Super Island Lord Chapter 685

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“Shall we go out to play? It’s hard to come once, so I can’t just get bored in the hotel!” Liu Xuejing suggested with a smile. .Anyway, I have Zhang Heng’s card in my hand. No matter how expensive I go out, I don’t have to worry about it. It’s irritating. The little boss has money. I spend a few 10000000 million and so on. I don’t care too much!

“Okay!” Zi Yan’er also felt a little boring staying in the hotel. It’s only this afternoon, and it’s still early before dark.

Li Meng thought for a while and said, “I’ll stay in the hotel and take care of Little Brat!” I can’t let everyone go out to play, leave Little Brat alone in the room!

“Stupid you, just take Little Brat, they are the’landlords’ here, less bosses.” Liu Xuejing refused to let Li Meng stay in the room with her own little Tianbao. It’s not easy to come here once, of course, everyone is working together. Didn’t the Boss say that the public security on Zhang Family’s Island is very good? When the time comes, what happened, he is responsible for everything!

But because of Liu Xuejing, Li Meng had to take Little Brat and go with them!

Zhang Family’s Island has already begun to appear on the scale of a city. It can be said that there is everything, whether it is shopping or playing, it can give you the feeling of coming and returning!

Of course, again, you must have money in your hands.

The price of Zhang Family’s Island is definitely not cheap.

“Is this bracelet pretty?” Liu Xuejing, at the entrance of the jewelry store, put a piece of multi-colored stone on her wrist and asked with a smile!

“Not bad!” Zi Yan’er smiled and admired.

The owner is a pretty young woman in her 30s. She just started not at all and how to deal with the three customers who came in. The things she sells here are all well-priced and can be purchased independently. But when I saw Little Brat in the arms of one of the girls, the impossible to bear was stunned!

“Ordinary accessories, it costs more than 3000…I feel quite expensive!” The handsome girl shook her head while looking at the price marked on it. Pretty beautiful, but the price is too high, and not very practical!

“What are you afraid of? It’s not that we spend money. Hey, which one do you like, elder sister will buy it for you!” Liu Xuejing smiled and said boldly.

Li Meng unable to bear rolled the eyes, taking other people’s money as a favor, these selfish calculations are really crackling!

“Yeah!” Little Brat suddenly walked away from the handsome girl and moved towards the store, because he was relatively short, only about 60 cm, and he couldn’t touch the things on the general counter. So, Li Meng didn’t stop, if you want to go in and play, just go in and play!

As expected, Little Brat walked to the center of the store, tilted her little cock, and hua hua peeed!

“Chuck, ah!” After urinating, he smiled proudly and waved his little hand!

Both Liu Xuejing and Zi Yan’er were stunned, and then they all laughed at Unable to Bear. Li Meng also covered his mouth with Unable to Bear and laughed. No way, Little Brat is so funny!

“You little beanie, urinate and urinate anywhere, go home and ask your father to spank you!” Zi Yan’er smiled and cursed, lifts the head and said apologetically to the owner of the jewelry store: “I’m so sorry, Xiao Child is ignorant and soiled the floor of your store. Do we need any compensation?”

It stands to reason that other shopkeepers will definitely be very angry!

didn’t expect the shop owner smiled and said, “What kind of compensation is needed? Just take a mop. Little Brat has grown up a lot! Come on, here’s for you to play!” I took out a string of exquisite original shell necklaces and put it on Little Brat’s neck, and stretched out his hand and gently pinched it on Xiao Tianbao’s nose!

“Do you know him?” Liu Xuejing asked curiously from the side.

The female shop owner Wei nodded with a smile said: “As a citizen of Zhang Family’s Island, how could I not know the Little Island Lord. I believe the ladies should be friends of the Island Lord!”

Finally, before leaving, the owner also gave a few people a lot of shells and conch shells and so on, so that Liu Xuejing screamed out Xiao Tianbao’s light!

With the first experience, Liu Xuejing immediately seized Little Tianbao from the handsome girl. With this’golden’ signboard, almost every shop you visit will receive special treatment from the owner. Even if you don’t buy something, you just look at it, it’s delicious and delicious!

Zi Yan’er can feel that those shop assistants love Little Brat from the bottom of their hearts, not because they want to please someone!

After shopping for an afternoon, I bought a lot of things from large and small bags!

Little Brat also went crazy, but before returning to Zhang Family’s Island Hotel, he fell asleep in Li Meng’s arms!

Back at the hotel, Liu Xuejing looked up and leaned on the sofa. Zi Yan’er smiled and felt that shopping today was very cool. Whether to buy or not is secondary. The key is that you don’t need to wear sunglasses, makeup, or worry about being secretly photographed by reporters. It feels very easy to shop.

In places like this, I am afraid that only Zhang Family’s Island can satisfy Zi Yan’er. So, I made up my mind to buy a house from Zhang Family’s Island and come here often in the future!

“Let me take a look, what special services are available in this room with more than 100 10000 rooms.” Liu Xuejing got up and took out an LCD panel from the wall panel at the door.

Similar to the appearance of a tablet, you can find any service that Zhang Family’s Island Hotel has. Including some super services provided only to the highest guests!

“Wow, there is also a casino in this hotel, hehe, I like it, Sister Yan’er, shall we go play 2 of them later?” Liu Xuejing exclaimed excitedly.

Li Meng answered the conversation from the side and mumbled, “Be careful to lose all your underpants!”

After being heard by Liu Xuejing, she immediately retorted: “Are you stupid, will I use my own money to play in the casino? Of course I use Boss money to play. Even if I lose, I won’t lose me! “Speaking, raised the bank card in his hand, and then hummed triumphantly at Li Meng!

handsome girl rolled the eyes, did not pay attention to her!

“You two, I really don’t know how to sleep together for several years, how to pinch it when it’s fast.” Zi Yan’er smiled and shook his head. She is not very interested in gambling!

“We are the best damaging friends, we have lost our feelings!” Liu Xuejing smiled, not taking the quarrel with Li Meng seriously. How to be a girlfriend without talking about it!

Zi Yan’er thought for a while and asked, “Does the hotel have intermediary services?”

“Intermediary service?” Liu Xuejing thought for a moment, looked down from the tablet, and said: “Intermediary services are not available, but there is a’manager special service’ on it. Can you use intermediary services?”

Zi Yan’er thought for a while and took a tablet computer for hotel services and watched it. “Manager Special Service” clearly states that it can help customers purchase Zhang Family’s Island real estate! And what she needs is this service. nodded said: “Yes, that’s it!” (To be continued.)

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