Super Island Lord Chapter 689

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Zhang Heng rolled the eyes and said with a smile: “You two don’t seem to be short on money, right? I heard people say that they won almost 200 million in the hotel casino just now, right?”

Liu Xuejing stuck out her tongue. Before she understood what Zhang Heng meant, she wilted. Anyway, the handsome girl has already had an affair with him, so let the handsome girl stand in front of him. At worst, I will be scolded by the Boss at night. I am an’outsider’ now. Some things are not so good. Tai Ming said Up!

“Why, dare you not admit it?” Zhang Heng asked with a smile at the two people.

Li Meng opened with no expression on his face and said, “There is something I dare not admit, yes, we just won the other side by almost 2 100000000 million USD from the hotel casino, what’s the matter? Is the hotel casino here not allowing us to win? Money?”

“Allow, if you win or not, it has nothing to do with Zhang Family’s Island Hotel.” Zhang Heng shook his head and said with a smile: “I just want to tell you, do you know who won the money from?”

The handsome girl frowned and moved, lifts the head to look at Zhang Heng and said, “That person seems to be called Qi Shengfeng, what’s the matter, is the background big?”

“It’s not too big, but the other party’s name is very loud. Qi Shengfeng is known as the Asian Gambling King. He controls the gambling industry with almost 100 points 40-50 in Omen. He is a veritable casino tycoon. Didn’t expect in Zhang On Family’s Island, it fell into the hands of you two girls. It is estimated that you are in the hotel room at this time, and you regret it!” Zhang Heng said with a smile.

“Gambling King?” Li Meng was also unable to bear, and she couldn’t help but smile. She just watched the other party win her own money and felt very uncomfortable. She wanted to use the money to pressure him. How could she think of stupid? Relying on the astronomical bet of 5,000,000,000, Gambling King was scared!

However, this is not a formal gambling game. Li Meng’s victory over Qi Shengfeng is also a great coincidence, and it cannot represent the gambling of both sides. Therefore, although Li Meng won Qi Shengfeng, it cannot be regarded as Gambling King from his head. Take away the title!

“He’s the Gambling King? Is it just this too? I’m so courageous that I don’t even dare to follow with 5,000,000,000 chips.” Liu Xuejing muttered from the side.

People didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, in this world, it’s not that everyone doesn’t treat 5,000,000,000 USD as an improper money. This is real gold, white silver, and Qi Shengfeng’s worth is fully calculated, but only 6 billion USD. Let him hold 1% of his worth and bet luck with an unfamiliar opponent. It is strange if he is willing to gamble. It’s a Gambling King, but it doesn’t look like it is stupid and forceful, even more how stupid. I can’t be a Gambling King!

Zhang Heng just said casually, “not at all”, we will keep on investigating this issue, and if we won, we didn’t lose, we are looking for a place, and people will come to find us.

“By the way, there is one more thing, Zhang Family’s Island Naval Commander Reagan Moore Major General. I am very optimistic about your courage and want to absorb you into the Zhang Family’s Island Naval Department. I don’t know if you want to go!” Zhang Heng said to Reagan. Moore’s proposal was stated. As for whether to go or not, that was handsome girl’s own decision, and he didn’t want to interfere too much!

“The commander of the navy wants me to enter the navy headquarters?” Li Meng was stunned, looked at Zhang Heng frowned, and said softly: “Can I think about it and make a reply!”

“No problem!” Zhang Heng shrugged said with a smile: “I just send a message. As for whether you want to go, it has nothing to do with me, and I will not ask more. If you are not interested in the Navy, no one will Force you!”

“En!” Li Meng looking thoughtful nodded.

Liu Xuejing’s eyes rolled, and she asked why good things always fall on the head of the handsome girl. Xiaozui curled up unwillingly, what’s wrong with him?

Zhang Heng looked at her and said with a smile: “Why, are you also interested in the Zhang Family’s Island Navy? If you want to go, I can recommend you to go!”

“I don’t want to be a navy!” Liu Xuejing snorted. If she had to let her choose, she would still choose to be a star. It’s her dream to stand in the spotlight and dedicate herself to the fullest. Besides, it’s hard to be a soldier, especially as a navy. Everyday all has to float on the sea, and she can’t see a piece of land for months, so she doesn’t want it. What a navy!

“Don’t worry about it!” Zhang Heng murmured, then smiled and asked, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Zi Yan’er doesn’t matter. You can eat anything. Li Meng doesn’t know what he’s thinking, and he didn’t speak, until Liu Xuejing forgot after something happened, but he had a soft spot for eating and said with a smile : “When I get to the beach, I naturally want to eat seafood. Isn’t the seafood here also expensive?”

“No!” Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head. Zhang Family’s Island has everything on it, but it is shipped by air from other countries. All prices are dozens of times or more higher than those outside, but if you want to say anything is cheaper, then Undoubtedly, it is seafood. A seafood meal will last for only a few thousand yuan.

After thinking about it and saying: “In fact, if we want to eat seafood, we can go to the beach to fish ourselves. Diving can catch crabs, lobsters, abalones and so on, and we can also catch all kinds of fish and shrimps in the sea. Go back and get an oven to eat. One meal, very refreshing!”

