Super Island Lord Chapter 656

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Zhang Heng not at all went forward to mix up. He came to help today. The murderer has been caught and the clues are available. As for how to detect the next thing, it has nothing to do with him. This time, it is all because Nan Shaoxia’s relationship, as for the others, sorry, we are not familiar!

After the people from the Ability Investigation Bureau arrived, they took away the meat and human heads in the warehouse, as well as the unconscious woman.

What Nan Shaoxia said to the other party, Zhang Heng didn’t know, and he didn’t get in front of him, anyway, no one came to bother him, he was just thinking about it!

When the busy work is over, it is almost 3 o’clock in the morning!

“Thanks to you today!” Nan Shaoxia walked over and looked at Zhang Heng apologetically after the handover. At this time, his complexion has improved a lot, at least he has some blood, not as pale as before!

Zhang Heng shrugged and said with a smile: “Will you ask me to come and help? If you talk about these polite remarks, it’s really out of the ordinary!”

Nan Shaoxia nodded, the two met and smiled and walked towards the car.

“Shall I take you back?” Nan Shaoxia asked after getting in the car, turning her head to look at Zhang Heng. How strong is this man? I am afraid that no one else but himself can figure it out!

Zhang Heng looked at the time and said with a wry smile: “Send me back at this point. Didn’t you find me being scolded? Are you sleepy? If you are not sleepy, let’s find a place to stay for a while. It should be bright.”

“Okay!” Nan Shaoxia thought for a while, started the car and drove towards the beach. The experience tonight, even if she let her go home, I’m afraid I can’t sleep.

He was groggy, barely able to see a hint of dawn, and the sound of the distant sea beating against the beach was clearly audible. Nan Shaoxia put the car out.

Leaning on the seat, unable to bear in my mind over and over again think about the scenes I saw at night. Zhang Heng looked outside. There seemed to be a 2 o’clock on the line between the sea and the sky. When looking at the sea, his heart seemed to be widened suddenly… Ah, the sea, why are you all water!

“You said, do ghosts really exist in this world?” Nan Shaoxia suddenly whispered, muttering. She used to be an absolute atheist, but what happened tonight caused her values ​​to be greatly distorted. If someone told her that there is a ghost in this world, she would definitely disdainful smile, but now, Facts speak louder than words!

“A ghost? There must be one!” Zhang Heng nodded with a smile, turned his head and looked at Nan Shaoxia and asked: “Are you dignified police elites, are you afraid of ghosts?”

Nan Shaoxia rolled the eyes and ignored him. The police are also humans. They have a sense of fear of unknown things. How can they not be afraid of ghosts!

Zhang Heng then smiled and said: “Actually, in this world, ghosts are not the most terrifying, talents are!”

“I don’t want to listen to your big views now, I just want to know, in this world, are there really ghosts.” Nan Shaoxia didn’t answer Zhang Heng’s words, is it terrifying? But she is not afraid of people!

“Yes, in fact, the soul lives in our brains. We are human beings and have our own wisdom. Where does wisdom come from? Isn’t it from the soul? If human beings don’t have a soul, there is only one left. Expelling the shell, walking corpse. But what is the soul? I can only tell you that it is a very special kind of energy. This kind of energy is hidden in the human body, but, in a special or specific environment, He may be transferred.” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

“Does it have anything to do with ghosts?” Nan Shaoxia turned the topic to this again.

Zhang Heng pondered for a while and said: “There should be, the legendary ghosts are left over after people resemble people. The scientific explanation of the definition of ghosts is the soul energy remaining after the death of a person. This should be related to the magnetic field. , And so on are still related, in short, it is not too mysterious, but I explain not quite clear. Anyway, there is it!”

“Since there are ghosts, will there be hell? Will there be Netherworld?” Nan Shaoxia muttered while looking outside.

Zhang Heng touched his nose, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said, “This looks like, it seems…I really don’t know if there is any.” He hasn’t been there again, who knows if there is one!

Nan Shaoxia pu chi laughed and said, “I can understand it. In fact, everything has its nemesis. A mountain is still a mountain high. What if there are ghosts, isn’t the kid afraid of you as a big ghost? “

“Is this scolding me?” Zhang Heng was unhappy, but tonight he went to work and worked hard again. It is not worthwhile to be scolded again when he looks back.

“Why, I’m complimenting you!” Nan Shaoxia smiled and shook his head.


Do you praise others for being old ghosts?

“You said that woman, how could she become so silvery, because of the evil spirit, but also because of her own relationship?” Nan Shaoxia changed the subject, she was a little confused, how can a woman talk to multiple Man, do that kind of thing together? Can you do that too? If you poke it in, it doesn’t hurt to die. If you push the front and back two, it won’t be comfortable, right? I really don’t know what people think!

