Super Island Lord Chapter 674

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“What are you doing, get out of here! Do you know who we are?”

Before approaching, I heard Liu Xuejing’s angry voice coming from the front, Zhang Heng was relaxed instead, at least there was no accident. .

“Hehe, little girl, I know who you are, Superstar, hey, who of you has never slept with a singer or movie star?” A sloppy voice asked with a smile.

“I slept!”

“I have slept too!”

“Fuck, the coins are all the same, that’s all that is different on the face!”

“Nonsense, or where is the value, but it’s all on this face.”

“By the way, I think of you. You are the singer of what kind of’handsome girl’ group, right? It’s quite famous. How much is the appearance fee. We will pack it tonight. Is your son in your arms? tsk tsk, it’s fashionable to have a baby before you are married. Isn’t it weaned yet? Hehe, just to dedicate something to our brother Hao to make up for the night!”

A few rogue voices made Liu Xuejing both shocked and angry, but she stood behind with Little Brat in her arms, while Li Meng stood in front of her expressionlessly, preventing these men from getting closer.

“I want to make up and go home to your mother!” Liu Xuejing cursed back without showing weakness. She has the confidence because Zhang Heng is in the capital. In addition, she has experienced as the tide rises, the boat floats during this period of time. Naturally, she will not put these people too much in her eyes. They are now public figures and make a big noise. Don’t think about it!

“Hehe, little girl is hot enough, I like it. Looking back, remember to come and accompany me, otherwise, you won’t have to mess around in the entertainment circle in the future!” Pang Hao said with a smile, he would have two people in one sentence.

Zi Yan’er followed Zhang Heng, listening to what the other party said, “unable to bear coldly snorted”, and said sarcastically, “The tone is so loud, I am not afraid to flash my tongue. This is not the Third Young Master of the dignified Pang Family. Isn’t it enough? I’m going to see how you keep my people in the entertainment circle!”

Yang Zhengyang was stunned, but he didn’t think that Zhang Heng or Long Haitao was the first to fire. It was the Superstar Zi Yan’er. However, Zi Yan’er’s remarks are also right. After all, Liu Xuejing and Li Meng are both artists under her company. They say **just**, isn’t that plain not to give her the face of Zi Yan’er!

Pang Hao’s face became cold, and he turned around and looked over. He said without a smile, “Hey, who am I? Why is this wrong?”

“What do you want!” Zi Yan’er looked at each other without fear.

“I don’t want anything, I just want my stars to play with me, don’t you Zi Yan’er give me this little face?” Pang Hao said with a smile.

“Do you have a lot of face?” Zi Yan’er rolled the eyes, walked over and led the Little Brat held by Li Meng and Liu Xuejing. Others are afraid of him, but she doesn’t care about him!

“Fuck, don’t fuck and shame, talk to Pang Shao like this, you really think you are a dick, then fuck is a person? Believing or not at night, several brothers will kill you?” Pang Shao’s henchman , Looked at Zi Yan’er unable to bear and scolded, the thief was terrible!

Long Haitao turned his head and glanced at Zhang Heng, then smiled and said, “I haven’t started a fight for a few days. I just had a good time today. Would you like to be together?”

“Nonsense, do you have to talk about it, you must beat them tonight, so that you can’t recognize them when you go home!” Zhang Heng laughed and replied.

2 The voice is not loud, and it is behind, so not many people hear it. But then, Long Haitao moved towards the person who was not inferior to Zi Yan’er just now, and bounced up and moved towards the opposite door, fiercely’s punch.

Zhang Heng didn’t expect, Long Haitao’s skill is not bad, as if he has practiced Muay Thai and Sanda.


The bridge of the nose and the entire face was broken down!

“Long Haitao, you did it first today!” Pang Hao coldly snorted. Since the other party did it first, he doesn’t have to be polite. He directly waved his hand and said to the person behind him, “Give me a fight!”

The other party brought at least sixteen-seventeen people today, and on Long Haitao’s side, Zhang Heng, Gu Letian, Li Shaohua, and the rest are girls. In theory, the hands-on are very disadvantageous!

However, Li Shaohua and Gu Letian are also veterans who often fight, and Zhang Heng doesn’t put these playboys in his eyes. Four people beat more than a dozen, and whoever suffers is still talking!

“Young Master Yang, let’s meet again!” Zhang Heng kicked the two people who rushed over, kicked each of them in the face, kicked and fainted, and walked towards Yang Zhengyang with a smile!

Yang Zhengyang smiled and said, “It’s really a coincidence, why does Young Master Zhang want to do 2 tricks with me, or how to play?”

“I don’t want to, I just want to tell you, let’s play, let’s do whatever you want, but there are 2 points that are my negative scales. The first is my son, and the second is my woman. If you move After these 2 points, I’m sorry, we can’t play anymore, when the time comes, Shao Ke Yang, don’t blame me Zhang Heng for being impatient!” Zhang Heng watched him say in a tranquil voice.

“Hehe!” Yang Zhengyang shook the head with a smile.

