Super Island Lord Chapter 696

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“No hurry!” Zhang Heng smiled and shook his head. The Soul Locking Hall is not close to Tianmu City, and there is a’Magic Star Lake’ in between. Even if he wants to go, Zhang Heng is planning to go to the Magic Star Lake first. His idea is to mine a batch of’Moonshade Stones’ from the Magic Star Lake, and when he returns to Earth, he will start a jewelry company!

The weak energy of the Moonstone is not for them, but it is of great help to the ordinary person. It can improve the physique of the human body. Things like this are just suitable for selling on Earth.

Money is nothing to Zhang Heng, but Zhang Heng is not too much. If you don’t have any thoughts and run your head, what is the point of this person being alive? What is the picture?

Listening to Ice Soul and Flower Demoness, they briefly talked about the past few years. Zhang Heng has a general idea of ​​the changes in the task space since he left. In Legion of the Wolf Warriors, it is the woman Mengluo who has the final say, but there is still a big fish hidden behind her.

Without Zhang Heng’s permission, Mengluo has formed an alliance with Legion, the descendant of God!

In fact, even if Zhang Heng is in the mission space, Mengluo will form an alliance with Legion, the descendant of God, Zhang Heng will not object. In the mission space, the players in Chief God World do not have any advantage. Here, there are many special races, such as Divine Race and Dragon Race. The combat capabilities of individual soldiers are very strong. If players want a single group to fight against the indigenous residents here, they can only be destroyed by a single one, without exception, they can survive. Come down!

The territory of Legion of the descendant of the gods is not far from the territory of Legion of the wolf of war. The two alliances can just echo back and forth and become one. In times of crisis, they can also support each other!

Player No. 7 is the descendant of God, a long-established player. In terms of ability, I have already broken through the 3rd layer of Gene Lock, and I can enter the mission, Chief God, and the real world, right?

“Leave aside the matter of going out to explore. You are more clear than I am about the current form here. Let’s talk about it. What should we do next?” Zhang Heng put away the smile on his face and said with a serious face. It is not too much of a problem who is managing Legion Wolf. The key is how can one profit from Legion Wolf, or how to ensure that one’s own interests are not eaten by others!

When Zhang Heng created Legion, isn’t it also for the purpose of getting more benefits in the mission space!

“In the past few years, only 40% of Legion’s troops were left when they first arrived, and 60% were lost in various battles. However, most of the remaining players have passed the postgraduate entrance examination. The elite troops of these people are very powerful.” Flower Demoness glanced at Zhang Heng and said softly.

Ice Soul had no interest in these tactics, nor interrupted Flower Demoness. As a military division among the four, Flower Demoness is also the one who has the most say among them.

The Wolf Warrior Legion’s military power was consumed by 60%, and Zhang Heng was not surprised. To put it bluntly, all the players who came to the Chief God space were “send to death”, and the final result was that they were dead. Of course, unless you can reach the realm of Zhang Heng’s current level 3 gene lock and can enter and exit 3 worlds, there is absolutely no second choice!

Flower Demoness continued flatly: “Mengluo Corps Head, relying on the sustainable battle strength of the Wolf Warrior Legion, coupled with the attack on Guangyuan City, has already obtained very rich resources. If the Boss still hopes to be on the mission In the space, if you get any results, at least half of those resources must be used!”

Listening to Flower Demoness, Zhang Heng was happy to bear. She understood that she knew that Mengluo had at least half of the resources in his hands, because it was good to attack Guangyuan or plunder the resources in this world. She can only get such a big benefit from Legion Wolf, but Legion Wolf was created by Zhang Heng, and Mengluo just manages that’s all on her behalf. Why did she take away all the benefits?

“Don’t worry, those things will definitely have ours. They don’t belong to us. I don’t want them. If they are ours, others will not be able to take them away!” Zhang Heng smiled nodded, the resource aspect, to It’s not a big problem, and Mengluo is not without brains, as long as she shows up, she should know how to deal with it.

The problem is that she has collected a lot of special items related to gene lock and soul lock in the past few years, right?

“Wolf Legion, let’s put it aside. Over the past few years, we have actually received a lot of resources, but the forces on hand are also very depleted. If we don’t add them in time, we will all It’s time to become general without an army!” Flower Demoness said with a wry smile.

When they came, the four of them added Zhang Heng. The total force in their hands was over 4. When Zhang Heng left, he also left them with the “sacred weapon”, but now, 1,000,000 people Together, the total number of troops in the hands will not exceed 4.

It also includes the remaining 50000 Silver Dragon female guard under Ice Soul!

