Super Island Lord Chapter 686

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“5,000,000, beauty, do you want to follow?” A man in his early 30s, with a very temperament, smiled triumphantly at Liu Xuejing and handsome girl who were betting against him. .Zi Yan’er has no interest in gambling, but on the contrary, Li Meng was slightly’seduce’ by Liu Xuejing and called over.

After playing, her gambling surname is bigger than Liu Xuejing’s!

The two men sitting across from each other have been betting with them for a while. At the beginning, everyone still wins and loses, but in the next few rounds, handsome girl and Liu Xuejing two lose one after another, and the bet is higher. The bigger you come, the more you bet, the more red-eyed you are!

“Follow!” Li Meng coldly snorted and threw the chips in his hand!

Liu Xuejing pulled her slightly from behind. Compared with the handsome girl, Liu Xuejing still had some rational surnames, and vaguely felt that this bet was not so normal.

The handsome girl turned her head to look at her and glanced, browses slightly wrinkle, and said indifferently: “Isn’t it just a few 10000000? I still lose. In addition to 5,000,000, I am 50,000,000 older than you. Do you dare to follow?”

Qi Shengfeng listened to the other party’s words, unable to bear stunned. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly, and he smiled and said: “Interesting, since beauty dares to follow, what can I not dare to, 50,000,000, I follow!”

Liu Xuejing opened her mouth, but Li Meng’s eyes were stared, and the words in her mouth were finally held back and did not say anything. The situation of this hand has reached the level of 70,000,000, which can be regarded as a small gamble!

The people who can come to play on Zhang Family’s Island are some people with some worth, and those who can not put a few 10000000 million USD in the eyes, it is also impossible to be a simple role!

“Draw the cards!” Li Meng sternly, opened the cards, a pair of old k’s!

“Hehe, I have to say, I admire your beauty and your courage!” Li Shengfeng opened the card, which happened to be larger than the handsome girl’s card, a pair of old aces.

Liu Shengfeng laughed, and took all the chips in the game: “This time I went to Zhang Family’s Island to spend on vacation. It is considered to have fallen, many thanks beauty!”

Although Li Meng lost 50,000,000, her face remained the same. For her current worth, this little money can still bet and lose!

Liu Xuejing, who was standing by the side, felt very distressed. Although she knew it was not her money, it was 70,000,000, it was USD, so she lost? Almost catching up with the price of a half album for 2 people!

“Damn, is there such an evil surname!” Liu Xuejing muttered to herself.

Qi Shengfeng hasn’t figured out what the other side is, but a woman who can lose a few 10000000 million USD and face doesn’t change should have a strong foundation, right?

He smiled and said, “beauty, your luck today doesn’t seem to be so good? How about it, should you take a break and change your luck?”

Li Meng stared at the man on the opposite side, took a few glances, and said coldly to the croupier standing aside, “Draw the cards!”

A lot of people have gathered around the card table. Zhang Family’s Island Hotel is the most luxurious hotel on the Zhang Family’s Island roundabout. The people who live here are worth a lot. Although a few 10000000 million are not necessarily in the eyes, but , Like this kind of gambling, it’s not too small anymore. Everyone here is just playing casually. It is often seen for 1000 to 8 million, but not much when betting on red eye! Even more how, it’s beauty, it can attract attention everywhere!

The croupier turned his head and looked at Qi Shengfeng. The opponent was shrugged and stretched out his hand to indicate that he could deal!

“This one, play Stud!” Li Meng said suddenly.

Qi Shengfeng nodded with a smile said: “No problem, what this beauty says to play, let’s play whatever we want, and stay with us to the end!”


On the first card, Li Meng is an Old Zhang k, and the opponent is a 5 of spades.

Qi Shengfeng smiled and said: “You have a big hand, this will tell you!”

“5,000,000 !”

Liu Shengfeng looked at his hole cards and said with a smile: “5,000,000, I followed! The cards are dealt!”

On the second card, Li Meng is a square q, and the opponent is a 2 of hearts.

“Speak to the son!” The croupier said solemnly.

“Even though the small 5 is a bit small, it feels good. This makes me 5,000,000 too!” Qi Shengfeng threw out 5,000,000 with a smile, and then went on to say: “Also, I am adding 5,000,000!”

Li Meng even looked at his hole cards and threw 10,000,000 chips, and said coldly: “Follow!”

“Courage!” Qi Shengfeng smiled and admired!

On the third card, handsome girl is a square j, and Qi Shengfeng is a club 3.

Handsome girl’s cards are k, q, j flush, and Qi Shengfeng’s opponent has 3 5s.

“Speak with the flower!” the croupier said.

Li Meng turned to Liu Xuejing, who was sitting next to him, and asked, “You said, how big should we drop this one?”

“Of course it was the superior who lost, and both principal and interest won back!” Liu Xuejing said without even thinking about it. In fact, if two people have been together for so long, it’s almost time to figure out what the other party is thinking.

“Well, it’s up to you, both principal and interest, a 100000000!” Li Meng directly threw the representative 200000000 USD of pure golden chips!

“Follow!” Qi Shengfeng was still smiling, and followed a 100000000.