“Okay, just listen to you!” Liu Xuejing nodded excitedly.

Zi Yan’er is also very interested. It’s not too early to see if it’s time for dinner. He smiled and said, “This is Zhang Family’s Island. Let’s eat. Of course it’s you, the big Island Lord. After all, we a guest will comply with the wishes of the host.”

After Zi Yan’er and Liu Xuejing both got up, Li Meng sat on the sofa and said, “What about Xiao Tianbao? Let’s leave him alone in the room?”

Zhang Heng smiled and walked over and pulled her up from the sofa, and said, “Don’t worry, this is Zhang Family’s Island. If something goes wrong, Little Brat will be fine. If we leave, someone will come to take care of it. his.”

At the Zhang Family’s Island young master, there is a special “Dragon Guard” with a shadow leading the team. Although common can’t see them wandering around, they will all come out when there is no one around Little Brat. ! Moreover, this is Zhang Family’s Island, the base camp of Zhang Heng, and the headquarters of several major intelligence organizations in Zhang Family’s Island. If they don’t know that Zhang Heng left Little Brat in the house, they don’t need to look after them in secret. I am eating this bite of rice.

“A’Dai, how many tourists are there on Zhang Family’s Island now?” Zhang Heng suddenly thought of something and asked A’Dai curiously. Although he is the Island Lord, the management committee of the island now has the final say.

“There are almost 1000 people! These people come from all over the world, and the only place in the same place. People who come to Zhang Family’s Island to play have a certain value!” A’Dai’s voice appeared in Zhang Heng’s ear.

“It’s only a few thousand people!” Zhang Heng muttered to himself. A few thousand people don’t feel that there are many, but they are not representative. The sum of the consumption of these thousand people can be as low as possible. , Even if there are a few 1000 million people who want to come to Zhang Family’s Island to play at this time, I am afraid they will not be able to come because there is no place to put it!

“There doesn’t seem to be a beach on the seashore here?” Liu Xuejing asked unable to bear strangely.

Zi Yan’er laughed beside him, but said nothing. Zhang Heng smiled and explained: “It’s so strange that there is no beach. The feet you are standing on are all made of steel. Under the iron plate, there are several hundred meters and a few thousand meters deep sea. If you want to If you are swimming, go to the designated place, but for the first 1000 million, don’t see the sea and jump inside!”

Liu Xuejing rolled his eyes, and said, “Don’t know how to pretend to be good or not, what does swimming have to do with the depth of the sea? Isn’t the depth of ten meters and the depth of 5000 metres still swimming? Is it when I am stupid, or are you stupid? With such a low IQ, you are ashamed to say that you are not afraid to shame you as the dignified Great Island Lord.”

Zhang Heng froze for a moment, and couldn’t shook the head with a wry smile, but also, swimming has nothing to do with the depth of the water. People are lying on the sea instead of diving into the seabed. A few thousand meters deep and ten meters deep, aren’t they all the same!

“Are we fishing on the shore?” Zi Yan’er asked with a smile while holding Zhang Heng’s arm.

It’s getting dark. At this time, there are many people fishing and barbecuing on the artificial beach. There are residents of Zhang Family’s Island and foreign tourists. In short, the beach is very lively. If you don’t want to fish by yourself, you can also choose to buy seafood from a nearby merchant and grill it yourself. If you don’t want to grill it, you can also hire a barbecue master on Zhang Family’s Island. You can get any treatment here!

“There are yachts here, but it’s getting dark, and there’s nothing fun to go out to sea now. Wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will take you out to dive and pick Sea Dragon Fruit. I’ll have a meal on the artificial beach tonight. Pause, fish and barbecue.” Zhang Heng thought for a while and said with a smile.

Zi Yan’er has no objection, and Liu Xuejing and Li Meng have no objection.

There is a specially prepared oven on the beach. Apart from this also has a variety of skewers of fish, shrimp and seafood. You can choose what to grill. It does not mean that only the fish you catch can be grilled!

“I’m a big lobster, it weighs at least 4 kilograms, right? Can this be roasted?” Liu Xuejing cried and asked.

Zhang Heng smiled and said, “No problem. If you want to eat, you can try to roast it. If you don’t want to do it, let the professional barbecue Master help you.” After speaking, he turned to look at Zi Yan’er and asked: ” Are you grilling lobsters here or go fishing with me on the beach?”

“I and Xuejing have a barbecue here, let the handsome girl go fishing with him!” Zi Yan’er said with a smile. The fishing place and the barbecue place are not far away, only a dozen meters.

“Okay, handsome girl, go, follow me to go fishing and see how my luck is today.” Zhang Heng smiled and greeted Li Meng, knowing that Zi Yan’er arranged this on purpose.

“What kind of fish can you catch here?” Li Meng also took a fishing rod in her hand. It seemed that she was not very new to fishing, and she had caught it before.

Zhang Heng smiled and said, “It depends on luck. If you are lucky, maybe the sharks can still be caught!” (To be continued.)

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