finds a suitable opportunity, she finds a place of verdant hills and limpid water, and escapes into the empty door, away from the hustle and bustle. Less than the red dust, and then be alone for a lifetime, be a time traveler!

I have been here, I have seen it, I have felt it, I have gone, isn’t it true in human life? No matter how brilliant people are, they cannot escape the gears of time, birth, aging, sickness and death. fate. No one can guard against the sky, even if there are people against the sky, it will not be eternal.

100 years and 1000 years, 10000 years, abstractly speaking, not at all is too big a difference. From life to death, is it not all destruction in the end?

“Sister Chuxia, what are you thinking?” Zhang Heng hugged her and asked curiously.

“Think about my life and what I should do in the future. Although it is not a good thing to know you, I should still thank you for giving me a lot of feelings I have never enjoyed before, and let me taste what I have done. The taste of a woman.” Wang Chuxia’s tone calmed down and muttered softly.

If Wang Chuxia gets angry with Zhang Heng, Zhang Heng still has a bottom in his heart. What he fears most now is that the other person talks to himself in this way.

“Can you not scare me?” Zhang Heng frowned.

Wang Chuxia turned her head, and laughed at him, with a bit of amusement in her voice: “Who scared you, coward, don’t worry, I won’t miss it!”

“Finally come here, kiss me!”

Zhang Heng looked at her, and it took a long time before he bowed his head and kissed her on the mouth. Then he hugged her from the sofa and walked towards the bedroom!

Wang Chuxia did not struggle, her face blushed, and she knew what was going to happen next!

“Sister Chuxia, it’s my fault that makes you sad.” Zhang Heng lay in the bedroom with Wang Chuxia in his arms, and didn’t rush to do anything. The curtains in the bedroom were pulled, although it was almost noon, the bright sunlight outside was blocked, and the room was still a little dark!

“There is nothing wrong with you, it’s my own reason, I have too much hope.” Wang Chuxia lay down on her face and smiled and shook her head.

“Be my woman, okay?” Zhang Heng looked at her and said seriously.

Wang Chuxia was stunned. In the past, the man’s face was always frivolous, and when he said things seriously, it was rare. Suddenly he giggled and said, “Didn’t I let you do one or two times. Isn’t this your woman?”

Zhang Heng knows what she means in her words. A woman, and a woman who has engaged with her, have similar meanings in the two words, but the meaning is absolutely different. Wang Chuxia knows what Zhang Heng’s words mean, she just pretends Stupid. Over the past year, it cannot be said that Wang Chuxia has not changed. In the past, she would never say such a thing!

“I’m talking about a woman for a lifetime. Give me the rest of your life. Give me a child, and I will let you be a completed woman, okay?” Zhang Heng said softly.

Wang Chuxia lay on the body, looking at Zhang Heng’s eyes, ten seconds, 30 seconds, 2 minutes…

He sighed, and slowly shook his head and said, “I’m afraid I don’t have this red fate anymore. In the next life, if there is another life, I will continue to be a woman for you, but you will be a dedicated man for a lifetime. Only good for me!”

She is a woman who desires perfection very much. She can accept Zhang Heng, but can’t accept the fickle of the other party. Wang Chuxia can’t do such a thing as his wife with a group of women.

“The next life is too far away, I will be in this life!” Zhang Heng shook the head, whispered.

“If you can do it, get rid of all the women around you, and cut off the relationship, I will promise you, but can you do it?” Wang Chuxia said with a smile.

Zhang Heng shook the head. More than one person had already told him about what she said, but he couldn’t do it. Now, he couldn’t bear to let any woman around him leave, and he couldn’t let it down.

“Then there is no way!” Wang Chuxia looked at him, laughed.

“There must be a way!” Zhang Heng stubbornly shook his head.

“Fish and bear’s paw, you can’t have both. Being a human being, don’t be too greedy!” Wang Chuxia stretched out his hand with a smile and clicked on Zhang Heng’s forehead.

“I want to have it both!” Zhang Heng lowered his head and kissed violently, and began to tear each other’s clothes on his hands. The sensation of **, a slight pain, accompanied by **, made Wang Chuxia quickly addicted to it. Responded fiercely.

Saying that there is no man, it is a lie to say that he has not thought about that aspect, but Wang Chuxia basically has not used any equipment, most of the time, he uses his fingers to “comfort” himself. But it’s not comfortable at that time. Some people can’t pass the level of Willpower in their entire lives, or become slaves to greed, or slaves to laziness. There are Seven Emotions and Six Desires. Often, some people can restrain their desires, and some people No! (To be continued.)

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