Super Island Lord Chapter 670

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Zi said an address and Zhang Heng drove in that direction.

There was a brief silence in the car, but it was quickly interrupted by Azi’s chirp chirp twitter twitter. Let’s not say whether she came on her own, but Zhang Heng is certain that this mm, named Azi, has enough words. Small mouth, without stopping for a while!

“Listening to your accent, it seems that you are not from Beijing? Where did you come from?” Azi asked with a smile and blinked.

“Tiannan Province!” Zhang Heng smiled and said, “Your accent doesn’t seem to be from Beijing. What about you, where do you come from? What are you doing in Beijing?”

“Tiannan Province, I, hehe, I won’t tell you. I’ve said that for strangers, I can’t talk about everything. I came to the capital to have fun, Bei Piao, for the youngsters now, it’s not all Has it become a fashion? I am also a member of the Northern Drifters!” A Zi said with a smile, squinting.

Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head, without exposing her, what she said is definitely not true.

“Is the woman you saw just now your wife?” Azi watched Zhang Heng not speaking, but didn’t expect to let him go, and asked with a smile.

“It’s my woman!” Zhang Heng smiled and didn’t nod his head, nor shook his head. The wife is at home. In theory, a woman is equivalent to a wife, but in name it is not the same as in theory!

“Oh, where’s that little beanie, is it the little child you gave birth to your woman?” Azi asked the root question.

“Yes!” Zhang Heng nodded with a smile!

Azi twisted her fingers, wrinkled her little nose, coldly snorted cursed: “hmph, bad men, they are all fathers, and they’re still doing things to me. If you are understood by your son in the future, you will definitely despise him. Yours. You are an old and disrespectful thing, at your age, so don’t mess with it, wouldn’t it be okay to be an obediently and honestly husband and teacher!”

Zhang Heng touched his nose, smiled bitterly, and said, “The husband and the godson are talking about women, okay!” You suddenly ran over and bumped yourself. Who knows what your heart is, just touch you. , It’s still light, you have to confess for a while in the evening, maybe you will be strong in the car!

The society is too complicated, it’s better to be innocent and not to be mixed!

“Anyway, it’s almost suitable for you.” A Zi rolled his eyes.

“Men are too honest, women don’t like it!” Zhang Heng muttered.

Azi snorted disdainfully and said: “Who said that, I like to be honest with men. Moreover, it is appropriate to use this sentence before unmarried, but you are already married and have a good child. It’s not only bad to mess around outside, it’s also a very immoral behavior, which is shameful!”

Zhang Heng smiled bitterly and ignored her, but what others said was right. It is indeed a shameful behavior to get married and have children and mess around outside!

“I will forgive you if you did anything to me this time, but if you dare to have another time, huh, don’t blame me for hacking and ka-cha. You will not be able to be here for the rest of your life. Really messed up!” Azi muttered her mouth, wrinkling her nose and panting with rage threateningly.

Zhang Heng laughed, did not speak, he felt that Miss Zi now is very different from the beauty that I saw a few hours ago. If I said that she was a fashion girl when I first met her, Very lady and reserved. If you have a delicately pretty beauty, your current surname is like a little girl. I don’t know if it’s because I’m familiar with myself, or just like this!

“I don’t have any friends in the capital. Would you like to be my friend?” Azi mumbled while looking out the car window. The little eyes are looking at Zhang Heng secretly!

Zhang Heng froze for a while, looked at Azi who was nervous, and smiled at the impossible to bear!

Ah Zi seemed to be very sensitive, turned her head, raised her pink fist and smashed Zhang Heng’s shoulder, panting with rage said: “hmph, why are you laughing, you don’t want to get it, you think I rarely let you do it.” My friend? Great idiot!”

Zhang Heng touched his nose and smiled and asked, “Why am I becoming a big idiot?” This beauty who came up on the road halfway was pretty fun!

“It’s just a big idiot, big idiot, big idiot, I hate you, from now on, you are not allowed to talk to me!” After finishing speaking, like bulging little cheeks, he turned his head aside, then it just doesn’t To manage Zhang Heng. Live a little child with a temper!

I really told her to live with Fudge, Zhang Heng doesn’t know now, whether this big beauty met him by accident, or premeditated! I sighed in my heart, of course it’s good if it’s a friend, but he doesn’t care if it’s an enemy. Isn’t that saying, good wine when a friend comes, a shotgun when a wolf comes!

“For friends, we must first be true. If you promise not to deceive me, I will treat you as a friend.” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

“Really?” Azi turned his head and moved towards He blinked and said, “After you treat me as a friend, will you bully me?”

