Super Island Lord Chapter 660

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“Not bad, pretty good-looking…” Zhang Heng smiled nodded, this Japanese girl is over the line, there is no 18-year-old little girl lively, but there are familiar advantages, 18-year-old woman, comparable It is youthful, beautiful and compelling, and a 30-year-old woman has a unique charm and a memorable taste.

Feng Ling is nodded, she actually took a look in the mirror secretly just now, and she also thinks it looks good, much more submissive than the black Ninja!

“Hey, didn’t you hear what I said? Hurry up and take off your clothes. Can you buy clothes like this?” The woman felt very shameless, because she yelled for a long time, this man and a woman No one cares about her! The man next to him is a well-known rich man in Yunhai City, worth over 100000000 million, and he has only recently been on the list. It’s time to find someone to try his prestige!

In this world, no one is stupid, pure!

Some are just pretending people. The reason why she dared to be so arrogant and let people take off the clothes she was wearing, so coquettish, was entirely because of the bald Mediterranean man beside her. To put it ugly, he is even older than his father, but why should he choose a woman so much younger than him?

One is because of tenderness, and 2. Isn’t it just for excitement! Young women will cause trouble.

Maybe I’m obediently and honestly an ordinary woman. People don’t like it yet. This bald old man likes this kind of woman who makes trouble and makes him stand out. Every time after installing x, the old man will feel that he is very fulfilled.

It’s this tune that people play. They have made money for so many years and are worth over 100000000 million. What do you keep so much money for? Just making money without spending money is actually a very boring thing. Spending money is a very cool thing. And it is a very, very cool thing to take money to kill people.

Believe it or not, you can try it with money! (For example, “Super Island Lord” several Alliance Leaders, haha, small soft ads!)

Asking women to find things for themselves, and then using money to hit people, I don’t know when, it has become a big pleasure for this bald rich man!

“Waitress, we want this dress. Also, pack all the clothes she tried just now!” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

The waiter covered his mouth and smiled, casually glanced at the woman with heavy makeup leaning against the bald old man, nodded in response!

She has been a salesperson for so long, and this is the first time she has seen such an interesting thing. Two women are fighting for clothes, and two men are fighting for their own women. She has seen them all. This is a special area for international brands. You can shop here. And the people who buy clothes will not be too ordinary people, and the clothes here, each number, only have one to two pieces, and they will be gone after they are sold out. Therefore, like this kind of clothes, two women At the same time, things that I fancy also happen from time to time!

In the words of their Boss, this is a marketing strategy, also called’cockfighting consumption’!

But I haven’t seen it yet, when one side yells and the other side doesn’t take the other party seriously!

“Send to this address!” Zhang Heng wrote his home address to the other party after swiping the card. Then he hugged Feng Ling’s waist and turned away. As for the woman, and the bald old man, needless to say, he didn’t even look at him straightly, and regarded them as a fart at all!

Looking at the backs of Zhang Heng and Feng Ling, the woman stomped her feet angrily, trying to jump on them, catching them all with big flowers! Foul-mouthed shouted at the back: “What is it? I dare not even say a word. Such a person, that is, a bastard, will only hide in a shell!”

Turning his eyes twice, he walked to the saleswoman and asked pretentiously: “Show me the address left by the cheating couple just now!”

“Sorry, our shop refuses to disclose any customer information.” The waiter smiled and shook his head.

“Do you know who I am?” The woman exclaimed again, “believing or not, I call my husband, buy all the clothes in your shop, and then ask your boss to fire you, what is a major customer, do you know? People are tortoises, they are carrying their shells on their backs. If you want to be a cuckold, you have to have a shell, a salesperson that’s all, you’re a fart!”

“All the goods in this store are packaged, 1600 10000, all clothing, shoes and hats, including fitting rooms, hangers, etc., but this brand is not included, because the initial fee of this brand requires 30,000,000, but not everyone can get it. If you can really buy all the goods in this store, maybe my Boss will really believe you and tell me to get out!” The waitress smiled and said, the irony in her eyes made no secret!

1600 10000, if you really buy it out, what can you do if you are dismissed? With a 5% commission, it’s nearly 1000000 million. With this money, she can also do something else, and there is no need to be a waiter here, right? I’m afraid this woman won’t be so taken advantage of, doing such a stupid thing!

Before applying for this kind of thing, they have all been written into the agreement!

“You…” When a woman heard that she wanted 1600, 10000, she was not emboldened. If she went to 1000000 and so on, she would dare to call the man behind her to’smash’ it, but when it was 10000000, the old man standing behind was not Stupid, I also thought about it.