When there is war, there is death. Ice Soul, Flower Demoness, Little Bao, Demon Ox King, no matter how powerful they are, they can’t take into account everything. Although the casualties have been reduced to the lowest point, they are still unavoidable. , A battle is like this, 4 battles, the accumulation of less, plus the fact that there is no way out, and there is no reserve military power to supplement, there will be one day when all the military power is exhausted!

“Then what do you think should be solved?” Zhang Heng frowned and asked. In the mission space, replenishing troops is definitely a big problem.

“There are two ways!” Flower Demoness looked at Zhang Heng and said, “The first is that the Boss obtains the control of the Wolf Warrior Legion, redistributes the army, and fills up the worn-out units in our hands. Of course, this The solution can only ease for a while, and will not solve the fundamental problem. Moreover, the Boss will also directly face various counterattacks in Legion.”

How could the military power in my own hand be handed over to others to manage so easily? Without the ability to lead troops, the ability of Chief God World players in the mission space is scum! The method Flower Demoness said will arouse people’s anger if it is not done properly. When the time comes, it will be difficult to end!

Unless you use iron-blooded means to perform sex, it is definitely the next best thing!

“What about second?” Zhang Heng asked, looking up at Flower Demoness. Smart Hero is definitely a treasure. I didn’t know much about Flower Demoness before, but now it seems that using it well is definitely a big help!

“To completely solve the problem of soldiers, we can only start from the indigenous races in this world!” Flower Demoness said calmly.

Zhang Heng thought for a while and asked curiously: “Will the indigenous races in this mission world also work for people like us?” These players are all invaders!

“I feel that it should be possible to try. Any race has its weaknesses, or greed, or pride. As long as we grasp their weaknesses and are tempting them, nothing is impossible. The universal currency in this world , Also gold coins, are completely connected to our currency!” Flower Demoness nodded affirmatively.

As for the last sentence, it is to remind Zhang Heng that in the task space, money also has its use. The world is booming, all for profit, every day hustle and bustle, all for profit, this sentence applies wherever you put it! As long as they are wise and live in a group society, no matter what race they are, the term’temptation’ can be used.

“No problem, as long as the other party is willing to work for us, no matter what race or preference, we can accept it. Money is not a problem!” Zhang Heng thought for a moment and laughed. Controlling barbarians with barbarians is definitely a good strategy! Now the key is how to connect with the other party.

In the mission space, in addition to the Divine Race, Dragon Race, Heavenly Demon Clan, Flying Feathers and other High-Grade races, there are many low-level races.

It is worth mentioning that in this World, the technology is relatively backward, but the magic civilization is very developed. Like those Dragon Race, Heavenly Demon Clan are all born magicians and warriors. There are also human races here, but the human race is relatively backward. , But the number is huge and can be autonomous. In general, not very dominant!

There are very few rare beasts in Tianmu City. Sneak attacks will come at night. In the past few years, Ice Soul, Flower Demoness, Little Bao, Demon Ox King and the others have been stationed here for a long time, and I don’t know how many demonic beasts have been killed. It’s rare beast. The creatures in the giant tree forest gradually understand that the humans stationed here are not so easy to provoke. Gradually, there is nothing unsightly. Courting death likes to do it here!


Mengluo has opened her eyes and frowned slightly from her sex. In the past few years, she has opened the gene lock 2nd floor and has collected a lot of things useful for gene lock and soul lock. But the gene lock 3rd floor has no sign of opening!

“Corps Head, the leader of the pig tribe, refused to hand over what was in his hands.” Mengluo’s Hero walked in and reported.

The cold light flashed in Mengluo’s eyes, and coldly snorted said: “Since the other party refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, then kill it. You can take someone to do it yourself. I have to decide the thing! “

“Yes!” Hero turned and walked out!

Mengluo already has a strong queen aura. He has been holding power in recent years, and he has almost become accustomed to the feeling of determining the life and death of others. The Wolf Warrior Legion is now stationed in Guangyuan City. Although it cannot be said that it has been managed by her as an iron bucket that is not one drop of water can leak out, even if someone is dissatisfied with her decision, they only dare to think about it. Dare to express it!

There are many things. Already not in is just like what was promised at the beginning, and no items are evenly distributed. All control rights are in the hands of her and the 9 other deputy Corps Heads. But the big head was definitely taken by her, and the other 9 Corps Heads were all her direct descendants.

“That kid, don’t you really want to come back?” Mengluo didn’t know why Zhang Heng was in his mind again, muttering to himself as “unable to bear”. (To be continued.)

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