Super Island Lord Chapter 671

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“What are you going to do?” Zi Yan’er asked expressionless, sitting in the living room. . Liu Xuejing was there and stared at Zhang Heng angrily, but secretly squeezed his eyes at Zhang Heng. In fact, Zi Yan’er, a “little soldier”, is a lively traitor, but at this time, Zhang Heng was not Yes, so I directly took refuge in the enemy leader!

“I didn’t do anything!” Zhang Heng touched his nose, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, shook his head, and looked at Li Meng over there. Isn’t there a handsome girl behind him?

Little Brat was not present. It is estimated that he was playing for a day, tired, and fell asleep at this time.

“Don’t tell the truth, you are not allowed to sleep at night. Li Meng has said it, you can explain without omission and in detail!” Zi Yan’er bluffed pretty face.

Zhang Heng smiled and asked, “What did the handsome girl tell you?”

“She said that you met a big beauty in a purple miniskirt halfway down the road, and you threw your son to her, and you were abducted by beauty,” Liu Xuejing said while learning his tongue.

“Is it?” Zi Yan’er asked.

Zhang Heng nodded, smiled and said: “This is almost the case. But the handsome girl definitely didn’t say that the beauty in the purple miniskirt should be sent by the’enemy’!”

“The enemy sent over?” Zi Yan’er and Liu Xuejing were both stunned. Zi Yan’er rolled the eyes, obviously not believing what Zhang Heng said, and asked in an angry tone: “Then what happened to your enemy?”

“Stop it!” Zhang Heng smiled and shrugged, walked to the sofa and sat down, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said, “You guys, you just eat and support every day. Without my Earth, I won’t turn. Now? You guys, please find something for me, woman, I need my own career!”

Zi Yan’er snorted and said sternly, “I don’t need it. I have money, so I am willing to be a housewife. Or if I give you all the money, you will be a man for me?”

Zhang Heng touched his nose, smiled dry and said nothing.

“Nothing to say, right?” Zi Yan’er crossed Zhang Heng’s eyes.

Zhang Heng said with a smile: “Aren’t you going to write, direct, act and make a movie by yourself, don’t you stop making it?”

“Shoot, why not shoot!” Zi Yan’er rolled his eyes!

“Let’s shoot, when it’s showing, I’ll definitely go and join in.” Zhang Heng laughed and stood up from the sofa, ready to take a shower!

“There is one last question.” Zi Yan’er sat on the sofa and solemnly asked.

“What’s the problem?” Zhang Heng smiled wryly and had to stop.

“What is the relationship between you and the handsome girl? To be honest, don’t lie!” Zi Yan’er said sternly. She didn’t ask Li Meng about this, but chose to directly ask Zhang Heng!

Li Meng’s face turned red in an instant. Although she wanted to admit her relationship with Zhang Heng, she never thought of exposing it so soon!

Liu Xuejing stared, looked at Li Meng, then looked at Zhang Heng, rolled the eyes, stood up and went back to her room. To be honest, she was very depressed. As for what she was depressed, she couldn’t tell. , Anyway, it just feels like a panic in my heart, not happy!

When did this handsome girl get together with Boss? 2 people are together every day, why doesn’t she know. This is too concealed, right?

“She’s my woman just like you!” Zhang Heng finished speaking, then turned and walked towards the bathroom. Anyway, if there are too many lice, don’t bite, and you don’t have to worry about the account.

Looking at Zhang Heng’s back, Zi Yan’er retracted his gaze, turned his head to look at Li Meng faint smile and asked: “When did you two get together? Secrecy measures, did you do a good job!”

Li Meng expressionless said: “It’s been about 2 years!” After speaking, he got up from the sofa, turned and walked towards his room!

Zi Yan’er smiled bitterly, and didn’t know if he should cry or laugh. 2 years? Isn’t that earlier than yourself? If you talk about time alone, does it mean that you have to call someone an elder sister? Damn, stinky man, the bottom of the butt has never been cleaned!


Week 3, Zilong Automobile shareholders meeting!

In fact, for this kind of thing, just send a representative to participate. But isn’t Zhang Heng very curious about the’Young Shao’ who has never been masked, and wants to come over and see in person, what kind of’bird character’ he is like!

“Boss!” Bald Li Shaohua also came.

“How are you doing? Xiaoyue has been doing pretty well, right?” Zhang Heng smiled and patted him on the shoulder. Although the two people don’t get together often, the feelings between them are quite close. As long as he admits that he is his’boss’, Zhang Heng will recognize him as his brother, no matter when!

“Hehe, it’s okay! My little cousin misses you a lot!” Li Shaohua scratched Bei Liang’s head and said with a smile.

“Miss me?” Zhang Heng was stunned, and suddenly remembered who the cousin he was talking about was here. The little girl he met in the bar last time, said with a wry smile: “Don’t tell her, I’m coming to Beijing That’s it.”

“Hehe, Young Master Zhang has too many romantic debts. Did people say that there are people like Young Master Zhang in every village?” Gu Letian smiled and walked over from behind, running Zhang Heng.

“Fuck you, you have mother-in-law in every village!” Zhang Heng replied with a grin.