The waitress gave a female customer one. You are welcome to smash the eyes of the shop and ask with a smile: “Excuse me, do you want to buy clothes?”

Zhang Heng’s ears are very sensitive. Listening to the conversation between the two women, he grinned and laughed with a grin that is impossible to bear. In fact, a woman fighting with a woman is more interesting than a fight with a man.

Jewelry area!

Feng Ling looked at the accessories in the showcase, his eyes lit up, and his steps slowed down a bit.

Zhang Heng smiled and asked: “Like it?”

Feng Ling shook the head, it has never brought these shiny things before, because these things may be the key to your life when performing tasks. However, it does not hinder, like.

“What do the two need to choose, a ring, a necklace, or an accessory? We have gold, platinum, diamond, emerald and other accessories here!” The beauty shopping guide asked with a smile.

“Let’s take a look first!” Zhang Heng replied.

“Can you choose this for me?” Feng Ling suddenly stopped, pointed to a very thin but very delicate gold necklace, and asked softly.

There is nothing special about the necklace, but there is a willow-shaped pendant under the necklace.

“Okay!” Zhang Heng grinned and laughed, and it was the first time that Feng Ling said clearly what he liked. Turning to the beauty shopping guide said with a smile: “Thank you, help me wrap this necklace!”

“Okay!” The beauty shopping guide smiled and took out the box containing the necklace from the window, ready to help Zhang Heng pack it! Customers like this are the most attractive!

“Wait, we bought this necklace. No matter how expensive it is, I will pay three times the price!” A woman’s voice rang again from behind!

Let Zhang Heng have the illusion of soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed!

“Did you just run out of the mental hospital? How come you bite everywhere like a mad dog?” Zhang Heng turned his head and glanced at the young woman. The appearance is really good. No wonder you can go around like a bitch. Bite it. He raised his head and glanced at the’Mediterranean’ bald man standing behind her, and said with a faint smile: “You have a wasrel woman. It feels very [***] isn’t it? Are you rich?”

The bald Mediterranean man laughed and said: “It’s not too rich, with several billions of assets. The country dare not speak big, but in Yunhai City, it can be considered as the top number!”

“Want to play, don’t you?” Zhang Heng nodded, assets of several billions, no wonder he likes to raise this kind of swaggering woman! With more money, there are people with any surname!

“Why, brother, do you still want to fight with me?” The bald Mediterranean man asked with a sarcastically smile.

“Fight, there is nothing you dare to fight, isn’t it just money.” Zhang Heng hehe smiled and said, “Do you want to fight for fathers or women?”

Bald Mediterranean man, at least 50 years old, it is estimated that his father has not been in the coffin at this time, it should be almost time!

“Whatever you want, Yunhai City is a rich man with a name and a surname. I almost know everyone. Then tell me, who is your father?” The tone was very arrogant!

Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head and said, “It’s boring to fight like this. If I want to report my father’s name, you should be counseled. It’s boring, it’s so boring!”

“Haha!” The bald Mediterranean man raised his head and laughed wildly, as if to ridicule Zhang Heng’s talk! He was able to move unhindered in Shanghai for several decades, and he was scared before he was given a name by anyone!

“Let’s do it, let’s compare to throwing money, to see who throws it hard, who throws a lot of money, then Niu Bi, okay?” Zhang Heng smiled.

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, he turned to the beauty shopping guide and said, “How much is the most expensive jewelry here?”

The beauty shopping guide was a little hesitant, thinking about it, bit his lip and said: “The most expensive thing here is a set of jade jewelry, sun green glass, 2 ring faces, a bracelet, and some pieces of jade. Earrings, brooches and other small accessories. A set of ‘0010000!”

“USD?” Zhang Heng asked with a grin.

The beauty shopping guide froze, shook his head and said, “No, RMB!”

“RMB!” Zhang Heng touch the chin said: “It seems a little bit scarce. By the way, you still have gold rings and gold necklaces and so on in your store. Give me one more and make up 50,000,000!”

Turning his head, he looked at the bald Mediterranean man with a smile and said, “Don’t you have several billions assets? Let’s do that. You also buy a set of jade jewelry worth about 20,000,000. Let’s face each other and hit me. , I smashed you. You are buying 20,000,000 gold jewelry. This can’t be smashed. Let’s go to the outside door and throw it away. Whoever frowns first, who is soft first, will fuck whoever is raised by bastard. 50,000,000 jewelry is bottomed, not thrown away It’s fun. Let’s go back and play with cars. Don’t we have a company that shows off speed cars in Yunhai City, 120 million cars. Now let’s call to order cars. One person will come and play with each other. How?” said After that, he blinked at the bald old man! (To be continued.)

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