Super Island Lord Chapter 676

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Although I know that everything is not cheap, Zhang Heng doesn’t care about it. Mu Guyan gave herself the shares of Langsha Club for no reason, nothing more than asking for herself. She was not concerned about the Young Master Pang or Yang Zhengyang, but no matter who it was, she was a person in the hostile position of Zhang Heng. .

Don’t say that, the enemy’s enemy is our friend.

“Then let’s just say that. If the little girl encounters any trouble in the future, Young Master Zhang can’t stand by and watch!” Mu Guyan said with a smile.

Zhang Heng nodded, turning off the topic and asked curiously: “It is rumored that the young man named Yang came from a place called’Hongyun Villa’. I wonder if Girl Mu knows the origin of Hongyun Villa?”

Regarding Yang Zhengyang’s details, Long Haitao didn’t know the specifics. He didn’t even know as much as Zhang Heng. But Long Haitao told Zhang Heng that the boss of the Langsha Club was also from the martial arts Aristocratic Family. Otherwise, it would be so easy for her to gain a foothold in Beijing. It’s strange not to make people swallow bones!

“I don’t know much!” Mu Guyan thought for a while and said sternly: “Fortune Villa in China as a whole, not many people know it, but his status in martial arts is indeed the same as Mount Tai Beidou. Fortune Villa is within the Huashan Immortal Realm and is one of the few Secret Realms in China!”

“Huashan Immortal Realm?” Zhang Heng muttered these four words, feeling a little excited in his heart.

“Yes, it is Huashan Immortal Realm!” Mu Guyan smiled wryly and nodded. Huashan Immortal Realm definitely has a great background, but it is controlled by Fortune Villa. Even if outsiders hear about it and want to go there, they will be driven out. As for the secrets inside, no one knows outside except for the people at Fortune Villa!

“Is there anything special?” Zhang Heng smiled and asked curiously.

“This little girl will not be understood!” Mu Guyan shook his head and said, “I only know that Yang Zhengyang is from Fortune Villa. Fortune Villa has a lofty status among martial arts. No one who comes out of Fortune Villa is weak!”

“Do you know the specific location?”

“Except for the people at Fortune Villa, no outsider knows!” Mu Guyan shook his head with a wry smile, and asked 3 I don’t know!


Zi Yan’er was sitting there, watching Zhang Heng and Mu Guyan chat very hotly, and the unable to bear coldly snorted sound made her feel very unhappy. It’s fine if you become a handsome girl in your family, and now you have gotten involved with the bosses of the Langsha Club and the museum. Like the women in this’fengchen’, there are a few good ones!

The shares are given away for free, and the things that are given away for free are not all **, no one wants it!

“Hey, Sister Yan’er, you don’t need to be angry. Boss has this problem. He won’t move when he sees beauty!” Liu Xuejing was aside, smiling and comforting. But you are coldly snorted in your heart. In fact, you don’t have any right to take charge of other people. You have no status. You are neither wives nor concubines. At this point, you have to learn more from handsome girls, look at others, and know where to put your identity.

Having said that, the handsome girl is not too interesting, she even hooks up the boss to eat alone without telling herself. Still not a good sister in a pair of pants!

In women’s hearts, men can’t figure it out anyway, and in many cases don’t look at you like a person, but what they think in their hearts, only they know!

When it’s good, it’s called a boudoir, and when it turns over, it’s an enemy!

“Okay, your Superstar is jealous, come on, play it first, and I will come back to greet everyone.” Mu Guyan smiled and got up from the sofa, winking at Zi Yan’er. Then he blinked ambiguously at Zhang Heng, turned around and walked out!

Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head, but he thought of the relationship between Shao Yang and Huashan Immortal Realm. Will Huashan Immortal Realm be a’space fragment’? If that’s the case, we can’t say we can use some methods.

If you want to take it for free, it will definitely not work, and people’s “Fortune Villa” can’t let it either! Let’s pull out the nail in Huashan Immortal Realm first!

“Brother Long, I want to ask you for help!” Zhang Heng walked over to Long Haitao and sat down and whispered.

Long Haitao smiled bitterly and said, “If you have something to tell me, please don’t ask me!”

“Yang Zhengyang probably won’t just let it go. There shouldn’t be any big problems with Pang Hao. He doesn’t dare to trouble me, but I’m afraid he will trouble Yan’er and the others. We have to guard against him. As for Yang Zhengyang, just leave it to me. I will take care of him, and that Pang Family Third Young Master, you need Brother Long to come forward!” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

“Okay, leave this to me.” Long Haitao did not think about it, and immediately agreed. As for Yang Zhengyang’s side, he wouldn’t just let it go. If he dared to kidnap his own woman child, even if he didn’t kill him, he had to kill him. He has been cruel, and has passed the relationship, borrowed a sniper squad from the special forces, and is about to put a secret gun in his back!

If you can’t beat him, you have to scare him to death!

