Super Island Lord Chapter 698

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“Remember, this is the last chance. For the 600,000 diamond coin, I will take 500,000. You will leave 30000 alone, and the remaining 70000 will be divided among the members of Legion. As for the materials, all the materials must be returned to the Legion army. Ku, I want to take all the items related to the soul lock in your hand, is there a problem?” Zhang Heng gathered the murderous aura on his body and asked with a flat smile.

Mengluo stared at Zhang Heng fiercely, and he couldn’t wait to swallow him in his stomach and eat him alive.

Zhang Heng was not angry, and smiled and said, “It’s useless to stare at me. If I were you, I would agree to it now. I will do it for a while and I will suffer any insults. The end will definitely be very miserable!”

The agency was too clever to count, and it missed the fate of Qing Qing! This sentence is suitable for a little girl like Mengluo.

“There are some things, I want to stay!” Mengluo said coldly.

Zhang Heng shook the head and said with a smile: “Don’t you know the situation until now? Don’t try to bargain with me. My patience is limited.”

Interpret it in one word, that is, **!

It’s a donkey, holding back and flinching. To put it briefly, fuck, it’s just undue pumping!

“You didn’t promise just now that someone is leaving Legion of War Wolf, will you absolutely not stop it? Why do you want to kill me when I am leaving now?” Mengluo’s eyes rolled and solemnly asked.

Zhang Heng amused her. He looked at her and said, “Can you be like those ordinary members? You relied on the wolf Legion to collect 600,000 100000000 gold coins of immense wealth. That’s not even counted. All the strategic materials in the Wolf Legion have been evacuated, and finally all the members belonging to the Wolf Legion have to be taken away. First, you are greedy, second, you are unfeeling, and third, you are ruthless, since you are not benevolent. Righteous first, do you still want me to retaliate with virtue and hand you away? If you let you go in vain, then I will really become World’s First 2 Bi.”

Mengluo rolled the eyes secretly. In 5 years, she worked hard to collect the wealth of 600,000 diamond coins. Is it easy for her?

In the end, the big head is cheap and given to others!

“Do you feel unwilling?” Zhang Heng asked with a smile.

Mengluo lowered her head and didn’t speak, but she was analyzing now, she was still pretty sure she could leave here with the money. But after all, it seems that I want to leave, but I don’t want to keep the money. Maybe my last name is not very high. 600,000 diamond coin, just take it out for nothing, give it to him?

“Do you think that in God’s Descendants Alliance Legion, can you still get the treatment like Legion of the Wolf Warriors? You, you just don’t have a brain. I call you a brainless, you are not happy. If you have a brain, What would you do to me like this? I like ambitious women, but I absolutely don’t like them. All your ambitions are used on me. I can give you the right to do as one pleases to control the wolf Legion, is the reward just for you to calculate me?”

Zhang Heng’s words made Mengluo unable to bear stay for a while, and something seemed to have suddenly figured out. It also seems to be shrouded in mist, within reach, but nowhere to be touched!

“These things, it’s time for you to think about it. For the first time, I smiled as if nothing happened. For the second time, I could kill if I changed someone else. Your ability is in this world. It’s not unique and unmatched. I can find someone else to replace you.” Zhang Heng looked at her and sighed. Mengluo’s various performances really disappointed him. This woman didn’t know what she had drilled. She has sharp horns. She is a very clever person. Why can’t she feel anyone who treats her well?

Zhang Heng got up from his chair, looked at the Legion system and said, “Look for yourself, a quarter of an hour has passed. How many people are there who chose to leave Legion with you? It’s not that you can’t be without you. Maybe without you, they will get more, don’t take yourself too seriously, understand?”

Suddenly, Mengluo had an urge to cry, very sad, but didn’t know where this emotion came from. I kept asking myself,’Am I wrong? ‘

“Do you think we can still be friends?” Zhang Heng wanted to turn his head and walk away, but when he reached the door of the room, he suddenly stopped and asked with Mengluo on his back. Zhang Heng is definitely not a person who likes to forget his roots. Mengluo gave him a lot of help when we first met, and he also remembered it!

If she leaves now, there will be nothing more than two. The first Mengluo will leave Legion, and as for where she goes, Zhang Heng will not be in charge. Second, she still stayed at Legion, but she was abolished. Mengluo is indeed a personal character. He changed Zhang Heng and allowed him to collect 2 diamond coins in 2 years. He might not be able to do it!

Therefore, Zhang Heng is ready to give her another chance at the end.

“Will you still believe me?” Mengluo lifts the head, looking at Zhang Heng’s back, and asked in a low voice.

“Silly girl!” Zhang Heng laughed and cursed, and walked outside without turning his head. I don’t know when, the two people seem to be moving away from each other. In fact, between the two people, there is a rift or estrangement between the two people, not at all. Maybe, some are just lack of communication!

