Super Island Lord Chapter 662

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“Don’t tell me, Young Master Zhang donated the money to the Hope Project, and the price is too low. I don’t like you and Mr. He. You should buy 50,000,000 jewellery alone and throw it away at the big guys. It’s so popular. !”

“Yes, yes, there is no half of the meeting, let us be in the light of you rich people!”

Watching the hot audience around, didn’t expect the other party to say 3 words, instead of throwing money in wasrel, instead of donating to Project Hope, what else is there to watch around! Some people who are impatient, “unable to bear” roared!

“Donating money to the Hope Project is called giving back to the society, buying jewelry and throwing it at you in vain, that’s called ostentation/force, such an account will not count, do you think I am stupid, or are you stupid?” Zhang Heng turned his head and looked at The speaker asked with a smile. .I also ignored these people. Those who can come to the commercial buildings of the era to wander around are not the poor people who can’t get rid of the pot!

“Mr. He, we are a gentleman’s brief remark is faster than a horse whip. It’s a deal. Don’t turn around and change my mind!” Zhang Heng smiled and took a word to make He Dazhou die.

He Dazhou gritted his neck and said stiffly, “What, when did I say what Dazhou He said, when did not count? If you donate 500 million, it’s 500 million. I want to be playful and lazy when the time comes. Personal!”

“Okay, bring the seeds, you are a pure man!” Zhang Heng moved towards the bald old man gave a thumbs up, gave the beauty shopping guide a smile, took the bank card from the other’s hand, put his arm around Feng Ling’s waist, and turned and walked Up.

There is no need to stay anymore.

As for the scene he just happened with the boss of the Dazhou Group, will he be urged to speak out? Zhang Heng doesn’t want to care, don’t you just talk about it, the name of the person, the shadow of the tree, and the biography, who would still think of his own fame? so big! Then again, the money in your hand is enough to spend. Why do you want that many? Everyone understands this principle, but few people can do it.

On the way Zhang Heng was driving to send Fengling back, his cell phone rang, and the call was from Zhao Xue.

“Husband, you can do it, now you have a big name, and everyone praises you as the No. 1 madman in Yunhai City. Hey, how about it, does it feel good to be a madman wasrel?”

Zhao Xue asked with a smile, and couldn’t hear the joy, anger, sorrow or joy in the voice.

Zhang Heng turned his head and glanced at Feng Ling next to him. What happened in Times Commercial Building just now, didn’t expect someone to pass it up so soon. He didn’t let A’Dai block the news either!

“Aren’t I sacrificing my life and becoming a benevolence? How about deducting 500 million from the bald Lao He’s mouth to donate to Project Hope, this is a kind deed of mine. Why did I become a madman?” Zhang Heng frivolous said. In fact, he was in the mirror of his heart. Zhao Xue called, definitely not because of Zhang Heng’wastrel’, because at this time, he should be watching the child at home. How could he bring a strange woman to the Times Commercial Building? Going to fight for wealth.

Not surprisingly, I have already called my Little Chun Xiang at home, and I know what time I came out, I know!

“Okay, it’s awkward. That little lady looks good, but she looks pretty, from Yunhai City? Who is it? Does the family know you are together?” Zhao Xue faint smiled.

Zhang Heng respectfully replied: “Report to my wife. Actually, this is a Japanese woman. She was originally an assassin. She was subdued by me. I plan to let her stay with her in the future, be a bodyguard and so on. Today I want to take her out and buy 2 pieces. Wear clothes!”

“Assassin?” Zhao Xue’s voice hesitated slightly. coldly snorted and said, “You didn’t fool me?”

“How dare you be young, if your wife doesn’t believe it, you can call Bi Caihong at Rainbow Private Kitchen to find out, she knows best!” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

Zhao Xue turned the chair, frowns said; “Why is it related to Bi Caihong again?” She also knows Bi Caihong, after all, Yunhai City is such a big circle, who doesn’t know anyone!

“Last time I took my son to eat there, I accidentally ran into it and helped her solve the trouble.” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

After hanging up, Zhang Heng let out a sigh. It’s very stressful. In the past, or rather, Zhao Xue didn’t feel anything before giving birth to a son, but now, if she made a mistake outside, she would call and ask something, then it’s obvious. I am shorter than others, that joint!

“You stay at home well. If common is okay, you should practice Refining Qi, meditate and so on. When you are bored, you can accompany Sun Lan out to wander around. Here, there is medicine pill, enough for you 2 For the week, first increase your vitality, breakthrough the realm of Ninja, your current physical fitness is not suitable for big supplements, when you reach the realm of Dinen, I will teach you a new method.” Zhang Heng sat in the car, no Going down, but took out a small jade bottle from the emerald ring and handed it to Fengling. No matter where you are, as long as you follow yourself, Zhang Heng won’t let her suffer. This is also his common principle of doing things!