Even if Yang Zhengyang finds out, don’t be afraid. This Ancestral God team is a regular special force soldier. If it disappears for no reason, hum, then his good days are over!

Anyway, the other party has calculated it on his own relatives, and he doesn’t need to be polite, just play to death! What kind of shit does Aristocratic Family love? It’s not Aristocratic Family. He, Long Haitao, doesn’t care about anything when he goes out!

When the sky fell, there was the Long Family Old Master carrying it there!

It is worth mentioning that the Old Master of the Long Family is also a person who protects his shortcomings. The flattering policy is that his own child can be beaten and scolded at home, but when he goes out, others can’t beat and scold, even for education. There are dragons who educate themselves. Without the temper of Long’s Old Master, Long Haitao would not be able to take the seat of the No. 1 Young Master in Beijing!

“What are you two big men talking about together, do you want to engage?” Zi Yan’er approached with a straight face and asked.

Long Haitao rolled the eyes, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said, “Am I like that kind of man with a problematic orientation? The stinky girl is getting smaller and smaller, and I really thought no one would dare Have you taken care of you?”

“Hehe, brother, I’m not talking about you. People are doing this for your own good. Some people see too much beauty. Maybe you want to change their taste. When the time comes, you are exploded… Ah, don’t blame the younger sister for not reminding you!” Zi Yan’er said with a smile, got up and ran away!

Zhang Heng stared at her angrily, and pointed at Sang Shuhuai, isn’t this just talking about herself?

Long Haitao shuddered, stood up from Zhang Heng’s side, and looked at him said with a smile: “Don’t you have any thoughts about my big brother, this Young Master is not good at that!”

“Damn, Laozi is not a good mouthful!”


Leaving Langsha Club, it is already night.

Little Brat was already asleep in the arms of the handsome girl. As for Zi Yan’er, his face flushed with drinking, he was a little confused. Holding Zhang Heng’s neck, he kept complaining about how he fucked the egg, why it wasn’t interesting, and said that it’s okay to mess with her. He was eating the bowl and looking at the pot. The family hasn’t eaten it and wiped it out. Focusing on the outsider, without changing his last name, he is a super invincible bastard.

Zhang Heng didn’t dare to talk back with a dry smile. He could only secretly raise his hand on her body and slap fiercely twice. Anyway, she won’t feel too much pain when she is drunk!

“Boss, maybe a lot of reporters have been’ambushed’ around you. If you go out holding Yan’er like this, maybe you won’t be able to use tomorrow, you are the leading actor in the scandal storm of the entertainment industry.” Liu Xuejing kindly reminded him from the side. . She walked a bit too, and she drank a lot today!

“It’s okay!” Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head, reached out and hugged her, saving her from falling down. Liu Xuejing’s face blushed, closed her eyes, moved towards Zhang Heng, leaning over, her heart was very clear, not drunk at all, secretly happy. Following this Smelly Brat, although he certainly won’t have any status, it will save trouble in other aspects.

With such a backing, in the entertainment industry in the future, isn’t it because the wind will get the wind, and the rain will get the rain!

Li Meng followed behind, looking at Zhang Heng who hugged left and right, unable to bear rolled the eyes, feeling sour and uncomfortable!

As for the reporters in ambush outside, Zhang Heng has called A’Dai to spread the news, and the security guards in the dark have already’cleaned up’ them all. Even if I have an affair with Zi Yan’er, it is also a matter of our own family, it is not good to spread it out!

There are many people who know Zhang Heng, and they know that he has a very “loving” relationship with many female stars in the entertainment industry, especially the 500 people who filmed “Empire of Beauties”, but few people dare to go out casually Say!

Going back to Zi Yan’er’s villa, lying in the ****, Superstar Zi was already asleep, Liu Xuejing did not get up, closed his eyes and pretended to sleep, Zhang Heng didn’t bother to care about her, turned and walked out of the bedroom!

Li Meng put Little Brat in the bedroom, came out to look at Zhang Heng, and ignored him, walked towards the bathroom by himself, prepared to take a shower and then go to bed!

“Are you angry?” Zhang Heng cheeky, followed her into the bathroom.

The handsome girl blushed, shook the head with a straight face, and still didn’t speak.

Zhang Heng hugged her waist from behind, with his nose pressed between her ears and hair, muttering: “You look like this, it will make me sad!”

Li Meng was a little itchy in Zhang Heng’s ears, blushing, hid his head aside, and whispered, “Aren’t you going to the bathroom? I’m going to take a shower!”

The underlying meaning is that if you don’t go to the toilet, please go out first!

“It’s a coincidence, I just want to take a bath too, or let’s get it together!” Zhang Heng hehe frivolous said, not feeling restlessly with her hands!

“No, I want to wash it myself!” Li Meng struggled slightly for 2 times, blushing and hummed, as if to prove silently that he was very upset!

“How can it work, let’s wash it together, and then do some secret things, and I will help you **!” (To be continued.)

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