Ding: Congratulations to the player’Mengluo’ for becoming the Wolf Warrior Legion, the first Corps Head!

Everyone in Legion knows that’Big Boss’ is back. Mengluo’s first Corps Head position has already been given away. Some people are unable to bear taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune at this time, ready to watch the excitement. But now, in less than an hour, how could the position be offered to her again?

Mengluo has been the first Corps Head of Legion Wolf for 5 years, and the actual manager of Legion Wolf. There are many important positions in the whole Legion that are managed by her cronies. Since ancient times, once the emperor and the courtier, if Mengluo loses, then many people will be able to come to power!

Mengluo sat blankly in the room until dark. Finally came back to his senses, unable to bear, sighed with a wry smile, what the hell is this for yourself!

“You trust me, but how can I know if you trust me? I need to think for myself, I am a woman, not at all you are so generous!” Mengluo muttered to himself!

In the evening, Zhang Heng’s communicator rang.

“I figured it out?” Zhang Heng asked with a smile after he connected to Mengluo’s video communicator, looking at the slightly haggard woman inside.

Mengluo smiled bitterly, nodded, and said softly: “Boss, I admit that I made a mistake again this time. I will never make a stupid mistake like this again. I swear to Chief God, as long as Boss trusts me for one day, I Mengluo will never betray.”

At this moment, Mengluo is truly home.

“Okay!” Zhang Heng nodded said: “It’s good if you can figure it out. From now on, Legion of War Wolf will still be in charge of you. Everything will not change. Just now I thought about it again. You worked hard to get some The money is not easy, there is no need to give it to others. So, I still have to take away 500,000 diamond coins. How about you, take away 70000 and the remaining 30000, to the people in Legion, according to the position, give a little reward, Just a little meaning!”

Regarding Zhang Heng’s assignment, Mengluo has no opinion this time. Now that I have chosen to trust Zhang Heng and join his camp, plus I have already sworn an oath to Chief God just now, it is naturally impossible to move other crooked thoughts.

500,000 diamond coin, equivalent to 500,000 100000000 gold coins, Zhang Heng didn’t know how to spend so much money. Looking at the numbers in his account, Zhang Heng didn’t know what was happening in his mind. He suddenly missed the mysterious businessman he met. At that time, he was quite a poor ghost compared to the present, but now it’s different. With more diamond coins, you should be able to buy a lot of things you want to buy, right?

“These are all items related to the soul lock!” Mengluo took out the items he had collected and collected over the past few years, one by one, and handed them to Zhang Heng. Most items are needed for breakthrough ** gene lock, which can greatly increase the degree of success.

However, no one knows how difficult it is to go from genetic lock breakthrough to soul lock stage.

Even if Zhang Heng has such an item to increase the breakthrough gene lock, he is not completely sure that he can succeed in one shot. Zhang Heng even told the Chief God system what he had in his hands, and asked it to help calculate the probability of his successful breakthrough gene lock.

The Chief God system, which can go to 10000 abilities, was silent this time. After a few hours, he gave an answer, “Unable to calculate”!

This shows how difficult it is to break through to the soul lock.

Zhang Heng is naturally not stingy for his own people. For some people, the breakthrough gene lock 2-Layer is as difficult as heavenly ascension, but for some people, it is as easy as a mistake.

In fact, after a few years, Mengluo has already reached the Peak of Gene Lock 2-Layer, and only that layer of window paper has not been punctured, but this layer of window paper blocked her from the wall.

Zhang Heng looked at Mengluo sternly and said: “Since you have vowed to be loyal to me forever, whether it is from a friend’s point of view or from a boss’s point of view, I don’t need to be stingy. In fact, let you break through the 3rd layer of gene lock. A very easy thing! I can do it for you in one day!”

“Really?” Mengluo’s strange colors kept flickering. She knows how big the gap between Gene Lock 2-Layer and Gene Lock 3 layer is.

Zhang Heng did not explain too much. He took out a 7-color Spirit Mushroom from the hidden Heavenly Dragon beads, and a life whitebait, and smiled and said: “The 7-color Spirit Mushroom is a highly toxic thing, but it is a breakthrough gene. The key to locking 2-Layer, this life whitebait will allow you to consume 10000 without poison. You will eat life whitebait first, and then take 7-color Spirit Mushroom. 2 medicinal power, enough for you to break through To the gene 3 level.”

Mengluo nodded and wanted to take things over, but Zhang Heng only gave her a life whitebait, and said seriously: “You can’t touch the 7-color Spirit Mushroom at all with your current ability. Eat the life whitebait first, and then eat the 7-color whitebait. Spirit Mushroom, I will ** for you!” (To be continued.)

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