Zhang Heng said that he is not a psychologist. How to analyze this? He smiled and said: “It has something to do with evil spirits entering the body, and it has something to do with her, as the old saying goes, flies don’t bite seamless eggs, it’s impossible to become so slutty for no reason!”

To put it bluntly, I tasted the sweetness!

“Then you men, do you like this kind of woman?” Nan Shaoxia asked without knowing what to think.

Zhang Heng is stumped by this question, let him how to say it.

“You don’t need to perfuse me, you don’t have to say it, but you must tell the truth. I like to listen to the truth.” Nan Shaoxia said without waiting for Zhang Heng to speak, with a smile on his mouth.

Zhang Heng touched his nose, smiled bitterly and said, “Is it this? It may vary from person to person. If it is his own wife, I am afraid that no man would hope that his woman is such a bitch. But if such a bitch is someone else’s woman, I think I’m still very excited, and I want to get in and out, don’t you talk about broken shoes, broken shoes, hehe, home flowers are not as good as wild flowers, that’s why.”

“Obviously you know that the other party is a lousy, bastard, do you still want to do it? I really don’t know how your men can be like this…” Nan Shaoxia stopped in time, but the bad word did not come out.

Zhang Heng shrugged and said with a smile: “It varies from person to person, and from person to person. You can’t beat all the men to death with one stick. There are also good things, such as me, hehe!”

you? Nan Shaoxia criticized it in her heart, secretly thought you are not necessarily a good thing!

“Tell me about you, you’re not too young? Why haven’t I met you to find a man friend? Isn’t the family worried?” Zhang Heng fixed his eyes on Nan Shaoxia’s private life. Be regarded as friends, good friends who care about themselves, reasonable in every circumstance said it was not in the past!

Nan Shaoxia calmly said: “How easy is it to meet someone who is right for me? I like it, the conditions are not good, the family background is not good, the family disagrees, and the family introduced me to me, not a playboy, or a fame and honour. I look down on it again. For a woman like me, marriage sometimes cannot tolerate it!”

“Actually, it’s all the same. It’s not a lifetime to be with anyone. Don’t be too picky. Just find someone who is rich and handsome and just get married!” Zhang Heng hehe said with a smile.

Nan Shaoxia rolled the eyes, too lazy to talk to her.

“Are you here?”


Zhang Heng unable to bear stunned, this answer is too quick, don’t do it at all. But why is it not? “Really?”

Nan Shaoxia calmly glanced at him and said, “I lied to you what to do, you are not me who, is that necessary?”

Zhang Heng smiled wryly and curled his lips, and asked curiously, “Who is your first man?” I don’t know which dog, fuck, or which is cheaper, hey!

“You need to care!” Nan Shaoxia flushed, rolled his eyes, and said angrily: “Why are you so gossip. You don’t have to be curious about who is the first man!” Paused continued: “Do you have any thoughts about me?”

“No!” Zhang Heng shook his head, he really has no idea yet.

“Men are like you, and they obviously want me in their heart, but there is nothing in their mouths. You have to be hypocritical. Just say it!” Nan Shaoxia looked at Zhang Heng rolled the eyes sarcastically.

Zhang Heng was a little dumbfounded, and he said fuck, what’s the situation? Is it true that the world has really changed, and all women have become so active?

“There is still time, tonight too… just to relax, come on, do you want to be in the car or go outside?” Nan Shaoxia said in a tranquil voice.

Zhang Heng clicked and clicked, the first single thought in his mind is, will there be any explosion? However, looking at Nan Shaoxia’s calm expression, it doesn’t feel like it. There is no need for the other party to crack a joke with him.


The car door opened and Nan Shaoxia was lying on the back seat. The trousers had been withdrawn to the calf, a very shameful posture, but in the shame, it made people feel very excited and particularly exciting.

Zhang Heng dulled the back for 2 times, it was all water, and didn’t think much about it. Anyway, it wasn’t good anymore, and he went straight in.

“En!” Nan Shaoxia snorted, and the tearing pain almost couldn’t hold back.

“Damn!” If Zhang Heng couldn’t feel it, it would be really awesome. Looking at the blood flowing from below, he stopped there and didn’t dare to move. He cried and said with a sad face, “Sister Shaoxia, you can’t play with brother like that. , Something went wrong, brother can’t afford it!”

“What’s the matter?” Nan Shaoxia tried to calm herself, but the tremor was not difficult to hear in her voice.

“Don’t you say it’s not the place anymore?”

“Isn’t it now? You are taking advantage of the bargain, so don’t get the bargain there. What should you do? Don’t worry. I know that you have a wife and you won’t rely on you. Send you back.” Nan Shaoxia said, burying his head in his arms, waiting for the man behind to’keep moving’. (To be continued.)

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