Super Island Lord Chapter 693

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Zhang Heng closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The air was mixed with the smell of soil and vegetation, which was very mellow, without a trace of pollution. .However, this is not his world. For this, all the’players’ can be said to be invaders or passers-by!

At first, nothing happened, Zhang Heng didn’t want to come here. But what the County Lord Fragrant Orchid said is correct. Over time, some changes will inevitably occur.

Back in the capital, I put the words Zi Yan’er and handsome girl in the evening, and both of them were exhausted. Zhang Heng came into the’task space’ on a whim!

“It’s been a long time!” Zhang Heng muttered to himself. It seems that it has been more than 3 years since he came in. I don’t know how the development of Tianmu City is now. Legion of the Wolf Warriors is a little bit old, has she been defeated by the girl of Mengluo, that girl’s ambition is also super big!

When Zhang Heng left the mission space, he did not at all offline in Tianmu City. Instead, he chose a remote corner of the giant tree forest outside the city. The ghost knows if he will be ambush when he comes back again, violent death. People are harmless, but it’s hard to keep the tiger from hurting. Let’s be the villain first, then the gentleman.

Spiritual Consciousness is fully open, and within a few kilometers, it is covered by Zhang Heng Divine Consciousness. What special circumstances surrounding not at all, Zhang Heng brought Divine Consciousness back again!

Stepped towards the direction of Tianmu City and walked over!

There are 5,000,000 people in Legion of War Wolf, plus the army in the player’s hands, the total number is no less than 100000000 to 3,000,000,000 million. There are 500 players entering the’mission space’ and the army is no less than 100000000 1. Such a huge amount of influence on this unknown world, not to mention the destruction of the surname, is almost the same!

Because the player came to this World just to’fight’!

For the merits of the battle, endless kills, no matter the same kind, or a foreign race, melee, kill all that can be killed, without fear of life and death!

After a few years, I don’t know how many killings have been made!

From a distance, I saw the shadow of the giant tree city, towering tall, but it seemed that when I left with Zhang Heng, not at all changed too much.

Zhang Heng frowned, it can be seen from the outside that the wood city is a bit desolate and not at all expansion. There are traces of rare beasts around the city. Some places have been repaired, and some damaged places are still exposed. outside. Did the County Lord Fragrant Orchid really predict what happened? I closed my eyes and felt it, not at all, what special changes, Ice Soul, Flower Demoness, Little Bao, Demon Ox King 4 General collar and Zhang Heng, the connection between them, not at all disconnected. Zhang Heng felt that 4 people were in the’Tianmu City’ in the giant tree forest!

Only 4 Great General under him is fine. As for whether Tianmu City is in decline, Zhang Heng doesn’t care much. The corners of his mouth turned upwards unintentionally. It is estimated that during this period of time when I was absent, my ambitious “ally” was not very honest, knowing that I did not dare to treat Ice Soul and the others. no problem!

Ice Soul suddenly opened his eyes, and suddenly there was a charming smile on that ice cold like frost pretty face. Stand up from the jade cushion and ran out happily!

Zhang Heng entered within ten kilometers of Tianmu City, Ice Soul felt it, not only she, but also Flower Demoness, Little Bao, Demon Ox King and the others!

“Big brother, you are back!” The silhouette flashed, and Ice Soul had already appeared in front of Zhang Heng, running towards him happily, holding Zhang Heng’s neck, tightly not letting go.

Zhang Heng smiled and stretched out his hand, and squeezed it on her little cock. She was still so thin and hadn’t grown much flesh for a few years. Nodded and said, “I miss my brother!”

Ice Soul’s face blushed, nodded hum, but the body was slightly twisted twice in Zhang Heng’s arms. Is it a girl after all? It would not be so embarrassing to have her own reservedness!

“Boss!” Following Ice Soul, Flower Demoness, Little Bao, Demon Ox King also appeared not far in front, looking at Zhang Heng respectfully!

Zhang Heng smiled nodded: “Okay, thank you for your hard work!”

Bing Po let go of Zhang Heng’s neck, blinking with a blushing face, and asked, “Big brother, why have you been there for so long and there is no news. You are back this time, do you have to leave?”

Haven’t seen her in 2 years, I really want to worry about her!

Zhang Heng smiled and stretched out his hand and scratched her nose, not at all replied: “If you have anything, let’s go back and talk about it!”

“Yes, I’m going back!” Bingpo happily held Zhang Heng’s arm and walked toward Tianmu City. Anyway, the man who thought about it all night, isn’t he back!

Flower Demoness, Little Bao, and Demon Ox King are all following behind. All four of them have reached the top level of 4. In the past few years, no matter how experienced they are, they have no progress.

“How are the only ones in the city?” Zhang Heng entered Tianmu City and looked at the surrounding scenes. Unable to bear was stunned. The original Tianmu City was built on a scale that could accommodate 5,000,000 players, with a dozen or 100000000 units. Tianmu City should be packed full, and now it feels like it is empty, with desolate scenery everywhere, and there are not many people in the city!

