Super Island Lord Chapter 699

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When Zhang Heng left the task space, Mengluo had already broken through to the 3rd level of the gene lock. If you consolidate the current realm slightly, you can enter and exit 3 spaces like Zhang Heng without being restricted by the system. .Make Mengluo be sincere, and make Zhang Heng relaxed!

After all, Mengluo has been in charge of the Wolf Warrior Legion for so many years, and Legion has countless confidantes up and down. If you get Mengluo down and change someone else up, it will take a while. Unless, Zhang Heng can issue a’kill order’ to drive all men related to Mengluo out of Legion. But doing so would be too much for the loss!

“Big brother, you have to go again!” Ice Soul bright and intelligent’s big eyes, pulling Zhang Heng’s arm, looked at Zhang Heng pitifully, seemingly unwilling to leave Zhang Heng.

Little Bao curled his lips on the side, muttering: “It’s too fake to pretend, common is in front of us, and will not smile, coldly like a big ice cellar, but after Boss comes back, Like a different person, he will be cute, pretending to be cute, don’t talk about it, and talk like this!”

Knowing that Ice Soul’s “Wakai” look was pretended, no one dared to pick her up in person. The military force value is high. Talking nonsense can’t keep you from getting fat and beating you. When the time comes, there’s nowhere to cry!

Zhang Heng smiled and scratched Ice Soul’s little nose. Why didn’t he know that this little girl was deliberately selling cuteness to himself, but her appearance is not better than when she was cold all day long!

“Don’t worry, I will be back soon after leaving this time. You are all ready to prepare, when I come back, let’s go on an adventure together!”

“Oh, all right, but the big brother has to come back soon!” Ice Soul mumbled nodded, holding Zhang Heng’s arm reluctantly.

Zhang Heng turned his head to the Flower Demoness instructed: “The matter of hiring the indigenous people here is up to you. We are not afraid to spend money. As long as there are tribes who are willing to let us conscript, conditions and so on can be discussed.”

Flower Demoness clicked and said, “Well, leave this to me, and the boss can rest assured, I will do it as soon as possible!”

It’s not too late to come out of the task space, 3:3 in the morning. Zhang Heng stayed in the task space for three and a half hours. But half of the time is spent on Mengluo **.

“A’Dai!” Zhang Heng sat on the sofa in Zi Yan’er living room and called A’Dai out.

The LCD screen lights up, and A’Dai, dressed in pink pajamas, yawns, appears on the screen, some sleepy said: “Boss, good morning. People are still dreaming, what’s the matter? “I mean, people are dreaming, you shouldn’t bother!

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes and said with a smile: “You will have a dream of a fart, don’t fool me. Change your clothes, ol outfit is good, what pajamas are you wearing. Hook me up, be careful I run into the’virtual network’ world, I gave you a cross.”

“Hehe!” A’Dai laughed and got up, with a flushed face and softly said: “Then you are going to change clothes, you are not allowed to peek!” With that, she set up a simple fitting room, and she left. Go in and start changing clothes. However, the walls of the fitting room are transparent, and you can see the vague shadows inside.

Zhang Heng unable to bear rolled the eyes, he knew that A’Dai was deliberate. However, she didn’t rush her in a hurry.

“Boss, you are becoming more and more savvy now. What A’Dai is thinking now is basically unable to escape Boss’s eyes!” A’Dai came out of the fitting room and moved towards Zhang Heng, laughing and shooting flattery said.

“Okay, say serious things!” Zhang Heng ignored her.

A’Dai flattened his small face and asked with a serious look: “Okay, A’Dai is ready, Boss, I don’t know if there is anything serious to say?”

Zhang Heng thought for a while and asked, “Is nothing wrong with Yunhai City?” He was a little surprised. The past few days Zhao Xue didn’t even make a phone call to himself. Even if he didn’t want himself, he would always miss his son! No matter how magnanimous it is, this behavior is a bit abnormal. It wasn’t an accident. It must be something abnormal. If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!

“Yunhai City?” A’Dai tilted his head to think, shook his head and said, “There is nothing wrong with Yunhai City, everything is normal. The son of Yang Zhengyang who is not dealing with Boss wants to buy Great Earth Agriculture and its affiliates. Mythical Dishes’ franchise store, and Mythical Planting base, but Sun Huamei Chief Sun did not even see the representative he sent, so he sent the other party away. But the other party seems to have got an’imitation brand’, called imitation The specialty chain stores of home dishes are making money at a loss. They buy vegetables from the Mythical Dishes specialty store and sell them at half price, but overall, it simply does not pose the slightest threat to Great Earth Agriculture.”

“Yang Zhengyang imitation of’Mythical Dishes’?” Hearing this news, Zhang Heng unable to bear gave a wry smile. This Young Master Yang is really idiot! Even at a loss to make money, buy vegetables from Mythical Dishes at a high price, and then sell them at half price. Isn’t this a sign of force, is he short-sighted?

