Super Island Lord Chapter 654

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The lights in the warehouse were not very bright. Nan Shaoxia, who was following Zhang Heng, felt cold from the moment he walked into the warehouse. .

“I think you’d better not look at the previous scene!” Zhang Heng took Nan Shaoxia and hid behind the box. Nan Shaoxia had already taken out the gun in his hand. 2 He held the gun and leaned there coldly, listening. With Zhang Heng’s words, his brows were frowning at the impossible to bear, and he asked softly: “What do you mean?”

“More **!” Zhang Heng shrugged, he had already reminded him anyway. As for what Nan Shaoxia would look like after seeing what a woman and 3 men were doing inside, this was not something he could manage. The cry of a woman, like crying, came from inside!

Nan Shaoxia rolled the eyes, scolded to herself: “dressing up as God, playing the devil!”

The dim light makes it hard to see clearly. There are a few half-meter-high cardboard boxes in the empty field in front. The 4 cardboard boxes are put together to make it a simple bed. There are 3 people lying on it, yes, it is 3 people. Have you passed 3 Meiji? On the hard-shelled cardboard box of less than 2 square meters, it is so’superimposed’. There are 3 people lying in the red Guoguo, and under the cardboard box, there is a big man who is at least 1.8 metres tall and weighs more than 9 kilograms!

The extravagant scene made Nan Shaoxia’s face instantly reddened, then turned from red to black, revealing an unconcealable sense of disgust on his face.

“What are you doing?” Zhang Heng grabbed Nan Shaoxia who wanted to charge ahead with a gun.

Nan Shaoxia turned his head and glanced at him, do you still have to ask? Of course it was arresting. Even if the people present had nothing to do with that particular murder case, it would not be wrong to catch them. At least these people have already constituted the crime of’gathering crowds and filthy crimes’ and have violated the criminal law. The arrest will be enough for a few years!

3 Hit one, 4ip!

“If you go out now, you will beat the grass to scare the snake, and the big fish will be let go!” Zhang Heng shook the head and said softly, “If you want to catch a big head, just listen to me. It’s definitely not a catch now. The best time!”

Nan Shaoxia frowned for a while and said softly: “What do you mean, besides these 4 people, there are other people?”

Zhang Heng nodded!

“How can you be sure that they are the murderers who killed those construction workers?” Nan Shaoxia unable to bear asked.

Zhang Heng grinned and said, “You don’t believe me, why are you telling me to come?” In one sentence, Nan Shaoxia’s gun was silent. That’s right, there is no doubt that the employer does not use it. Since I invited the other party over, and they found it with me, why not just listen to the other party!

“Okay, let’s wait for the big fish!” Nan Shaoxia calmly nodded.

Zhang Heng looked at the three hot men and women inside, turned his head and pointed at the back of the cargo box, grinning and beckoning Nan Shaoxia to go up first and find a hidden place to hide!

The place where 2 people hide is about a dozen meter away according to 4 people, but with 2 people’s eyesight, it is easy to see each other’s’actions’ clearly.

“Why is this woman so shameless!” Nan Shaoxia cursed in a low voice. If a woman gets fucked with many men, then this woman is completely hopeless, right? Such a woman, who wants to marry and go home, how many hats the man has to wear on his head!

However, just as Zhang Heng guessed, the “heroine” in the center of the field has a good appearance and a very hot body. She has long hair dyed in light purple and her cry is charming. **Continue to cater to 2 people back, and still remember to “comfort” the standing man!

** The swing scene is much more enjoyable than the one in the small movie!

“Maybe it was born, maybe it was forced, who knows!” Zhang Heng stood by, shook the head peacefully, raising 100 kinds of people with the same rice. People like this kind of life. Who can control it?

Looking at the time, it was a quarter past ten, and it was less than 2 hours before midnight at midnight!

“Do you feel that the temperature in this warehouse is a lot lower than when we first came in?” Nan Shaoxia said softly. When I first came in, I felt the cold feeling, but now it is better than that. , The temperature seems to have dropped a bit, how to describe it, abstractly speaking, the warehouse is like a huge black hole, swallowing something invisibly inside!

Zhang Heng nodded, but didn’t say anything, these cold breaths simply did not affect him, he was just curious about everything behind this, who is doing the ghost!

When did the city become the era of 100 ghosts?

“Ah!” A man called out pitifully, lying on the cardboard box on the ground, his body twitching, not knowing what happened.

“Pharaoh, how many times have you shot? Isn’t it okay?” The woman chuckled.

