Super Island Lord Chapter 673

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Long Haitao is here!

Seeing Long Haitao opening the door in, Zhang Heng didn’t show off. He stood up with a smile from the sofa. From start to finish, they regarded themselves as friends. In the case of Zi Yan’er, they were benevolent and righteous. Although this time I did a little poorly, no one can understand it when he was in trouble. Not to mention that Zhang Heng is rich now, even if one day he becomes the top leader of Earth, he should be called a dragon when he sees others. Brother, still call it!

“Brother, I’m the big brother this time, hey!” Long Haitao looked at Zhang Heng and sighed.

Zhang Heng smiled and said, “Brother Long is not to blame, even if you put it on me, I will do it. Those guys who started with sister-in-law, I have asked someone to clean up.”

Long Haitao patted Zhang Heng on the shoulder, nodded, and didn’t say much. Everyone is sensible, and some things needless to say are too clear.

Zi Yan’er took Long Haitao to sit down, squeezed his eyes with a smile and said, “Brother, you can do it, you can hide it deep enough. You have a son, so don’t tell me, you are too bad. Pay attention to it!”

“Go, stop booing here!” Long Haitao unable to bear laughed and cursed. If this kind of thing can be said, can he still raise women and children outside? He would have taken them home long ago! This kind of thing is a’secret’ to him, a secret that cannot be said! Otherwise, who would dare to kidnap the direct descendants of the Long family, the capital would not turn upside down!

If Fortune Villa is not Fortune Villa, in front of national forces, it may not be able to make many waves. There has been fortune since ancient times.

The prosperity of the nation can crush everything! The strength of a few people alone cannot be controlled.

“Come on, drink at the bar! Long brother, we are not so easy to handle, some things are remembered, let’s go back and calculate!” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

Long Haitou is nodded. It is indeed a bit wronged to plant this time. It is typically calculated by the villain, and the other party is not enough to be Huang Minglei. Even if he uses these tricks, it will only make people look down on!

“Zilong Automobile Group will always be ours, and others can’t take it away!” Zi Yan’er wrinkled his nose and looked serious, and said, “We are not bad for money. What is the name of Yang? Provoke us, hum, I’ll use the money to kill him. Look at him chuckle!”

“Haha!” Zi Yan’er said, making everyone present laugh.

“Sister Yan’er, in the future, my little brother will get along with you!” Gu Letian said with a smile on his face. He also knows that Zi Yan’er and Zhang Heng made a big movie and made a lot of money. It is rumored that a movie made at least 2,000-3,000 USD 100000000. Is it true? He doesn’t know, but Forbes But because of this “Empire of Beauties”, Zhang Heng was put on the altar of the world’s’richest man’. Even if you give him a fraction, it will be enough for him to be stunned for a while.

“Fuck me? You don’t think your face is too pale, don’t!” Zi Yan’er rolled the eyes, muttering.

“Damn, I don’t want to eat soft rice!” Gu Letian muttered with a wry smile.

“But here I only accept soft rice, and you don’t eat soft rice, so follow along.” Zi Yan’er smiled and blinked his eyes. She is selling cute! “Little Heng, I don’t dare to come over and wait!”


Zhang Heng made a minion pose!

When these people were talking in the room, Yang Zhengyang also took them to the Langsha Club. Pavilion. In addition to him, there are many famous playboy children in Beijing. People gather by kind, and people are divided into groups. Among these people, some were subdued by Yang Zhengyang, while others were reminded by the family that they knew where this Young Master Yang came from, so they came together to make friends!

Among them, the most famous one is Pang Haopang Third Young Master.

Pang Family is also one of the strongest families in the capital. Its status is comparable to that of the Long Family, and it is slightly stronger than the Zhao Family and Gu Family. Because Pang Hao’s 2 grandfather is now the No. 2 figure in China, and his grandfather is also the No. 3 tycoon in the military, stomp, can make the faction that shakes up and down three times exist!

“Yang Shao, call us today, is there any special program?” Pang Hao looked at Yang Zhengyang and asked with a smile after coming down from Lamborghini. It can be heard from the voice that the two people are not at all. Everyone has his own small circle, in their small circle, Pang Hao is the leader.

“Well, there are people in the capital that Pang Shao is afraid of?” Yang Zhengyang asked with a smile.

“Not afraid!” Pang Hao shook the head. He had a very difficult to deal with black market boxing champion. He killed 100 people with his bare hands in 43 90 battles. He had 96 KO records and never lost. However, this Young Master Yang slapped him away, and 4 ribs were broken. I learned from my family that Fortune Villa is one of the most mysterious places in China. If the other party is not capable and his family is scrupulous, Pang Hao would be too lazy!

Only if you can discuss friendships with the same generation, you can put your’worth’ there!

“Let’s go, let’s enjoy this Langsha Club today. The treatment of being served by the beauty Boss!” Yang Zhengyang knew what the other party liked and said with a smile.

“Mu Guyan?” Pang Hao’s eyes lit up, and he smiled and said, “That woman is not so good, thorny rose, pierced your hands!”

“Hehe, if Shao Pang likes it, let her accompany you tonight!” Yang Zhengyang said with a smile indifferently.

“The feeling is better!” Pang Hao narrowed his eyes, nodded with a smile. He is 2 years younger than Long Haitao, but 2 years older than Gu Letian and Li Shaohua. Although Long Haitao is not as loud as the No. 1 Young Master in Beijing, it will definitely not be too bad!


From the monitoring screen, Mu Guyan frowned when he looked at the man who walked in with attendants crowding round alongside Yang Zhengyang. Muttering to himself: “Why did this man come today? Doesn’t he know that Long Haitao is here? It seems that I had a lot of fun watching today!”

Pang Hao and Long Haitao didn’t deal with each other very much, but on the surface they still passed, giving the impression that they just walked not so close, but there was no direct conflict!

“Why haven’t Liu Xuejing and Li Meng come yet?” Zhang Heng turned his head and looked at Zi Yan’er, frowning.

“It should be coming soon, I’ll call to ask!” Zi Yan’er knew Zhang Heng was worried about his son, smiled and took out his mobile phone!

At this moment, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open from the outside, Zhou Yafang ran in with some panic on his face, and said: “Young Master Long, Young Master Zhang, go out and have a look, your 2 A friend with a child was stopped by Young Master Pang’s people.”

“Which Young Master Pang?” Long Haitao was stunned.

Zhou Yafang smiled bitterly and said, “Pang Family Third Young Master!”

“Bring a baby? Are you looking for us? Will it be Liu Xuejing and Li Meng!” Zi Yan’er took the phone and asked the delivery!

“Go, go out and see!” Zhang Heng calmly got up from the sofa and walked straight outside! (To be continued.)

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