Ice Soul calmly explained: “Mengluo, the war wolf Legion, has withdrawn from Tianmu City and stationed in Guangyuan, leaving us here to guard.”

“Guangyuan?” Zhang Heng had never heard of this place.

“Guangyuan is south of the giant tree forest, about 1200 kilometers away. The giant tree forest is not suitable for the Corps Head period of the war wolf. Moreover, there are so many demonic beast Meng Shou in the giant tree forest, and there is no natural danger to guard, except for trees. In addition, the resources are not abundant, so half a year after the boss left, Mengluo’s deputy Corps Head led the war wolf Legion, left the giant tree forest, and went to Guangyuan!” Flower Demoness on the side explained with a smile.

Zhang Heng smiled and asked, “Then why didn’t you leave together?”

“Tianmu City and the giant tree forest have been occupied by the War Wolf Legion. Although they are not of much value, they need to be guarded. Perhaps in the future, if they lose outside the forest, the War Wolf Legion will need to withdraw to Tianmu City for training. This is the first First, second, we are a direct line of the Boss. Mengluo Corps Head does not want us to accumulate too much military merit. And staying here, we can take turns to take people to guard Tianmu City, and the rest can go out to find opportunities.” Flower Demoness’s voice was flat , The slightest anger in the tone, not at all, for them, staying in Tianmu City is far better than going to’Guangyuan’ to make cannon fodder for the war wolf Legion.

Zhang Heng also understood, he was not there, Mengluo didn’t hold act high and mighty due to the words of a superior, and spent all the arms under his hand, it was already considered good! Of course, Ice Soul, Flower Demoness, whether they listen to the orders of her deputy Corps Head, that is another matter.

With the strength of Ice Soul, Flower Demoness, Little Bao, and Demon Ox King, there is one person. It is not difficult to defend the’Tianmu City’!

Tianmu City Hall!

Zhang Heng sat on the main seat, smiled at the four people and asked, “What have you done during my absence?”

“Sleep!” Ice Soul said with a chuckle.

“Eat!” Little Bao teased Ice Soul from the side.

Demon Ox King is generally silent, unless Zhang Heng calls him by name, he is rarely seen speaking. To outsiders, Demon Ox King is the most brutal among Zhang Heng’s 4 General, but in the eyes of the 4 people, he is the most honest and the best bully, so what is “dirty work” and tiring work. ‘Usually it will fall on him!

“It owes to clean up!” Zhang Heng unable to bear laughed and cursed, but he was not angry. I like this atmosphere very much. There are no outsiders anyway. They are all family generals. More joy is better than indifference!

“In the past few years, we have almost explored the dangers of several ten thousand li, gained a lot of treasures and added a lot of experience, but there is no sign of breakthrough bottleneck.” Flower Demoness said with a smile. She played the role of a military officer among the 4 people!

The giant tree forest is actually not that big. It is about 5000 kilometers horizontally and 3000 kilometers vertically. The location of Tianmu City is almost at the center of the giant tree forest.

“What treasures are there!” Zhang Heng asked casually with a smile. There are not many treasures in the mission space, and Zhang Heng is not very clear in his mind, but he has a great opportunity in the giant tree forest. Flower Demoness Since I dare to say that I have explored the dangers of a few ten thousand li in a radius, I guess the receipt will not be too bad!

“Star iron!” Ice Soul squinted and took out a black stone from the space ring like a treasure offering. It was as big as a round table and placed it in front of Zhang Heng. He said happily: The biggest piece, the other star iron, is about the size of a fist. It’s simply incomparable with my piece. It’s definitely the star iron king! In addition to the star iron, there is also the magic star lake. Moonshade.”

Zhang Heng took the star iron and weighed it. It was very heavy. With only such a large piece, it was almost ten thousand kilograms. If you don’t have enough strength, you simply can’t hold it!

“Big brother, isn’t it heavy? A fist-sized star iron weighs more than 1000 kilograms. This kind of material is very difficult to find expensive casting materials here!” Ice Soul explained with a smile.

Ding: Found a special material, star iron. system can provide repurchase, the repurchase price is 100,000 gold coins per kg!

Listening to the sound of the system hint in his ears, Zhang Heng unable to bear touched his chin. This is also a good material. A fist sized piece weighs more than 1000 jin. If calculated by a catty of hundreds of thousands of gold coins, That is 100000000. This round table-sized star iron is worth at least a few 100 diamond coins, and the price is not low!

“What is the moonshade?” Zhang Heng looked at the dark-green stone in Ice Soul’s hand and asked curiously.

“Moonshadow stone can emit light at night and can be used for lighting. It is very beautiful. In addition, it contains special energy inside, which can improve biological physique, and, besides, it can make very beautiful accessories!” Ice Soul blinked With big eyes, chirp chirp twitter twitter explained. (To be continued.)

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