Super Island Lord Chapter 680

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“Ding: The seabed ultimate mothership, to take away from the Chief God space and go to a low-tech civilization, you need to pay a technology barrier tariff, which is 120 times the value of the current item!”

Listening to the prompt in the ear, Zhang Heng unable to bear “rely”, fuck, isn’t it too dark? 20 times? The price of a seabed ultimate mothership is 2 1.8 billion gold coins, which is equivalent to 2, 18 times the diamond coin, which is what is needed, 120 diamond coins, more than 3360 and 3000 million. .

“Why is it so expensive?” Zhang Heng unable to bear frowned and asked. At the beginning, Zhang Heng purchased ten or eight low-level interstellar battleships from the game for the filming of “Empire of Beauties”, and only used a few 8 100 million gold coins. How could a seabed ultimate mothership be the price? So high?

No one answered, the Chief God system just reminded, as to whether you are willing to pay tariffs, that is your business. Take things away from Chief God World, gold coins will be automatically deducted.

This is a compulsory surname. If you have enough money in your bag, you will deduct it from your package. If there is not enough in the package, it will force the player’s property in the game world. If all the money is not enough for you to pay the tariffs, congratulations, you have won the jackpot and will be ruthlessly obliterated by Chief God!

Under the rules set by Chief God, everyone must abide by it, and there has never been an exception so far!

“Motherfucker’s!” Zhang Heng gritted his teeth and disappeared from Chief God World. For others, buying and selling is voluntary, and the buyer is not necessarily God!

Back to Zi Yan’er’s villa living room, 3:1 in the morning!

Zhang Heng took a deep breath, after thinking about it, turned and walked towards Zi Yan’er’s bedroom. The little girl sleeps Zhengxiang, Zhang Heng is lying in her arms, looking up at the ceiling, but there is no sleep in his mind!

“How do I exist?”

This kind of thought has been lingering in Zhang Heng’s mind. Does he still belong to this World, or is he destined to leave Earth in the future? Is it the only way to become a god, or is it something elusive? Who will dominate this World, and what world will you dominate? Who will dominate!

Zi Yan’er turned over, like a big 8-clawed fish, hugged Zhang Heng, clicked his mouth, closed his eyes and muttered, “Bastard!”

Zhang Heng unable to bear has his mouth turned up, and I don’t know what this little girl is doing!

I bowed my head and kissed her forehead, closed my eyes, how does love exist, how does it exist, I don’t want to.


From Langsha will. When he came back from the museum, Yang Zhengyang looked cold and smashed a lot of things. Through childhood has not been scolded by someone pointing his nose like this, but I was worried about the expert behind the other party at the time and didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking. This breath was held in my heart and made him have the urge to go crazy!

“Zhang Heng, Zhang Heng, I will not let you go!” Yang Zhengyang muttered with gnashing teeth. He clenched his fists tightly, wishing to blow the opponent’s head with one punch. He has this strength, but he is not completely sure. The one who was following the other side never showed up from beginning to end, so you can imagine the degree of terrifying!

For the first time, Yang Zhengyang felt a kind of jealousy, or jealousy, for this man named Zhang Heng. Why does he have such a mysterious and powerful bodyguard? If it was before, Yang Zhengyang would never be jealous of Zhang Heng. Even if he was so expensive, he would not be jealous. Money, as long as he wanted, could get as much as he wanted. The other party simply didn’t deserve to be jealous.

But now, he is jealous!

Some experts can’t be hired by spending money. If you want to make a grade of expert, indistinguishable, inseparable, personal protection for 24 hours, how much does it cost? Even the father of Yang Zhengyang and the owner of the Fortune Villa are impossible to let such an expert protect himself!

“Azhu, has the news been delivered from the villa?” Yang Zhengyang forced himself to calm down, called Azhu in from outside, and asked expressionless.

Azhu knew that the young master was in anger, so she didn’t dare to be negligent at all, for fear that she might catch fire. Nodded sternly and said: “The message has been delivered.”

“How long will it take for the expert in the villa to arrive!” Yang Zhengyang asked.

Azhu calculated it and said softly: “The fastest, it will take a week. The cardinals will take three and a half days to fly to Huashan. Even the experts in the villa will drive with all their strength and the speed will be as fast as the cardinals. The difference is almost the same, so if you add the front and back together, it will take as long as 3 days!”

“Okay! Zhang Heng, you wait for this Young Master!” Yang Zhengyang mumbled grimly.

“Young Master Azi sent back news that Zhang Heng’s favor has been initially obtained, and he asked what he needs to do next.” Azhu lowered his head and asked.

Yang Zhengyang’s handsome face has changed, and he said gloomily: “Tell her to take care of it. I dare not use any means to make Zhang Heng fall in love with her privately, and then, to instigate the separation. Well, murder a person with a borrowed knife, anyway, no matter what method she uses or what price she pays, in the end, this so-called Zhang Family’s Island Island Lord will become nothing!”