Zhang Heng smiled and asked, “Is this important?”

“Of course!” Azi nodded hard. It seems to care about this kind of thing!

“It depends on the situation. If interest comes, it will not be able to prevent bullying and bullying you, my friend, do you have to have a spirit of unselfish dedication, what do you think?” Zhang Heng hehe said with a smile.

“Bastard, big bastard, it can’t be this way, we are friends, you respect me.” Zi said angrily. What she wants is to use the two words “friend” as a kind of shackle, lock him in it, so that he will not dare to move about himself again, then he is safe!

“Hehe, I can’t stand this? Return to a friend, knowing how to write the two words yiqi? For the sake of a friend, you can come out anything!” Zhang Heng smiled and was not fooled!

Azi cursed “unable to bear” in her heart, let’s go to your Master’s loyalty, and tell you about loyalty, great aunt can’t have both body and mind fallen! The task Yang Shao gave her was to stay by Zhang Heng’s side, but not to let herself sleep for him. If he was slept by this bastard, then he would not be able to compete for the seat of Mrs. Fortune Villa!

So she needs to choose a 2 best way, but this man, let her fool around, just not fooled by her!

“You are a bastard man, I won’t be friends with you anymore!” Azi blushed and turned his head.

Zhang Heng doesn’t matter, there are not that many friends who come in vain in the world, and friends who have interests involved can last the longest. Friends who fall from the sky are not worth much. The two words “friend” need to be managed carefully. It is difficult for men and women to be the purest friends!

Even if it is, two people must have slept together before. If they hadn’t slept together before, they would definitely sleep together in the future!

After breaking up, can you still be friends? The answer is yes. Maybe you can still become a very close friend!

Drive the car to Zi Family, a small 2-Layer villa with a reading ability. The area is not too small or large. The district is very unique. A few mobile villas like this in the capital cost 1000 8 million! So from this perspective, the worth of this little girl is quite high!

“What are you going to do?” Azi was already guarding Zhang Heng, as if he was afraid that he would move himself!

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said, “Big Miss, are your feet okay? I don’t want to do anything, I just want to help you into the room. Are we friends?”

Azi seemed to be touched by the phrase “Aren’t we friends?”, wrinkled her nose, put down her guard, and blushed and said, “Then, then you must not mess with it!”

Zhang Heng smiled and helped her, opened the door and walked in!

“Are you alone here?” Zhang Heng put her on the sofa, then looked at 4 places and asked curiously.

“Yeah, my family… This is me!” Azi nodded. Put your legs on the sofa and laughed and said: “What do you want to drink, you can get it in the refrigerator by yourself!”

“Don’t drink anything, if there is nothing wrong, I will leave first. You can call me if you have anything!” Zhang Heng left her a number and was about to leave!

Azi blushed and shouted, “Um, wait a minute!”

“En?” Zhang Heng stopped, turned his head to look at her, and asked suspiciously, “Anything else?”

“Actually, you are not really too bad, you are still very nice, hehe, I am willing to make your friend, and you are willing to treat me as a friend, right?” Azi looked at him eagerly, as if he wanted to hear Until his affirmative answer!

Zhang Heng shrugged, smiled and said: “I am a big bastard, you still don’t think I am very good!” After speaking, he turned his head and walked outside!

This time, Azi was not calling him!

After leaving the district, Zhang Heng drove into a car. After the car was far away, Ah Zi stood in front of the window, her face calmed down, her brows frowned slightly, she didn’t know what was thinking in her heart!

Zhang Heng was holding his mobile phone, leaning on the back seat of the car, and asked A’Dai, “Is the identity of Azi found?”

“No, it’s very mysterious, just like that’Young Young’, it seems to have suddenly appeared.” A’Dai shook his head and said. After thinking about it, he said, “The two of them are probably in the same group. Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence. This woman named Azi is not simple!”

Zhang Heng is slightly nodded, it doesn’t matter whether she is a group or not. If she wants to play herself as a rich handsome guy, congratulations to her, she should cry fast. If you really lack friends and treat yourself as a friend, Zhang Heng doesn’t mind. If you have a friend with a different surname, who would abandon your own beauty friends!

“Find someone to supervise her and see what she wants to do!” Zhang Heng said softly.

Coincidence, what will not have too many coincidences, some are nothing more than deliberate and deliberate that’s all!

Back to Zi Yan’er’s villa, it was getting dark at night! At this time, Li Meng was holding Little Brat and had already returned. As for Zhang Heng’s whereabouts, he only said: “The beauty who wears a purple skirt halfway is robbed!”

At this time, several big beauties in the family are waiting for Zhang Heng to be tried!

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