Super Island Lord Chapter 688

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“The price of Zhang Family’s Island, the lowest price per square meter is about 1,000,000 USD, High-Grade, luxury area floors, the average is between 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 USD per square meter. For example, the hotel near the hotel, 88 floors residential area, 30,000,000 floors below, about 20 USD per square meter, between 5,000,000 floors and 30th-layer, about 60 USD square meters, 10,000,000th-layer to 30,000,000th floor, about 60 to 3,200 USD square meters, 10000 floors above, the lowest Also 6000 8 USD per square meter. The top floor, 1 1 million USD per square meter, but with the roof, you can turn the roof into a venue like your own private garden!” Blonde beauty agent, pointed Looking at the building not far away, smiled and introduced!

Many people who come to Zhang Family’s Island hope to buy a real estate from Zhang Family’s Island, because the environment here is pleasant and the four seasons are like spring, it is very suitable for human living. Once you have a house, you can live here for a long time even if you don’t immigrate to Zhang Family’s Island. People with real estate can also choose to work on Zhang Family’s Island, because the salary level here is quite high, almost several times or even dozens of times higher than in other countries!

For example: the service industry. Whether you are a hotel administrator or a hotel attendant, if you are willing to work, the annual salary should be at least 300,000 USD!

After you have a house, even if you don’t want to live for a long time, you can also entrust the smart city system on Zhang Family’s Island to rent out, or short-term or long-term lease. And it is definitely a way to preserve value!

However, the house prices on Zhang Family’s Island are not acceptable to everyone!

Take the most common lot, a 40-square-meter “single” house with a small layout of one bedroom and one living room. If you remove all the costs and buy it all, it will cost about 4000 2000000 USD. This amount of money is enough to make many people sigh. Some friends commented that the house price of Zhang Family’s Island is the best in the world!

“So expensive?” Liu Xuejing stared at Unable to Bear. She thought that the money she and the handsome girl had won from the casino was not too small. But now listening to the hotel’s agent, she found that she had 2 100000000 USD, not even a hair on Zhang Family’s Island!

One square meter of 1,000,000 is the most common lot, the most common floor, so 2 100000000 USD does not mean that you can only buy a 200 square meter house in the most common lot, the most common floor? This is not considered decoration, property and other money. According to this calculation, if you want to live on Zhang Family’s Island, even if you are worth 1 billion, you can’t be considered a big family!

The blonde beauty agent smiled, but just ordered a little, not at all to explain more. There are not too many properties on Zhang Family’s Island that can be publicized!

First of all, Zhang Family’s Island needs to arrange a place to live for the citizens of Zhang Family’s Island, and then it is for foreigners. If the real estate prices on Zhang Family’s Island are copied in the future, then as a citizen of Zhang Family’s Island, a house in his hand may be worth a few 100000000 million USD. However, the house where Zhang Family’s Island citizens live is owned by Zhang Family’s Island. Zhang Family’s Island citizens have the right to buy and sell, only the right of residence.

Zi Yan’er was not only a little surprised at the house prices on Zhang Family’s Island, but she really didn’t care about money. The money in her hand was worried about how to spend it outside!

“Just the high-rise building you just mentioned, is the whole building a residential building?” Zi Yan’er asked curiously.

“No!” The blonde beauty agent shook his head and said with a smile: “The ten floors below are shopping malls, and the ten floors above are districts.”

“How many square meters is the top floor?” Zi Yan’er asked with a sudden smile.

The blonde agent was stunned, but quickly realized that he checked it with the computer he brought, smiled and said, “There is only one household on the 88th floor, about 516 square meters!”

“If I buy that floor, the roof will be given to me, right?” Zi Yan’er asked with a smile.


“Then how much is the minimum one square meter?” Zi Yan’er thought for a while and said.

Liu Xuejing opened her mouth wide, and unable to bear interjected in surprise: “Sister Yan’er, you, don’t you really plan to buy the top floor?”

Zi Yan’er was silent!

“Damn!” Liu Xuejing now knows how much his worth is worse than that of the other party. Even if it is 50,000,000 a square meter, more than 500 square meters, it will cost more than 200 and 100000000 USD. With so much money, even if you sell yourself apart, It’s not worth it. 200 more than 100000000 million, that is more than 200 100000000 million USD!

Looking at Zi Yan’er affectionately, Liu Xuejing said with a trembling voice: “Sister Yan’er, you can raise me in the future, I can show you the house specially!”

The words amused all the people present. Zi Yan’er smiled and cursed her eyes and said: “Okay, don’t cry with me and you’re poor, and you’re not bad. As for showing me the house, it’s about 500 square meters. There are so many rooms, when the time comes, I will give you one set!”

Liu Xuejing eyes shined and exclaimed happily: “Really? The gentleman said, it’s hard to chase horses, Sister Yan’er, let’s say that!

