Super Island Lord Chapter 683

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“How much is the most common room in your room?” Liu Xuejing interrupted in Unable to Bear and asked. She is not a nobleman, and she doesn’t have to pay too much attention to her own self-cultivation. It is best to have her own surname. She is too tired to learn from others, physically tired, and tired in her heart!

The hotel service staff of Zhang Family’s Island smiled and said, “You are the beautiful girl in the handsome girl group, I have heard your album, it’s great!” Unceremonious appreciation, without disguising it. Liu Xuejing was stunned by the unable to bear, and of course she was also very happy. Didn’t expect to meet her fans on Zhang Family’s Island!

“Yes, I am. Thank you for your compliment!” Liu Xuejing nodded.

The hotel service staff smiled and explained: “The ordinary international standard single room of this hotel is 1000 Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth USD per night. It can provide the hotel with ordinary supporting facilities for guests to use!”

Ordinary standard rooms cost 2 USD per night, which is equivalent to more than rm**1000. Sure enough, it is a dark place, everything is expensive!

Zhang Heng smiled and said: “Let’s take this’Island Lord Suite’!”

“Okay, please wait a moment!” The hotel service staff actually recognized who Zhang Heng was, but did not say it. Zhang Family’s Island has the rules of Zhang Family’s Island. It’s not uncommon to see Zhang Family’s Island Island Lord on Zhang Family’s Island. Although Zhang Family’s Island Hotel is the property of Zhang Family’s Island, anyone who comes to consume Payment is required. Of course, if Zhang Heng is willing to sign, he can!

After getting the room card, the hotel service staff smiled and said: “I wish you all a happy and romantic evening. Any service in this hotel can be checked by the smart LCD panel in the suite!”

Standing in the elevator, Liu Xuejing stuck out her tongue and whispered: “You Zhang Family’s Island is really not a place for people to stay!”

Zhang Heng shook the head with a smile and ignored her. Zhang Family’s Island was originally a paradise for the rich. As for Zhang Family’s Island citizens, there is actually a subsidy policy. Any consumption on Zhang Family’s Island will be refunded 100/80. Things that are too expensive for others, Zhang Family’s Island citizens can sell them at a discount of 2%!

Even if it is a bus or subway, it is still the same!

Citizens of Zhang Family’s Island can enter the Zhang Family’s Island virtual network for free. Charges for any place are also implemented in accordance with actual policies. The advantages of Zhang Family’s Island citizens are also revealed by this!

You can’t cheat yourself, right!

The Island Lord Suite, with an overall area of ​​almost 300 square meters, is more luxurious than Zi Yan’er’s villa.

“For one night, a few 1000000 is gone, wasrel, you guys are really wasrel!” Liu Xuejing lay up on the sofa in the living room, shouting. There is nothing left in my little mind now, except for money.

Zhang Heng unable to bear smiled and cursed: “You should be worth a few 100000000 million, right? Why do you earn that many money? Isn’t it just for spending? Do you want to save them for you to raise rats?”

“A few 100000000 million is a lot? If you put it on your broken island and you don’t need it for two months, it will be spent. That’s someone’s hard-earned money!” Liu Xuejing said with a curled mouth.

Damn, listening to this tone, Zhang Heng seems to have become a landlord’s wealth!

“If you want to have fun, go order it yourself. There are everything here, such as massage, foot bath, massage, gymnasium, swimming pool, restaurant. You can eat all the cuisines of the world overwhelming majority countries.” Zhang Heng introduced with a smile Talking.

100 8 180,000 USD The price of one night, where can it reflect the value of the money spent? It’s definitely not just from the luxuriously decorated rooms, the rest is these supporting services!

“Do you men always order these massages and massage services when they arrive in the hotel?” Zi Yan’er faint smiled and asked Zhang Heng.

“What’s the matter? The massages here are all professional technicians from all over the world. They are the highest in the world. Not everyone can enjoy this kind of service!” Zhang Heng smiled bitterly and shook his head. He massages, customers who can spend more than 100 USD 10000 will only care about that? If you just want to engage in women, how much money must be exchanged!

“Little Brat, please take care of me first. I have some things to deal with, and I will be back soon. If you feel bored in the hotel, you can go roam around. Don’t worry, the law and order on Zhang Family’s Island is very good. Yes, there will be no accidents!” Zhang Heng looked at Liu Xuejing’s black face, and then added: “Of course all consumption is mine!”

“Yeah, let me just say it, it’s the boss!” Liu Xuejing heard that the consumption was counted on Zhang Heng’s head, immediately turned over from the sofa and sat up with excitement, grabbing the golden card Zhang Heng had left on the table. Come over and kissed me like a money fan.

Zhang Heng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh shook the head, turned around and walked outside!


Zhang Family’s Island Naval Base!

The naval base is not on the first roundabout of Zhang Family’s Island. It is a very readable platform. There is a bridge connecting it with the first roundabout of Zhang Family’s Island.

When common, Reagan Moore Major General is not necessarily in the naval base. However, Zhang Heng’s return this time was considered a’happiness’, just as Reagan Moore Major General just returned from cruise with the warship!

When Reagan Moore saw Zhang Heng, he raised his hand and saluted him. Still thinking in my heart, won’t it be so fast? Yesterday, he said that he would let him share half of the property obtained from the salvaged shipwreck, so he came here today?

Zhang Heng waved the others out, sat on the chair and looked at Reagan Moore and said, “I have bought you the things you asked me to find.”

“Very good!” When Reagan Moore heard Zhang Heng’s words, his eyes lit up, and he knew that he had guessed wrong. Island Lord simply did not come for the sinking of the ship. What she lacks now is a mobile command center. Although the helicopter carrier is not small, she always feels that it is not like that!

“In addition to the’seabed ultimate mothership’, I also purchased 80 Typhoon-class strategic nuclear submarine from the Chief God space.”

“80 ships?” Reagan Moore’s eyes gradually became enthusiastic. With these Typhoon-class nuclear submarine on Zhang Family’s Island, it is almost equivalent to not fearing any country. Even if there is a war, the Zhang Family’s Island navy can fully cover the attack, any country in the world, all-round attack!

Zhang Heng nodded, said with a smile: “Zhang Family’s Island Navy does not need a luxurious appearance, and it does not need to be too public. It is the best way to develop in concealment. Zhang Family’s Island will never lighten the war, but when the war comes , Zhang Family’s Island will not be afraid of any organization or country!” (To be continued.)

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