Super Island Lord Chapter 700

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“Boss, you have nothing to do when you are idle anyway, it would be nice to make a few movies!” A’Dai rolled his eyes and said with a smile.

Zhang Heng looked at her and said with a faint smile: “What are you thinking about? Why do you encourage me to make a movie? Isn’t it enough to have the “Empire of Beauties”?” Empire of Beauties now has it The’long version’ has come out, that is, the TV version. In the virtual network world, the ability to continuously attract money is far beyond everyone’s expectations!

“Filming has a lot of benefits.” A’Dai blinked, breaking his fingers and said: “First of all, Boss, you said you want to make Zhang Family’s Island the entertainment capital of the world, right? This year’s first edition ‘Zhang Family’s Island Film Festival’ is expected to officially open on October 2. When the time comes, there are few super blockbuster films, but they will be looked down upon by others!”

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, so I wouldn’t be fooled by A’Dai. This little girl is learning now, it is getting more and more cunning. Said: “There are that many directors in the whole world, one more and one less than me, what’s the difference! Isn’t that Young Shao arguing about making a movie? Just right, he awarded him the’Zhang Family’s Island Best Bad Film Award’ Okay.” “Boss, you are retaliating against public and private,” A’Dai frivolous said.

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes and said unwillingly: “How can I call revenge? I am commenting from the most objective perspective!”

“But the movie invested by Jingma Film Company hasn’t been shot yet. How do you know that they are bad movies? Maybe it’s a classic.” A’Dai muttered softly, looking at Zhang Heng eagerly, and said, “Boss, Is it the best bad film? Should we wait for the other party to shoot the film, and then buckle this penis on the other party’s head? This is easier for people to accept.”

Zhang Heng smiled and said, “You said that he is not a professional director, and he has no experience related to filmmaking. Maybe he hasn’t even watched a few movies. Such a person is a director and he has to direct and act himself. Movies made by such people are not bad movies!” A’Dai wanted to say, Boss, you haven’t worked in film-related work before, and you didn’t graduate from a director’s major. Can I still make movies?

Of course, she is not stupid. It is definitely not a wise choice to always talk back to Boss for a strange man. All some words are at most just thinking about them!

“Are you saying bad things about me again in your heart?” Zhang Heng looked at A’Dai and snorted with a smile. Even if she didn’t say what she was thinking, Zhang Heng could guess what the other party was whispering. Calmly smiled and said, “Can Yang Zhengyang have a way to compare with me? I am Zhang Family’s Island Island Lord. “Empire of Beauties” has 1000 superstars from all over the world. It has filmed from land to outer space, and finally has our home. A’Dai made special effects, and then there were theaters in the virtual network world, and showed them to me. With so many unprecedented additions, would you say that the movies I made would be bad? If Yang Zhengyang had the same If more resources are available, then I will admit that his films are classics.”

Just look down on him, others take him Young Master Yang seriously, but Zhang Heng doesn’t take him down! I have to challenge myself at the box office of the movie, what kind of thing is he worth? !

A’Dai looked at Zhang Heng and thought for a while and said: “Boss, even if it has nothing to do with Yang Zhengyang’s challenge, A’Dai also thinks that you are the world’s first, 1000, 100000000 million director. If you only make one movie, it will give How much regret the world has left. Besides, although there is some spare money on Zhang Family’s Island, whether it is the later construction of Zhang Family’s Island or the virtual network company, we still need to continue to invest money in it. The funds for the company are still very tight.”

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, will Zhang Family’s Island still be short of money?

“Do you think that A’Dai is lying and lying to you?” A’Dai bluffed his face and broke his fingers, and continued to calculate: “Let’s talk about the major companies currently under Zhang Family’s Island, except for the “Dream Technology” company. , Except for Sea Dragon Fruit Corporation, almost all of them are operating at a loss or at a breakeven.

Take the Zhang Family’s Island Infrastructure Department as an example. The buildings on the first roundabout of Zhang Family’s Island are all constructed by the Infrastructure Department and Deep Sea Construction. Many construction materials are shipped by air from around the world. With such a super construction speed, the daily consumption of materials is an astronomical figure.

The building on the first roundabout of Zhang Family’s Island has cost more than 6000 100000000 million USD so far. That’s not even counted. Next, according to the project budget of the Ministry of Infrastructure, at least 500 billion USD will be invested in perfection. This money does not include the expansion of the area of ​​the first roundabout! “

The larger the place, the greater the investment. There is no doubt that the construction of Zhang Family’s Island is definitely a super big black hole swallowing gold. In addition to the construction of Zhang Family’s Island, most of the companies under Zhang Family’s Island are self-sufficient. They do not need Zhang Family’s Island for backfeeding, but within a short period of time, it is also impossible to provide Zhang Family’s Island with “blood sucking”.