“Medicine pill?” Feng Ling was stunned, took the medicine pill from Zhang Heng’s hand, and asked 2 more unexpectedly: “This thing, can I break through the realm of Shangren?”

“Half a month, as long as you eat them all, half a month will almost let you enter the realm of’Diren’.” Zhang Heng smiled casually.

Feng Ling’s body trembled after hearing Zhang Heng’s words!

“Work hard and fuck with me. It’s definitely better than fucking with your Master!” Zhang Heng smiled and finished, waving his hand and said, “Go on, I won’t send you up!”

Feng Ling didn’t say anything, he opened the car door and went on. It is no stranger to cars, trains, airplanes and so on. In the past, when I went out to perform tasks, I often took these vehicles!

Hidden in the shadows, watching the car disappear, Feng Ling sighed slightly. She was not cold-blooded, she was not a machine, but a human. No matter how disguised she was on the outside, she had her own Seven Emotions and Six Desires in her heart. Hold the small jade bottle in your hand tightly, the heart is still beating fast, to endure, can you break through in half a month?

For her, it was something she couldn’t imagine. The impact that this man brought to her is too big, and has exceeded certain limits!

I faintly felt that I liked the smell on him, the feeling he felt when he held him, and the bad hand, in his own way.

“Zhang Jun, I hope you are not lying!” Feng Ling muttered to himself. Then the silhouette disappeared in the dark shadows of the corridor. For a Shinobu, opening the lock and entering the house is not much different from turning the window into the house!

On the way back, A’Dai appeared in the car monitor!

“Boss, report an unexpected situation to you!”

Zhang Heng looked at her, smiled and asked, “Let’s talk about it, what is the unexpected situation!”

It shouldn’t be a good thing to make A’Dai call it an accident! “Beijing, there is a youngster called’Yang Zhengyang’. He is about the same age as you, maybe 2-3 years old. He played very’big’. Now in the capital, it’s a bloody mess that mixes up the capital. Feng, many children of Aristocratic Family have been cleaned up by him.” A’Dai said with a smile.

Zhang Heng shrugged, smiling and asking: “Does that have anything to do with me?”

“Yes, and it’s still very relevant!” A’Dai was nodded hard.

“Oh? Tell me, what does it have to do with me!” Zhang Heng asked somewhat unexpectedly.

“He wants to fuck your girl!” A’Dai said with a squinting smile.

“Pick my girl? Whom?” Zhang Heng frowned asked.

“Li Qian, Zi Yan’er, Liang Family Sisters flowers… Wait, Boss, you have a lot of’girls’ in the capital. And this Young Master Yang is also very not simple. I think he seems to be You are here for the boss!” A’Dai said with a smile.

“My girl is so easy to get soaked away!” Zhang Heng smiled and said confidently, after thinking about it, and then asked: “It’s for me? If it’s for me, why not come to Yunhai City? I’m not in the capital, why is it related to me again?”

“A’Dai just feels that his current layout is basically based on Boss’ domestic “industry”. He is now negotiating with Long Haitao to take a stake in Zilong Automobile Group. He is also in contact with Sun Huamei, thinking To acquire Great Earth Agriculture, and its’Mythical Dishes’ chain brand.” A’Dai said with a smile.

“Long Haitao is hard to say, but want to buy’Mythical Dishes’? Hehe, how much money does he have, can I buy it?” Zhang Heng said disdainfully.

A’Dai shook the head said: “Although this Young Master Yang does not necessarily have a lot of money in his hands, he has gathered a large number of Aristocratic family children in the capital. Among these playboy children, many have a lot of money at home. Strong official background. After all, Great Earth Agriculture is a Chinese company, and 90% of its fixed industries are located in the country. If the other party secretly stumbles on Great Earth Agriculture, Mythical Dishes and Mythical Planting parks are likely to be blocked or make things difficult. “

“Does he just want to buy Great Earth Agriculture with this little trick?” Zhang Heng asked with a sneer. Some things, if you don’t say or do it yourself, you don’t want it unless you are representative of China. Will it be beneficial to the upper management to make things difficult for the brands and projects under Great Earth Agriculture?

“It’s good to see the king, the kid is difficult!” A’Dai sighed deliberately, and then said seriously: “Moreover, the other party’s purpose is not only to acquire Great Earth Agriculture, but also to force the Boss to go to the capital! Now, he has been in a row for 3 days, relying on special means to send roses to Li Qian Miss, and today he wanted to invite Li Qian Miss out for a meal, but he was scolded by Li Qian Miss, and now Li Qian Miss is in contact. I want to fight back. But it shouldn’t be easy, and the one who suffers in the end is…”

Zhang Heng thought for a while and said, “A team of’super guards’ from Zhang Family’s Island are stationed in the capital, and I watched a few women closely. If the other party dares to have any signs of special action, they will kill me!”

“Okay!” (To be continued.)

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