Suddenly, the murderous aura of assaults the senses made his smile stiff. The hairs on the back exploded. I don’t know when, there is a small black sword in his hand, staring coldly behind Zhang Heng!

“While I’m still patient, you’d better get out quickly. If you don’t want to see blood in front of your son, I will leave something from you tonight!” Zhang Heng finished. Walked towards the Pang Family Third Young Master!

At this time, Pang Hao complexion ashen stood there, and didn’t expect a dozen people on his side, but he couldn’t beat the 4 people there! It’s totally one-sided!

“You, what do you want to do? If you move me, don’t think of the capital!” Pang Hao watched Zhang Heng walk towards him, stepped back 2 steps in shock, and threatened.

“If you don’t leave the capital, I’ll just wait here, can’t you? I want to see how you can’t leave the capital!” Zhang Heng faint smiled and said, slap, shaking my hand is a loud voice Slapped.

“Young Master Zhang, don’t go too far!” Yang Zhengyang called “unable to bear” to stop him. He didn’t expect that the other party was even more mad than himself. First he threatened himself not to say anything. For Pang Family Third Young Master, he even said to fight. , Without the slightest scruples!

“Excessive? Haha, Shao Yang, you are a [***]mao, don’t take yourself too seriously!” Zhang Heng laughed wildly, looked down at his face and got up from the ground. Pang Family Third Young Master , Mockingly said: “My name is Zhang Heng, I am waiting for you here, see what you can do to me!”

“What, you are Zhang Heng?” Pang Hao was stunned. He didn’t know Zhang Heng, but during this time, he didn’t miss the reminder from the elders in the family. When meeting Zhang Heng, don’t provoke him for 10000000. He is not stupid, looking at Yang Zhengyang of complexion ashen, he immediately realized what was going on!

I couldn’t help cursing in my heart, this dog’s Yang Zhengyang actually cheated himself!

“Yes, I am Zhang Heng!” Zhang Heng said with his mouth turned upside down.

“Okay, let’s just wait and see!” Pang Hao clutched the red and swollen face that was beaten by Zhang Heng, put down a cruel word, turned and left. Don’t even care about the henchman he brought!

At most, you will be beaten up and you will not die! But he would be ashamed to stay!

“If he runs fast, or he will kick her to death in a while!” Zi Yan’er walked to the man who had spoken badly to her just now, and kicked him fiercely with his leg 2 feet.

It is best not to provoke women, they will hold grudges!

“Okay, okay, okay!” Yang Zhengyang said three good words in succession, then turned and left. Zhang Heng was even more arrogant than he thought. He didn’t even pay attention to the top playboys in the capital circle, saying that he would fight with his hands. He has forgotten that Pang Hao is a top figure in the circle, but in terms of fame, Long Haitao’s fame is even greater than his!

As for Zhang Heng, in fact, these Eldest Young Masters are simply not threatening to him. You don’t need to pay attention to them when you show your identity, just talk to the elders in their family. To say something awkward, challenge yourself, these guys are not qualified enough, they are short of seniority!

“Okay, if you kick it again, it will be abolished. The image of jade maiden is no longer needed. This is Langsha Club. The hall and the walls can be monitored everywhere. You beat people. I don’t dare to say too much. , A few 1000000 will definitely make the media go crazy.” Zhang Heng smiled and stopped.

“Hmph, it’s cheaper for them!” Zi Yan’er clapped his hands and said coldly. I also ignore Zhang Heng, walked towards Liu Xuejing, frowned and asked, “Are you all right?”

“It’s okay!” Liu Xuejing said, shaking his head.

Little Brat, who was held by Liu Xuejing, waited to see the person fighting in front of him with big eyes, yiyiyaya exclaimed in excitement, as if to say that he also wanted to come and fight twice!


“Hey, the shit Fortune Villa, in front of the evildoer, is not impossible to withstand a single blow.” Mu Guyan said with a smile while watching the surveillance video on the wall.

Wu Wu wrinkled and reminded: “Miss, the foundation of Fortune Villa is definitely not what we imagined. The Young Manor Lord of Fortune Villa will never be so impossible to withstand a single blow. I just don’t know why, today Yang Zhengyang was able to Yin Ren came first, didn’t do it!” This is also what he doubts in his heart!

“What’s so hard to figure out? I didn’t do it, but it was for two reasons. First, he was threatened by something, and he was not completely sure, so he didn’t dare to do it. Second, he had beaten the evildoer Zhang. Only a disadvantage, so I didn’t dare to do it. Regardless of the reason for these 2 points, he is’soft’ today.” Mu Guyan stood up from the sofa and said with a calm smile.

“But…” Wu Wu opened his mouth, frowned, and finally swallowed it back without saying anything.

“It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, isn’t it, we don’t mix up inside.” Mu Guyan smiled and walked outside. Now that it was over, it was time for her to go out and clean up the mess. It would be a shame not to take the opportunity to deepen the impression of that man like a monster.

The fight between Yang Zhengyang and Zhang Heng is not at all with Mu Guyan, but she is the one who hopes the two will fight! (To be continued.)

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