Super Island Lord Chapter 672

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“The equity thing is actually useless!” Yang Zhengyang stared at Zhang Heng frowned, the complexion is gloomy for a while, but soon recovered, and said jokingly. .

“Who said no? To me, this thing is just some useless paper.” Zhang Heng shrugged smiled and threw the certificate of equity in his hand to the conference table: “But, you didn’t mean to follow the rules. Play? Use the rules to play, this thing is still quite useful!”

Yang Zhengyang was nodded and looked at Zhang Heng and asked, “Does this position of Young Master Zhang mean that he refuses to give me anything?”

“Hey, is your brain hypoxic? Do you sit down in that seat and don’t be afraid of your ass? People have to be self-aware. You said you are handsome, but you can talk and do things without walking. What about the brain? Also, Zilong Automobile Group is not a cat 3 or 4 people who can squeeze in. If I were you, be a smart person, get acquainted, and sell your shares now. Sell ​​it to me. How much did you spend to buy it from my Brother Haitao? I paid a lot of money to buy it back. Otherwise, things won’t be over.” Before Zhang Heng could speak, Zi Yan’er spoke frigid irony and Scolding of scorching satire. Superstar is fierce, but also very savage!

“Haha!” Yang Zhengyang raised his head and laughed, looking at Zi Yan’er and said, “This beauty is probably Zi Yan’er, right? Sure enough, he is not as well-known as meeting each other, he has a good body and a hot surname. I like it.” moved towards Zi Yan’er nodded, turned his head and looked at Zhang Heng flatly and said, “As far as I know, Long Haitao still has 100/1 shares of Zilong Automobile Group, right? ?”

“Yes!” Zhang Heng lightly nodded with a smile. Then tilted his head and looked at him with a smile and asked, “Do you want to tell me that since you can buy 40% of the shares from Long Aozi, you can still buy eleventh of the shares?”

The bright light glittering in Yang Zhengyang’s eyes, laughed confidently, but did not speak, the meaning is self-evident!

“Proof of equity is only useful for civilized people. Within the’rules’, it represents identity and status. But if someone bypasses the rules and uses some shameful means, then I don’t need to talk to you again. Talk about the’rules’.” Zhang Heng said with a smile, paused slightly, and then said: “By the way, you have a few subordinates who rudely invited people who shouldn’t be invited, and they did not comply with the rules. , I have asked people to break their hands and feet for you. You have to behave in a proper way. Thanks to it, you have to eat a meal instead of doing anything else!”

“Young Master Zhang really deserves to be the Island Lord of Zhang Family’s Island. He did have two slaps. I admire it.” Yang Zhengyang said with a sneer, turned and walked out! The several henchman he brought, also hurriedly ran out!

“Normally, Shao Yang, go slowly, don’t give it away!” Zhang Heng laughed loudly and replied.

From beginning to end, Gu Letian sat there as if watching the excitement, neither interrupted nor idle. Now waiting for Yang Zhengyang to leave, the first one smiled and applauded, and said, “Happily, this February grass and his old mother is in the capital. It’s a show of the limelight. I don’t know what it is. The stubborn people in many circles Lord, they were all planted into his hands, but the elders in the family gave orders not to move the dog. Now it’s all right. Young Master Zhang has taken care of it. It’s really a delight!”

Zhang Heng rolled his eyes and said with a smile: “Come on, when did Gu Dashao learn how to shoot flattery with others!” “Damn, what about flattery, Laozi, this is telling the truth. Besides, Young Master Zhang, you too It’s not a horse!” Gu Letian frivolous said.

“Come on, let me go.” Zhang Heng smiled and turned his head to the representative sent by Long Haitao, and said: “This big brother, please help me to bring a message to Young Master Long. It means that Zilong Automobile Group belongs to us, and others can’t take it away. He is still the big boss of Zilong Automobile Group. You should manage the company as you should, and it’s not called when everyone is scammed by others. What a shame, when I am a friend, when Zi Yan’er is a girl, don’t care about these things, I will ask someone to send him the 40% of the shares!”

“Okay, I will definitely pass on Young Master Zhang’s words to Long Aozi!” Long Haitao’s representative stood up and replied respectfully.

Zhang Heng nodded, indicating that he can go.

“Is this Young Master only this? I thought there was Three Heads Six Arms Divine Ability.” Zhang Heng stood up from the chair, stretched his waist lazily, and said with a smile: “We brothers don’t get together. It’s easy. You can’t find such an opportunity several times a year. I will be the host at noon and you can choose the place.”

“Haha, I’m just waiting for Young Master Zhang’s words. Compared with you, the local tyrant, we are truly local turtles.” Gu Letian said with a smile.

“Well, can I call my cousin and ask her to come too?” Li Shaohua asked with a grin, clutching his bald head.

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes and ignored him, but Zi Yan’er wrinkled his nose panting with rage and stared at him. Turning his head and thinking for a while, I wanted to ask: “You said, should I make a phone call and call Brother Haitao? Some things, let’s say it in person, and it’s not good if we don’t call him if we drink. Right?”

“Yes!” Zhang Heng nodded with a smile. Actually, between Long Haitao and Long Haitao, not at all, he never blamed the other party. He sold the shares in his hand and replaced it with himself. His son and woman were kidnapped. , Will also choose to exchange. You may be able to get back shares after they are sold, but if the people are gone, it will be a lifelong heart disease!