Yang Zhengyang waved his hand and drove A Zhu out. He Yang Shao, as the Young Manor Lord of Fortune Villa, the future heir of Fortune Villa, through childhood, he is the only one who plays and threatens others. When have you been threatened?

“Long Haitao, huh, the Long Family is a fart. To provoke me, I want you all to die!” Yang Zhengyang suddenly lifted his leg and kicked the redwood desk in the room to pieces!


A bullet flew past Yang Zhengyang’s ear through the window, and then hit the wall behind him.

Yang Zhengyang raised his head and followed the window and looked outside. The sniper on the top of the building opposite, has lost his shadow, and he did not find a cover to escape. When the opponent fired, he was not at all with a killing intent. The bullet did not want his life, more or more. I want to issue a warning.

“Hmph!” Yang Zhengyang was coldly snorted, not at all to chase at the opposite building, if nothing else, the opponent should be a figure in the army, probably sent by Long Haitao. As the No. 1 young man in the capital, the direct line of the dignified Long family was kidnapped by a woman’s son and threatened. It’s no wonder the other party can let him go so easily!

Yang Zhengyang may not care about the Long Family, or even pay attention to those super revolutionary families in the capital, but he cannot guarantee that he can stop the state’s punishment.

Fortune Villa is expert as clouds. Anyone can take out the top rank among 10000 troops. It is as easy as pie. But even the owner of Fortune Villa dare not say not to put China’s leaders in his eyes. In the face of national fortune, Fortune Villa can’t compete!

This is not a question of ability, but of luck!

Strong nationality, no matter how capable people are, within Heavenly Dao, they are also impossible to act wilfully! Those who are enemies of the country will suffer. Unless you are a Daoist Daoist, you have a destiny against the sky and the emperor.

Therefore, although Yang Zhengyang is extremely rampant in the capital, it is not the slightest estimate. For no reason, killing the expert of the special forces, the consequences are not easy to settle!

Long Haitao listened to the report, nodded, today I did not want Yang Zhengyang’s life, or to remind the other party, our account is not finished yet!


“Woo!” Zi Yan’er eyes opened, and he was overjoyed when he saw Zhang Heng lying beside him. Sweetly stretched out a small hand and pinched Zhang Heng’s nose!

“Don’t make trouble!” Zhang Heng said with his eyes closed and his mouth turned up slightly.

“You’re awake!” Zi Yan’er called Zhang Heng to jump down. Then he mumbled his little mouth and said: “Wake up and pretend to sleep, bastard, huh, when will it be big bastard!”

Zhang Heng eyes opened, the heart said that the Lord didn’t sleep at all.

Zi Yan’er woke up, not at all he wanted to get up immediately, but rather leaning on the fuck, holding Zhang Heng and not letting him get up. The one who argued with the courage of one’s convictions said: “Anyway, is it still early? Why do you get up so early? Let’s lie down!”

“It’s still early, the sun is almost getting hot!” Zhang Heng smiled and patted her little girl twice.

Zi Yan’er twisted, chuckled, and said with a smile, “Bastard, I like to touch other people’s sex!” Paused little hand leaned his chin and looked at Zhang Heng and said, “My album this year, when will you help me fix it ?”

new album?

Zi Yan’er’s album has basically maintained a record of one album a year, and this year’s album has not been released yet! Originally, Zi Yan’er wanted to collect songs by himself and then make an album, but now that Zhang Heng is here in the capital, why bother to stay close and make an album for himself, it would be great. !

“I’ll get it for you when it’s okay.” Zhang Heng nodded with a smile, and now he takes the child every day, so there is no time to write songs for her. In fact, this kind of thing is also simple. Let A’Dai use the production software to write ten and eight songs into one album. Anyway, with Zi Yan’er’s global popularity, as long as the song is not too bad, the global sales will not be less than 8 Million sheets. It is definitely a gold-sucking weapon, not worse than the movie!

“I know you are the best!” Zi Yan’er heard Zhang Heng’s promise and immediately happily threw himself on his face and kissed him. .

Zhang Heng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said: “Now that I am the best? I don’t know who just called me a bastard.”

“Aiya, just filter it out, right? You don’t know, your own virtues!” Zi Yan’er laughed. Tilted his head for a moment, then asked, “If you make the album for me by yourself, will you make it for Liu Xuejing and Li Meng?”

Zhang Heng smiled and said: “Then do you want me to give them a knife or not? I listen to you. If you say yes, I will help them build the latest Kingdee. If you don’t want it, just Just let them quit the entertainment industry!”

“Quit the entertainment industry?” Zi Yan’er was stunned and shook his head and said, “How can it work, the handsome girl combination is the most famous and brand-worthy star in the company besides me, what do you say to make people quit the entertainment industry? , Just quit the entertainment circle?” She is still worth letting the other party make money for herself! (To be continued.)

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