On the 4th card, Li Meng is a square piece of 10, and his opponent Qi Shengfeng is a square piece of 5.

“We are Shunzi!” Liu Xuejing exclaimed happily. And Li Shengfeng’s cards, 4 small 5s, are obviously not as good as handsome girls!

Qi Shengfeng smiled playfully and said: “You haven’t even seen the hole cards, so it must be a straight flush? Even if I am 4 small 5s, it seems to be bigger than yours, right?”

“Do you have the guts to open cards?” Li Meng asked coldly. Not only did Qi Shengfeng ask, but the people around him were also taken aback!

Qi Shengfeng asked curiously: “Why don’t you dare to open your card?”

“5,000,000,000 !”

The surrounding voices have stopped. If 50,000,000 USD is only a small bet on Yi Qing, then 5,000,000,000 USD can be considered a grand bet.

The smile on Qi Shengfeng’s face gradually disappeared, staring at the handsome girl for a while, and then curiously asked: “You are really so sure, this must be a smooth?”

“Not sure!” Li Meng shook his head.

Damn, have you made a mistake, dare to press 5,000,000,000 if you are not sure? This is USD. Putting it together can make a pile of gold mountains.

Li Meng looked up at the man on the opposite side and suddenly laughed and said, “Are you curious, since I don’t even know how to be sure, why dare to place 5,000,000,000 chips?”

“Yes!” Qi Shengfeng was nodded. Although he bet a few 10000000 million or more than 100000000 million, he also lost, but 5,000,000,000 USD is almost all his worth, including all fixed industries. This has to make him very careful. cautious!

“Because I see you win my money, you look so chic, and I feel very upset. And what I bet on is not the card, but you dare to follow this 5,000,000,000 USD!” The handsome girl said calmly.

“Okay!” Qi Shengfeng couldn’t help but shout, and then asked with a smile: “I can’t afford to lose this 5,000,000,000 USD, can you just lose for beauty?”

“Yes, I lost because my man is rich!” Li Meng said with a chuckle. People present can’t help hooking the head. This woman is so pretty, but she’s too wasterl. If someone is her man and believes in her and gives her the card, it’s considered It’s been bad for 8 lives. This is 5,000,000,000. How long will it take to earn it back!

“Then you are not afraid, if this loses you, your man will sell you to Africa?” Qi Shengfeng asked funny.

“It’s only 5,000,000,000, not enough!” Li Meng said indifferently, shaking his head.

“The man who can randomly take out 5,000,000,000 USD to gamble for you is definitely not an obscure person, can you tell me who he is?” Qi Shengli asked curiously.

Li Meng shook the head and said: “5,000,000,000, do you have the courage to follow!”

Zhang Family’s Island Hotel will help to verify whether the other party has the ability to come up with chips. Since Li Meng can exchange for 5,000,000,000 USD in chips, then the representative has the money in his hands!

“Being a man, you need courage, handsome guy, dare you follow it!” Liu Xuejing smiled and cast a wink at the other party.

5,000,000,000 USD, thinking about it makes people feel trembling. In fact, Liu Xuejing is so afraid that she will die. She is really afraid that the other party will have red eyes, so she followed!

But not everyone is so prone to red eyes, Qi Shengfeng is also afraid, after all, this is not his own territory, 10000 this is a game, specially designed his own!

“This won you!” Qi Shengfeng is also a decisive person. Since he is not sure, why bother to gamble? He just deducted the card!

“How courageous!” Li Meng murmured, and opened the hole card. An 8 of spades is so dazzling to the people around him.

As Li Meng said, she was not betting on the size of the card, but on whether Qi Shengfeng would dare to follow.

“Good courage, admire, admire, I’m Qi Shengfeng this losing value!” Qi Shengfeng smiled and applauded the handsome girl, and asked curiously: “I still have a question…”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by the handsome girl, and calmly said: “You want to ask, who is my man, right?”

“Yes!” Qi Shengfeng nodded! He wanted to know, who would be a man who dares to tolerate his own woman outside such a wasterel!

“Since I dare to play such a big game on Zhang Family’s Island, I naturally have my own support. My man’s name is Zhang Heng.” After speaking, Li Meng got up from his chair, snapped his fingers, and said to the casino staff: The chips have been exchanged and will be sent to my room later.”

“I won a lot of small money, it’s enough to buy a house on Zhang Family’s Island. Handsome guy, thank you!” Liu Xuejing cast a wink at the other party, turned his head and hugged the handsome girl’s arm, facing outside Go!

Qi Shengfeng was stunned for a while before he came back to his senses, shook the head with a wry smile, and muttered to himself: “Zhang Family’s Island Island Lord, hehe, it’s no wonder that the other party doesn’t care about the 5,000,000,000 USD this little money, hey !” This Li Meng can win, completely frightening him with the money!


“Boss, good news. Just now, Ms. Li Meng, from the Asian Gambling King Qi Shengfeng, won 2 100000000 million USD and came back. Hehe, why haven’t you finished it yet?” A’Dai appeared in the ultimate mothership team again. In the combat command room, looking at the two people who are babbling on the big chair, they said with wide eyes in confusion! (To be continued.)

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