In half an hour, Zhang Heng heard a woman speak for the first time.

The man named Lao Wang sat underneath a woman, his body twitching, trembling violently, but he didn’t return, but he couldn’t stop the scream of wu wu in his mouth, which was kind of hairy. feel!

After about a minute or so, his head tilted to the side, and there was no movement!

Zhang Heng frowned hiding in the dark, could this woman still’absorb sperm’? For the last minute or so after the other party was sitting on the man’s body, Zhang Heng clearly felt that the yin energy in the other party’s body had increased a bit, and the man’s vigorous life force was spread to this woman. Body!

“Oh, it looks really bad. Old Li, how about you, okay?” The seductive woman moved towards the tall robust man and cast a wink, and asked delicately pretty.

Nan Shaoxia’s brows were also frowned, and from her sight, she just saw the man lying on the cardboard box with his head tilted to this side. His eyes had lost its luster, his pupils were dilated, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding with a trace of bright red blood.

For the remaining two men in the field, it seemed that no one named Lao Wang had died. The expression was still excited, and she tried hard to move, and the woman, screaming, didn’t know if she was very comfortable, or she was feeling a certain emotion in her heart, the picture in the warehouse was very strange!

“He, they can’t see it, they don’t know their companions, already…” Nan Shaoxia felt a panic in his heart, as if he was blocked by a stone!

“It’s useless, they have lost their hearts and souls, or that they have already sacrificed their souls to some evil things!” Zhang Heng shook his head and said softly, turning his head to look at Nan Shaoxia: “Do you not believe me? With your eyesight, you should be able to see the pupils of these people? See for yourself!”


Nan Shaoxia was stunned and looked at the court. Except for the dead old king, the other two men had scarlet in their eyes, while the coquettish woman had purple in her eyes.

“What are you doing?” When Nan Shaoxia was surprised, Zhang Heng suddenly stretched out his hand on her body and patted it with care and attention, which made her have to close her eyes back and glared at Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng calmly said, “If you stare at someone like this, you will be exposed. Don’t think that the other person is annoying. The strength of that woman is at least higher than that of you. And the three men…” shook the head, not at all go on.

It wasn’t that Zhang Heng couldn’t save his life. When he first came in, Zhang Heng had asked A’Dai to check the information. Among the 4 people present, except for the woman, the 3 men were all evil characters. Death cannot wipe out the crimes. , Saving it is just a few more scumbags in the world. In this case, there is not much difference between saving and not saving.

Even more how, Zhang Heng is also more curious, what is it that is driven by evil to make a beautiful woman so crazy?

A’Dai also investigated the information of this beautiful woman. Half a month ago, she was still a’red card’ Princess in a night market in the city. It seemed that she never came back after being taken out by a guest.

If it were not a woman who was willing to fall, she would not become a slave to evil spirits.

As time walked a little bit, the two men in the field seemed to have infinite energy on their bodies. They shook up and down. Their expressions were only excited, but they didn’t look tired. They had extraordinary endurance! However, Zhang Heng knew that the other party didn’t know what tactics had been done on them, and they were completely overdrawing their life force!


“Oh, don’t you feel uncomfortable?” The woman in the field clamped the waist of the robust man with two legs. The robust man seemed to have recovered his sanity at the last moment, looked at each other in horror, and wanted to run.

Three men, more than two hours, were’sitting’ dead by a woman.

A quarter to two, midnight ten and two!

Nan Shaoxia’s face is cold and frosty, and it hasn’t been thawed. As for what she is thinking, except for herself, I am afraid that outsiders can’t understood!

“It’s almost there!” Zhang Heng looked at his watch and muttered to himself!


Zhao Yanhong stretched her waist lazily, stood up from the robust man, looked at the three men lying all around, and giggled twice, showing no fear at all. For her, her life has been dedicated to the “Spiritual God” who is in charge of her, and she also likes such an indulgent life very much.

“Do as I say, and you will have eternal life!”

The words that faintly echoed in her mind are the source of her letting go, and she will become a god, and these men are nothing but playthings, dirty playthings that’s all to them, let them use their lives to support themselves, The Spiritual God within the body is a gift for them!

“Get up, there is still something you need to do!” Zhao Yanhong waved gently.

The weird scene appeared again. The three men who had already cut off their vitality and breath actually climbed up from the ground. However, their pupils have completely turned white. From them, they can’t feel the slightest anger. lifeless……

“What’s the matter?” Nan Shaoxia frowned and asked in a low voice. (To be continued.)

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