“Yeah!” A’Dai nodded said after thinking about it: “However, the other party’s ultimate goal seems to be to defraud venture capital financing!”

“Cheat?” Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, do you have a lot of ideas for Young Master Yang? As for what he thinks, he can guess what he thinks without A’Dai explaining. But those venture capital companies are not all born of stupid idiots. Can people not see such a mentally retarded trick?

“Never mind him, what about Zhao Xue? How about Zhao Xue in Yunhai City? Is there any special behavior in the past few days?” Zhang Heng asked, turning off the topic. As for who the Eldest Young Master Yang wants to deceive, he doesn’t care, as long as he doesn’t deceive him. Those who are deceived are all forced to be deceived, and they deserve to be deceived.

A’Dai thought for a while and shook his head and said, “Mistress? The mistress is okay, very good. Everyday all goes home on time. Sometimes I go to the gym to do some exercises and go swimming in the swimming pool. Oh, yes. By the way, the hostess in the past few days should have been relatively busy at the company. Feiyi Automobile Group’s new models are just on the market, and the hostess should be supervising the battle. Also, Chun Xiang’s restaurant group seems to be expanding very recently. Sometimes the hostess will also work part-time as a High-Grade consultant for Chun Xiang Restaurant Group.”

“Apart from these, nothing else?” Zhang Heng scratched his head, muttering in his heart, shouldn’t it? It’s been almost a week now, how can Zhao Xue stop calling!

A’Dai blinked at Zhang Heng, as if not knowing what Zhang Heng said.

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes and said: “You are not here to pretend to be stupid with me, are you? I can tell you first, if Zhao Xue provokes something bad, don’t blame me for the anger, all on you. “

“Hehe!” A’Dai put on a frivolous look and said: “A’Dai knows he can’t fool the Boss, but it’s not to blame A’Dai, the hostess didn’t let people tell you. Actually, the hostess I have already arrived in the capital. There is an auto show in the capital during this time. In addition, several new cars of Feiyi Automobile Group have just been put on the market. The hostess personally came to the capital to supervise the battle!”

Zhang Heng was stunned, and asked with a wry smile: “You mean, Zhao Xue is here in the capital?”

A’Dai nodded said: “Yeah, not only the hostess is here, but Chun Xiang is also here. Chun Xiang Food and Beverage Group is planning to build its northern headquarters in Beijing because of need!”

Zhang Heng mumbled: “Shall I just say, something is wrong, there must be a demon, Zhao Xue hasn’t made a phone call for such a long time, how could it be okay!”

“Boss, in fact, you don’t need to worry too much. The hostess is very sensible now and won’t fight!” A’Dai naturally understood what the Boss was worried about, and said with a smile.

“If you really want to fight, can you be responsible?” Zhang Heng glared at her. Whether it is Zhao Xue or Zi Yan’er, the two people are about the same age, one from the south and the other from the north, both of them are international celebrities. If two people pinch up face-to-face and are photographed by those gossip reporters, people will not only be left at the door!

A’Dai spit out her little tongue, she can’t guarantee such unpretentious talent!

“Where is Zhao Xue now?” Zhang Heng asked with a wry smile.

“The presidential suite of Beijing Hillton Hotel!” A’Dai even told Zhang Heng the specific address and room number. In addition to Zhao Xue, there is also her secretary, Chun Xiang is also there! Actually Zhao Xue came to Beijing, this is not the first day. She and Little Chun Xiang came here 3 days ago. But at that time Zhang Heng happened to take his son, Zi Yan’er, Liu Xuejing, handsome girl and they went to Zhang Family’s Island for 3 days off!

A’Dai looked at Zhang Heng in a daze, thought of something, and said softly: “By the way, Boss has one more thing, I need to report it to you!”

“Say!” Zhang Heng said irritably. Who knows what will happen between Zi Yan’er and Zhao Xue. It stands to reason that Beijing should be Zi Yan’er’s site. But Zhang Da Miss is not jealous. Besides, there is also Li Qian in the capital. Good guys, they are all heavyweights!

“Someone from the top has started the war with you!” A’Dai blinked and said.

Zhang Heng lifts the head, frowning and asked curiously: “Let’s download the battle book? What kind of battle book?”

“Two days ago, Jingma Film and Television Company was wholly acquired by Yang Zhengyang at a price of 2 million USD. Now the Boss of Jingma Film Company, that is, Yang Shao, who is the asshole, held a press conference and said, In the next few months, I will take a selfie and direct a super drama. I hope that when the time comes, I can compete with the director of “Empire of Beauties” from Mengnan Film and Television Company at the box office.”A’ Dai explained.

Zhang Heng is amused, so what about Young Master Yang, I don’t know if he is really insecure, or is he pretending to be insecure. He doesn’t weigh himself, is he enough? Needless to say, the actual box office release, as long as Zhang Heng has a name, no matter how bad the film is, there will be several billions USD box office in the virtual network world, right? Why is he closer to himself? (To be continued.)

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