The blonde beauty economic man can’t help but be surprised secretly, does the other party really want to buy that luxury suite on the top floor? This is not something you can buy for a small amount!

“The minimum price of the house is 6000 5,000,000 USD per square meter, and the minimum down payment cannot be less than 70%. If you want to buy now, you will be exempted from property fees for life, and you will be given a set of high-end appliances. If you purchase the full amount, you will also be given a parking space and a luxury sports car with a price of no more than 10,000,000 USD!” After the blonde agent asked, lifts the head came and smiled and looked at Zi Yan’er.

Zi Yan’er thought for a while and asked, “How much will it cost if the full payment is paid in one lump sum!”

“300 3 1.5 billion 40 million USD!” The blonde beauty’s voice was slightly respectful. The rich will be respected wherever they are!

“Give me the fraction, 300 3,000,000,000 USD, and I will pay the full amount in one lump sum.” Zi Yan’er said with a flat smile. Even if she spends more than 300 100000000 million USD, there are still a few 100 100000000 million USD lying in her bank account, and she can’t spend it all, and she doesn’t care how much money is!

The blonde beauty agent was nodded excited, took a deep breath and said: “No problem, I don’t know when Ms. Zi can sign the contract?”

For her, this is the largest deal negotiated in her life. From this deal, she can almost get a commission of 3000 3,000,000 USD, which is almost enough for her to buy a small house of her own!

Zi Yan’er smiled and said, “Anytime!”

When Zhang Heng returned to Zhang Family’s Island Hotel, Zi Yan’er had already bought the upscale and luxurious suite opposite, worth more than 300 USD, enough!

“Boss, didn’t you see that just now, sister Yan’er put 1000 gold, no, it was more than 300 and 100000000 million USD, see if you can see it, the slightly lower building opposite, the top floor has been bought by her. Let’s You don’t need to live in a hotel anymore, you can just move to Yan’er sister to live there!” Liu Xuejing watched Zhang Heng come back, chirp chirp twitter twitter said cheerfully. Zi Yan’er has already said that she will be allocated a room to live in. Even a smaller room is worth more than ten 100000000 million USD and so on. That’s a lot of money!

Zhang Heng was taken aback, looked at Zi Yan’er didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said, “Did you buy that house?”

“En!” Zi Yan’er looked at the hotel service tablet computer in his hand to see where there is nowhere to spend money, or spend money fast, the money lying in the bank is one third less.

“Why did you buy it without waiting for me to come back?” Zhang Heng said. The money is now in the pocket of Zhang Family’s Island management committee. Although he is the Island Lord of Zhang Family’s Island, he can’t take it out anymore. Up.

“Is there anything to discuss? After discussing with you, can you give me the money for nothing?” Zi Yan’er looked up at Zhang Heng and asked faint smile back.

Zhang Heng touched his nose and smiled dryly and said, “Even if I can’t give it to you, at least based on our relationship, a discount is okay!” Even if it is 20% off, it will save several billions of USD. ! Genuine money, so much money, is enough to buy 2 more such buildings directly in China!

Zi Yan’er didn’t accept Zhang Heng’s affection, and shook his head and said, “It’s better to avoid it. I don’t want the money of the several billions, but I have to open my mouth to the Island Lord to get a favor. Who knows, What would you do to me again with this reason. I’d better guard against it!”


Well, kindness became a donkey’s liver and lungs. When did the fuck’s, several billions USD depreciate into small money?

Liu Xuejing listened to the audience, and slapped her tongue and muttered: “You two are both live wasrel sons, the big local tyrants of Chi Guoguo. This is going to be in the 40s and 50s. They are all strata to be beaten. Damn it. , It’s horrible, even if you have money, you can’t spend this wastrel!”

Zhang Heng sat on the sofa and ignored Zi Yan’er. He figured it out. This Superstar is an arch bag with a lot of money. He was worried that there was nowhere to spend it. Now it’s fine. Zhang Family’s Island offered her one Super high-consumption place, but then again, the house price of Zhang Family’s Island is also very good to maintain value.

Zhang Family’s Island Bank can buy back Zhang Family’s Island, but the price is 90% of the market price. In other words, if the total value of the house she bought increases by 100%, then she will not lose money. If it increases by 20%, she will earn it. As for the price drop, in general, because Zhang Family’s Island Due to geographical restrictions, there are not too many commercial houses on Zhang Family’s Island, and the price may not be very large!

“How about you two, do you want to buy a house on Zhang Family’s Island?” Zhang Heng turned to Liu Xuejing and Zi Yan’er and asked with a smile!

“If the Boss gives me money to buy it, I will be fine. I will definitely charge it, but the grade should not be too low. Otherwise it will affect the image of Boss in my heart!” Liu Xuejing smiled and blinked. (To be continued.)

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