Super Island Lord Chapter 678

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“Then what do you think you should do?” Zhang Heng thought that relying on the issue of military expenditures, he could restrict Reagan Moore a little bit. Now it seems that this strategy is definitely useless. From the seabed shipwreck, everything can be salvaged, gold and silver jewelry, antique calligraphy and painting, hey, it is definitely a super treasure. Now, the key to this treasure vault door is in the hands of Major General!

A’Dai shrugged his shoulders, blinked his eyes with an innocent look, and said, “I don’t know what to do. Or, as Boss said, if Reagan Moore Major General has money. , Then let her take care of it herself. If she wants to expand the naval fleet, she can expand the naval fleet anyway. We don’t need to pay for military expenses anyway!”

Zhang Heng smiled bitterly and shook his head and said, “How can it be done, 10000 a Reagan Moore really made a few aircraft carrier formations for the first fleet, what should I do?”

A’Dai laughed and said, “Isn’t that good, Zhang Family’s Island has an aircraft carrier formation, isn’t it more shocking to the whole world!”

“What a shit!” Zhang Heng rolled his eyes, and cursed “unable to bear”. With a wry smile, he said: “Zhang Family’s Island wants the aircraft carrier formation to have a hairy use. It costs money and trouble to raise it, and there is no bird feathers. If you blow up the aircraft carrier fleets of the United States, how much do you have? Grasping the opponent will run away?”

“Run away? How could you run away!” A’Dai curled her mouth and shook her head, asking her to launch missiles to attack the old American aircraft carrier combat group. No one could escape, that would be a living target at sea!

Zhang Heng said: “Isn’t that enough? The aircraft carrier combat group has no threat to Zhang Family’s Island’s current technology!”

“No!” A’Dai tilted his head and defended: “Although the aircraft carrier battle group has no threat to Zhang Family’s Island, it still has a deterrent effect on other countries on Earth!”

“How long does it take to build an aircraft carrier? It will take at least 2 to 3 years. After we have an aircraft carrier, we have to have various frigates, supply ships, etc. It takes at least 3-5 years to build an aircraft carrier. On the aircraft carrier combat group, it takes a few 1000 to 10000 soldiers. Do you think it is necessary to spend so long to build an outdated fleet?” Zhang Heng smiled bitterly and thought about it, then continued: “Even after 5 years, The aircraft carrier fleet still has a military force deterrent effect for the Earth countries, but what is the use of Zhang Family’s Island to build an aircraft carrier combat group. From the very beginning, we stated that Zhang Family’s Island is just a commercial organization and we hope that the world will be peaceful. But with such crazy expansion of the navy, isn’t it just giving people a handle and an excuse to attack?”

Listening to the words of Boss, A’Dai nodded, summed up a sentence: “I want to be a bitch, and I want to set up a monument!”

“Furthermore, even if I agree to form an aircraft carrier battle group for Zhang Family’s Island, it will not form much battle strength in the short term. If I still buy from the Chief God space, how can I explain it to the public?” Zhang Heng said with a wry smile. Zhang Family’s Island is now the spotlight of the world. Almost a dozen developed countries are watching every move. It certainly can’t be like before. When no one is watching, you can do whatever you like!

“I think in this regard, the Boss might as well discuss it with Reagan Moore Major General. The formation of an aircraft carrier combat group is just our wishful thinking. Maybe they are different from what we think!” A’Dai thought about it. Reminded. People can only talk about the expansion of the Zhang Family’s Island first fleet, but they didn’t specify how to expand!

The subjective consciousness of the aircraft carrier combat group was imposed on others by Big Boss!

“Alright!” Zhang Heng thought about it a little, then nodded in agreement. He also wanted to know what Reagan Moore had in mind!

Zhang Heng will naturally not underestimate this’Legendary Rank’ Pirate Queen. Her wisdom is no less than that of the famous generals in Earth. She is a Hero of the same grade as County Lord Fragrant Orchid and Ice Soul, even one level higher than Great Shopkeeper Yu He!

“Boss, good evening!” Reagan Moore appeared on the big screen, dressed in a neat white navy uniform, and greeted Zhang Heng with a brutal force. No smile on his face, very serious!

“You too!” Zhang Heng smiled nodded, leaning on the sofa with legs crossed, and said with a smile: “Listen to A’Dai, do you want to expand the Zhang Family’s Island navy?”

“Yes, the current scale of the Zhang Family’s Island First Fleet is too small. It is no longer capable of defending Zhang Family’s Island. At the same time, while taking into account the global positioning deterrence, the warships and soldiers are already insufficient, so I officially asked Zhang The Family’s Island management committee and the Boss proposed to expand the Zhang Family’s Island navy, including the expansion of Zhang Family’s Island Pacific First Fleet and the formation of Zhang Family’s Island Pacific Second Fleet! Please grant.” Reagan Moore said sternly.

Zhang Heng smiled and asked, “Then, how do you plan to expand the Zhang Family’s Island navy?”

