Super Island Lord Chapter 658

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“Hello, hello!” Zhang Heng chuckled the opponent’s hand, the joints are long and soft, making it very comfortable to touch. .

Li Linglong blushed, but soon returned to nature. It is also a great honor for the citizens on Zhang Family’s Island to be so close to our big Mr. Island Lord. I can’t ask for anything!

“This is Ms. Sun Lan, Zhang Family’s Island Hospital’s collaborator in Yunhai City.” Zhang Heng smiled and introduced Li Linglong to Sun Lan. After thinking about it, he directly pointed out: “Linglong, you are not an outsider. In front of you, I have nothing to hide, Sun Lan is my woman!”

Li Linglong suddenly realized that, no wonder, the one who can invest 1 billion USD to open a hospital with Zhang Family’s Island is also impossible to be a general unknown. If this woman is the Island Lord, then all mysteries will be solved. I couldn’t help but laughed bitterly in my heart. They were all’family members’, so what else can I talk about!

When he came, the leader above told Li Linglong that the partner in Yunhai City was the woman of the Island Lord. Moreover, Zhang Family’s Island Hospital of the size of Yunhai City in the world is expected to identify 25 this year. It means choosing partners from 25 countries!

Partners in each country must invest no less than 1 billion USD, which is also the basis for cooperation. In the future, Zhang Family’s Island will produce medical technology and medicines, and the partners will be responsible for the construction of the country’s hospitals, the recruitment of basic medical personnel, and the continuous publicity of the name.

The shareholding is 4%, Zhang Family’s Island accounts for 6%, and partners 60%. As for the management of the hospital, Zhang Family’s Island will not involve too much intervention and will be operated and managed by partners.

It is definitely profitable to invest in hospitals, but what Zhang Family’s Island lacks is not money, but name and influence. All cooperative hospitals will be named after’Zhang Family’s Island Hospital’!

Needless to say ten 100000000 million USD, even 1 billion RMB Sun Lan didn’t have it. Zhang Heng naturally made the money. As for the hospital site and so on, Sun Lan’s intention is to buy a private hospital. After all, it will come faster. All the manpower and equipment are readily available! As long as the special medical equipment is transported from Zhang Family’s Island, the hospital can be opened.

“In this regard, you can discuss it with Linglong. It really doesn’t work. I called Zhang Family’s Island to send you a team of staff!” Zhang Heng smiled and did not comment. He is only responsible for formulating big policies. If you give him the details and let him do it, he will not be able to do it.

“You are only responsible for paying the money!” Sun Lan said softly in Zhang Heng’s ear with a smile.

Zhang Heng secretly touched her thigh from the table and floor!

Feng Ling sat there, not talking or eating much, and often sitting so coldly, not knowing what was thinking in his mind. Zhang Heng also called her out when she came out. After all, she was a’live’, and she couldn’t be so bored at home every day, right?

“Is it boring?” Zhang Heng winked at her, smiled and stood up and said, “You all know each other now, and there is nothing wrong with me. You can make your own decisions about the specific details. gone!”

Li Linglong couldn’t say much, but Sun Lan looked at Zhang Heng, then looked at Wang Fengling, the Japanese “lady,” she couldn’t help but curled her lips up and down and cursed secretly: “Dead pervert.” rolled. The eyes didn’t pay attention to Zhang Heng, she thought Zhang Heng wanted to take this Japanese woman with him, and find an excuse to slip away to’do’ that!

She has defined Zhang Heng as a’lower body’ animal, which makes her body itchy and uncomfortable if she doesn’t move for a day. She doesn’t understand why this kind of “pure physical” work is not too tiring for men, and they are still addicted to doing it every day?

Zhang Heng must know that Sun Lan criticized herself so much. She had to hit her butt in front of everyone, and she owed it to be repaired. Is he the kind of animal that thinks with his lower body?

Coming out of the hotel, Zhang Heng glanced at Fengling, smiled and greeted her to get in the car, and drove towards the commercial street in the city center! While in the car, Zhang Heng smiled and asked, “Do you think this place is better, or is Tokyo better?”

Feng Ling said calmly: “There are no cherry blossoms here.”

“You mean you are homesick?” Zhang Heng grinned.

Feng Ling stopped talking. She didn’t dare to refute Zhang Heng’s words, but she really couldn’t make her adapt to the life of an ordinary person. The ultimate goal in this life is to be able to step into the realm of’Tian Ren’ in her lifetime. This idea is too ingrained in her heart, it will not be cleared in a short while, even if it is temporarily cleared, it will appear again soon!

“Wait, in a while, I will accompany you to Japan to see.” Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head. Is homesickness a matter of such is human nature? If you go to a strange place, everyone will think about it. home’s.

Suddenly, Zhang Heng thought of the evil spirit he met last night, Divine Sect? I don’t know if this kind of sect is comparable to the traditional martial arts Aristocratic Family!

Can martial arts expert kill evil spirits, monsters and evil things?

Zhang Heng thinks that Earth is not so peaceful, maybe, it was so messy before, it’s just that he is too ordinary, and he doesn’t feel this special world at all!

I don’t know if there has ever been on Earth, or that the expert of the breakthrough’soul lock’ grade is still alive.

Turn on the 3rd level of Gene Lock. In Chief God World, Demi-God already exists. The person who breaks through the’soul lock’ is a god. Is there a god on Earth now?

Although Earth does not have the huge area of ​​Chief God World, the foundation on Earth should not be worse than the Chief God who secretly controls’Chief God World’, right? After all, in the record, there are multiple Mythological Era on Earth. Let’s not talk about anything else, it is the Chinese legend that Pangu opened Heaven and Earth, Nuwa creating Man, Hongjun preaching, etc. should be no better than that of the’Chief God’ Is his ability poor?

In China alone, I don’t know how many secrets are hidden, let alone the entire Earth. How big is the universe and is space multidimensional?

fuck, fuck your heart!

Time has passed so fast. I haven’t entered the’task space’ for a year in a blink of an eye. It should have been at least 3 years in it. I don’t know what Mengluo has tossed about again. As to whether the task will end early, Zhang Heng I never thought about it at all. Without several decades, it would be difficult to end it!

In fact, to put it bluntly, Chief God is instigating these players to’invade’ a certain face space and want to move all the good things inside back to Chief God World!

Although there is a certain deviation in this understanding, Zhang Heng feels that the deviation will not be too great!

As for what Chief God said, there is no harm. Dead players will be directly’resurrected’. But Zhang Heng feels that the players resurrected by Chief God can still be regarded as previous players?

shook the head, don’t think about it for now. When the monk hits the clock one day, let’s pass the happy day of shook the head for a while. (To be continued.)

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