Therefore, in terms of funding, Zhang Family’s Island is not at all as rich as Zhang Heng imagined. If there is more money, there will be more places to spend it. Even more how, Zhang Family’s Island still has almost 3,000,000 Zhang Family’s Island citizens, and Zhang Family’s Island needs salary!

“How come you run out of money again!” Zhang Heng frowned, he remembers that he has made a few thousand and 1000 million during this period of time, right?

A’Dai murmured and said, “Let’s take the “Empire of Beauties” filmed by Boss, the virtual road world theaters probably account for one third of the fees, and then you still need to pay taxes in the country, and the rest is earned For every USD, you need to pay half of it to Miss Zi Yan’er. Because Mengnan Film and Television Company is jointly owned by Boss and Miss Zi Yan’er. In this way, even if “Empire of Beauties” can earn 500 billion, of course Empire of Beauties is far from earning so much. But in the end Zhang Family’s Island can get the money in his hands, but only about 200,000,000,000 USD.”

Zhang Heng thought for a while and said: “Some time ago, American Gaming Corporation earned 1000 100000000 USD? If you really don’t have any money, discuss with Mojica and see if you can take the money in her hand and use it first. !”

The appearance of A’Dai Scholar Zhang Heng was shrugged, and he said helplessly: “Let’s not say, can Mojica Miss put out 1000 100000000 funds, even if there is that 100,000,000,000 USD, to Zhang Family’s Island, it’s just an utterly Oh, inadequate measure. There are so many places where Zhang Family’s Island needs money!”

Zhang Heng rolled the eyes, what about the management committee? Ask the management committee for money! I just want to push 6 2 5 when I close my eyes. I like to find someone who wants money and whoever wants money. That many people on Zhang Family’s Island always think of ways to get money!

“Boss, not only Zhang Family’s Island, you are almost out of money. Let A’Dai do the calculations for you, how much money do you need, the acquisition of China Southern Airlines is already in progress, at least 1.5 billion USD, Huang Yutian Miss, you have a card with an overdraft of 1 billion USD. A card like this seems to be in Li Qian Miss’s hand, and then…”

“Stop!” Zhang Heng interrupted A’Dai aloud. With a wry smile, he asked, “Just tell me, how much money is left in my private account is enough!”

“It’s 10000000 million!” A’Dai blinked at Zhang Heng. Just now, she had separated Zhang Heng’s private bank account from Zhang Family’s Island Bank account.

Zhang Heng fiercely glared at her. This little girl must squeeze her surplus value out!

“Hehe, Boss, don’t you stare at others? Anyway, when you are idle, you are also idle. To you, filming a movie is like taking a vacation and relaxing!” said A’Dai frivolous.

Zhang Heng thought for a while and said, “Then you can design a script for me! It doesn’t need to be too fancy, ordinary production is fine, preferably an urban sitcom, no need to run around!”

A’Dai hurriedly said: “The script has been prepared for you. It is definitely tailored for you.”

Sure enough, Zhang Heng shook his head with a wry smile, and asked curiously, “What kind of script is it?”

“Super daddy, you can not only direct and act by yourself, but you can also lead our Little Island Lord to experience the drama in person. The main thing about this drama is that you are playing a generation…”

Listening to the clear and logical analysis that A’Dai gave me, I don’t know why. Zhang Heng just wants to enter the virtual network world now and clean her up.

“By the way, the Boss, Tsukino Mai is going to China for vacation. Although she is now a member of Zhang Family’s Island, or an ally, I can’t restrain her where she is going!” A’Dai jerked Thinking of what Tsukino Mai had told herself not long ago, she stuck her tongue out at Zhang Heng and said helplessly.

“She didn’t take it obediently and honestly in the Antarctic Glacier Base. What did she run out to do without fear of being caught?” Zhang Heng said with a smile. As for whether Tsukino Mai will come to China, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with herself. , She spends her vacation, she is busy with her own affairs, the two will not overlap.

“Tsukino Mai is already very good now. It is very difficult to catch her even if Zhang Family’s Island does it. Don’t worry about the Boss in this respect!” A’Dai still had nothing to say in his heart. The reason why Tsukino Mai wants China is to take a vacation as a cover. The ultimate goal is Boss, you!

Zhang Heng got up from the sofa, thought about it, and said, “After dawn, please ask me about Zhao Xue, um, just say I want to invite her to dinner.”



Zhao Xue the past few days did not spare her hands to find Zi Yan’er trouble, the first is because the counter is simply not in the capital, and the second is also because the company’s affairs are so busy that she can’t get out. I wanted to see my son, but I didn’t find time to come. She is Xiao Tianbao’s real mother. She hasn’t seen her son for a week. Even if she doesn’t say anything, can she not think about it in her heart?

“Invite me to dinner? Humph, nothing to do, if you kill or steal, you help me tell him that this Miss is very busy and has no time, let him take care of his son, if something goes wrong, he will never finish !” Zhao Xue’s tone is very domineering. Now she is the number one person in Old Zhang’s house. Who told her to give birth to a son! (To be continued.)

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