“First, increase the Typhoon-class nuclear submarine, or equivalent grade, or higher grade nuclear submarine, deployed in several oceans around the world, forming a unique remote Zhang Family’s Island Earth defense circle. Put these nuclear submarines Divided into Zhang Family’s Island nuclear submarine brigade, the number of nuclear submarine needs to be at least between 5 and 30!” Reagan Moore finished looking at Zhang Heng, not at all. She said that she meant very clearly. The nuclear submarine team must be formed for the nuclear submarine battle group.

“This is no problem, it can be allowed!” Zhang Heng nodded, nuclear submarine is relatively secretive, as long as Zhang Family’s Island does not announce the specific number of nuclear submarine, it is difficult for the outside world to figure out. It’s true, true or false, this is so foolish!

A smile appeared on the corner of Reagan Moore’s mouth, and then he said: “The second is about the Zhang Family’s Island surface fleet. One helicopter carrier and two D-shield cruisers are not enough. If possible, I hope. Zhang Family’s Island First Fleet, equipped with at least one conventional aircraft carrier, twelve D-shield cruisers, and equipped ships of no less than 2 units. Form the Pacific Second Fleet, the size of not less than 2% of the First Fleet one!”

Regarding the second point mentioned by Reagan Moore, Zhang Heng thought about it carefully, shook his head and said, “I have discussed the issue of aircraft carriers with the staff of A’Dai just now. I feel that Zhang Family’s Island does not need to be established for the time being. There are no aircraft carrier combat groups as well as D-shield cruisers. However, you can purchase large destroyers from any country in Earth, and the number does not exceed 2. As for the formation of the Pacific 2nd Fleet, you can figure it out! “

Reagan Moore frowned, her idea is that Zhang Family’s Island needs at least one’aircraft carrier’ as a maritime mobile command and operation center.

Able to approve the establishment of a nuclear submarine brigade, but not allow the purchase of’aircraft carriers’ and the establishment of a surface aircraft carrier battleship group, Reagan Moore can almost figure out what his boss thinks!

“When I was in Freedom City, I once heard that there is a large seabed mobile combat command center. If possible, I hope the Boss can get one back!” Reagan Moore said softly.

“Seabed mobile command and operation center?” Zhang Heng was stunned. This was the first time he heard of it, but since Reagan Moore proposed it, there must be such a thing. Anyway, it is in the sea. As long as it is not exposed and can be found, Zhang Heng does not feel that it is a major event. At least this has taken care of the global situation and maintained world peace. It is not worthy of praise!

“Okay, I’ll look around and see if I can buy it!” Zhang Heng nodded and agreed.

“Thank you Boss for your great support!” Reagan Moore said in a rare compliment to Zhang Heng. It was a small shot of Boss flattery!

Zhang Heng smiled and shifted the topic to where he was interested, and asked curiously: “Listen to A’Dai, you have a marine salvage formation under your hand. Have you salvaged a lot of sunken ships from the seabed?”

Reagan Moore raised her eyebrows and smiled bitterly in her heart. Although she knew that this kind of thing was impossible to hide from the Boss, she still didn’t want to be known by the Boss prematurely. To put it bluntly, the seabed sunken ship salvaged by the ocean salvage formation, Basically belong to the Zhang Family’s Island navy treasury surname!

It is difficult to reach out and ask for money from others. Even if Zhang Family’s Island does not dare to hinder the development of the navy, every time you want to get money, you need to submit a written report application to the management committee. Afterwards, even if others are not bothered by the number of times, she will be bothered first.

However, since the Navy’s “small treasury”, some small money issues have been solved much easier!

“Yes, it took 7 months to salvage the formation and 69 sunken ships have been salvaged from seabed!” Reagan Moore brace oneself nodded and said.

“Have you found anything interesting on those sunken ships?” Zhang Heng unable to bear laughed.

Reagan Moore shook his head with a straight face, and said: “It seems that there is nothing fun. Basically it is some gold and silver jewelry, porcelain, antique calligraphy and paintings and so on. Boss will not like it!

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, this little girl is so ruthless, in order to keep the small vault, she thickened her skin. If Zhang Heng had a thinner skin and his subordinates had said so, it would be hard for him to beg his subordinates!

But the key is Zhang Heng’s face is not thin!

“Hehe, don’t be so stingy, I’m a Boss, how can you use Zhang Family’s Island Navy to do’private work’ and bribe me first? Don’t you mean half of the meeting? Or else, you. The work can’t be done again!” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

Reagan Moore rolled the eyes, threatened by Chi Guoguo, money-greedy guy!

Seeing Reagan Moore not speaking, Zhang Heng smiled, and then said: “As for the gold and silver jewelry, I don’t like it very much. It’s yours. As for the antiques and so on, you have to help me keep it away. Ah, I will ask someone to fetch it later.” After speaking, Reagan Moore could not refute, Zhang Heng asked A’Dai to cut off the video.

Reagan Moore sat on the chair, grinning bitterly and murmured, the Boss is really dark enough, but who calls him the Boss, I can’t help but listen! (To be continued.)

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