Super Island Lord Chapter 675

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“Wonderful, really wonderful! Young Master Long deserves to be the No. 1 young man in Beijing. Today, the little girl finally sees the power of Young Master Long!” Mu Guyan walked over with Uncle Wu, smiling and admiringly said. .

Long Haitao rolled the eyes, knowing that this woman is not so easy to provoke, and adding her hands just now, the anger in her heart has been reduced a lot. Replied lukewarm: “Miss is overwhelmed. I am the No. 1 young man in the capital. I just barely got rid of the neck to shit.”

After finishing talking about the more than a dozen pampered young masters who screamed and screamed on the ground, he said: “Get out of here if you get up. Do you want me to throw you out by myself?”

These people were beaten as soon as they were hit, and no one dared to retaliate when they looked back. The Long Family’s name is displayed there. There are many people who want to retaliate, but few really dare to take action.

Even more how, there is also a Zhang Family’s Island Island Lord on his side. Even if the beaten group tells the family, they are also weighing and weighing whether it can be touched!

“You have a lot of surveillance cameras on the walls, right?” Zi Yan’er walked over, moved towards Mu Guyan and asked calmly. Relatively speaking, she does not know as much about this beauty Boss as she knows about Zhou Yafang. After all, every time she comes, Zhou Yafang can see her as the lobby manager, but not every time she sees her as a boss!

“Yes!” Mu Guyan smiled nodded, but didn’t think about it for a while, this Superstar asked what he meant.

Zi Yan’er is already an international superstar, so naturally he wouldn’t just do things that ruin his reputation. As Zhang Heng said, if the video of hitting someone goes out, then the image of her innocent jade maiden will be completely ruined. Although she is rich, she hasn’t become a star addiction yet!

“Deleted the video of the video I just hit, and no negatives are allowed. Isn’t it okay?” Zi Yan’er said not to mince words, blunt, surnamed not to mince words.

Mu Guyan suddenly realized, and smiled and said: “I still think why is it, no problem, of course it’s okay, even if Yan’er younger sister does not remind, like this kind of video, even if you give the elder sister a little bit of courage, I dare not call it Let people go!”

Zi Yan’er nodded, no matter what the woman says is true or false, she has something to say beforehand. If the other party knows that she reminded her and gave the video to others, then it’s a matter of looking back. Just kill them and find this beauty Boss!

Everyone is a person with a face and knows what to do!

“Young Master Zhang, you have come to our Langsha Club again, but it really makes this place shine!” Mu Guyan smiled and looked at Zhang Heng. She came here mainly to run this Young Master Zhang!

“Pengxun is brilliant?” Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head and said, “beauty just laughed. I’m afraid that beauty is scolding me in her heart. Why does it cause trouble every time she comes?”

When I first came, I demolished the door of the house.

In the next few times, something will happen here anyway. People open the door to do business, and I keep working like this, so it’s strange not to call him a disaster star behind his back!

“Hey, Young Master Zhang is so funny!” Mu Guyan couldn’t help but laugh.

Standing next to Zhou Yafang, all the boys and girls who were watching the sex also got up and walked. It’s okay to stand outside, said with a smile: “Others are looking at us. I see if there is anything, Everyone should go to the room and say, how about?”

There are many common people in Langsha Club and Hall, even during the daytime. At this time, some people are sneaking here to watch, but the people who can come here have some identities. Naturally, they will recognize Long Haitao and Pang Hao 2 First Young Master, the top 2 Crown Prince. In the midst of fighting, 2 will come to watch the excitement. Who doesn’t have a long mind and hides far away! Even if you look at it, it is sneaky, and the province is harmed by Yangchi!

Returning to the luxurious private room, Mu Guyan looked at Little Brat in Zhang Heng’s arms and asked curiously: “Young Master Zhang, who is this Little Young Master?”

“My son, Zhang Tianbao!” Zhang Heng hehe said with a smile.

Mu Guyan was stunned, and the impossible to bear smiled and asked, “Isn’t it really Young Master Zhang’s birth?”

“Of course it’s your biological one!” Zhang Heng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. I really don’t know what she thinks!

Mu Guyan was even more shocked in his heart. Didn’t expect this Little Brat is really the son of the evildoer, so to speak, isn’t he the young master of Zhang Family’s Island, the first heir? I just don’t know, which woman the evildoer was born with this Little Brat!

She is not an indecisive person. If Yang Zhengyang keeps dragging like this and does not reply to the other party, I believe that with Young Master Yang’s surname, she will not let her go. Even if his family is not simple, he still has no Dharma Idol compared to a huge monster like Hongyun Villa.

It happened that Zhang Heng was there, and another plan came into his mind!

sitting atop a mountain to watch the tigers fight, it’s natural, but for no reason, why does this’tiger’ stand up for itself? If you want the other party to stand up for yourself, you can only Xu Yili and bind him.

If you are willing to give up, if you don’t give up, where can you get it!

100 mind revolutions, but it’s just a moment’s effort. Now that you think of it, act immediately and never procrastinate. This is Mu Guyan’s last name!

“Young Master Zhang, I wonder if you are interested in the little girl’s “Langsha” management?” Mu Guyan said suddenly.

Zhang Heng froze for a moment, but didn’t figure out what the other party meant. And Zi Yan’er sitting next to him was unable to bear frowned. The woman’s instinct told her that this woman was beating her own man!

“What does Boss mean?”

Mu Guyan sighed and said with a wry smile: “It is really not easy for me to do something on the boundary of the capital. Let’s put it this way, many boys and girls in the capital regard Gu Yan as the flesh in their eyes. , I hate to eat and hurry, I am a weak female stream, no matter how good my defense is, I will inevitably have a middle and dark arrow. Therefore, the little girl wants to find a backer and back.” After speaking, smiled at Zhang Heng .

Smart people can understand the meaning of these words.

“Boss means to sell this Langsha Club to me? You will run it for me after you let it, but is that so?” Zhang Heng said with a smile playfully.

Mu Guyan cursed secretly in his heart, his appetite is too big, he wants to swallow the whole Langsha in one bite, it is so beautiful!

“Why do Young Master Zhang crack a joke with the little girl!” Mu Guyan smiled bitterly and shook his head, thinking about it, and said: “If Young Master Zhang is willing to irradiate the little girl, the little girl is willing to make Langsha Club 40% The shares of the company will be given to Young Master Zhang as dry shares.”

“Deal!” Zhang Heng didn’t even think about it, and immediately nodded with a smile agreed.

The speed of the promise made Mu Guyan a little dumbfounded. He looked at the other party for a while and said with a wry smile: “Young Master Zhang, don’t you think about it?”

“Is there anything to consider? I feel that someone gave me money, can I still want it?” Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head. (To be continued.)

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