Super Island Lord Chapter 695

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“Aren’t these treasures?” Ice Soul asked Zhang Heng with wide-eyed eyes. .

“No, they are all rare things, they are treasures!” Zhang Heng nodded with a smile, after thinking about it, and then said: “However, you treasures are of no use to me. I need to unlock items related to the soul lock.” For myself These four hardcore men, Zhang Heng not at all conceal, above the genetic lock is the soul lock.

Before the breakthrough soul lock, everything is common!

“Is it something related to soul lock?” Bing Po tilted his head and frowned. With a wave of his hand, all the items placed on the table in front were re-collected into the space ring.

“Boss, you see if this thing is what you are looking for.” Little Bao sitting next to him suddenly said. Take out something from the storage ring.

not metal, not jade looks exactly like an old tree root, but the color is not brown, but slightly purple, as if dried out!

Ding: The player found a treasured item,’Purple Vine’. Purple magic vine juice is a great help for breakthrough soul locks. It can be used in medicated baths, which can improve the physique and increase the source for a long time. The Chief God system can be purchased on behalf of each gram…100 diamond coin.

Zhang Heng was shocked. Holding the dried purple vine, he found that the appearance was not at all special. If it hadn’t been prompted by the Chief God system, even if it was thrown on the ground, it would not attract anyone’s attention. I weighed it in my hand, and the air-dried “Purple Devil Vine” was about tens of kilograms, but it was not too long, eleven-twelve cm in length.

One catty can sell 50000 diamond coins, and dozens of catties is an astronomical figure. Just such a small section, given to other players, may have been unable to withstand sex, and sold it.

“Good stuff!” Zhang Heng praised and put it in the emerald ring in his hand unceremoniously. Now that the things were in his hands, there was no reason to sell them to Chief God.

Little Bao was not angry. Instead, he laughed happily. After Ice Soul show off for so long, he took out that many things and thought it was a baby, but so what? The Boss didn’t ask for anything, instead he, one section Withered trunks, Boss regarded it as a treasure. When the two were compared, he would compare the other!

“Where did you get this small section purple magic vine?” Zhang Heng turned his head to Little Bao and asked curiously. Like this thing, especially things related to soul locks, you need as much as you want, not too much! Even if you don’t use it, it is a price treasure for others!

Little Bao thought for a while and said, “Out of the giant tree forest, I walked westward, almost 3 miles away. There is a stone forest. In the center of the stone forest, there is a cave. It is said that the ore was left by Divine Race. It has been abandoned for a long time, and there are no living creatures in it. The miners of that year have all turned into mummy and skeletons, but they are brought back to life by some kind of mana. Any living thing entering the cave will be affected by these mummy skeletons. Instinctively hunts down and attacks. That purple magic vine fell from a skeleton general.”

After a slight pause, Little Bao added: “I was exploring by myself at the time, not at all how far into the cave, from those mummy skeletons, only a few gold coins and some ordinary ores can be shot. Come out, and the environment inside is not very good, so I left after not long after I went in!”

Zhang Heng muttered: “Stone forest cave? Magic Star Lake?” Listening to Flower Demoness, Little Bao and the others described it as a gathering place for monsters. So, is this task space created by Chief God? If it was made by Chief God, then why did he purchase such high-priced items related to the’Gene Lock and Soul Lock’?

The more I think about it, the more I feel that I don’t understand. What I wanted to understand before, now that I think about it, fuck has become a bit stupid. Can’t push to the side, and can’t figure it out!

“I remember too!” Ice Soul suddenly called.

Zhang Heng didn’t startle, so he came back to his senses. Looking at her, she couldn’t help but curiously asked: “What do you think of again?” Regarding this World, since you don’t understand, it’s useless to think too much. let it go. To be more mysterious, who knows whether it needs to be changed or it must be changed!

“I know a place called’Soul Lock Hall’. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the’soul lock’ that big brother you mentioned?” Ice Soul cried.

“Hall of Souls?” Zhang Heng was stunned, and asked curiously: “Where is the Hall of Souls you mentioned?”

“On the map!” Ice Soul said as he took out a map made of parchment from the storage ring. Various locations are marked on it, followed by a note with the word “Little Wen”. At the center of the map, there is a small golden dot, and the name marked on it is called “Lock Soul Hall”.

“Why are all mountains? Do you know where this is?” Zhang Heng asked while looking at the map.

Flower Demoness and they all came over to take a look. Little Bao frowns thought for a while and said, “The map drawn on this map seems to be a 10000 ancient mountain range, right?”

“Yes, it is the 10000 ancient mountain range.” Flower Demoness nodded on the side said affirmatively.

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, these girls are all owed. He glared at them, and asked with a wry smile: “Where is this 10000 ancient mountain range?”

“I know, I know, to the north, to the north of Magic Star Lake, not too far from Magic Star Lake, about 7 kilometers away.” Ice Soul rushed.

“Where did you get this treasure map?” Zhang Heng looked at her and asked in confusion.

Ice Soul tilted his head and thought for a long time. The bright and intelligent big eyes looked at Zhang Heng, with a bit of cuteness, and mumbled: “I have forgotten it. Anyway, it fell from that bastard. Yes, the bastard bosses have been wiped out too much in the past few years, and people don’t remember which one they are! This, where did you get the picture, is it important?”

Zhang Heng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh shook his head and said: “It’s not too important. Since you don’t remember, then forget it!”

“Oh, does it have anything to do with the soul lock you said about the big brother?” Ice Soul asked, blinking.

“I don’t know yet!” Zhang Heng shook his head. If it doesn’t matter, you have to go there to find out. From the perspective of its name, the Hall of Soul Locking seems to have something to do with the soul. As for whether it has anything to do with soul lock, who can tell. However, now Zhang Heng’s principle is, rather than let it go!

“When are you going to explore?” Ice Soul blinked and asked, as long as Zhang Heng found something to do, he would not go out from here, he would never go back. In fact, Bing Po’s youngest daughter’s postures are all disguised, and they will only show this posture in front of Zhang Heng. In front of outsiders, they have always been indifferent and merciless! (To be continued.)

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