In the conference room, it’s not big, but very high-end. The chairs are all made of redwood, and there are more than a dozen seats. In addition to Zhang Heng, Gu Letian, and Li Shaohua, Zi Yan’er also arrived. She was with Zhang Heng in the morning and had to come and join her brains. However, they are also considered as major shareholders, she thought If she wants to come, no one dares to let her out!

The remaining few are all senior managers in the company. They have some shares in their hands, but they are all very few. Together, they are not even a fraction!

As for Long Haitao, he probably feels very shameless. He didn’t come and only sent a representative here!

“Fuck, this Yang Zhengyang’s dog basket is too dazzling to show off, so we are waiting for him. Why do you really think of yourself as a human?” Gu Letian looked at the watch on his wrist, unable The to bear foul-mouthed cried. He is also a famous young man in the capital. At other times, others are waiting for him. When did he wait for others like this!

Zhang Heng smiled and said, “What’s the hurry? It’s not ten o’clock yet.”

The time set for the general meeting of shareholders is ten o’clock in the morning. Now, ten o’clock is still a few minutes away. The more the other party plays the music like this, the less Zhang Heng looks at the other party. However, do you want to play, you come and I, since people make the move first, then you can do it yourself.

“Young Master Zhang, you really have no temper, hehe, anyway, you are the major shareholders in the company. As for ours, it’s just that’s all who came to make soy sauce. You don’t care about waiting a few more minutes, I still care. [***]. Mao.” Gu Letian frivolous said.

At ten o’clock, the door of the conference room was pushed open from the outside.

A handsome suit, a very energetic youngster, opened the door from the outside with a smile and walked in.

“Everyone, I’m really sorry, the traffic jam on the road was late.” Yang Zhengyang smiled, but looking at the main seat, Zhang Heng had already been seated, his steps stopped slightly, and he smiled and said to the lawyer behind him: “I shouldn’t be Zilong Automobile Group, is it the largest shareholder? What? Someone else holds more shares than I own?”

Anyone can hear it, but Zhang Heng is listening to these words!

“Yes, you have 40% of Zilong Automobile Group’s shares in your hand. If nothing else, Yang Shao, you are the Zilong Automobile Group. The largest shareholder, you should sit upright!” The middle-aged who came in with Yang Zhengyang Lawyer, respectfully replied.

After finishing speaking, he turned his head to Zhang Heng who was sitting on the main seat, and shouted arrogantly: “Trouble you to get up, this seat does not belong to you, it should be our Yang Shao sitting!”

Zhang Heng tilted his head to look at him, and the’Yang Shao’ next to him. He is indeed very young, handsome, and very good. He has a strong challenge to himself. As for the specific abilities, it is hard to say, what kind of hidden abilities should be carried on his body, so that Zhang Heng can’t see his depth!

“Are you the’Young Shao’?” Zhang Heng ignored the arrogant middle-aged lawyer, but looked at Yang Shao next to him and asked with a smile.

Yang Zhengyang nodded with a smile said: “Yes, it’s me!”

“Not bad!” Zhang Heng praised nodded.

“Hey, are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me? This seat belongs to our Yang Shao…” the middle-aged lawyer pointed at Zhang Heng and called.

Zhang Heng dug his ears and mumbled: “It’s noisy!”


The sudden loud slap in the face knocked the middle-aged lawyer who Yang Zhengyang had brought, slammed his 2 legs off the ground, slammed his head, and stunned him with his face covered in a daze.

The smile on Yang Zhengyang’s face instantly converged, and a trace of bright light flashed in his eyes. It was not Zhang Heng who shot just now, and he didn’t even see who shot him. Unexpectedly, there is such a peerless expert hidden beside this big Island Lord!

“Young Master Zhang, what do you mean?” Yang Zhengyang asked Zhang Heng calmly.

“It’s not interesting, it just thinks your dog is too noisy.” Zhang Heng smiled indifferently.

“I have 40% of the shares in my hand, don’t Young Master Zhang don’t want to act according to the rules?” Yang Zhengyang sneered, saying the two words “rules” in his mouth very hard.

“Rules?” Zhang Heng laughed looking at him and said, “If Shao Yang chooses to follow the rules, then I will naturally be with him.”

“In that case, please ask Young Master Zhang to get up from this position!” Yang Zhengyang said nodded, with a sarcasm smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Call me up? Why?” Zhang Heng sat there with a smile, did not move, but asked rhetorically.

“With my 40% of Zilong Automobile Group’s shares, can it be said that Young Master Zhang’s shares are still too much for me? If that is the case, I am willing to give this seat to Young Master Zhang!” Yang Zhengyang Said with a sneer.

“Hehe, this seat was originally mine. There is no need for Young Shao to give up his seat. Is there a lot of 40% of the shares? Unfortunately, I have 40% of the shares in my hand, which happens to be a little more than Yang Shao’s. , What do you say?” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

Yang Zhengyang furrowed his brows. According to the intelligence group analysis, 40% of the 100% of the shares can become the major shareholder of Zilong Automobile Group. Otherwise, he would also impossible to acquire the 50% of the shares from Long Haitao at a premium of 40%.

“Young Master Zhang is not joking, right?”

Zhang Heng sat there and replied faintly: “Do you think I am a joker? The equity certificate is in my hand. If you don’t believe it, you can ask a lawyer to verify it!”

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