Langsha Club, Gu Letian came forward and booked a private room!

I am very impressed with this club/hall, as well as the beauty managers, beauty Boss and Zhang Heng inside. It seems that this place is also one of the gathering places for this group of young masters in Beijing!

“Young Master Zhang, long time no see!” Zhou Yafang personally opened the door and greeted Zhang Heng entire group in. Normal young masters, she will not greet him personally, even though she is only a Langsha club. The lobby manager of the pavilion, but his status is not low, nor can anyone meet him!

“It’s a long time no see, don’t worry, I am drinking now, and I will never hit your door again!” Zhang Heng smiled nodded. It seems that I have been hit by myself several times. Of course, they are all lying guns. I don’t know if I will feel fearful every time I come!

“Thank you so much for Young Master Zhang for tolerance!” Zhou Yafang covered his mouth and smiled, reaching out and making a please gesture!

“Sister Yatang, this is my man.” Zi Yan’er reached out and hugged Zhang Heng’s arm, snorted at Zhou Yafang’s wrinkled nose, and muttered his mouth!

Zhou Yafang nodded with a smile: “Yes, yes, the elder sister knows that it is your man, don’t worry, the man from Zi Da Miss, even if you give the elder sister ten and 8 courage, he dare not seduce or seduce him!”

“I am not afraid of you to seduce and lead her, I am afraid that he seduce and lead you!” Zi Yan’er laughed.

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, entire group moved towards 定好房走去!

Mu Guyan sat on the sofa with his long legs gracefully tilted, shaking the red wine glass in his hand, looking at the monitor on the wall, his mouth was slightly tilted. She guessed that this enchanting man would come to the capital, but didn’t expect that he would come so fast, completely out of her expectations!

“By the way, I have called Liu Xuejing and Li Meng, and they will come over after holding Little Tianbao for a while.” Zi Yan’er stuck to Zhang Heng’s ear and said softly with a smile.

Zhang Heng was stunned for a moment, and nodded to say nothing. Little Brat is also a master who can’t be idle, since he brought his son to the capital, he can’t be bored at home every day, right!


“Master, do you want me to pick up that kid’s tendons and hamstrings?” Azhu asked panting with rage. I just got news that the subordinates who were sent to kidnap the Long Haitao woman and the illegal child were taken away shortly after dawn. When they were put back, their hands and feet were interrupted. It was miserable!

Although these people were not brought here from Fortune Villa, after all, they were regarded as people who followed them in name, and they were interrupted alive by others, which was tantamount to beating them in the face!

Yang Zhengyang browsed slightly wrinkle, his face was a little gloomy, and he shook his head and said: “The opponent has an expert, super-class expert, maybe I am not the opponent’s opponent.”

“Young Master is not an opponent?” Azhu was taken aback, and exclaimed in surprise: “Isn’t that the realm of Golden Core?”

“Maybe it’s just Foundation Establishment Peak, the Old Ancestor impossible of Golden Core is willing to be driven by others!” Yang Zhengyang shook his head and said, if the opponent really has a Golden Core guard, then…the hidden power behind the opponent will not be better than’Fortune. The Villa’s worse, even stronger!

If the other party is the young master or heir of such a Super Influence, Hongyun Villa is impossible to know!

“I hope I think too much!” Yang Zhengyang asked with a cold face, “Where did he go?”

“The news I just got, that kid took the entire group to the Langsha Club.” Azhu said softly, knowing that her young master must be very angry in her heart now!

“Langsha will. Hall? Well, Wood Smoke that bitch, dare not listen to my orders, she thought I would not dare to touch her? Contact the capital playboy those who say that today my treat, we will also go LangSha. Have fun in the hall!” Yang Zhengyang said coldly snorted. The’expert’ who was hiding behind Zhang Heng that I met today really made him feel a little lingering.

After thinking about it, he said, “Send a letter back to Fortune Villa, let my mother send a group of experts to Beijing, I want to use it!”

“Yes!” Azhu nodded respectfully.

“How is the progress on Azi’s side?” Yang Zhengyang asked calmly.

Azhu said softly: “Azi has already contacted the other party, but the other party is very vigilant, Azi did not contact us too much!”

Yang Zhengyang was nodded and didn’t ask anything. Muttering to himself: “No wonder the mother said that the other party is an opponent worthy of tempering my surname.”

Langsha Club / Pavilion!

After Zhou Yafang arranged Zhang Heng and several seniors, he went up to the 4th floor, opened the door of the room, and walked in by himself.

“That evildoer seems to be in a good mood today!” Mu Guyan took a sip of the red wine and smiled while looking at the monitor on the wall.

Zhou Yafang nodded, smiling bitterly and asked: “Miss, what shall we do next?” She felt that Mu Guyan was playing with fire! If one fails, you will burn yourself, whether it is Zhang Family’s Island Island Lord Zhang Heng or Young Manor Lord Yang Zhengyang of Hongyun Villa, it is not, Langsha will. The museum can provoke!

“Do nothing, wait!” Mu Guyan smiled and said while shaking his red wine glass! (To be continued.)

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